Common Speaks On The Book Writing Process, E-Reader Trend

Common shares his thoughts on what makes a great storyteller, says he isn't a fan of e-reader's.

Chicago rapper Common again tapped into his inner author as he spoke with this week about his newly released book, “One Day It’ll All Make Sense.” Common touched on everything from the book writing process to his dislike for the highly popular e-reader’s.

With “One Day It’ll All Make Sense” Common worked closely with co-author Adam Bradley to create his memoir.

“With the book, it felt like I was more involved because I had to pull out what was going on with me and give it some type of expression and structure,” Common explained to “I had to give a lot; with producers, they offer the music as a guide. With Adam, it was really like, ‘talk to me.’ He was great though because he was able to pull out those special pieces and put the book together. He had great ideas that took the book to the level it is at.”

Later in the interview Common went on to explain what he believes makes a good storyteller.

“I try to tell a story of hope and of love—that love can range from love for what you do, love for God, love in a relationship, love for your hood, love from where you come from,” said Common. “I like to tell stories that have inspiration. I like to tell stories that are intriguing, fun and take you some place. In acting, I love to tell the story of being human.”

As far as e-reader’s are concerned Common says he’ll likely pass on that trend for now.

“I like to have books in my hand. I like print,” he explained.

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  • Kevin

    Here's the funny thing. Historically, white people were the racist ones, no competition. Modern times? You'll be hard pressed to find a group more openly racist than black people. You'd think we'd have learnt something about being racist and its effects. When writing memoirs and autobiographical works, you may have ideas (seeing as its your life) but not necessarily the skill of a good writer. So you get someone experienced to co-write the book with you and correct your flaws. You want to get your life story well done. Its not ghost writing any more than Alex Haley ghost wrote "the autobiography of malcolm x" The idea a black guy must use a black author for this is just absurd. It doesn't always boil down to race. You pick the author who you think will do the best job on what you want done! Period!

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    so much hate....who cares if he was white??? I sure don't

  • Anonymous

    I won't even wipe my ass with this book but whoever writes Lonnie's dogshit rhymes should be fired because he sucks.

  • Anonymous

    A ** white boy ** wrote Common's book!! He can't find one working black journalist if he's too fucking dumb and lazy to do it himself?

  • are you serious?

    YOu guys on this thread are fuckin Trolls who the fuck has time to write a book when youre multi one writes books as a matter fact no one writes anything soley anymore all these cats got a writing crew for everything rhymes,movies,books etc

  • Anonymous

    is this for real? 'the lyrical' Common had a white boy ghost write his book? nice!

  • Sojourner Troof

    Why did Common hire a WHITE BOY to write his book? Talk about keeping brothers down.

  • Coontastic!

    If he's COMMON, ASSHOLE is such a 'lyricist' (which he's NOT, more like a fucking brain dead Gil-Scott Heron imitator)... Why didn't he write his own book, instead of hiring a WHITE BOY to write it for him? The fraud is out of the bag, Lonnie, you witless shithead.

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