Mac Miller Speaks On Donald Trump Calling Him "The New Eminem"

The Pittsburgh kid explains that he's flattered by the comparison but that people shouldn't take Trump's words so seriously.

Donald Trump recently branded Mac Miller “the new Eminem” after the rapper’s video for “Donald Trump” crossed the 20 million views mark on YouTube. According to Mac, the co-sign was appreciated by didn’t think people should be so up in arms about the comparison.

“I thought it was so ridiculous how people got so worked up over him being like, ‘You’re the new Eminem.’ What do you expect him to say? It’s Donald Trump,” he told Hard Knock TV. “He’s not going to be like, ‘I was listening to this Mac Miller kid and he seems influenced by A Tribe Called Quest and he seems like he listened to a lot of Big L growing up and he’s really the going there in Hip Hop.’ All he meant was that I’m a white rapper and I’m blowing up.”

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native said that many considered the comparison to be outrageous, but that he’s more excited about reaching a level where someone like Trump would give him a co-sign.

“People were like, ‘How could the Donald say that? How could they say that Mac Miller is Eminem? They’re different!’ Obviously, we’re different, dude. Don’t worry about what Donald Trump calls me,” he continued. “I was just excited that I’ve reached a level where someone like that, I’m on their radar. I’m ‘bout to hit him to borrow the jet real quick. That man’s got paper. I’ll get there though. He definitely thinks he’s the coolest dude in Hip Hop. He’s like, 20 million views, the ‘Donald Trump’ song, ‘I’m pretty proud of that!’”

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  • Max

    Calm down even if you don't like him as an artist. It's not like he said that he was the best rapper and that he should be compared to eminem. He was humble about it it's not like hes tryna prove something. Honestly unless the dude starts saying he's the best rapper alive (lil wayne is a homo) then you don't gotta bash him. He's just doing his thing...

  • Anonymous

    i think he is just another white rapper tryin to at black and he cant even spit good eminem will probably sign him like he did yelawolf just because you rap doesnt mean you have to dress in all baggy cloths with backwards hats and talk like a fuckin idiot (not that im sayin that black people dress funny or talk like idiots but you know thats how us white people think nah mean nigga) im white and i reap but you dont hear me tryin to act all g'ed up gettin all up in that ass like water that splashs up when you poo

  • HoustonTX

    People need to quit hating on Mac Miller. I bet most people talking shit wont have the balls to stand on stage and perform like he does. Yeah he might not be the deepest lyricist but he damn sure knows about hip hop. I hope he goes platinum just to rub it in the haters faces. P.S. This is coming from an avid rhymesayers fan so my taste in hip hop is a little different but I can dig what mac miller is trying to do.

  • Ddot

    The new vanilla ice is more like it..little faggot-ass wannabe rapper

  • Anonymous

    His shit garbage. If you have this guys music in you're ipod then you should hang yourself.

  • R.Pgh

    Being from Pittsburgh I probably should give this dude a chance.... The only songs I heard were some of his early ones and it was all about some high school shit. Which is cool, but when I'm a decade older than dude, I can't see myself relating much of his shit. I could certainly be wrong, but from what I've heard, thanks but no thanks.

    • chris

      I feel ya thats perfectly reasonable you should check out his song called another night that might be more your taste

  • King of Kingz

    Eeeeeej Billy!!!!! You still pissed of????Are you still pissed off????DAAAAAAAAAAWWWGGGG

  • King of Kingz


  • King of Kingz

    Oooh ye....20 million views...doesnt mean 20 million ppl like it!

  • King of Kingz

    OOOH and P.S We Got J.Cole WIGGA!

  • King of Kingz

    Eeeej Yo "Billy" - GO stick it in your lil mac milly, with that shrimp willy u tryna talk shit u hillbilly! AInt nobody talking no racist shit. And Black folks dont hate all whiteboys, coz I Will be tha first to say Eminem is the King. And ye the new generation of black artist been taking HipHop for granted. But you clearly are some young muthafucka who don't know the difference betweena "new hype" - which every artist who has come out over the passed few years is - and real talent!! - this kid cant even string a sentence, so take ya head outta ur ass and stop feeling marginalised. HipHop is what it is, it has NO colour...NOt anymore...And tell me...which White boys are taking over???HAHAHAHAHA tell me man...give me some fucking names...?!?!?!U know why you white folks will always be criticized in Hiphop...coz you just dont get it! It's like your pancake ass going to china and telling the chinese you're more chinese than them! Back to my point....A rapper needs to be himself, thats y Eminem is on top, coz he ignored all you white muthafuckaz WHO ALSO DISSED HIM IN THE BEGINNING AS MUCH AS BLACK PPL DID - SO SHUT THE fuck up!! You already run the country.....let HipHop stay wat it is...everyone is welcome as long as they Real and talented, and dont talk like they been gagged in tha ya boy milly willy mac millie! FOOOL

  • Anonymous

    "...he’s really the going there in Hip Hop..." going there in hip hop? Try golden era of hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    mac miller! keep doing your thing brotha

  • Anonymous

    im white, mac millers cool, but these guys are better

  • yo!

    yo! i really like this kid he's the same age as me and he's doing really big much respect!

  • Billy

    GOTDAMN! You fuckin whining ass niggers! You became the same racist fucks as your former masters where! Oh the IRONY! You nigger fucks are just mad cuz the white boys are taking over the genre yall fuckin created! STEP YALLS GAME UP FUCKERS! Mac is lyrical admit it or not! Yall just got Soulja Boy, Young Jeezy, etc. who all just speak the same ol' Gangster shit! FUCK NIGGERS! Eminem is the King of the genre you asswhipes created! LMFAO! xD

    • smh

      somebody forgot to take their diarrhea meds

    • ........

      Ok keep rap you fuckin crackers!! Everything the BLACKMAN creates gets took from us and yall claim it as your own. Sick and tired of this shit. It don't matter anyway cuz real rap died years back so it ain't Nothin major. You motherfuckers gotta remember that Em was put on by the BLACKMAN (Dr.Dre) so he ain't taken over shit.

    • Anonymous

      FUCK YOU!!!! you are embarassing white people and disrespecting black people. you are a cancer to society. you don't desreve to listen to hip hop!!

    • Anonymous

      Show your face whiteboy

    • Anonymous

      wow your a doosh bag.. laughing at yourself like a stan.. get the fuck off this site sayin shit like that.. do your research and know your history before you come on here saying some ignorant dumb shit like that.. fuck outta here you fuckin hick bitch.

    • BLACK

      cool cool.. keep rap.. black people will just invent some new shit for suburban culture bitters to dick ride....aint you seen south park? flippity floppity floop) true story nigga... here listen to some real shit and feel inadequate for a bit


    yall stop arguing we know "HIP HOP IS ALL WHITE NOW" who knows maybe mac miller can outsell eminem its not about skills it's about record sells and hip hop is so twisted and diverse now this kid might end up selling more than we expect

    • Anonymous

      BRAIN if your gonna insult get your Facts straight BRUH. Ali is white and an albino white at that, Both his mother and father were white he was just raised by muslims of color at a younger age. which is where his main influences come from

    • brain

      Brother Ali isn't white you dumb fuck

    • LMAO

      Mac Miller would be lucky if he sold more than Wiz Khalifa in his whole career. No other rapper in history or in the future will touch Ems Numbers in sales. Just because you're white doesn't mean your gonna go on and sell multiPlatinum albums. For example look up the sales of the following WHITE rappers: Asher Roth, Paul Wall, Brother Ali, Vinny Paz, MC Wyte, Kreashawn, V Nasty, Bubba Sparxxx, and Vanilla Ice. Em has sold more records than ALL these white rappers combined. So NO Mac Miller will NEVER approach ems 100 Million in sales.

    • Anonymous

      mac miller will not outsell eminem... ever... em had so many legendary rappers behind him and this kid has no clout compared to em. props to him for doing his thing but lets be realistic here now k.. em could freestyle and be more lyrical then this cat. get your minds right..

  • Oh well

    Let's not forget that Em was compared to Vanilla Ice when he first got his shine. It's not a shock for white mc's to be compared to the last successful white mc before them. If a Cuban right now were to come out spittin like crazy, he would be compared to Pitbull no matter how diffrent they are lyrically. It's just the way it is I guess.

    • Oh Well

      That's my whole point. If your a minority in hip hop, you are automatically put under a certain catagory no matter how different your style is (until you prove yourself). Em and Ice are nowhere near comparable but they were being compared early in Em's career due to the fact that Ice was the only white guy at the time to have a successful mainstream album prior to him. I don't listen to Mac or Ice, I'm just stating facts.

    • Hash

      Yeah, but Eminem went on to become a legend as well as one of the elites in hip hop while Vanilla Ice went on to become one of the biggest laughing stocks and failures in hip hop history. I guess that initial comparison was short lived as will this one of Eminem and Mac Miller.

  • Billy

    GOTDAMN! You fuckin whining ass niggers! You became the same racist fucks as your former masters where! Oh the IRONY! You nigger fucks are just mad cuz the white boys are taking over the genre yall fuckin created! STEP YALLS GAME UP FUCKERS! Mac is lyrical admit it or not! Yall just got Soulja Boy, Young Jeezy, etc. who all just speak the same ol' Gangster shit! FUCK NIGGERS! Eminem is the King of the genre you asswhipes created! LMFAO!

  • Anonymous

    this guy reminds me of the rapper everyone thought was retarded in an always sunny in philadelphia episode.

    • So true

      Haaaa! So true...his parents should have the common Sense to realize that letting their son with down syndrome try to rap is not a good thing....if corky from life goes on were to take up rapping, it would be strikingly similar to this Mac miller situation.

  • phillytho

    we already had a new eminem, but he dont want mainstream....asher roth still best white boy out, not including em

  • Daniel Gregory

    I Love Eminem!! Mac miller looks like a druggie so i dont like him

    • anonymous

      you're a retarded person

    • MassiveDrugie

      And you Daniel Gregory look like you enjoy fondelling little boys pee pee's and smearing poo all over your face.

    • Anonymous

      lol you shouldnt even be on this website posting a comment like that.. em is the biggest druggie in the industry other then gucci mane

    • Fado

      Right cus its not like Eminem was a "druggie" for %90 of his musical career and only recently got sober or anything like that....If your a hiphop fan you shouldn't judge an artist by "looks", judge him by his music. Mac smokes weed that's all. if that makes him a "druggie" I guess %80 of all hiphop artist are druggies.....

  • Feefo

    No Homo but this wigger Mac miller is ugly as fuck. Look at his fucking eye brows! Things look like McDonald arches. They should have compared Machine Gun Kelly to Eminem instead of this faggot. At least MGK looks a bit like Em although he still dont got ems skills.

  • Anonymous

    The ONLY similarity between Eminem and Mac Miller is the color of their skin other than that Mac miller has nothing in common with Em.

  • Fado

    mac miller is a hipster is Tyler the creator and Kreashawn. The skateboard and hipster cultures are starting too penetrate mainstream hiphop yo..... If you dont know what a hipster is they are alternative, open minded, underground clothing line wearing, Vanns wearing, Photography loving, tumblr loving, anti-mainstream individuals that take extreme pride in individuality. Other rappers that are kinda hipsters are kid cudi and the cool kids....

  • please?

    I am waiting for the day that this douche bag gets his ass smacked and handed to him. I hope Eminem disses this little bitch and ruins his career.

    • IM ANGRY


    • Fado

      yo where is all the hate coming from? He worked to get were he is, his career wasn't handed too him. Mac is realer then most of the artist in the game, you dont hear him talking about shootin guns and shit. Hes himself and even though I only like a couple of his songs and don't think he can rap very well I can respect that enough to not wish ill will on his career.

    • TylertheDestoryer

      It would be a stupid career move for Eminem to diss a white teeneager, the kid is good and he is current. And with 20 million views its going to be hard to destory this guy who raps about nothing but having fun.

  • Anonymous

    Damn hippies and their 2K11 pop songs.

  • thought dog

    Good to see somebody from the sandlot movie finally getting their due shine.

  • King of Kingz

    How many times this guy gonna say "LIKE" "Like" kiss my ass and use some proper vocabularly! And "like", your on NOBODY's radar YET, coz Trump doesnt have a radar when it comes to HipHop! If this guy has any shot of becoming something CLOSE to a successful rapper he's gotta stop pretending to be something, and Become something.... Take some Articulation lessons so that your known for your writing and not for Trump spoiling your intro in tha game. Drop tha splif and pick up a Pen!

    • Anonymous

      @ Stefan LMAO!!! Just cause he got Youtube views dont mean anybody gonna buy his shit, ask Lil B

    • BlazedatIshUp

      lol....I know what you mean I've been around and worked with a few people who overuse the word 'like'.... That shit gets really fucking annoying when you have to be around the person for long periods of time... When someone starts and ends a sentence with like it`s kind of funny, but a damn shame. Unfortunately todays youths, and even adult, use the word like a lot....

    • stefan

      keep hating man, you just like the dude he raps about in the hook on trump 21 million views dude bout to blow up his dope

  • Anonymous

    This kid couldnt even carry Em's Pill Bottle around for him, GTFOH

  • Damn

    This nigga is too ugly for words.

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