Fabolous Talks Nas, Eminem, Community Service

Fab says he wants to work with two of Hip Hop's finest lyricists, as well as embarking on some philanthropic efforts.

While Fabolous has already left his mark on Hip Hop, the Brooklyn emcee has designs beyond the heights his career has already reached.

"We workin' right now," said Fab in an interview on NBC Nitecap. "I got a couple joints I'ma throw out in the summer, just a couple joints for people to get ready."

Fab revealed he has some high-profile collaborations in mind, starting with fellow New Yorker Nas. "I haven't worked with Nas yet ever in my career. I would love to work with him just because, you know, what Nas means to Hip Hop. Just what he's done in his career. I don't know what the song would be about, just wanna work with him and get in the studio and see what comes out."

"I wanna do something with Eminem," he added. "That's another person. I really respect his lyricism, we'll see what a song between us would come to be. It's hard to say, because I kinda worked with everyone."

Aside from music, Fabolous also has gotten into community service. "I'm actually now trying to put together - I don't think it'll be ready for this summer, but for next summer - I want to bring back my hood's old basketball tournament, because they stopped it like two years ago. And I know how much that meant for me during the summers to be able to look forward to doing something. Kids that can't go away, kids that are in the projects the whole summer, that was something I was excited about! I had my schedule, what day the games were, go out every morning and shoot around to get prepared.

Watch the interview below:

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  • Special Ed

    Those who say Nas is overrated need help... He's earned his stripes... Who do you know can make a whack beat sound tight based on just his lyricism... Em couldn't do that!!! Listen to Relapse... Hell: The Sequel was tight because the beats Mr. Porter provided were fire, and he had to keep up with Royce (who actually stole the show) Fab is one example of a rapper that made the right moves... His good albums were good, maybe not classics... His bad albums were bad, but not total garbage. His patience amazes me, and he'll get to that legendary status based on just his experience... Can't wait for him to do tracks with those two, and with guys like Rae... and get beats from RZA... #my2cents

    • TheCool

      Do yourself a favor and stop making yourself look like an idiot. To compare Eminem to Nas is like comparing Led Zeppelin to the Beatles. Nas is untouchable with his lyrics. His flow comes as natural as the weed growing in my backyard. I love Eminem, don't get me wrong he's amazing, but you look like an idiot when you compare anyone to Nas and think Nas is on the lower end of the stick. Get bent.

    • Anonymous

      You're the who needs help!!! Nas and flow? Does his dick taste good? Listen to Em's songs, he's able to use his voice as instrument, listen to Lose Yourself or Fast Lane and hear what he's doing there with his voice. This guy has like 30 flows, he's the most amazing when it comes to flows besides Pharoahe Monch, while Nas has 2, slow and faster, no variations, Eminem does 5 flows on one song. I like Nas but he could never, I mean N-E-V-E-R rap like this.

    • Anonymous

      Get your ass back into the Special Ed room!

    • Bnigga_lack

      I think you are the one in need of help. Have you even listened to relapse? Songs like Be Careful What You Wish For, Beautiful, Deja Vu, Underground, and My Darling are classics. And hell the sequel had horrible production except for the havoc beat, the lyrics are what carried the EP.

  • Osiel Salas

    Why are buzzless rappers always wantin to put em or nas on their shit?? Ohh that's right cuz they're to lazy to build up their own buzz so they beg a legend to appear on their shit to sell albums.

    • Anonymous

      lol you stupid if you think he wants NAS to boost sales, nas is one of greatest but he aint got no commercial power, fabs desire comes respect fool

  • Jeff Mason

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  • Anonymous

    One of the best and most talented rappers out there. Hope Nas won't get outshiend too badly. Good for him and his fans that Eminem won't be on the same track. LMAO.

    • theCool

      What are you faggots talking about? We're riding Nas dick? You fucks can't stop blowing Hell the Sequal, and Em was outshined by Royce all album. I guarentee, you run into Em and say "hey man, Your way better than Nas" Marshall Mathers himself would look at you like you were a damn fool. Eminem has never released anything like what illmatic was to hip hop. I love Eminem, but I won't read this nonsense. Listen to the lyrical content in "Purple" "NY State of Mind" "Halftime" "Get Down". Thats some fucking hip hop. Songs like "Infinite" "Rap Game" "Criminal" "Til I Collapse" are all fine examples of what Eminem can do and why he is the fucking man, but christ, better than Nas? No one.

    • Osiel Salas

      Em would rap circles around Nas.. Listen to "Welcome 2 Hell" on Hell: The Sequel. Track speaks for itself

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, right. Did you hear Hell: The Sequel? You must be a crackhead if you really think Nas could keep up with the absolutely lyrical firestorms and flows they were doing there. And that Nas would crush him is the reason he let him have a part on the Cross, huh? Get real and stop sucking his dick, Nas never crushed anyone, even Killah Priest, who's known for his whack delivery, destroyed him.

    • Anonymous

      nas would crush eminem and fab. Sorry truth hurts.

    • T7N

      Dawg,u crazy FaB outshine Nas,remember he's a fan in the first place,dont be silly,watch what u say Nubi!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fabolous & Nas = FIRE Fabolous & Eminem = EVEN MORE FIRE those collaborations need to happen

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is no Icon and now all these rappers wanna work with Nas because throughout all the bullshit beef that NYC is about the Son still shines(Nas).Nas made the right moves to solidify himself amongst the greats in hiphop but is he really worthy of all this sudden love?No..Nas needs to do this though because he cant pick beats for shit he needs to do a early lil wayne and just do features.

    • Tom Brady

      Nas is in the same lane right behind Rakim. They don't make commercial music. B.I.G flipped the sound & style of NY and Fabo is from that school. Nas will be okay. I wouldn't mind seeing a concert with him, Raekwon, & Kool G Rap though.

  • R.C.

    i hope both collabs happen on Loso's Way 2...that would be dope. Fab has to come with a classic this time around. now or never if he's going to become icon status.

  • Google

    Fab is one of the laziest rappers in the game there is no reason why he shouldnt be putting out a album consistently every year.. You B killin em was on fire..but no album that was a perfect first single.

  • God

    I actually think Fab is a legit person. He does exist above the noise.

  • T.I.Ecstasy

    U iz thinkin str8 FAB... NAS? The best u ever had.... patiently awaiting that joint.... Please check out my facebook page to listen and download my songs... T.I.Ecstasy strictly Hip Hop,,, LIKE page and leave ur comment

  • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

    Decent?! Never spits a whack verse.

  • DMAX

    Why not....his pen game is decent man, If it does happen that would be straight syllable warfare.

  • AVI The Most iLL

    I'll work with him .. http://youtu.be/_fZqF0qViCA

  • OnemikE

    id like 2 see fab collab w/nas!

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