Smoke DZA Considers Himself Part Of The New Elite

George Kush names Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar, Curren$y and Dom Kennedy as some of his contemporaries.

Smoke DZA recently released his new album Rolling Stoned, but he already considers himself a cut above the rest. Speaking with MTV’s Mixtape Daily, the weed-friendly rapper explained that he’s amongst the elite, which also includes Big K.R.I.T., Curren$y, Dom Kennedy and Kendrick Lamar.

“I feel like I'm amongst the elite, and I feel like they are the elite — like the Spittas, Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick, Dom," he said. "That's the new crop of the elite right now, and just to be amongst them, I'm in a good space."

DZA, who’s released mixtapes such as George Kush Da Button , Substance Abuse and The Hustler’s Catalog, also differentiated between the mixtape format and an actual album release.

"Mixtapes to me was like rapping over other people's beats, so when I really started doin' the whole pattern of rappin' over my own beats, I took the whole approach as it being an album," he said. "But I always called it a mixtape because it was free. Rappin' over other people's beats, I feel like that's a mixtape, and when you're rapping over your own original production, it's more so like an album.”

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  • Anonymous

    The new school elite was: Big K.R.I.T Kendrick Lamar J. Cole Blu J. Cole is no longer part of that elite, and Smoke DZA was never part of it, and never will be.

  • Smoke Pole

    A nigga get a lil mtv exposure and now all of a sudden he's "ELITE"?? Fuck outta here DZA, u lame brah

  • Anonymous

    Big K.R.I.T. >>>>>>>>>>>>Curren$y>>>Kendrick Lamar>>Smoke DZA

  • Skip Dillenger

    I agree with what he saying. This sounds biased but those 5 individuals are actually in heavy rotation in my playlist on my iPod. Their flows are unique and it works well with their content. They have amazing good beat selection. The best part is they are all very good songwriters and storytellers. I think the only reason they are getting slept-on is that the don't make songs that would be considered for radio-play or cater to the greater-female audience. And for people complaining about the weed theme, you can apply that to any rapper with their gangbanging themes, coke references, gun talk, etc. So that sort of criticism should be moot.

  • dope

    I prefer this guy over Wiz Khalifa any day, i think Smoke DZA is dope. This guy along with Currency,Smoke DZA,Big K.R.I.T and to some extent Kendrick Lamar have the most unique sound in hop hop, a very relazing yet concious based beat. All these guys mentioned are dope and my favorite rappers in the game right now. They may never see the sucess of a mainstream rapper on the radio, but these guys are really dope and i hope they keep reaming true to them selves.

  • smoke dza

    That dude is DOpe I actually thought he was a southern rapper...I cant believe is from wack york

  • the presi

    I've tried to listed to this guy, but I just can like a guy who is last in line behind Curren$y & Wiz as far as non-stop content about weed. I mean.. how much can you dissect the topic of smoking weed? Also his voice is kinda irritating. Personally, MC's from new york dont do good jobs talking about weed. The swagger and demeanor of a weed smoker is relaxed, chill and what not which is kinda anti NYC.. To his credit, his production was good on this one.

    • Anonymous

      theres no rule saying you cant post your opinion unless it is positive i found it humorous that this guy considers himself one of raps elite RRRRRRriiiiiiiightttttt.........

    • ScOwL

      I have an honest question to ask you and this is not intended as an insult: if you don't like the guy, why did you post here?

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