Elzhi Partners With The Chrysler Group For Jeep's Emerging Artists

El will likely be whipping a Jeep when he comes to a town near you.

Detroit, Michigan veteran emcee Elzhi has teamed with auto-maker The Chrysler Group and Jeep for their "Emerging Artist" series. As a result of the partnership, the former Slum Village member will drive a new Jeep Compass as he tours his retail 2011 mixtape Elmatic .

This year, Chrysler has also worked with Hip Hop artists such as Dr. Dre, Eminem and even used a song by The Geto Boys in their ad campaigns.


  • jake

    Very good look for someone who IMHO is the ILLEST SUPER DUPER DOPE consistent emcee ALIVE (been around for almost 15 years, but the last 5 years or so NOONE can touch him imo...other favs in terms of real dope and criminally underrated are Tonedeff, Diabolic, Crooked I, Louis Logic, One Be Lo, Blu, Apathy, Copywrite, Lowkey, Rhyme Asylum to name a few)

  • Jeremy ThequietGuy Orr

    Good look for EL... Chrysler going Hip-Hop!!

  • SlugproofedG24

    nice sh*t for El, hopfully he'll get some more exposure

  • daddy12

    great artist who is getting a somewhat cool endorsement. nice to see hes doing well. Im planning on buying Elmatic

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