Mobb Deep's Prodigy Speaks On The Illuminati, President Obama & Jay-Z

P chops it up with radio show host Alex Jones about the Illuminati, saying, "It's definitely not a joke." He also says Jay-Z "knows what time it is" and more.

New York's Prodigy of Mobb Deep recently visited The Alex Jones Show to speak about the Illuminati and more. After famously saying, "Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body," Prodigy took his lyrics further in the recent interview with the controversial Jones. Speaking on how society has been brainwashed, talking about President Obama and more, Prodigy shared his feelings about the world's "conspiracies."

"To me, it’s definitely not a joke. There’s a lot of real stuff going on out here, in this world. Secret societies are real. It’s definitely really obvious that they’re at work and it’s at play in the music industry, in the food industry, politics, everywhere you turn, it’s everywhere. You just gotta read the signs, the writing on the wall. It’s right in front of your face. Once people just learn about it and do a little research about it all, they’ll be like, ‘Yeah, I understand what’s going on.’" 

Though he feels passionately about this topic, Prodigy is aware that others don't share his sentiments. He acknowledged this by saying that others are brainwashed, so he and others who speak about conspiracies may not be effective with their messages.

"This plan that they got into effect for hundreds of years or whatever, I think it’s so embedded in people’s brains now. They got people so brainwashed in this world that they don’t even really care anymore about people like Alex Jones, people like Prodigy. They're like, 'Go ahead, tell these people what you want. We got these people so brainwashed, there's nothing you could do about it.'"

Analyzing his role in Hip Hop and how other elements play a part in the formation of the culture, Prodigy said he is unhappy with how his friends and others are "brainwashed." 

"In the Hip Hop community," he added, "In the urban communities, where I come from, they have us so brainwashed with fashion, jewelery and sex, that we don't even care to think about what's going on. A lot of the people I'm around, I look at them sometimes and all they're concerned about is, what I just said, fashion, jewelry and sex, all stuff that's materialistic and it's not going to do nothing for their souls or their lives." 

"I got to a point in my life and in my career where, it's easy to get caught up in that lifestyle with fast money, sex, drugs and rock and roll. I started slipping at some point and I had to catch myself...I got to the point where I got fed up and pissed off and I said, 'I'm not rocking jewelery no more. I'm not doing certain things anymore.' I did it to make a statement." 

While not fully rehashing the now infamous feud he had with Jay-Z, Prodigy did speak about the Brooklyn emcee, saying that he feels Jay-Z has "chosen sides" in the game. He added that Jay-Z took a different route, which is why he has more money and power within the music industry. 

"Jay-Z is just one example and one of the biggest examples of artists in the music industry, because he's so popular and so big...He knows what time it is, he just doesn't promote it. From the looks of things, it looks like he has chosen sides. He's chosen a side and the side he chose is money, power and he doesn't really care to spread the information that might save some body's soul." 

Shifting his focus to the United States' current president, Prodigy spoke about President Obama as well. Saying that he is a part of a conspiracy, "whether he knows it or not," he added that he is a part of a plan to "rule the world."

"My view on [President Obama] is that, number one, you can't be a president of the United States unless you're a part of this bloodline that they got going on that goes all the way back to European royalty. So, they got this bloodline going on and whether people believe it or not, it's very real. You will not be an American president unless you are linked and a part of this bloodline. Obama is." 

"From what I see, whether he knows it or not, he's down with this whole conspiracy to rule the world. He's a part of it. To brainwash people, to kill people, genocide, everything that goes on out here that's so fantastic you really don't want to believe it, he's a part of it." 

In the past, HipHopDX's Kathy Iandoli spoke with Prodigy about the Illuminati, when he said he was one of the first emcees to expose the secret society. For more on this recent interview with Alex Jones, the full interview can be found and heard on the Alex Jones website

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    Did you know? That Black Jesus is all related to illuminati? And Black Devil was the sign to let y'all recognize that Pac sold his soul? Listen to "Black Jesus" and "Black Devil" compare lyrics of both songs you'll recognize that Prodigy talked bout Pac on the song Black Devil Pac is the most foolest of all time that fooled only fools that thought he side with God

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  • anonymous

    Yeah its real keep a close eye on the olympics too there is talk of an illuminati attack there.

  • zeinawi

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  • rrrllaaa

    yeah, cause someone who beefed with hov is a credible source...

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  • rblandon

    Cuando d verdad nos demos cuenta de todo esto no vamos a poder hacer nada en lo absoluto; bueno de por si, ya no se puede hacer nada!

  • Illuminati Liaison

    By the authority of my Office, most of this Article, including what is being said about the Honorable President Barack Obama, Jay-Z, etc. is inaccurate at best. I-CID Cmdr. 1002-20110907 XIII° Serial# rl1346z5w1L58 Public Key: 20110907 IO X°

  • Latim James

    jay z and obama , all f4rom the ghetto, they kno, there times your not even sure of the next meal,always ready 4 whatever, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE.

  • Latim James

    u gots to do what u gots to when u 4rom the ghetto,

  • Barbara

    Mobb Deep is amazing! Those artists who accept to do dark stuff to make money don't care about the consequences. You don't just do stuff like that without harming your fans. They're selfish and weak.

  • vincent calary


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  • Ed

    Prodigy is highly intelligent man, good on him. If anyone actually listens to the interview he gave you will see that he has always been of this mind having read a lot as a young man 30 years ago. The fact that he knows a lot about people like Jordan maxwell and Anthony J Hilder speaks volumes for this talented artist. It has restored my faith in humanity. The collapse is coming don't sell anything you can burn you can keep your dollars though as toilet roll might be in short supply soon.

  • Glenn Tucker

    All this Jay Z Illuminate bashing only helps to promote them more. There is no such thing as bad publicity ask Fake ass Rick Ross lol.

    • Anonymous

      There is such thing as bad publicity. its just that people nowadays are so fucked up that they accept it

  • Anonymous


  • drphil

    Lil B x PRodigy Collabo comin soon mobb deep x basedworld swag

  • drphil

    I believe that bloodline shit though , its 100% true and the niggaz disrespecting prodigy he's one of the goats he' top5 dead or alive

  • jenk

    I guess whenever an artist reaches the point of his career in which he is irrelevant then he wants to speak the truth because no more money is rolling in from him speak on the materialistic bullshit. When Pac opened his eyes with "Killuminati: 7 Day Theory" he was killed but I think he would've been the only one who could've spoke on it and still stayed relevant.

  • r

    Respect to P for bein 1 of the only artists tryna get the truth out there. It NEEDS to be heard by a mainstream audience as much as possible. More and more people are switching on

  • confused reader

    Prodigy speaks of urban communities being infatuated with sex, fashion and jewelry and how he hit a point in his life where he realized what a joke it is (kudos to you man!) and hiphopdx goes and runs a stock photo of him wearing a ton of jewelry ! SIGH...

  • Anonymous

    P back on this bullshit, what happened to saying you had no one to blame but yourself P?

  • Anonymous

    unbrainwash me then. say something 'real' other than 'everything is fucked up' because that aint no secret.

  • mbiala babtemfi

    alec jone is illuminato, progidy is fake, he diudn expose jay-z aka mr 666 jayhova, instead he defends his acts of material socialism boo

  • Anonymous

    prodigy is speakin the truth, he knows whats up there is alot of conspiracies goin on that people just dont care or dont wanna believe its time more people call out the freemasons, the illuminati, common purpose and people like bush and obama jbird is gonna do that shit gettin all up in that ass one mason at a time

  • Anonymous

    wtf I swear they interview prodigy like once every month, and every time it's something about the illuminati and jay-z

  • Lsn22s

    Wow...reading these comments is really depressing...thats what i get for clicking on an illuminati article on Hiphopdx of all places SMH...people should do their own research, not just take a stranger's word for it in an article on the fucking internet...some of you guys are cheering this shit on, you don't even know what you're cheering you guys know Prodigy or Jay-Z or Obama or ANYONE relevant to this article for that matter...EVERYTHING is heresay until you can prove it, you guys are like little kids at a magic show....

    • Anonymous

      just like U said, do U know if anyone here knows these people or has an idea or has seen things for their own eyes?

  • Anonymous

    y'all read this. the producer of the tv show "friends" admits that their is an agenda to push liberalism on america.

  • Muhammed Ali


    • ILL

      It's crazy that you think of a "dick" to make a statement you resort to calling people cocksuckerss because they are fans of somebody's music that just makes you ignorant and gay so you need to do two things step away from your computer and talk to your parents and tell them that when you get mad you think about penis, hope you get the help you need

  • Anonymous

    fuk me...they're r secret societies no shit fuktard ooh big conspirecies like wasn't like a couple of years ago he was buying scarface and newyork pendants from jacob the the jew ler n fifty cents mate can't even remember was straight up playin him like a punk go to jail can't sell ne records so what is his career now speakin shit n wearing op shop clothes ...shook that cunt is shaked n baked lol

  • Lloyd

    He should bring out a book :o i would buy that shit

  • Anonymous

    P finally speaking up and telling the truth I APPLAUD him!!!!! P know what time it is like I said all along!!!! Good Shit!!!

  • Anonymous

    tell the truth p and to all the sheep your dead

  • Anonymous

    You NIGGAS will believe anything to make you feel better about doing nothing with your lives. Lazy, shiftless negroes need to die. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE REAL BLACKMAN'S WAY.

  • Anonymous

    Prodigy is a stupid individual and very slow.

  • James Cole

    Prodigy is a cry baby bitch for even opening his mouth about this and jayz hahahahahahah REAL TALK. hes a gangster? REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Anonymous

    amazing how so many lil kids who aint never been to an employee meeting, better yet still learning book smarts wanna disagree with a guy who's been in a multi million dollar industry for years and knows people y'all will never ever see in your lifetimes.

    • Anonymous

      makes alotta sense

    • Anonymous

      that makes no sense cos there are ppl in the same business who say its not true. so it doesn't matter if he's in the business or not, that doesn't mean his word is fact. you shouldn't go by what he says. do ur own research and come to your own conclusion

  • Anonymous

    In 1984, Anotoliy Golitsyn warned about a long-term deception strategy designed to lull the West into a false sense of security, and finally economically cripple and diplomatically isolate the United States. There's a written document in the British Museum that correctly corresponds to this prediction... Albert Pike, grand master illuminist and founder of KKK, wrote a letter to Mazzini, high order illuminatist, outlining an objective to convert the majority of American citizens to atheism in order for certain events to take place. So you see, dear atheists, you are but a success in their grand secular project.

  • Anonymous

    first of all i just wanna say that even Prodigy himself USED TO SAY that jay-z isn't part of illuminati and NOW HE KNOWS what's REALLY up. So for the rest of you doubters, why don't you go look up Myron Fagan and Robert Welch. This shit isn't just HYPE. Look how big of an influence music has on people. And you REALLY THINK THAT THEY WOULDN'T TAKE THAT TYPE OF OPPORTUNITY FOR THEIR ADVANTAGE??? DO SOME RESEARCH because THE TRUTH OF THIS WORLD IS ABSOLUTELY THE ONLY OBJECTIVE THAT MATTERS. LUCIFER IS THE FATHER OF LIES. JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUTH.

  • nwa

    too bad Alex Jones is a fear mongering hack. the homie William Cooper said so.

    • nwa

      true. but if he thinks Alex Jones is credible he already lost. aware of all that info u just wrote. and homie, when will the BLACK COMMUNITY get the picture? Niggas don't care, they just wanna keep hustlin'. Look at what happens around the world. Look what the Tea Party did by just organizing. Have you marched? Have you signed petitions? Have you raised awareness? Silly niggas. As soon as muthafuckas get money they gotta be Illuminati. FOH with that slave mentality. People work hard to get money.

    • scheemadruci

      check out the little bitch ass govt troll.gott a stop the truth from spreading to the black community. cant have that!

    • anonymous

      I disagree with your statement. But regardless, why are u making it about Alex Jones? The information is what matters. He is just providing alternative information. Are u saying the bohemian grove, freemasonry, naked body scanners in airports, illegal wars by obama, illegal drug money being laundered by wachovia and they only get a slap on the wrist, poppies being guarded by troops in afghanistan,fast and furious government gunrunning, or one of the cartel leaders saying he shipped in drugs for the US government are not real? Are u saying these things are not true or important? Take a peek behind the curtain and stop ninnying about what Alex Jones is or about "conspiracy theorists". You can find the information to be true in the mainstream media, but they won't emphasize it, but instead spin it so the brainwashed morons with IQ below 100 don't get it. RON PAUL 2012

  • /jb

    P, c'mon sun... fuck the conspiracy theory shit, nigga you hypocritical as fuck. *ques up Mega's "Dirty Game (remix"* yeah, aight my nigga, you definitely tryna save souls /let's disregard all paper machete threats. you wack, b; just be thankful a few real niggas still feature you on their tracks. & smh at you cockridin, "brainwashed", munkees.

  • anonymous

    Yo, anyone skeptical about P's comments needs to check out Operation Northwoods released CIA document. All about a plan in the 60s to stage false flag terror and kill civilians to then blame cuba as a pre-text to invade them.

    • Anonymous

      TUSKEGEE the same thing happened in Guatemala too. Been happening in the penal system for years.

    • anonymous

      Also people should check out the teskegee experiments conducted all the way up to 1972 where blacks in alabama were given syphilis in secret government tests. Also research Margaret Sanger, the founder of planned parenthood the biggest funder of abortions, who called colored people "weeds that need to be eradicated" in her letters. Its a eugenics, genocide operation. Watch Endgame Blueprint for Gloabal Enslavement for free by Alex Jones it talks all about it.

  • Anonymous

    If you don't believe him about the presidential bloodline then search and see that all U.S. presidents except for one are related to a king from England. Put the kool aid down and start drinking water like sane humans should be doing.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Keep rocking your rocawear, and calling those who actually read the books of the power elite "conspiracy theorists" when they point out to all of you, hey, these people are planning something that might drastically effect your own lives in a bad way very soon... "We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National autodetermination practiced in past centuries." -- David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting in June of 1991 "Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history."– David Rockefeller "You know, gentlemen, that I do not owe any personal income tax. But nevertheless, I send a small check, now and then, to the Internal Revenue Service out of the kindness of my heart."- David Rockefeller, before a Congressional committee "...conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." -----David Rockefeller

  • John Chris

    forgot to add the part of the interview in which he endorses Ron Paul over Obama.

  • Anonymous

    that picture is sooooo gay

  • Anonymous

    Gotta do your own research. P is using the term Illuminati to describe certain members of elite organizations. The members he's talking about are the same people that stole African culture, as well as many others. They are working toward a goal for a one world financial fascist system. Where they control the worlds currency/economy. These elite organizations are covertly controlled by these "illuminati" bloodlines. Organizations like: Council of 13,Committee of 300,Freemasonry,The Vatican, The CFR, Federal Reserve / IMF / ECB / Wold Bank. Just to name a few. But don't take my word for it. Take Obama's boy Brzezinski's word for it. Obama said he is "one of our most outstanding thinkers,". His book "The Grand Chessboard" exposes their plan, and you don't even have to read it all. The wiki says enough. We are not taught this information in school. It's like P says. You have to want to know. Now take your blue pill... everything's gonna be fine...

  • Esoteric Paradigm

    I find this very interesting. At first glance, I was thinking "oh shit, Prodigy has let it get to his head". I had to read it. I read it and as I was reading, he said something very very true. Paragraphs 5 - 7 of this article I agree with him 100%. I know it's nice to have nice things, I'm guilty of this too but some ppl are too much. I used to like Jay-Z but I don't anymore. Love his older music and some new stuff but now, the novelty of him being a young black man in America has worn off. I dont relate to his shit and The Game disses him all the time and I love it. Pac did the same thing and those were to real ass rappers right?? So fuck Jay-Z Alex Jones is like the McDonalds of conspiracy theories but he's right a lot of the times. He's kinda extreme. Stick to alternative independant news, history books and documentaries to learn about conspiracy shit My 2 cents TL;DR WORD @jp cuz that's what I'm saying

    • mindrelated

      Thats such bullshit. I grew up in the same environment, Bed-Stuy, Gates Ave. However, I understood and understand that there are other ways to shed light on the struggle of the educationally and economically oppressed. So miss me with that shit that you liked Jay-Z music because he spoke of the struggle. If thats is what you wanted to hear you should have been listening to Tupac, Mos, Talib, The Roots, Common. Most people listened to the music because of they felt like they were just like him from they hood and hustling. The problem now why people hate him is because he has become to big to be liked. Again, not taking responsibility for their own inabilities or for not making it to the same status. It really is sad, and you all who believe in the illuminati can't see the brainwash in that.

    • Anonymous

      Like the guy said we loved Jay's old music which dealt with issues of the struggle, it opened your eyes to what was going on in his mind. Regarless if he was talking drugs we were watching and listening to a young nigga make it with exception rap skillz. Now he seems like a business man following a trent, not the same Jay Z, the mc who boldly represented Marcy projects, his people and his rocafella family!

    • Anonymous

      man gay z WAS cool back den

    • mindrelated

      Interesting that you do not like Jay-Z's new music, yet you enjoy his old music with the content of sellling dope and being a criminal. Again, this is hypocritical. Just like Prodigy you can't bad mouth Jay, Obama or the "elite" if you are not willing to look in the mirror at the role you have played in the ills of society. So many people use the self-serving bias to make their own failures or shortcoming someone elses fault. It is like Tupac said, we are always taking our eye of what is really going on to create these fantasies so that we can pretend like our bubble had nothing to do with this fucked up world.

  • anonymous

    Look at all the comments from the brainwashed losers that p is talkin about. They don't even care to look at evidence or listen to the Alex Jones show then research the info to see that its all true. Ya'll are so pathetic, get a clue and wake up, read a book, or watch a documentary for once instead of worrying about your gold chain that makes u look like a moron idiot. If you dont believe p, then just watch the documentary "Dark secrets of the bohemian grove" among others by alex jones on youtube or google video. Then try to deny the proof you brainwashed losers.

    • anonymous

      Operation Northwoods never existed either.

    • anonymous

      COINTELPRO? No ur response is typical of a moron idiot who's too obsessed with Jay-z and flashing pyramid and illuminati signs with all seeing eyes and worshiping a sellout to even know what ur worshiping. P is a real dude with a brain, unlike u. You just throw up straw man saying all "conspiracy theorists" do is say ppl are brainwashed. Well you wont even look at the evidence, CHOOSE to be ignorant...that IS what brainwashed is, then u spit hateful speech about homosexual acts...u must have experienced it to think its normal to be gay and talk about it. Or ur hopped up on BPA and are feminized, which is why u have to pretend to be tough and use bad words so ppl might be fooled into thinking ur a real man. Well u aint foolin anyone except those with below 100 IQ like urself, moron. By the way since the truth is just a "conspiracy theory" I guess JFK, and Martin Luther King Jr. they never died. Also the gulf of tonkin false flag never happened, and 52% of black babies aren't aborted in the womb....since conspiracy never exists in our world...also the mobb and freemasons dont exist wither.

    • Anonymous

      Is Zbig a conspiracy theorist?

    • smfh

      Typical response from a dumb ass conspiracy theorist, if someone doesn't believe the bullshit that they spit then tell them they're "brainwashed" and they need to "wake up". If take Alex Jones' dick out ya mouth long enough you would realize that the majority of the shit he says is pulled out his own ass, mostly to scare feeble minded people such as yourself to believing. These "books" and "documentaries" are made by other dumb ass conspiracy theorists to affirm their own point. There is no proof or evidence in any of them. Use some fucking common sense and think for your damn self instead of through Alex Jones.

  • guerilla jones

    wow dude,you talk about things you dont seem to have the vocabulary,or facts,or knowledge to back up.Sounds like jail house rhetoric gone nuts.Why fight an invisible group that in essence would be too powerful to stop when you cant even enlighten your own people about simple things like nutrition and respect and learning how to put aside the needs of yourself to serve others.If P gets on hat tip then im all for it,but for now hes just another ex con who realized that he cant beat Jay z so his best bet is to attack his character,get the fuck out of here.

  • thedrifish

    Prodigy is full of shit, dude trying to act like he read a book while in prison. His whole lyrical content is an example of what side he's on; bullshit.

  • Boss Blacktonydanza Bizzle

    Alex Jones is an idiot, as well as Prodigy. Kill the conspiracy theories. Bunch of dudes that live in they momma's basement and think a few Youtube videos about the "evil illuminati" justifies their idiot claims. FOH.

  • Anonymous

    Straight bullshit. Prodigy, on conspiracies and shit? hahahahahahahahha

  • Later

    Aw lawd....How bout another mobb deep album instead? huh p, still, still working on that album? still, still got a couple o producers to get on board huh? still got a few gun references and shoot em up scenarios to add to your bars? still...still Nah, you're still relevant.

  • jp

    oh shit p speaking some real shit that at the end of the day niggas dont give fuck about really

  • Dapstylz

    These ni66as sound retarded. There ain't no such thing as the illuminati in present day society. Making up stories about some mythical groups that control the fate of the world is just an easy excuse for dumb ass ni66as to avoid responsibility for their own condition.

    • MaG

      word. nuff said. ive read and done the research too. folks in the hood, tes, are brainwashed. aint got sh*t to do with the illuminati.

  • Xxx.

    everything p. is saying is true theres books on this read one ... the industry is evil and gay just like politics ..... just hope he isnt like alex fraud and exposing the enemy when working for then ... smarting up people jay.z is a puppet n f him and puffy

  • Deemo

    from reading the comments, its appears like u dudes dont have any evidence to discredit what P is saying but at the same time want lambast P for having no evidence to back up his theories....fuckin pricks.

    • Yo

      Here's the thing, P is the one making the claims. Ever heard of burden of proof? It's on him. Since he's is making these erroneous claims then people got the right to call him out on it. It's not up to us to discredit him, it's up to him to back up his theories. Them conspiracy theories don't work without evidence. Aight?

  • jay-z

    me and other artists like ludacris and snoop and eminem have given money and time back to the communities we grew up in. what have you given back prodigy? a bid in prison. you read about this bullshit at the exact time you were being a burden on you're community. while tax money was paying for your all expenses paid trip to lockup. c'mon son. get your life together. come over to roc nation. I'll give you a head start parking my cars. it's an honest living. don't believe the hype. quit making excuses for your failure.

    • Anonymous

      stop liein gay z i swear u always liein

    • bboppin

      Ah, for those who say there is not a hidden hand in how the world runs. Now, Jay-z, you should know better than to sidestep the issue. The banksters own it all. They control it all. Isn't that the truth? I guess little get togethers like Bilderberg are merely a myth. Nothing weird going on at those events. Of course, little peons like you and me will never be invited to such social gatherings. Oh, you can get some cash thrown your way if you grovel and kiss the hem of their royal robes, play by the rules of the establishment, and sell yourself out. I'm not saying you've done this, personally. I wouldn't know. But I'm sure you are well aware that is how the system works. It amazes me for how little people will sell themselves out to the system for, particularly since their money is created from thin air. You know. Fractional reserve lending, money printing, and all that kind of stuff. They own the world and buy people off for nothing. Isn't that the scam? Call them what you like. Just remember to say "Sir."

  • mindrelated

    More pseudoscience non-sense. Do not give me assumptions or your opinion give me facts. Show me that the information you "give" to the people is true. At the end of the day, he is a walking oxymoron; the things he talking about have people brain washed is the same things he raps about or even worse, how many people has Prodigy killed in his raps. Lets be serious, everyone can point the hand but there comes a time when personal responsibility must be taken. Is the world equal and fair, no; are there rich elites; yes. All say is people think for yourselves, for yourselves.

    • r

      How thw fuck is p 'just sayin all this for attention and to sell books' when he been speakin it for years and dropped the illuminati line on the i shot ya remix.

    • Anonymous

      your a blind man walking

    • Right On

      I thought the same thing. Prodigy is just saying all this stuff for attention and to help him sell books. He's the ultimate hypocrite. Promoting the same thing he criticizes the 'illuminati' for doing.

  • V-Nasty is God

    First off, I must say that i'm a big fan of both Prodigy and Bizzy Bone, in their prime. Now, I can't take what either of them say seriously. This whole "Illuminati" conspiracy theory is out of hand. It's like the new Satan, an invisible entity that gets blamed every time something bad happens. Like a boogyman for adults. Just the fact that he brings up Alex Jones just depreciates the little validity I had for him. Alex Jones is the biggest conspiracy theorist in the world. If they want to live their lives afraid of the dark, then fine. My problem is with his view that people who don't believe in these theories have been "brainwashed" already. Just a scapegoat argument. Like if you don't believe God exist, then you're brainwashed by Satan. Now I don't care for Obama at all, but he where does he get that Obama is part of this European bloodline that is trying to genocide the world? What would they gain? If you take a step back and look, none of it makes sense. When they come up with empirical evidence of any of this, i'll listen. Until then, I'll be in Narnia if anybody needs me. "People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer." Andrew Smith (and Nas)

  • DMAX

    p i respect you as a legend...but come on son really I think you have been smoking too much reefer or fucking an ass so big your head suffered from brain damage or some other shit. You been on this Illuminati shit for years...

  • yeah

    thats real shit they ain't nothing but a bunch of dummies you can tell them anything and they will believe it. they are so hopeless. if they believe that bin laden shit they will believe anything there will be more yet to come.

  • Anonymous

    this illuminati thing has been so overused now to justify every phenomena which took part in this world that it is not effective anymore yes, secret societies exist, but im pretty sure they dont function the way we think they do and they are not organise the way we think they are too here it is, any group of people having money can be labeled a "secret society". def jam, universal, democrats and republicans, the nation of islam, major firms like banks and corporation etc. they all secret societies because each of them follows an ideology and has a certain amount of money to promote their beliefs and rally people behind them. we only qualify them as "secret" secret because of their plans and goals

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