Game Reveals Next Album Title, Confirms No Features, Name-Drops

Jayceon provides significant details about his last album for Interscope.

Game has revealed that his next album will be titled Soundtrack to Chaos - and with the announcement, has made some significant claims about it.

"Next album called Soundtrack to Chaos," said Game in the midst of a studio session with production/writing team 1500 Or Nothin'.

"No features," he added, confirming 1500 Or Nothin' member Mars' earlier statements. "None. Zero. No Weezy, Jeezy, Drake, singers, nothing. Just us. That's it. That's it. Album five. Soundtrack to Chaos."

Game also confirmed that his album will have no name-dropping, an oft-criticized part of Game's rhyming style.

The album is Game's last obligation to Interscope Records.

Watch the footage of Game below, courtesy of

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  • anthony

    ad of nfl madden and game got shot while he was playin

  • Anonymous

    LOL, that's impossible for him. How would he do that with a vocabulary that consists of 30 words?

  • sik

    game album with no name dropping, no features= silence.

  • Truth

    There's no chance in Hell Game will release an album with no features or no namedrops. If you actually believe that's going to happen....yikes. You have irreparable brain damage. You'll really believe whatever bull-shit spews out of a rapper's mouth, won't you? Like when Snoop said he'd put out an album with no features or guest producers. Or when Jay-Z said he'd retire. Or (insert any of the other four billion examples.)

  • set_trip

    Doesn't matter what he makes, you lames will still illegally download his shit, then post about how he isn't doing any numbers on the charts. #youneedtostop

  • Writer

    94,000 copies in first week of RED Album and no features in next work? 30-50k in first week - next album. I was fan of Game years ago, agree with "Documentary", one of the best debuts but after G-Unot shit everything went wrong.

  • Anonymous

    What would I give for a Game album, executive produced by 50 Cent. The Documentary is still one of the best debut albums ever, I LOVE that album, but something about Game's voice changed, it sounded much doper back then.

  • Professionality

    I'm a huge Game fan and always dig his work. All his mixtapes, albums, and small internet throw-away tracks are hot to me. There's a few here and there that I don't dig. Honestly though, knowing Game and how he is in interviews, he's just talking out his ass and came up with that album title on the spot... Along with the "no features, no name-drops, all produced by 1500" shits. He'll likely come back in a few months with a whole other title and concept. As much as I'd love to hear this "Soundtrack to Chaos" it would be in Game's nature to change the whole thing in a couple months. The other thing that I think is hilarious man... He's talking about this album like it's gonna be some stellar shit and then instantly starts name-dropping and saying "west side" hahahaha. Game's still the shit though. I think shit like that makes him even more interesting and it certainly gets the media talking.

  • Anonymous

    I like the game but I dont understand why he doesnt team up with dre again, wtf especially on this so called soundtrack to chaos, once dre has dropped Detox he should produce for game so we can here some documentary shit again

    • Anonymous

      Agree he should be BEGGING Dre to produce his entire album like he did for Em's Relapse. But maybe Dre doesn't wanna do that?

  • gimik313

    ima game fan thru n thru. i liked documentary on up to red. liked the mixtapes in between. thats jus me his music is good. not saying the person is good cus i dont know him but hes always in some kinda silly shit. all that aside i fuck with the music

  • lav2k

    What kind of video is this? Bunch a niggaz sitting around doing nothin.

  • Anonymous its gonna suck, sell headphones and work with snookie like 50 cent. he cant rap anymore either jbird bitch, gettin all up in that ass

  • TylertheDestroyer

    no name dropping? Michael jackson never dides, tupac alaive biggie in my ride... He drops 3 names in less than 10 seconds....

  • JoJo

    Definitely an interesting way to gain attention to a Game album by saying it will have no features and no name dropping. This is coming from a Game fan I like it.

  • Nico 3

    Not a bad title, but too long. As for no features, any artist worth his recording contract understands that without big names the radio won't embrace your shit, and people won't feel the need to buy your shit. Whether you flop or not, you can't go low budget with it.

  • 123

    at the beginning part when hes talking about no weezy no jeezy no drake no features; well i think he kinda looks like defeated almost, saying "fuck it it's my last Interscope album" as in he may not be able to get the money for these features. trust i am a game fan, i own all 4 cd's, listen to his mixtapes etc, but any true hip hop fan knows he's fallen off since Doctors Advocate. LAX is good. some songs were great, (state of emergency, angel, that song about biggie and pac and easy e) but overall good. and same with red. some great songs but overall just good songs. i dunno where this post is going, but it just looks like game's beginning to realize he gotta go hard to go home son, after album 5, will baby still be willing to pay him?

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign 100%. Game was at his best RIGHT AFTER G-unit dumped him with those fire ass mixtapes stop snitchin ghost unit etc then of course Doctors Advocate which I think is by far his best album. LAX it started to go downhill some great songs some whatever. RED is pretty much LAX without a hit single.

  • Candy Paint

    Wow the only thing good about the games albums were that he had good producers and features.

  • lohz

    How is game irrelevant. No matter which website, his news gets most comments. I don't get it?

  • AxeMurder

    Things you can count on: 1. This album having at least 2 features on it. 2. Game changing the title 3. Game getting dropped from Aftermath/Interscope dude to poor sales of RED album 4. Garbage beats compared to all his other albums because being dropped made him work with no name producers 5. This album being delayed and delayed, finally dropping in Fall of 2015. 6. Game still talking about bullshit like "red Air Max 95s" and "lowrider bumping" even if he doesn't namedrop

    • Anonymous

      @sickfit nah man just being number 1 dont get it game has to recoup that money and he wont this is a business the album wont make any money

    • Bigbin

      it is a great album.....compared to C4 it's good by itself tho RED 8/10 WTT 9/10 C4 5/10

    • sickfit

      you're an idiot, Interscope won't drop Game he just owes them one record..and trust me, they're not worried about R.E.D.'s sales, it already debuted number 1 on iTunes, it's proved itself for a week and that's all that matters. it may not be a great album, but it's still a number 1 album.


    anyone else notice how gay the people in the video are?

  • Lenny

    I already know how the album gonna go: Tracks 1-8: Blah, blah, blah I am the West Coast blah blah blah I wear red blah blah blah come here bitch, all while imitating Nas' flow Tracks 9-15: Blah blah blah I drive a 6-4 blah blah West Coast blah blah blah Hip Hop needs me

  • Ski

    you hear that? that's the sound of games next album flopping three years from now after being delayed for 2 years......GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    mj still alive, 2pac never died, biggie in my ride.. no name dropping tho haha

    • Nova

      as if that song will make the album...It will end up on a should know that. It's too early to put that on the album that will be released quarter 4 of 2012

  • The Conformist

    I don't mind Game having guests on his songs, and I rather enjoyed the R.E.D. Album, felt it was his best in years, HOWEVER... I would be SHOCKED if this statement holds true come album release. He will absolutely have to have at least a few features on his album, and I'm sure we'll get some name dropping as well. It should still be a solid release, but I don't believe Game's claims for a second.

  • Anonymous

    i bet this song is going to be on his next mixtape lol..cuz he name dropped

  • Interscope records executive

    Yes, we told game no features for the next album. We payed near to $400,000 on features for RED album

  • SC

    I've never really understood why everyone gets so mad at Game for name dropping. EVERY RAPPER NAME DROPS, NOT JUST GAME.

  • smoke la

    reguardless of red sales, he stll put out a top 3 album as far as content alone. and if you take the best from purp & patron, hoodmornings, the Red room, & brakelights, which we all throw away red album songs, then he wouldve had the best album of the year. by far

  • Tony

    If those lyrics are gonna be on the album then that IS name dropping. lol Tupac? Michael Jackson? But I dont really care about the namedropping. No features and hard beats and lyrics. Sounds good to me

  • Kris Krafft

    Two years later: the album drops with 200 guest appearances, 30 Jay-Z disses, and 20,000 namedrops.

  • get premier on the beats

    this actually sounds like it would be really good no gay ass hooks just straight rhyming which means the beats are all gonna have to be real dope dont care bout the name dropping just tone it down a bit game and this could be the shit

  • ...

    By the time its about to come out Game will probly have gone back on all these statementsa nd it gonna have featues, name droppin and wont be called Soundtrack to Chaos.

  • RepDaWest420

    an, game, fuck these niggaz. Do you, you wanna drop a fuckin name, drop a fuckin name. Don't let these faggoty ass niggas throw you off yourz blood. Do you nigga. Real niggas appreatiate them killa barz you be droppin. Don't change yo style for these fuck niggaz that dont respect hardcore gangsta rap. Tie dem bitch niggaz up to a full tank of propane, watch em cook, and just stand there and look. #FUCKSWAG #FUCKSWAG

    • Anonymous

      Agree!! I for the life of me do not understand why people bitch about the name-dropping. So fucking what?? As long as he makes hot songs than i do not give a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    i thought this shit is hilarious game over there making a hook and singing. haha keep it alive game

  • GOOD


  • Anonymous

    Game, is GAY, i guess Dr. dre finish with that ass now, GAY

  • Anonymous

    Nigga GAY, GAY GAY GAY

  • G-G-G-G ...


  • HRH

    his next album wont be out for another 3-4 years, by then neither us nor him will be remembering these useless statements DX spots in an interview. Don't blame the game, Blame DX

  • Anonymous

    Justin Bieber Wears Women’s Jeans

  • Anonymous

    he just gonna talk about his kids being born again compton street stories and songs for the ladies we heard this album already

  • Anonymous


    • Purp

      We're talking about Game here, it's not like any of his album really had any concept whatsoever. It's always the same, throw him some hot beats, hot features and a couple singers. Interscope probably didn't want foot the bill anymore after the fiasco that was R.E.D.

    • Anonymous

      not true at all if you have great concepts and lyrics you dont need a feature

  • Anonymous


  • Grizzle

    That's cool, but I still wouldn't mind the occasional feature for the hooks. Or I guess he could use a sample on some of the hooks and still be true to his word, and sometimes you don't need a vocal hook, just let the beat ride.



    Using his midas touch production and massive influence, Dr. Dre has launched the careers of many artists. Yet from Snoop to Eminem and all those in between, the good doctor has never broken an artist from his hometown of Compton. Enter The Game. The baller turned blood had barely been rhyming a year when Dre inked him to his Aftermath powerhouse. Before long he as the West coast representative of G-Unit and racking up an enemy list as long as 50's. From Joe Budden, Memph Bleek to Yukmouth, Game has shown a willingness to say whatever he pleases about whomever he pleases. If there's one thing Dre knows, it is how to take advantage of controversy. One listen to The Documentary and some things become abundantly clear. One of those things is that this project really means something to Dre, cause he laced the beats. Such as the 2001 meets Straight Outta Compton single "How We Do" and "Higher," which is like a heavier "Still D.R.E." with its repetitious piano stabs. Dre and Scott Storch show their incredible chemistry yet again on the 50 Cent-assisted "Westside Story" and the darker "Start From Scratch." Despite the R&B flavor with the guest appearance from Mary J. Blidge, the minimal "Don't Worry" still hits hard. When Dre isn't behind the boards, an A (++) list of producers fills in. Timbaland keeps his streak of ridiculous bangers alive with "Put You On The Game," as does Just Blaze with both "Church For Thugs" and "No More Fun and Games." Kanye and Havoc deliver two of the more soulful selections with�"Dreams" and "Don't Need Your Love" respectively. Hi-Tek, who has been less than impressive in the last year or so, gets his best joint in years with the sinister "Runnin,'" though the song really could've done without Yayo's insipid verse. He also gets a top notch beat from Eminem on the track "We Ain't," along with a show stealing verse. Even Game admits, "get Dre on the phone quick/tell'em Em just killed me on my own shit." Yet it is DITC's Buckwild that is behind the board for albums best song in "Like Father, Like Son": a heartfelt track that displays Game's blossoming talents better than any other. Even some of the lesser known names hold their own, like the standout "Hate It Or Love It" from Cool & Dre or the title track from Jeff Bhasker. So yeah, the production here is really dope. In fact, it is the best gangsta rap LP since Dre's own 2001 6 years ago. So how does The Game measure up with this fine production you ask? Good enough for the most part. A lot of his rhymes are your typical gangsta posturing, he has some clever lines here and there but for the most part it isn't anything you haven't heard 1000 times. When he decides to diversify a bit, he is much more engaging. It can be something simple like his numbers game on "No More Fun and Games," his touching recount of his son's birth on "Like Father, Like Son" or his drunken reminiscing about lost friends on "Start From Scratch." The Documentary is bound to generate some criticisms, and it should. He continues the awful tradition of when-thugs-love (a la "21 Questions," "Karma"), with "Special." The song is complete with an oh-so-poetic hook "I want you to know you're special." While not particularly bad, the beat on "Where I'm From" does not meet the high standards of the rest of the LP and could have easily been left off. And while it may seem like nitpicking, his constant name-dropping gets on the nerves after a few listens - it just needs to go. I swear he must say Dre's name about 30 times on the album. I'm sure I won't be the only one to say so, but it is hard not to wish a better emcee got blessed with these beats like, say, Ras Kass - especially when you consider the absolute lack of dues The Game has paid to this point. The guy hasn't even been rhyming 2 years, and it isn't like he that good to warrant the instant superstardom. Still, that doesn't change how good this album is

  • Anonymous

    you telling me weezy rappin over some WU beats wouldn`t be fire

    • Anonymous

      DONT YOU EVER MENTION RZA aka bobby digital and wayne in the same sentance no that shit wont work it would be like putting a square in a circle now dj toomp would be a better fit for wayne

  • Anonymous

    wayne gonna put game in some pussy pants


    If they do make a album together. you should have the RZA produce that shit

  • Anonymous

    this would be his first solo album ill have to check ascap to see if he really wrote the lyrics because all the hot songs on the documentry 50 wrote even the songs without 50 on the track 50 wrote

  • da1

    I never thought I see the day. I may actually buy this album just because he's not name dropping. I just couldn't listen to his music anymore with that constant name dropping. The first album was manageable but the others were just ridiculous.

  • word2me

    I want Game and Weezy to do there own Watch Throne Album.


  • Anonymous

    who cares about that right now go get red thats the best album out right now period!!!



  • Anonymous

    if dre is serious about detox he need to get the original chronic cast back that means no songs with eminem and jay-z dont write any singles im not saying em and jay is trash but we need that authentic westcoast sound doc is suppose to be back writing some heat

  • Joe

    If sticks to his word (which he probably won't) then it should make for an interesting album. However I know his bi-polar ass is going to let me down.

  • Anonymous

    he just want the weezy and drake writing team like that would help haha why would cashmoney sign a rapper who flopped on a major label game like to talk about age but he is a has been its over if i was him i would drop mars and see whats up with scott storch since dre aint fuckin with him but that wont work because gaame needs a writing team

  • GTFO

    It would be mad funny if he just bleeped out his name drops, like left them in there but every time he said somebodies name you heard BEEP....this indo got me kickin knowledge like a BLEEP verse

  • $$mike

    its genius...fuck interscope hes gonna make an album with no features that wont sell. just raw fire

  • GTFO

    If Game doesnt name drop on this next album this whole album is gonna me 13 mins long

  • Anonymous

    he was yellin aftermath like he on the label smh some fool said he does it because he affiliated with the label how? because he got dre to talk on the album and that mixtape song was put on the album he still had no beats by dre and he aftermath heavy weight but he trying to hook up with wayne and his daddy and the same idiot said kanye not on rocafella kanye IS rocafella

  • Anonymous

    playboy you know you got on pussy pants playboy

  • cole world

    lol hope game dosent use them barz.... game - show you how the gangsters ride WHY the fuk was that track not on the red album, hope hes savin it for this 1, if u havnt herd it, chek it on youtube, michael jackson sample for the hook, games verse is nice

  • Getting Clean

    If you want to get clean of Pornography, join me on and lets do it together. Today is only day one of a new life for us all.

  • Anonymous

    anybody know what the next single from red is? or is he done with that album?

  • Anonymous

    HoodRaven Entertainment - "Girl Pants [Lil Wayne Parody, NSFW]" THIS IS A CLASSIC

  • Anonymous

    it will have to be an EP coz he will run out of things to say HAHA

  • Anonymous

    its obvious dre dont fuck with him

  • Anonymous

    legends in the rap game DONT have a WRITING TEAM does em nas or jay have a writing team lmao game always had a WRITING TEAM haha he needs a new writing team because if they told him its ok to copy a rappers flow then the next album gonna crap just like red but im not surprised his best songs to date wasnt written by him this era sucks rap legend that dont write

  • -.-

    I really hope he doesn't rush this shit. He's given us 4 decent albums, it would be a shame to see that record go out the window just cos he wants out of his contract with Interscope.

  • Jason

    Hahahaha. Like Game gone be able to do it. I don't think so. Wayne let me help him prove it. We told Game, if he says the name of the person we dressed up as when we pounding that ass, we'll reveal his true gang affiliation. So me and Tunechi dress up as Snoop and Dre (it took Weezy forever to come even though he kept saying he was just about to come). We take turns slipping our sausage into that stripper as and we shouting "SAY MY NAME SAY MY NAME". Jayceon stands strong though but you can see he struggling. We giving him the reach around and I feel that cock swell up and we thinking "wow, Game actually gonna be able to do it", but as he start filling the air with his semen he can't take it no more and he starts yelling "DRE OHH DRE SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPP". What I'm saying is this album ain't gonna work out. Weezy HA HAAAAAAA. GOAT!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah no features just full of ghost writers

  • Anonymous

    game's gonna rush through this album to goto Cash Money atleast that's this plan but after Games RED album sales i think Jimmy has a different approach in mind

  • Anotha one

    Another Game album? SMH

  • Anonymous

    this dude can only make rhymes with album titles and other people's names in it. he sounds like a rapfan. also he steals other people's styles: shyne, nas, big boi, jeezy etc. he sounds never orginal.

  • so so

    fuck mars,,, get with the people who helped you do the Doctors Advocate.... Fucken sounds like a Orchestra and shit.. U need fucken west coast bangers and shit

    • Anonymous

      U need fucken west coast bangers and shit[2] he really needs to, that RED album was some borderline pop rap shit the beats were wack as fuck too compared to his other albums...Game go back to the basics with this one, dont jack flows that was worse than the name dropping imo...and dont fuck with hat tyler kid anymore

  • King Richard AkaDa God Of Rap

    dnt matta hw gud he is he wnt git his due till he die daz da way it is,cuz fans r so fickle,red album wz wat fans say dey wnt frm mc's nt 2 poppy but it didnt sell so hey...

  • lolol


  • RepDaWest420

    Man, game, fuck these niggaz. Do you, you wanna drop a fuckin name, drop a fuckin name. Don't let these faggoty ass niggas throw you off yourz blood. Do you nigga. Real niggas appreatiate them killa barz you be droppin. Don't change yo style for these fuck niggaz that dont respect hardcore gangsta rap. Tie dem bitch niggaz up to a full tank of propane, watch em cook, and just stand there and look. #FUCKSWAG

  • Maurice D. Randle

    lol Ironic how he says he's not gonna name drop @ all on the album but then he name drops over the WHOLE course of the video! Count it haha

  • Anonymous

    come on son you need to have nasty nas as a feature, btw happy birthday Nas, g.o.a.t

  • Anonymous

    would love to see that: Producers: Dre Quik Crazy Toons Rick Rock Mel Man Kalil Features" Cube Snoop Daz Kurrupt Xzibit E-40 King T Ren MC Ehit

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Who says that wouldn't sale? he ain't sellin now. peopel want creativity and dope music, that's what will sill. That whole retread idea of carting out the same guests and the same formula is why stuff is so messed up right now.

    • Anonymous

      the west dont fuck with him he said he was better than snoop that killed his sales

    • Anonymous

      Game wants to sell albums in more then california man, lol Might make a cool mixtape tho, not saying I wouldnt wanna hear that but get serious bruh

    • Westside

      co sign homie he need to get on that west coast shit again

  • Anonymous

    more interested in that diary of compton concept album he had going. btw, more dj khalil, and less mars

  • Anonymous

    YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!! *Chris Tucker voice*

  • Slruim

    No features and no name drops? I'll beleive that when I see it.

  • Rodrick

    Blah Blah Blah We've still got a long way to go and this dude flip flops more then a politician By the time this album drops it'll probably have 10,000 name drops and lil wayne on every song

  • Ramiro

    cool, i might just actually listen to this album.

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