Mac Miller Says Big L's "Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous” Inspired Him To Rap

Mac Miller speaks on the influence of Big L, says he put in hard work on his album "Blue Slide Park.”

Although Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller may only be 19-years-old, the rapper cited Big L’s 1995 album Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous as one of the reasons why he chose to pursue a career in music today.

Miller spoke on Big L, his upcoming album Blue Slide Park, and the songs that propelled him to where he is today in an interview with DJ Semtex.

“I’ve always had a love for music on all forms and all types of music…Being as young as six exploring music and writing songs…I always just dabbled in a little bit of everything,” Miller explained. “But then when I got to be like 14 all I did was freestyle just ridiculous amounts of hours. And then 15 I started listening to a lot of Big L and Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous and that kind of like inspired me to really want to be an MC and what it meant to be an MC and not just be able to rhyme.”

While Miller has been making music for several years now he revealed that the track that really solidified his place as a rapper is “Donald Trump” which was released earlier this year.  

“See it depends who you’re talking to because there’s like different stages I’ll say and there’s certain jams that go with each stage,” said Miller when asked about which song has had the most impact in his career. “A long, long time ago when I put out ‘Live Free’ which was probably like 2009 obviously I wasn’t able to come over here, but it really started me getting into the whole swing of things and really getting into the game. And then I’ll say when I put out the three videos before K.I.D.S. dropped which was ‘Kool-Aid And Frozen Pizza,’ ‘Nikes On My Feet,’ and ‘Don’t Mind If I Do’ was when I really started a buzz…But I’ll say the jam that really took it to where we are now is Donald Trump.’”

When asked what’s next in his career Miller spoke on his upcoming album Blue Slide Park and the work that goes into releasing something he can “stand behind.”

“Album, Blue Slide Park that’s coming out in the fall. And I just put everything I had into this and really worked my ass off to make this album something that I can stand behind…Because when you’re like ‘this is my album’ you better know that that is it,” he explained.


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  • Jae

    i don't why He is Inspired By the Greatest Harlem Rapper Yet He sucks Big L in Heaven THinkin Ahhhhh Damnnn


    Big L would of hated on mac miller. what a chump to even mention his name. miller sucks . L is a legend

  • d3vlabs

    who wouldnt be inspired.

  • rick

    all u fuckin backpackers need to loosen your bra strap. Dude is giving props to Big L ...shit you fuckin backpackers are fucking bitter! ....underground is sooo 1990's!!!!!!! amd dont come at me with your bullshit cause i will school your ass.. Hip Hip since '74

  • rick

    dock, you need to do your homework..Lifestylez was a fuckin good album...wouldnt say classic but dude was fuckin nice

    • mac miller

      And what's your reason as to why mac miller didn't listen to the album for inspiration??? just cause he don't rhyme like big l, or he don't talk about guns and smoking and making money all the time doesnt mean: Big L could have showed/inspired mac miller to: 1) write in song format 2) perfect his vocal technique 3) keep grindin music in hopes that one day he'll reach whatever goal he set out for himself and it looks like miller is on his way to achieving what he wants he said....he was inspired by Big L to become an MC, never stated he was insipred to become a replica. maybe you should take some inspiration from Mac Miller and find something to be inspired about and do somethin withyoself other than sit behind your computer and hate on someone making somethin of themselves. where's your song on the net???? on radio???? that's what i thought. if you don't know, now you know.

    • dockevoc

      L is in my top 10 but there's no way in fucking hell that this dweeb listened to that album for inspiration...I never said it was bad...YOU said it wasn't a classic and I completely agree

  • Anonymous

    Big L is doin somersaults in his grave right now

  • r

    This guy and asher roth need to stop rappin i duno why they do it, these aint real ppl. I got no time for mc's raised rich wiv no real life experience

    • mac miller

      but you got time for rick ross??? a fake ass parole officer talking like he's the biggest drug dealer in drug traffikin history. stfu. it would be a different case if miller was talking about poppin gunz and sellin drugs, but he isn't. he talks about chillin with friends, drinkin, havin a good time, somethin a lot of people can relate to regardless the color. hypocritical faggots get all up in here, talkin shit. act like you jay z or 2pac or somethin. who the fuck is u??? lol if you don't you know.

  • The Truth

    10 years from now or later, no rapper will ever say they were inspired by Mac Miller, thus, he should just hang it up

  • The Truth

    10 years from now or rapper will ever say they were inspired by Mac Miller, thus, he should just hang it up

  • dockevoc

    Lifestyles wasn't even a great album...if he said DITC, The Big Picture or some L mixtapes he's sound believable...glad i've never heard this dude

    • dockevoc

      Yeah I said it! I had it in 1995 and I didn't think it was all that, that was the fucking golden era when every cd that dropped went platinum and was a damn near classic...I never thought this one stood out, all things considered...I think it only offered a glimpse of L's true talent...I think DITC and The Big Picture are MUCH MUCH MUCH better...sue me

    • saint

      It's a great album.

    • lamont coleman

      watchu talking about it was a classic ok sure it had two satanic songs dangerzone and devil's son but it had a grimy gutter type feel that was ill as fuck and Ls flow wordplay and delivery was phenomenal the production was fantastic Lord Finesse buck Show an D are legendary producers

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. If your going to name drop an album for shameless underground appeal at least get the best of his material correct. For all we know he might not have even known about Lord Finesse before using the beat for Kool aid,

    • Crystal

      Wasn't great? For real? smh

  • James Vega

    Whether you like him or not... At least he's got good taste

  • Joe G. Stacks

    Never heard any of "Sack Licker's" music and don't really care to...him being inspired by Big L doesn't mean shit to me.. a lot of these new rappers don't deserve my time...just heard V-Nasty talking recently and I got stupider by the second..Hip Hop is becoming a fucking sideshow

  • JR

    Female rapper Met Bronson rock climbs &talks bout her new project

  • Anonymous

    Dudes got a frying pan face.

  • Rodrick

    You'd think someone inspired by such a great record would be a better MC But, at least his heads in the right place, I dont hate the kid, I just find him meciocre as an artist All these random white kids coming out at the same time is gonna be a punchline a few years from now, like in 2007-2008 when all them corny dancin rappers crept out the woodworks "Yo man, remember back when all them corny white kids came out all at once??" "Oh yeah man, Kreayshawn, Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly....... Fuck ever happened to them???

  • Quincy

    I remember those little nipples, I used to suck those back in HS. Me & Mac were tight back then, I love him & miss him more than I can bare.

  • Ghost of Nat Turner

    To say that Mac Miller is corny would be an understatement.

  • Anonymous

    Wait they posted this earlier this week....

  • R.Pgh

    Not a huge fan of this kid, but I hope he does well to shut people the fuck up. All he said was he was inspired by Big L, he didn't say he's trying to mimic his style

  • jeff

    " And then 15 I started listening to a lot of Big L and Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous and that kind of like inspired me to really want to be an MC and what it meant to be an MC and not just be able to rhyme.” mac miller raps about being rich and smoking pot. talkin bout big l inspiring you nigga we all know wiz is your daddy. Mac miller. And Big L shouldn't be in the same sentence. go make a song wit snoop and kreayshawn you mainstream bitch

    • Fuck Outta Here

      as much as I love Big L, don't act like he talked about more than smoking, hustling, and killing. he was lyrical as fuck, but he wasn't deep by any means.

  • Anonymous

    i like how these wack new school rappers always say thay were inspired by underground mc's to catch the attention of underground heads. like ace hood saying hes inspired by canibus. fucking mainstream bullshit. gv



  • DD

    I wonder what it would take to inspire him to stop rapping? Someone needs to make that album

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Big L's Lifestylez ov da poor and dangerous was not such a great album. While big L's talent was undeniable there were songs where everything was on point and there were some that were not good. Im more of fan of those best of albums that take the best from his discog. As for Mac, he was inspired to rap from It, his style was not influenced by It hence the result(and I dont mean to be offensive), a white version of Wiz Khalifa.

    • Anonymous

      nigga why u mad? 4real your mom aint fucking you or something?

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