Jay-Z Brands J. Cole's Debut Album "A Classic"

Hov still hasn't contributed a verse to his protege's project, but he was impressed by what he's already heard from the project.

J. Cole is still waiting on a verse from Jay-Z for his upcoming debut Cole World: The Sideline Story (September 27th), but Hov thinks it’s already a classic without it. In an interview with Rap-Up.com, Cole recalled hearing Jay’s impression of the album secondhand from Roc Nation executive Rich Kleiman.

“When I played him the album, I could gauge his response not on what he said, but what his vibe was,” he said. “I linked up with Rich Kleiman and he said he was with Jay-Z later that night. Out of nowhere, Jay said, ‘So Cole got a classic. That motherfucker.’”

As for getting that elusive verse from Hov, Cole says that it may or may not make the final cut - but that it won’t make or break the album.

“We’ll see. It’s very possible that he might not be on it. I feel like it’s dope as hell though,” he explains. “The whole world knows that J. Cole is waiting on a Jay-Z verse, but if it don’t happen, it don’t happen. But how ill is it that the album is called The Sideline Story, which is a metaphor for me trying to get off the bench, and I’m waiting for the nod from the coach?”

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  • Randall Tyler Jr


  • Anonymous

    I'm starting to believe that this whole Jay-Z feature part thing is nothing more than a promo move.

  • Anonymous

    He's good lyrically, but his music is just straight out boring.

  • Dub

    Remain relevant?? Who is he relevant to? He doesn't have a song of his own in constant rotation,and the only folks that are checking for him is underground hip-hop heads. And we all know that they don't purchase records. C'mon homie, this dude is on a one way ticket to nowhere, especially signed to Roc Nation. He might as well signed to Bad Boy, cuz Jigga and Puff are the same animal. They care about nothing but themselves.

  • anonymous

    Jay-z cares about 2 things, his image...and his bank account...the rest are all tax credits...

  • L-Boogie

    Fuck Jay-z, Cole doesn't need any features anyway. I'd like to hear a newer dude like Cole on some classic production like Premo, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Alchemist etc. So tired of this new mainstream shit over futuristic pop beats.

  • abe

    Cole doesn't need a past his prime jay-z in my opinion. His album is going to be dope regardless. Dude has a hunger about him, kinda like kendrick, and he understands the history of hip hop and wants to put something out that honors the all timers. That's just my opinion based on his mixtapes, which are better than most's albums.

  • Anonymous

    i heard work out...this is hip hops savior? dude has the personality of paint..

  • Anonymous

    This album does not need to be an instant classic, but it needs to be Cole's Reasonable Doubt. An album that will stand the test of time enough for the blind to come back and realize what they missed. All Cole will have to do is remain relevant in the game. Sooner or later he will need some more uptempos or anthem-like records like a "Hey Papi" or "Big Pimpin" to get the mass markets but make it authentic not like today's commercial mess.

  • jay is trash

    jay thinks takeover > ether.........................that nigga doesn't know shiit.

  • joell

    he doesnt need jay-z he should pull a nas and have no features but he killed it with that trey songz song, its hot though but not for the album

  • Wolfman

    Damn.. I mean withOUT a verse from Jay.

  • Wolfman

    No Bullshit. I feel like Cole should go ahead with a verse from Jay. Make your own line. You'll appreciate it more when you look back. I grew up on Jay-Z from the start with Reasonable Doubt. But, it's time for some new cats to run it. No torch passing needed.

  • Ke Sahn

    J.Cole suck on the mic? I hope by mic you don't mean microphone, please go take a nap on a land mine muhfucka, kill yaself

  • Ke Sahn

    This is about to be the album of the year, and it's a damn shame it won't get the recognition it deserves, Krit won't get his recognition either,the country is not ready for that real rap shit yet, they want that. Pop rap, if you ain't got auto tune or you ain't rapping about money. Clothes hoes and parties on at least 75% Oof your album, you pretty much fuccked

    • Anonymous

      The problem is, that these so called real hip hop heads don't buy albums, but fans from rappers like Gucci do. That's it.

    • the don

      you a lie joell...cats were still using auto tune after jay made that track..as a matter fact waynes how to love or whatever that garbage is called uses autotune in it

    • joell

      idk but nobody has been using auto-tunes since jay-z made DOA

  • Don Dutch

    With jays taste in music choice lately I wouldnt believe him, so i'll just take cole's word

  • Anonymous

    This is just going to be Finally Famous all over again.

    • Anonymous

      why does every j.cole comment that isnt sucking his dick require a paragraph response from you stans. get a fucking life.

    • valid

      cant get enough, the more pop influenced single, is better than most of big seans album. listen to killers, lost ones, friday night lights, the warm up, or the come up and you'' realize cole is hardly anything like cole. the deepest song sean has are memories and memories part 2, 90% of coles music is deep as hell, and the less real songs still boast superb lyrics and flows

  • Anonymous

    J. Cole should stick to producing, because he sucks on the mic.

  • Anonymous

    Jay wont miss the chance to be on one of hiphops best albums

  • Anonymous

    *Edit* "The Three Jay-sons"

  • Anonymous

    Looks like he got the Jigga seal of approval.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z, Jay C & Jay E! "The Jay-sons" Coming soon! If that album did come out, it would be a classic!!

  • Keezie

    J. Cole & Krit are real artists. No stupid media issues. Just music. I look forward to both of them being in heavy rotation. Calling it a classic gives the fickle fans of Hip Hop too much to dispute. Just call it a solid album.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    the album may end up being a classic, but that is a terrible name for an album. And yeah we get it, did you really need to explain what it meant? smh

    • ^cosign

      agree with the comment above me, i like the name and it continues the theme cole started

    • Ladi Alao

      I think it's perfect. Goes well along with his past mixtapes. He went from not making the team, not making the team again, and now he's on the team but he can't get off the bench.

  • cole4eva

    like da homie said ima fuck wit reguarless but i jus hope all the hiphop heads who be cryin bout the state of hiphop complainin bout gucci and waka and dem if u tired of that bullshyt support cole and krit on the 27th

  • illy

    its gonna be a classic...cole is to dope

  • cole fan

    Im willing to put money that Jay-Z is going to drop a verse! I bet Coles verses are so sick even Jay cant hang!

  • Word

    I have a feeling itll be great....and i feel big krits album will be better....but there havent been many classics over the past 5 years its hard to do nowadays we'll see tho....... if anyone is going to have a classic my money is on jay electronica i feel like he's gonna have some magical shit lol

  • jason

    The Warm Up = Classic Friday Night Lights = Classic The Sideline Story = Classic COLE WORLD 9/27/11

  • Anonymous

    I'm not gonna expect a classic. I just want a good album. I'll support Cole as long as he churns out great albums. He definitely has the potential to create a classic but I don't want to overhype his debut and end up disappointed. All I want is a sick album and that's it, classic or not.

  • will

    I wrote that last post, I didnt mean to make it anonymous and my fault on the typo J- Cole*

  • Anonymous

    i dont doubt J-Colees album will be good, and i hope it is a classic. But, any person who calls an album a "classic" before all the songs are done and the album is complete is discredited automatically. A lot of rappers albums could be classic if you didnt count all the songs.

  • Anonymous

    we gonna enjoy this album... idc wat other people say... i dont even care about Jay Z opinion. I already know what Cole is capable of and I'm gonna buy it. I refuse to listen to leaks.

  • kalie Riemer

    can't wait for the album! only thing tiding me over is J. Cole's "Any Given Sunday" series...download a track from Cole every sunday: http://bit.ly/okreUE

  • Its Um

    Nothing on Jay electronica, it would cool if ya both came out the same month, or a week or two apart.

  • SuperNovaPlus

    A classic. I doubt it bro!! This is straight up publicity. I think Cole is talented. He's on track for commercial success. But he's not putting out no classics.

    • Devils Advocate

      ^hypocrites! You fuckboys never complain when the dickriders call it a classic before they've even heard shit! how come you only complain when dude says it wont be classic? TBH coles put out 3 lackluster singles in the last years... so the "haters" have more crebility saying its not classic than the dickriders have saying it is classic.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      you hate it before I played it, I already forgave ya. hating ass bitch.... at least let the muthafucka come out

    • Ladi Alao

      Warm Up and FNL were classics mixtapes. Some of the tracks on this album were songs that he thought were too good for the Warm Up and FNL. No doubt in my mind this will be a classic

    • illness

      fucking hating ass dude...shit aint even out yet and youve already fucking rated it...get the fuck outta here nigga...go listen to that gucci flockaflaming asshole shit aight

  • cmpaul96

    Can't wait to hear it. Watch the Throne and R.E.D were dope. Now gotta wait for Cole World.

  • ka-as

    there has never been a doubt that this album wasnt going to be a classic, listen to the songs that didnt make the cut they are classics themselves, only thing taking HOV so long to put a verse on is cause cole didnt write it yet

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      @r.c. you missed his point. he was trying to say that Jay-Z's verse is going to be ghostwritten by cole.

    • R.C.

      Cole finished the whole song. he recorded his two verses and did the hook. he's just waiting on hov's verse. i think hov just sittin with his verse because cole gave em a run for his money on it. because i mean look how quick he did a verse for drake "light up", jeezy "go crazy", rick ross "maybach music". and he bodied all of them. cole is a different type of artist. he's a m.c., and so is hov. he knows he has to come correct.

  • mcmastermind

    Cole is mad dope. But I won't say anything until I hear it. Plus Jay is saying that cause he'll get a bigger check than Cole when that shit sells.

  • 9/27

    This must be a CLASSIC but anyways ima wait till I listen to it to rate

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping for a direct quote... And I cant imagine jay calling an album a classic after just one listen...

  • Anonymous

    J.Cole is dope because he can do all these girls songs and not sound like a complete faggot. He throws enough player bravado shit to make it work.

  • tah

    I would'nt go by anything this guy say's, he so fucking wack these days...should've stuck to talking about coke and heroin


    workout is a good track for the homie fuck that verse

  • Truthenola

    Real recognize Real thats all i gottta say

  • *Fell*

    No classic would have 'work out' on it.

    • Anonymous

      Right. Because Tupac's plethora of classics never had songs for the ladies. BIG never did "Juicy". The Blueprint didn't have "Girls, Girls, Girls". Common didn't have "Go". Kanye didn't make "New Workout Plan" or "Slow Jams". Talib never had "Never Been In Love Before". Want me to go on, or would you like me to stop making you look bad?

    • Bom919

      yea your about damn retarded Work Out is a damn good song

    • dum dum

      Workout a good summer jam ,. get with it

    • Rival X Jordan

      Work Out go in stop hatin man.

  • Ladi Alao

    Jay-Z got the verse in for Cole a few days ago. Cole World.

  • Wes

    I don't think Jay is supports J Cole as much as he probably thinks. Jay is a funny dude. His business model is to sign a bunch of acts and throw them against the wall to see what sticks.  If it sticks and the artist blows up he will dickride them until the wheels fall off and be in their videos, at their shows, in multiple songs (ie Kanye, Rhianna, Rick Ross, Jeezy) but if you don't get really popular he fronts on you and acts like you never existed/signed to him (Teara Marie, Young Guns, Tru Life, Peedi, Uncle Murder, Beanie Seagal, Freeway, etc) This is why you don't sign to Jay-Z. He's a fame leech, he doesn't give a fuck about you. If you get hot, he's good because he can stand next to you and leech off your success, If not then fuck you. J Cole can't get that verse because he's not that hot.... Jay doesn't care. But if this dude blows up watch them be best friends with Hov saying taking responsibility for it.

    • btl

      "Check the Blueprint son. That album single-handedly made sampling popular again. Jay put Ye and Just Blaze on the map. Jay made the Neptunes a household name. Plus his lyrics and flows are the sickest. Yeah he sold out but he has done A LOT for hip hop. Do your research." I don't have to do the research when I actually listened to hip-hop and knew of jay-z before The Blueprint. Yes, that was a good album. Yes, it was a SPRINGBOARD for Kanye and Just Blaze. But you're acting like Jay-Z INVENTED these mothafuckas. Kanye would be just fine without jay-z, he was too raw to be stopped and he would've made a name by himself. And The Neptunes?? C'mon, man. They too were already making a name for themselves. All Jay-Z does (or at least it seems he does) is look at the underground and message boards, see what they're saying, and go along with it. Kanye's beats were banging and the underground had a lot of soulful cats at the time Blueprint came out, so he calls on Kanye and JB for their soul sound. He sees that most people hated autotune, so he makes DOA. He sees that young kids like these new, over-percussed, synthesized beats, with a pop hook and makes Blueprint 3. And lastly, his content is wack. If i want to hear a mothafucka talk about money all day, I'd read The Economist magazine. Jay-Z doesn't give a fuck about music; he just cares about the money. He'll do whatever it takes to stay relevant, as shown by the examples I've given.

    • diminish the throne

      You're right. Also I never understood why Jay gets much praise all the time for what he's done anyways when most of those of praises came from him taking grimy short cuts to get to where he is today. He acts as if he became the greatest all on his own without the extra help of Jaz-O,Dame Dash,and Kareem Burkes being mentioned in the liner notes. Sorry but Jay takes to much credit these and that Watch The Throne isn't cracked up to what it's suppose to be. The album is highly overrated and doesn't set any great standards which goes to show that Jay-Z should've been gearing up J.Cole and Jay Eletronica's albums instead of putting together that whack ass Watch The Throne album that was a let down and a waste of times for fans. If anything J.Cole has already learned who Jay-Z is right about now and surely he's not so gullible to believe that Jay would say ‘So Cole got a classic. That motherfucker.’ Everybody knows that's Jay's humorous side talking because Jay is always a business man first and a business man will say anything to get the massive majority's approval. What's dislikable about Jay the most is how he continues to present himself as being so flawless as if he's never had any potholes made in the rap game when there's more than quite a few potholes that his past business partners could easily bring up that are factual but it's the brainwashed fans that will quickly dismiss it and continue to treat Jay like he's Superman. That 'Watch The Throne' album isn't nowhere close to being something different that Jay has already done under the sun so all the hype around it is just overrated. It's not a classic by the way and the man ain't invincible. All that time should've belonged to Jay-Z's artists J.Cole and Jay Electronica's albums and not that whack wasteful Watch The Throne album. The problem is Jay alays puts himself before his artists. You've made your money already Jay and so has Kanye so why don't you try and help J.Cole and Jay Electronica make that money you're making now. You think about yourself so damn much so what's the point of signing artists? So you can make more money off them and when they can't make the throne you dispose of them. J.Cole doesn't need Jay-Z to put his album out anyways. What J.Cole needs to do is start his own movement and label and do his own groundwork and then if Jay-Z is worthy of being featured on a track with Cole than fine. J.Cole needs to learn how to treat Jay-Z like he does other people. He's better without Jay. You guys make it seem as if heeds Jay-Z. Forget about him. It was sad to see Cole waiting like that while they were making that put together garbage album Watch The Throne. Then he had Kanye lying saying that Premier and Madlib would be on it trying to use the underground like it was going be something hard and dope but just turns out to be the typical setup of pop house dance trash album except for 'Otis' and 'The Joy'(which should've been officially on the album and not on the album as a bonus cut by the way). Like cats like Premier,Large Professor,Pete Rock,Madlib, and 9th from the undergorund even care what Kanye,Jay-Z, or NAS does anymore. They should learn to keep their names out of their mouths if they are not gonna do some extraordinary work with them. And there's also no direction for Jay Electronica so where is Jay-Z gonna go with that. He needs to start helping his artists and forget about putting his hand out to Kanye all the damn time. If you're gonna be a grimy business man than at least teach your artists how to be grimy Jay instead of throwing your grime on them.

    • Anonymous

      Look, don't mention Beanie Sigel. Beans had plenty of potential to really blow up. He NEVER had an album that went platinum and Jay still gave him a label and starring roles in movies because he believed in him. Beans messed up, got in trouble with the law, and lost exposure. Beans had much more leeway than even Bleek. You all expect Jay to support these artists he was their father. Jay gave these guys a platform. Jay always gave shout-outs and put them on their records. There is only so much a man can do. In the end, those guys have to blow up by themselves. @btl Jay-Z doesn't give a fuck about music? Check the Blueprint son. That album single-handedly made sampling popular again. Jay put Ye and Just Blaze on the map. Jay made the Neptunes a household name. Plus his lyrics and flows are the sickest. Yeah he sold out but he has done A LOT for hip hop. Do your research.

    • btl

      ^Actually, music IS NOT a business. The MUSIC BUSINESS is a BUSINESS. People who actually do give a fuck about the music would care less about making money and would rather make dope shit. Jay-Z, on the other hand, doesn't give a fuck about music and makes sub-par, radio-friendly, pop shit that doesn't push ANY boundaries whatsoever, nor progresses hip-hop as an art. He is as "sellout" as they come.

    • Anonymous

      So you're trying to criticize him for something you'd do? Let me ask you this: Would YOU have kept Peedi Crack? I didn't think so. You say it like he's a monster. He's a businessman, you fucktard. Music is A BUSINESS. Kanye blew up, so of course he stuck around. But it's not like Jay thrives off of him, dumbass. How many number one records does he have? How many were BEFORE those acts? Exactly. Have a coke, a smile, and shut the fuck up.

    • Bom919

      I agree with that mostly. Jay is a grimey business man. I like him as a rapper but as a person he seems like a stuck up dick head. He thinks hes so great and he's rich as hell so he dont care if his artist is successful or not because either way he is still payed. He's just like Diddy. Diddy will buttfuck an artist that's hot until the flame burns down (Ma$e, Black Rob, Red Cafe, Shyne, he'll start hanging with Ross again when he's about to put an album out) but Jays the exact same way. But your wrong about one thing. J. Cole is hot as hell right now

    • Anonymous

      yeah your right thats one of the 48 laws of power. you got to keep your name out there any way you can. he has mastered that. if think about it jay has really been a soul less devil just to get where he is today. but hell it was either that or stay right there in marcy project and do nothing so this is the road he took.

    • hiphopvet

      No, you guys who are correcting him are wrong. Jay-Z signed Rhianna, Ross and Jeezy to Def Jam while he was president over there. He didn't discover them, and it wasnt his idea to sign them but he had the final say in their deals. So he actually did kind of bring them into the game. Do the knowledge before correcting other people. lol

    • Dashing

      Word. Never signed Jeezy or Ross. Rhianna's biggest single "Umbrella" got more exposure BECAUSE of Jay-z's feature. Kanye got his shine BECAUSE of his production on Blueprint. Both of them owe their career's to him. Beanie Sigel released 4 albums with Jay on them. Is he supposed to stay with every artist he signs for life? Freeway put out 2 albums with Jay on them. If not for Jay putting him on his album, Freeway would not have been known at all. Freeway has never said a negative word about him. Young Gunz got nominated for a Grammy for their album. Neef bailed and that's why Young Chris is doing his solo thing. Can't blame Jay for that. Tearra Marie, Tru Life, Uncle Murda and Peedi made 1 hit record between all of them. You gonna blame Jay for that too?

    • Blawo

      I'm talking about artists like Ross and Jeezy were not signed by Jay-Z.

    • Blawo

      Exactly, only thing wrong with your post is that Jay-Z didn't sign all those acts if you know your shit.

  • anonymous

    ill be the first to say that jay z is one of the most overrated rappers ever but im pumped for j cole hes gonna be in the game for a long time !

  • Mike C

    Cole should really wait for a jay-z verse till the story unfolds were the coach ask him to get off the bench his first album is called sideline so....

  • Anonymous

    OL, its on his label, the fuck you expct him to say "Man, this J Cole album aint all that, ya'll shouldnt buy it...... By the way, it comes out sept. 27th" SMH....

  • steven horowitz sucks

    fuck i cant read these articles when there is a typo in the first sentence, how does this man still work here and publish error filled articles every day????

    • Anonymous

      yeah you always fix them after i point it out, why cant you edit your fucking articles before you post them, DUMBASS

  • Anonymous

    Jay-z didnt really even say that. His assistant said it was classic and told Jay.

  • Suggatee

    If jay-z thinks it's good, it must be shit.

    • jay-z

      Motherfuckers - say that I'm foolish I only talk about jewels Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?

  • Anonymous

    hype me up. however dont like work out or cant get enough. rather hear different content.

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