Jay-Z & Kanye West Reach Gold Status With "Watch The Throne"

In its second week on the chart, "WTT" becomes one of the few Hip Hop releases to hit gold this year.

In its second week on the charts, Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne has become one of the few Hip Hop releases this year to achieve gold certification for moving more than 500,000 units.

The album, which holds court at the top of the Billboard 200 for the second consecutive week, sold an additional 177,000 copies, upping its overall cume to 613,000 albums sold since its release. This also marks the first week that both digital and physical editions of the LP were available for the entirety of the sales period.

Additional albums released this year that received gold certification include Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers, Beyonce's 4 and Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E.

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  • UGK4Life

    I mean as far as numbers go in this climate 90k is pretty damn successful, but I was really thinkin he could do better that that. He's really lost a lot of his fanbase cuz of the hit-or-miss ways to make headlines, he should've listened to nas and stayed true. We also gotta note that lasers and bad meets evil are def gonna hit. Gold before years end. Hopin Cole World, TM103, and RED gonna do the same

  • liquidpro

    micky factz is getting large

  • Nico 3

    Other than maybe Wayne, whose going to outsell them? Talk is cheap, Game. Don't hate your elders. Beg them to put you on their next album.

  • Demetris Thomas

    this, to me, says more about how bad sales are for hip hop. I mean 8 months thru this yr and this and wiz khalifa have only reached gold?!? This has been a really bad yr for hip hop.

  • Justice is served to yall haters

    My niggaz stay winning

  • Obi Patrick

    Just another album full of techno-pop orientated bullshit and below mediocre rhymes. Im actually surprised it went Gold, it should've gone silver

  • beezlebud

    i deleted this shit off my comp after 2 listens its straight garbage, only thing worthwhile on its the beats

  • Anonymous

    Damn y'all bringing up Eminem with WTT, shit. Calm the fuck down already. Em sold incredible, WTT selling as they are right now is excellent. Let it be!

  • ShowTime NY

    Congratulations..They released an Album..Dec 22 , O.T.T.W. Drop in swiz voice it's ShowTime! www.soundclXk.com/shambamenxlek

  • 100

    Watch The Throne is a phenomenal album.

  • Anonymous

    Elvis has left the building, I'm on the Beatles ass- Jay Z

    • Anonymous

      Fuck Elvis and John Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      Elvis estate earned 67 MILLION last year DOUBLE what Jay Z earned and Elvis has been dead 40 years only retards think Jay Z is on Elvis level, Elvis was sellin number 1 albums durin a fuckin world war when it waas virtually impossible to sell albums, muthafuckas who had ration books where coppin Elvis albums instead of food

  • Anonymous

    WATCH THE THRONE NIGGAZ RUNNING SHIT..... JIGGA GETZ HIS 12TH NUMBER ONE ALBUM...... WHERE IS EMINEM ???? The Beatles (19) Jay-Z (12) Elvis Presley (10) The Rolling Stones (9) (tie) Bruce Springsteen (9) (tie) Barbra Streisand (9) (tie)

    • Willy

      How about the amount of albums sold? Where is Jay-Z on that? Oh that's right. Sales only matter when it comes to Jay-Z being "number 1". You leave out the fact that Kanye is on the cover too.

  • ItsAwful

    Who the hell bought it? I mean it sucks ass!

    • Rahine McGruder

      I broughted & loved the CD!

    • yeah...

      "No niggas bought this" they were out listening to real a "Blood" who backpeddles himselft and calls himself a "Crip" when he raps with Snoop. Yeah we'll see how far it gets, the niggas that don't buy this shit better buy 20 R.E.D. discs apiece because that's the only way that shit is going to touch this.

    • whowho

      White boys bought this shit. There was not one self respecting nigga who bought this

    • Anonymous

      cosign and NO WAY is it reachin a mill in a month

    • who the hell bought this?

      huh? 600k people did, and i bet you in a month it's going to be a mill you retard.

  • aarontodavis

    had this albulm come out last year or 2009, it wud've went platinum already. It jus shows u how the economy and other things r affecting the music industry..But this is still very good. Might be the best selling albulm of the year unless tha carter 4 beats its but we'll c

  • All it takes

    All its gonna take is "lift off" to be played o the radio and its over..nothign else is radio friendly

  • Truthenola

    not a suprise. Congrats!! Game gonna brick hard , you'll see ahah

    • Anonymous

      agreed...but there was no more major press or anticipation of hell: the sequel. And if there was...there was no where near the amount of hype around this album as WTT. Not to mention BOTH jay nd kanye have enormous star power whereas BME, Eminem is a megastar and royce isnt very well known to mainstream audiences

    • Air'edem Yep!

      of course it's not a surprise...not a surprise when Jay secretly knows who helped purchase some of those 177,000 copies to help catapult his way towards Gold. Remember that Jay is rich and he knows rich people. It's odd he hits Gold in just two weeks when Eminem Bad Meets Evil 2 is barely touch Gold just yet. Just not buying that there weren't any politics involved for Watch The Throne to go Gold in two weeks. Just strange...

  • Anonymous

    2 weeks and just 600k ? k then ...

    • so?

      is it pitiful that they reach over 400k in their first week while Em and Royce just got there this monht? I mean if Em is going 4x platinum his name alone should have made BME go platinum in a week or two.

    • Anonymous

      600k for these two together is pitiful even in this climate, Jay would be lucky to move 300k now if he dropped a solo with no features where Eminem still goes 4x platinum

    • yeah

      it's pretty impressive, i bet you could do better though.

    • Lol

      2 weeks and 600k in this market is amazing lol. Most artist don't hit 600k after a year now-a-days

  • Jason

    retail seriously underordered this album. cant find it anywhere and Otis is not exactly a mainstream America single i dont get it.

  • RcW

    very dumb to compare sales on BME &WTT. And even dumber to say Em can't sell like them. Hahahahahahahaha Blueprint 3 + 808's + MBDTF = around 4 million Recovery = 4 million Eminem is the biggest person in music from our generation. Plus WTT is selling decent but it just not that great 3.5 stars

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      Life Accordin' To Dutch: Real People ???? A mature and real person won't post that comment of your's. Hahaha...Shows you are unreal...Bye !

    • yeah

      how do em's balls taste you faggot. Nobody brought it up, just you.

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      shut the FUCK UP..WHO ASKED U LAME..who's comparing..just u..u right ..they are different..one of them is actually played by real people..WATCH the THRONE..one is talked abt by geeks with no social life..that other bullshit by dude who sold all those records that nobody listens too..if u could name ten tracks that bang on any given REcent Eminem album..u prolly read it off the cd

    • Anonymous

      Makes me wonder how no one even mentioned Em and you had that lil post. How deep is Em's deep down you throut? bout 6 inches?

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