Lil Wayne Says There "Won't Be Any Repercussions" For Dissing Jay-Z

Weezy says he was aware of how "It's Good" would be perceived and that it didn't faze him.

Following the leak of “It’s Good” yesterday, Lil Wayne has already spoken on how he doesn’t fear repercussions from dissing Jay-Z. Speaking with, Weezy explained that he knew what the response would be to the record, but that it didn’t concern him.

“I know there won’t be any repercussions behind what I did,” he said. “I know for a fact music is about perception. You can’t do anything but perceive what you hear. I know that for a fact. So I can’t ever be upset about someone’s reaction.”

He elaborated by stating that he’s aware of how a song like “It’s Good” would be perceived, but it’s all part of his plan.

“I’m not going to say I don’t know what would happen before I even say [something on record],” he continued. “I do know what will happen. I’m aware of it. But it is what it is.

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