50 Cent Promises New Album By November, Features Dr. Dre

50 Cent says his next album is nearly complete, and fans can count on a few appearances from the Good Doctor

Although 50 Cent's souring relationship with his record label Interscope may have seemingly railroaded the release of his latest album, 50 says that hasn't kept him from recording. Now, Fiddy says that his next as-of-yet untitled project is nearly completed and features production from his mentor Dr. Dre.

BET.com caught up with the G-Unit general at the 10th anniversary issue release party of Smooth Magazine to discuss the status of his long-awaited release. The Queens rapper says that he's nearly finished recording the project and that fans can expect to see his latest effort on shelves this Novemeber, complete with two beats from Dr. Dre.

“It’s good man, I’m done, actually - I just got to go through the mixing process,” he said. “It’s just the system and everybody being on deck at the same time to move at the same pace. When I have a conversation about something I expect it to happen like right after we talk about it.”

As previously reported, 50 Cent was involved in a heated dispute with his long-time label Interscope Records over the handling of the album's promotion. 

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  • tony silin

    aye nigga u lier

  • tony silin

    aye foo u hella lied tht u got shot like 9times

  • gg

    50! CMON!!!! hip hop needs you, we need a get rich or die tryin 2! i cant cope with this lil wayne, drake soulja boy, wiz khalifa BULLSHIT ERA

    • UNDER-G


  • Smoke8thsKillah

    yo foreal thou heres wat it is wit 50 get rich or die tryin - all-time classic, massacre - classic, G.R.O.D.T. soundtrack - perfect album for its purpose to storytell, curtis - good album that waz underrrated, before i self destruct - great album extremely underrated for its lyricism and beats so hate all the fuck u want this nigga still swimin in $$$$$ nd im not even talk all the business hes done besides music...... but this next album will be fire too realtalk

  • Youtube Darrellskie

    2 be honest. 50 one of the realest rappers out. straight out the hood makin hits. keep hatin on that man Get Rich or Die Tryin- Classic The Massacre- Classic G Unit Beg for Mercy- Classic Get Rich or Die Tryin Soundtrack- Classic Curtis was even a classic

  • curtis

    50 cent is shit now back in the day he was good but his days are over doing songs with souja boy the punk, the game is a real rapper and niggas who dont buy his album r haters and dont like seeing gangsta music punk bitchhs westside cedar block!


    dre name dont hold no weight

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    To be honest, 50's only really good album is the Get Rich album. Everything else is average or below average and sold primarlily from 50's marketing lol. At this point, he needs ghostwriters, legit guest appearances, and much better production. 50 has so much beef in the industry and I don't know if he can get the right people around to pull off making another really good album.

  • Anonymous

    HOOD LOVE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>INTERNET WANKSTAS

  • Anonymous

    myth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY1fhfRuGhI&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5szkfE6BTA&feature=related STOP THAT BULLSHIT 50 IS HIS HOOD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VA9yUhg85g&feature=related

  • Anonymous

    r.i.p. 50 cent 2003-2003 it was a great year!

    • Anonymous

      The Documentary-Worldwide: 5 million US: 2.5 million Doctor's Advocate-Worldwide: 4 million US: 969,000 LAX:US 765,000 worldwide:948,000 The R.E.D. Album US: 156,000 worldwide:320,000 Get Rich Or Die Tryin' has sold over 15,915,010 worldwide. 8,489,000 copies sold in the U.S. alone The Massacre has been certified 5 times platinum by the RIAA and has sold 11 million copies worldwide Curtis US: 1,300,000 worldwide 3,245,567 Before I Self Destruct us 679,000 worldwide 2,000,000 GAME IS THE ONE WITH THE DEAD CAREER HE NEED RAP MONEY

    • Anonymous

      bisd and curtis wasnt as good as grodt or the massacre but they some damn good albums that produced some bangers so no his career is far from dead.

    • Anonymous

      @ jason why you mad son? its r.i.p. 50 cent 1999-2003. so better?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      i thought a dead career was when you stop a nigga money flow he far from dead yall just mad dre really in the studio and not talking on his album of course dre and 50 in the studio they got to make up for games flop.interscope NEEDS a hot 50 album DETOX IS DEAD. alot of you internet gangstas talk shit you couldnt survive in the hood after your mother gets murdered and they try to do you the same way you niggas aint strong enough

    • Anonymous

      khaled we know thats you we the best haha nah we the worst

    • Anonymous

      jason gonna get you some pussy pants playboy

    • Anonymous

      2003 oh ok thats the first time you heard of him then hahah

    • Jason

      2003-2005 you homo.

  • Anonymous

    rick ross ether wack ass 50 cent. your career is done

  • Anonymous

    keep your wack ass album with the same boring topics over money and bitches and how gangsta you are. stop acting, you aint living in the hood or shooting peeple and selling drugs. wannabe gangster.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      i know the supreme team. but 50 is boring as hell.

    • Anonymous

      you wouldnt know hood if it smacked you in the face and if you think these rappers still not gettin that iilegal paper then you crazy

    • Anonymous

      haha you a fool 90% of rappers dont but that dont stop them from rapping about the hood 1 thing is a fact 50 held his hood down and the guy who shot him got killed and if you think the supreme team was fake then your to young or really dont know shit at all

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    Havoc and Whoo Kid say its his best work to date, only i think its gonna be mainstream to the core :(

  • Nico 3

    He must have a burning desire to go double wood again.

  • First Leak


  • VicManMan

    You ever notice 50 Cent says the word "actually" like, ALL the fuckin time now days? Read any of his interviews, it's his favorite word.

  • Anonymous

    Get Rich Or Die Tryin (8x plat) Massacre (5x plat) Curtis ( 2x plat) B.I.S.D (Gold) G-Unit till my dyin day.

  • JG

    im checkin for this album, this is Fifs last chance to come back hard and make a great project like the Massacre. If it disappoints its the end for him musically, he cant run on the hype of his 1st 2 albums forever. 50 made gangsta rap cool again in 03-05, gotta bring that hungry flow back


    You know what I want to hear? A 50 album with some depth. I was a fan but his shit is always the same. It's cartoonish in a way because it's always three songs: 1. I'm the hardest gangsta 2. I'm the richest 3. I'm the world's greatest sext machine Yeah, that's ALL mainstream rappers but you can talk about that shit but where's the depth, introspection and a little vulnerability. What I mean is he has nothing like Song Cry or Me Against the World where you can relate to him on a personal level. It's like he's a living, breathing version of Grand Theft Auto.

  • shadyaftermath

    hip hop needs a hard 50 album, every album coming out now is just nice music we need some hood shit. 50 is the king of it.

  • GoodMusicMan

    Looking forward to some GOOD Music. http://goodmusicman.blogspot.com/

  • amp

    this whole interscope beef is just a ploy to get peoples attention. fif and jimmy cracker-corn seen how much that whole "my label hates me" shit worked for lupe, and also what with being independent highly regarded in today's music scene, (like wen Wiz didn't tell no one he had the deal with Warner). all industry workers try to do is copy success, redo whats already been done, so fuck fifty and interscope, and esp. fucking jimmy cracker-corn. i hate it how artists go thru near-death shit and jimmy gets paid. em nearly died from overdose, jimmy got paid. fifty got shot up, jimmy got paid. game went into a coma, jimmy got paid. and it aint new, even wen pac got shot up n died, jimmy got paid. but at least we can see jimmy. dont even get me started on them invisible trust-beneficiary muthafuckas behind universal, or vivendi. shit... them niggas in paris n they own most american artists!

    • Anonymous

      beef dont sell albums good music does grodt and the massacare where much more than back down and piggy bank

    • Anonymous

      please i like em but he came in the game wearing costumes a dissin britney spears wrote a diss track for nick cannon and mariah carey cmon dont act like everything he do is perfect

    • ItsTheTruth

      Co-Sign. I also think that fif realized that his normal formula for promotion was starting to dry out. There's been some kind of intentional stunt every album (Dissing fat joe, jada, nas on his 2nd album, going head to head with kanye on his second, etc). Dude feeds off beef, thats his fuel, but fans started getting tired of it. Instead of just thinking about how to put out the best music possible for the fans to enjoy, he sat in his corner and thought of publicity ideas that would help him sell more copies. If the music is good, it will speak for itself. Look at Eminem. Dude puts out an album, goes multi-plat and goes back to shelter, doesnt care about the limelight. He doesnt need beef to sell, he just makes quality music for his fans, and thats the best way to not only keep ur fan base but to keep urself relevant especially with sales. We'll see how fif's next album goes.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Just give us quality music. Supply us with an album the quality of The Massacre at the very least.

  • Anonymous

    50 is the king of excuses watch come november when he has to delay it due to lack of interest.

    • Anonymous

      really the king hahah and detox been coming before you could take them pampers off we waited for game album for 3 years to have a one week run and it was trash bisd>>>>>>>>>>>red curtis>>>>>>>>>>red war angel >>>>>>>red

  • 50 cent

    interscope owe me money for that D.E.A.D album they can keep it ill get dre to give me 5 tracks from scratch and bang them shits out

    • @jg

      red better than all of 50s work cept grodt? fuck outta here. red album was fuckin awful. the documentary was a great album no doubt, but hey, with the good doctor producing it and fiddy writing the bars ofc its gonna be a banger

    • Anonymous

      please war angel >>>>>>>>>>>any game album

    • Tony Yayo

      Hey yo Fif, i didnt get finished sucking the milk from your tip.

    • JG

      lol wtf, if you punk niggas r talking shit about R.E.D. then u stupid. Its better than all 50s work except GRODT. And the Documentary is even better than that. Bitch niggas

    • dockevoc

      no doubt...I didn't even buy the P.I.N.K. album but Interscope owe me damages for pumping pudding into my ears

  • Anonymous

    yeah ok this what im talking about got dre on deck interscope cant release another flop new 50 and dre coming soon thats whats up.

  • RTJ00

    I dont know what to expect of this album

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