Big Sean Talks Greatest Musical Achievement,  Repping Detroit

Big Sean explains to Tim Westwood what it his biggest success in music has been thus far, and why he reps the Dirty D harder than ever.

BBC 1's Tim Westwood recently caught up with G.O.O.D. Music's latest smash success Big Sean while performing in the UK. While taking a listener's question, Sean explained that his greatest musical achievement so far was to return to his native Detroit to receive the key to the city. He said that seeing his grandmother and mother's faces at the ceremony was gratification enough for his years of struggle in the music industry.

"When I got the key to the city when I got back to Detroit, [that was best moment in my career]," he explained. "When I s[aw] the expression on my grandma's face...she wanted me to go to school and I didn't go, and to just see her so happy and proud, and to see my mom so proud and be able to support them, that was the best."

Sean also talked about respecting his Hip Hop elders, particularly Tupac Shakur, from whom he adopted the Rolex pinky ring style. He said that he strives to be the same kind of inspiration to newer generations as 'Pac was to his, and that you'll never hear him complain about any aspect of his career thus far as a result.

"You've got to do that [revere older artists like Tupac]. You've got to be legendary," he said. "I wanna be what [Tupac] was to me to this new generation. And to what Kanye [West] was. My whole story, it's just all inspiring. I just want people to do what they love to do [and] follow their dreams, 'cus when you're old as Hell looking back on life, you don't want to wish you should've, could've, would've done anything. It's tight that I could be a vessel for my city, as a Detroit player and just carry [on] that legacy. I'm just excited to be here. I'll be as exhausted as I've ever been, but you'll never here me complain. I'll tell you I'm tired, but I'll never be like, 'I don't wanna do this'...I'll always do what I can do until I can't do it, flat out."

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  • Anonymous

    More Detroit than that gay pop shit Eminem throws out

  • When Will They Really See Detroit?

    Must be some younginz shit because I dont see a mutha fuckin thing that dope about this kat. He average with an average ass flow and dont be really saying shit, but thats what all these new niggaz look like they be on so....I wish him the best for being able to eat and shit. Whoop-Dee-Doo!

  • Anonymous

    Here 5 sure ways to ether yourself in hip hop. 1. Compare yourself to 2pac 2. Diss Eminem 3. Get caught in a homosexual act 4. Diss Jay Z 5. Sign To Bad Boy

    • Anonymous

      #4 has been proven wrong, Lil Wayne been caught on tape kissing other men and dressing like a woman, shit made him bigger, lol

  • SutterKane

    These kids think more of themselves then there worth Your connected to Kanye and your record aint go nowhere near gold, that right there should tell you summin I see these artists who drop brick after brick talkin like there changing the world, or carrying the torch for somebody like Pac SMH, Fuck outta here kid, Pac was a huge star when he was out, he had people running to the record store, quoting his shit on a daily basis and everything he did shook the game up.......People like you drop a record and your buzz is gone by the next month when another flash in the pan drops Concentrate on improving your own career before you start talkin this ridiculous shit

  • Tin from the D


  • Anonymous

    That's the problem with the youth today, too busy being know it all's but don't know shit on a stick from a Snickers...Everything in hip-hop ain't about sales, and who's closest to being Nas, Pac, Big, or Jay-Z...Big Sean is doing him, and reppin' like he's s'pose to. He didn't say he was the greatest, and he dosen't act like he's the king of hip-hop....enjoy his story and quit labeling people...

  • Anonymous

    People are super-hatas nowadays...crying about a dude that made it aspiring to be inspirational like 'Pac was to him. There is nothing wrong with that at all, considering that he never said that he wanted to be 'Pac...Smh at you ignorant mofo's...let that man live, go buy Kreyshawn's music or join the Weezy hate club or something...

  • da1

    Big Sean is a smash success? I guess Detroit's standards aren't that high if someone like him got the key to the city. Also you aint no wherrrreee near Pac status or ever will be.

  • Anonymous

    And who the hell ever woudl compare him to pac? Ur deaf as fuck if u hear even the same genre of music..

  • Anonymous

    come on son.. songs like "my last" and "livin the life" just prove you a mainstream wh*re, nothing pac like about you, and you aint even close to being the best from detroit, elzhi royce em black milk in no particular order

    • Anonymous

      Real Talk. with guys like that repping detroit in the right way, its perhaps better that sean doesn't mention being given the key to the city. RIP Jay Dee, RIP Baatin and RIP Proof.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is nothing like 2pac but its good that hes representing for all the homosexuals out there

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