When Forbes Magazine estimated Birdman’s wealth to be at $100 million, he felt they were incorrect. The Cash Money leader has said that the exact figure is much higher. In a recent interview with Forbes, Birdman spoke about why he felt $100 million was so low, how he plans on making a billion and why he feels he’s earned all of his success. 

“I just felt $100 million was low,” he told Forbes. “With all the different entities, I think I should still be a lot more than that. $500 million. $250 million, easy … As a child I always felt if I could make $1 million, I could make $100 million. If I could get $100 million, I’m just nine steps away from being a billionaire. And that’s the goal.”

In the article, he goes on to say that his vision of having a billion dollars is something he focuses on daily. Comparing himself to Bill Gates, Birdman noted that he is trying to “brainstorm” on an idea to make his first billion.

“I’ve been thinking, Donald Trump and Bill Gates, they made a billion off one idea, So every day we’re trying to brainstorm on that idea to get that billion.”

According to Birdman, the success he’s earned comes from having an independent attitude, one that doesn’t always have to rely on “the machine.”

“A lot of my peers that did this before me, they got the bad end of the dea.They was always funded by the machine, by the label, and never owned nothing … I never wanted us to be artists who, when it’s over, we’re broke, back where we come from, just simply because you sign some shit that say you don’t own nothing.”

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