Lil Wayne & Drake To Release Collaborative Album, Says Birdman

Weezy and Drizzy will supposedly release a joint LP following their respective solo albums.

Jay-Z and Kanye West aren’t the only ones teaming up for a collaborative full-length album. According to Birdman, Lil Wayne and Drake are joining forces to release a joint LP, which will most likely be released after Weezy drops Tha Carter IV and Drizzy delivers Take Care.

“Wayne and I recently talked about [the Weezy/Drake collabo album],” Baby told “That’s definitely going to get done.”

The Cash Money mogul went so far as to compare the album to Watch the Throne, claiming that the collaboration is the younger version of what Jay and ‘Ye released.

“It’s older versus younger,” Baby said. “I listened to a few songs [off Watch The Throne] and it feels like an older feel to me. I think with Drake and Wayne, they young. They young cats. You got 23 and 28. Then you got Jay-Z and them, who are older and really on their way out the game. Then you got Wayne and Drake and them, who are still youthful to the game. So, it’s two different types of music all the way across the board.

“But what they’re doing is great,” he continued. “I think it’s great for the game, great for the business, great for retail as a whole. I just think when Wayne and Drake get together is going to be something real special also because we more youthful.”

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  • Anonymous

    the album is going to called degrassi a ghostwriter's tale jbird bitch takin back hip hop from these fuckin pussies

  • O

    What do this nigga mean by "we more youthful"? This nigga is almost 80, ain't no we about it. "They" are more youthful, not you bro.

  • realest

    I don't wayne to make another album yet alone see him do a collaboration with Drake.Please spare hip hop and pull the plug on that project.

  • wow...

    this motherfucker sucks, Drake is going to ruin his career for sticking to YM. She Will sucks dick, and the fact that Birdman keeps lying about Wayne's age is just sad. This douche needs to learn how to make good music first before he comments on it. Take your star head to a gay club you faggot.

  • Anonymous

    I really, really wish Drake would have signed with G.O.O.D. or ROC Nation. Drake is so talented. I have a ton of respect for him. So Far Gone was the sound track to the last two years of my life. I don't like that he has Birdman repping him. Birdman is a little bitch. What the fuck is he doing saying that wayne and Drake could top watch the throne? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. YE AND HOV ARE TWO OF THE GREATEST TO EVER DO IT. Baby needs to shut his fucking mouth. Wayne is entertaining. He is not a great artist by any means. I bump his shit all the time, but I don't listen to a lil wayne album when I need something to inspire me. I listen to little wayne when I am working out or drinking and shit. /rant

    • 8th1der

      mmmaaaan i agree with you a 100%..specially about only lisnin to wayne wen a nigga drinkin or super wasted..smh

  • truth

    Drake is 30 and Lil Wayne is 35, nice reduction there but we caught you.

  • paperchaser

    Birdman go swallow a stud from your earing and choke somewhere on a Island. Nobody checking for weezy and drake like that anymore.

  • thought dog

    Why is Drake standing there taking a piss next to Lil Wayne in the pic above?

  • The Mechanic

    If anyone needs to get out of the game, it's Turdman. Yeezy's still in his prime and Jay just dropped the 12th #1 on his ass. Meanwhile, Turdman's solo albums never sell, and he's never made a hit on his own. Every single he's been featured with that's gone platinum or gold, also has Lil' Wayne featured. He holds no weight without Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      No shit. I don't get what his fucking problem is. NO ONE RESPECTS HIM

    • ilexx

      ....and do we remember that Birdman also ISNT a rapper. Just a label boss who decided to rap to bring in some extra bread and to also give him reason to perform and feel like he is apart of the movement. Trust, I know Birdman's rapping is horrible but he is not a rapper...

  • Anonymous

    Drake is the best rapper on young money. Wayne sucks ass and nicki is garbage. Drake can sing great hooks and his rappin ain't that bad

    • Anonymous

      Lol Curren$y aint on young money. And I agree. Drake is a talented young dude. I really like his music. I think Wayne is entertaining, but Nicki is definitely just a one hit wonder. I have a feeling Take Care is going to be one of the best hip hop releases of the year. I also have a feeling the carter 4 is going to be wack. (Hope I'm wrong, I still fuck with wayne's music from C2 C3 and D2 and da drought 3.)

    • Anonymous

      sooo how about any of the others? tyga? currnecy? lil chuckie? lil twist? like come on nigga. get with it. tyga is the second best artist in young money. wayne obviosly being the first.


    I love tickling my nutsack it feels so fucking good. I wanna suck 50 cents big black hairy curved an skanky dick until he blasts his warm slimy cum all over my ugly Urkel looking ass face.


      yall take this music shit way to serious damn my g you take time out your day to write some gay lame shit like this off what rapper i like dont like im at work laughing at you dog

  • diamond cut

    Noooooooo! Please for the sake of Hip Hop don't let this album happen. We have Bad Meets Evil and Watch The Throne that's all we need nomore joint albums. Especially from lil wayne nursery abc rhyming and Drake non-performing ass.

  • Anonymous

    Wayne might not be around to much longer dude might play himself out the game with drugs etc eventually that self destructive lifestyle catches up to you, i mean even his music went from being decent to garbage the carter 3 was terrible

    • Anonymous

      I like the carter 3.

    • Don Juan

      are you retarded? yep for two reasons....1. weezy is on probabation and has been clean for months, reportedly doesnt allow drugs or alcohol with his crew on tour. 2. weezy is super wack. never dropped a decent album, your ears are fucked up fool

  • Kurt kane

    You Jay Z fans r funny dude is washed just bc your rich doesnt mean your go hard i seen dude say wayne has been the most overatted artist of the decade im not a lil wayne fan at all but i do kno he has been putting in serious work since about 96 Jay Z is the most overrated artist of this decade not wayne

    • yourlifeisoverrated

      Kill yourself rocc on some real shit. Somebody ban this nigga from the internet entirely for saying some dumb shit like that.No underground emcee respects lil wayne or drake , but they love Hov and Eminem. That's because both paid there dues through in the underground battle circuits and are both lyrical monsters. SO drown yourself...Final Destination

    • Rocc

      yea i don't know who more overrated Gay Z or Feminem it's close though.

    • you'sastupidmutha

      Please don't ever comment on hiphopdx forum again. You my dude get the award for the dumbest muthafucka of the decade. Jay-Z overrated??? The nigga was dropping classics when Big and Pac were in their prime. Jay been ripping tracks since late 80's do your research when wayne was on his first day of first grade. Better yet I'm want you to find quotes that are as legendary as this "Dark Night feeling die or be a hero/or live long enough to see yourself become the villian/I went from the favorite to the most hated/but would you rather be overpayed or overrated?/moral victories is for the minor league coaches/Ye already told you we major cock roaches" -Jay-Z(Monster)or better yet how about this " To make a nigga die bleeding is saying nothing/ now to make a nigga die breathing now you saying something" -Hov (Reasonable Doubt). Go through wayne's catalog and find me quotes of his that can match up to these jewels. If anything Wayne is too overrated, he's never been that damn nice to begin with.

    • meezy

      Jay-z >>>>> Wayne Wayne hasnt dropped a decent song since Tha Carter 3

  • Anonymous

    This collab won't top Bad Meets Evil or watch the throne. These niggas just bandwagon jumpers. They copy the hot trends in the game

  • Anonymous

    Lol Kanye & Jay are on their way out the game?? BIRDMAN i think you forgot you're 42 & still goin.. Jay & Ye aren't gonna stop any time soon..

  • lakey jones

    baby cant talk about nobody being old.this nigga 42.Kanye West is still young in his early 30's.I feel baby trying to insult Jay-z cause of that verse baby money

  • Ja'Tavious aka Calsaw

    Birdman sounds more and more retarded everytime he opens his mouth. I'm starting to think he's mentally ill. First he says Lil Wayne has more money than Jay-Z and now his old ass is saying he has more youth than Jay-Z and Kanye West? Get this ho ass nigga out of here.

  • Anonymous

    So, the only reason he could bring was that they are younger several times? LMAO.

  • Eric

    Why do people fail to mention Bad Meets Evil when talking about collaborative albums? They went was harder then Jay and Ye. If you actually listen to it, Em and Royce kill every track. WTT sounds like 2 short verses on every song, followed by music filler...

    • RoadHogg

      because that shit sucked.

    • G'

      Well what came first though...I could've sworn that Jay and 'Ye mentioned Watch the Throne BEFORE Hell: The Sequel....also, Royce is nowhere near Em's level in terms of legacy. Kanye and Jay are about equal at this point

    • JG3

      That's b/c it was more of a mixtape feel. Although they were able to sell it, they didn't really promote it. Not too many people know about it. I've mentioned it to a few people and they looked at me like I had to heads. So, its a mixtape versus an album.

    • Anonymous

      The flows and mic presence on Hell: The Sequel made it better than most other albums this year easily. That shit was too amazing.

    • no way

      I am a bigger Eminem fan and i think Royce Da 5'9 can eat most rappers alive with his lyrics alone, and that album was good, but there was alot really weak tracks on there. I mean i can't believe they did a track with Bruno Mars, that guy has zero talent and makes the worst music i have heard in quite sometime. While i don't hold WTT as high as alot of people seem to be , i admit it was a solid album and completley different than most albums, the production on that album was unlike anything i have heard in Hip Hop, i feel the lyrics at time were a bit off, not to mention a wasted Beyonce appearsne( really weak hook IMO, though there was some very nice lyriical content at the same time. Is WTT a classic? No, is it a solid rap album? Yes.I think Section 80 is still the best rap album of 2011.

  • Truthenola

    [Jay-Z] Lift off Rappers hear "Watch the Throne" they gon' be pissed off Earth is boring to 'em, shit is makin my dick soft When you Earnhardt as me eventually you hit a big wall Five-four, three-two, we need fuel, lift off

    • Anonymous

      lets see how many people even listened to that line and understood it before they hated on it which i gurantee is about 95% of them

  • Shon

    Birdman is 42. I'm confused about the "We more youthful" quote. Besides, being more youthful doesn't mean Drake and Wayne's collabo will be better. WTT is number 1 in 23 countries without promotion or leaks. That's awesome. I like Wayne and Drake, but I can already tell you what their album is going to be like. No shade. Birdman is stuntin hard, and downplaying WTT talking about he heard a FEW songs. Really? Lol Let's be honest...he listened to the entire album!

  • haha

    Jay -Z,Kanye West,Drake and Lil Wayne? Who doesn't fit in this group? the self proclaimed best rapper alive, Lil Wayn doesn't have no where near the talents as Jay or Kanye, i am not a Kanye or Jay supporter because i feel its ridicolous how many people ride there nuts, but if you break it down Wayne has really never been that great of a rappers, just because you use Similies in your raps doesn't make you a good rapper. He never has any substance in his songs, he has really un original lyrics. He might very well be the most overated musician of the past decade.

    • yousirstupid

      Yes they have plenty of meanful things to say go listen to "Welcome to the Jungle", "New Day","Murder to Excellence","Made in America" before you speak dumbass kid

    • Rocc

      and Z and West have something to say in their rhymes quit fooling yourself zombie hating is not attractive.

    • Ja'Tavious aka Calsaw

      @Anonymous You're smoking crack rock if you EVER think Wayne could out rap Nas on ANY meaningful subject. Nas's first two bars killed Wayne's whole verse. Get real with yourself. Wayne tired ass lines are washed. The original comment says it all. Non stop metaphors doesn't make you a dope MC., Wayne says 0 99% of the time. Through out his career, he has about 4 meaningful verses and that HORRIBLE when you've been rapping since 1998.

    • Anonymous

      My Generation on Distant Relatives? I know you groupies won't admit, but he had a better verse than Nas on there.

    • truthenola

      never heard wayne say anything meaningful ever...dude is wack sauce

  • Anonymous

    Wayne was in the game when Pac and Biggie were still alive, I don't care if he dresses like a teenager. He's an old school cat.

  • OneNaTrillion

    Man people been saying Jay is "on his way out" since 2004. He's not goin anywhere. "I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go."


    they not even in the studio recording or working on ideas and yall hating they still geting hot beats so what are yall talking about

    • meezy

      the 'hate' is about Babys "on the way out" comments, which are totally unfounded. KanYe is killing the game, commercially and critically. And Jays commercial viability will never be in doubt while his lyrical skills took a step up on WTT compared to BP3

  • Anonymous

    i love how everybody keeps hatin on Birdman for ripping off producers, you niggas really must not be from the streets. If you from the streets then you can respect niggas like Baby and Wayne jacking top producers.

  • Daniel Heap

    ermm, Drake's 24.

  • Anonymous

    wayne will never get hot beats again......... them niggas millionaires and still rippin niggas off...... probably ripped niggas off in the streets too! weak ass businessmen. what happened to BRONALD(RONALD-BRYAN) oil company??? ha ha these niggas is rappers. thats it.

  • Anonymous

    please..... this guy just cant get over the fact he's not jay-z . and he does not have jay-z money. done even compare these 2 "young guys" to these living legends

  • Anonymous

    Wayne is gonna get eaten alive by Drake, just like kanye did jay.

    • shawncarter

      lol Are you serious about Kanye murking Jay? Were you listening to Watch The Throne? You must haven't saying some idiotic statement like that. He held his on weight against Jay that was impressive though.

    • meezy

      If its a competition Jay-z won. but the most enjoyable verses were the ones where they did the quick back and forths (rapping together)

    • Rival X Jordan

      what? Kanye didn't murk Jay. What you smoking son?

  • 5star

    ....nah chill wit that. Watch The Throne from beginning to end is hot. ignorant rap stans wont get it at first. now these 2?(wayne and drake). the fuck they gonna rap about? ohhh i get it..yall like money hoes drugs sex. FUCK THAT!! i wanna hear NEW shit. DIFFERENT SHIT. Thats why i respect the work on Watch The Throne. Its creative, different, and plus the production is A++. Wayne wont never get anymore hot beats. grimey ass dude doesnt pay his producers TO BEGIN WITH...what kinda bull is that?!

  • Anonymous

    lol i think drake is like 25

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