Joe Budden Putting Solo Career On Hold To Focus On Slaughterhouse

Jumpoff Joey touches on an upcoming LP of which he's unsure of whether or not he'll support.

Joe Budden recently announced that he’ll be giving away a free EP this fall, but he’s remaining mum on anything else on the solo front. Speaking with, Jumpoff Joey explained that he has an album coming out on E1 Music but isn’t sure if he’ll be supporting the project.

“All throughout my career, whenever there’s been something up in the air in limbo, I’ve always managed to give the people music,” he said. “There’s never been a dry spell. As far as my next studio album, I’m not really quite sure just yet. I have an album coming out on E1. I don’t even know the name of it, I don’t even know if I’m going to support it. But I have one coming out. As far as after that, I can’t tell you.”

Right now, he’s focusing on his duties as part of Slaughterhouse, which is recording its Shady Records debut. “I think all four of us are diverting all attention into just that. We put our solo careers to the side for the bettering of the group,” he continued. “I’ve always said that as long as Slaughterhouse is in the right situation, which we happen to be in, then Joe Budden can come second. I never intended on being signed to a record deal. I was just rapping because it helped me. That’s still what I do now. It’s just that people happen to like it.”

Watch the interview below.

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  • Nico 3

    The Shady Aftermath album is important, but I don't think Budden should lose sight of what made him, and that was churning out these smaller albums. It comes down to how bad you want something. A rapper will fall back and always go for the sure thing, while an entertainer will grind day and night until everything is done.

  • G MON

    New Slaughterhouse LP will be sick, still got the first one in my ipod, shit was solid.

  • stuntmoney

    Y so many Joe Budden haters..... he kills Ortiz lame ass on every song lol

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Joe Budden's Solo Work >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Slaughterhouse & EVERYONE in Slaughterhouse

    • Anonymous

      little blonde chris brown looking faggot definitely showing the internet what kind of fans joe budden has, LOLOL

  • Angel Xavier De Peña


    • Anonymous

      homie just stop, joe budden is gonna come to ya house and ask you to stop dickriding him so hard, its embarassing look at yo gay ass website, emo bitches, powerpuff girls???

    • Anonymous

      this kid would drink the sweat out of joe buddens ass crack

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    if he is the only one from slaughterhouse who's gonna focus on slaughterhouse its not gonna help a lot lol

    • Jon Mc

      J. Cole is Dope. RocNation is WHHHHAAAACCCCKKK// This is a Joe Budden Story Tho Ho...STFU//You Trolls have no life. Period.

  • themansman

    hella overrated. it's all about that coleworld. 9/27 get your jackets, coats, and snuggies ready 'cause that's when it's bout to get down. the rocnation roster could destroy slaughterhouse any day of the week.

  • piggface

    realest rapper ever

  • philly!!

    he puttin personal gains above slaughterhouse when in fact slaughterhouse revamped his career. dude should take a shady deal seriously

    • Mu

      Yeah, really... did you even bother to read the story? Please don't embarrass Philly like that again... we're smarter than that everybody!

    • stanlee916

      What are you talking about? The whole thing was about putting his solo shit on hold to focus only on Slaughterhouse.

  • Anonymous

    if you like joe budden minus the emo shit try jbird lyndale

  • Grandson

    Every hard worker deserves a break. At least, he's not saying that he's done rapping. P.S. To all the retards, Joe budden has a solo career. Was Mood Muzik 4 not released as an EP? I saw other albums of his in fye.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder, that's where the money is. Can't wait for their second album. He dropped enough solo albums over the last years. Mood Muzik 4 was amazing.

  • SutterKane

    People hate on Joe Budden every time his name is brought up LOL @ what solo career The one that gave him a gold record, a Grammy nomination and a Hit single that still gets played in clubs today And hate all you want but he still has a huge underground following, his albums always chart with no promotion, how many of your favorite independant artists can do that?? Hate him if you want, but ignoring facts makes you look retarded

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ people saying Joe dissed Method Man. 1. That was in 2008, this is 2011, get with the times 2. He never dissed him, and if you were able to comprehend information you would know that. 3. Joe has dope albums & mixtapes, fuck record sales and visibility, in this day and age, being a visible artist in Hip Hop means shit. You gotta pay attention to other shit.

  • Killa

    What solo career?

  • Raekwon

    that nigga never had a solo career to put on hold

    • MalcolmLittle

      Haha Sutter, what's good fam?? Co-sign, plus it always threw me how niggas STILL wanna dismiss Budden off the strength of Pump It Up, despite all the CLASSIC material fam done dropped since then...yeah he might do some questionable shit outside the booth and that's why niggas so quick to dismiss him but fuck all that cuz it don't take shit away from how he get down on a track...besides, at least he ain't kissin niggas in the mouth, play-eatin pussy on stage or shoutin out slavemasters...

    • SutterKane

      That nigga has a gold album That nigga had a hit single that played during the 2003 world series, the stanley cup playoffs and the NBA Finals That nigga got nominated for a grammy at 22 years old That nigga's solo career shits on alot of your favorite backpack rappers lives Have a nice day

  • trooth

    dont' act like joey aint' one of the best out. talkin bout what solo career?? you niggas make me laugh...

  • Anonymous

    mood music 3 and 4 are the best in my book especially 3

  • Truth

    When has Joe Budden's career been OFF hold? This guy lost me when he started dissing Method Man and ODB for no reason. What a queen.

    • casper21

      it all stemmed from those stupid rap playoff bracket things that XXL and shit do, a giant popularity contest.

    • casper21

      first off he didn't diss meth and odb, he dissed inspectah deck and made a strong statement that if put one on one against meth he could out battle him, to which meth pretty much conceded because he doesn't consider himself a battle rapper. and the diss towards deck was almost warranted because the verse on triumph was the high point of his career, which is essentially what joey said.

    • Big Dan

      Yeah, I don't want to knock dude too hard, because we don't know what exactly he said, these interviews can be reprinted another way, but what career?

  • Czar

    Joe Budden allowed a fan to rock 1 of his songs with himon stage.No other rapper would even think to do some real shit like that.That's why I fuck with Joe..

    • stanlee916

      Evidence did the same thing a while back.. During a Dilated show(I think in LA but not 100% on that) a fan requested he play Mr. Slow Flow and Ev asked the fan if he knew all the words then brought him up and let him rock it with him. Ive always thought that was sick as fuck I would love to rock onstage with Dilated

  • Anonymous

    what solo career?????

  • Dashing

    I'm all for focusing on the Slaughterhouse album to make that shit hot. Especially if he keeps spitting verses, like on "Loud Noises." That said, I'm hoping that Budden drops another Mood Musik because that series is sick.

    • Anonymous

      That verse was really great and the best on that track by far.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah everyone talks about how Crooked was amzazing on that track, which he was, but Joe had the best verse. It was crazy.. MoodMuzik is great aswell ofcourse..

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