Erykah Badu Speaks On Her Connection With Hip Hop

Fat Belly Bella explains that she's a tried and true B-girl and shares her experiences in Hip Hop.

Erykah Badu has been holding it down as one of the few R&B acts to headline Rock the Bells 2011, but she’s a Hip Hop head at heart. Speaking with MTV2’s Sucker Free, the soulful singer explained that she’s a “B-girl” at heart and even writes as if she were a rapper.

“I mean, I’m a B-girl. I grew up listening to Hip Hop. I write like an MC, I write for my MC peers, I hope they really appreciate it, the subject matters,” she said. “I sing the politics of our culture. That’s all Hip Hop, something you live.”

In terms of her history with the pillars of Hip Hop culture, Badu is a card-carrying member of the community. “I used to breakdance, DJ, MC... No graffiti. I’m alright [at DJing]. I can’t show you my whole hand, but I’m alright. I’m going in all the way.”

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  • Anonymous

    yall niggas are women haters...

  • SutterKane

    Erykah Badu is like the hip hop version of Medusa Stare into her eyes and you turn into a Black Hippy

    • kim

      i love erykah badu.....i absolutley love her style....she may have sucked but u cant take away from the gift god has given her.....she the truth....we cant judge her....

  • Anonymous

    this bitch done sucked every body's dick in the game, dead prez, andre, common, d.o.c, jay, no telling who else. as long you, rap you can have it the pussy is free.

  • Billy Mays

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  • Lad0_Quazi_DA'don.

    She not only loves hiphop, she likes hiphop artist dick....

  • Angela

    EB is the real haters need to go kill yourselves!

  • Anonymous

    She really could have been on that Sade path if she wasn't such a dumbass. No need to explain the connection to Hip Hop.

  • DR Jam

    Erykah is the realest. Would love to see a collabo with Andre 3000. Probably will never happen.

  • Case is

    Erykah Badu's connection to hiphop is 3-4 babies by as many different rappers. That's it.

    • Anonymous

      Word! She also tries to amplify the image of being the true and living Earth, as the women with Knowledge of Self and part of the Nation of God and Earth do, but she ain't that.

  • Caught

    What she said and the fact she has been fucked over and over like a whore by several rappers. She has babies by Andre 3000, The D.O.C., and Jay Electronica. Them niggas should do a song or a cipher called Erykah and spit about that pussy. Low key though, she do make great music and is a wonderful whore as well.


    She's cute but always reminds me of a dude:LoL:I just can't accept her as a woman for some reason:She has too many manly ways but anyways .... She's right:She does have a lot of soulful HipHop in her R&B:I've always been a big fan of her music:Wouldn't mind hearing her in Nas's new "Life Is Good" LP:Definitely would be dope:

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