Joe Budden has decided to scrap the title of his upcoming third retail album The Great Escape, which is slated for release later this year. Speaking with, Jumpoff Joey explained that he’s changing the album title for the LP, which is already recorded.

The Great Escape will probably not be titled The Great Escape for eternity,” said the Slaughterhouse member. “Actually, I don’t know if I want to comment too much on that. All I can say is I got a trick up my sleeve. It’ll all make sense later on down the line. But that project is completed.”

Additionally, he spoke on his rhyme style, stating that he funnels his emotions into music for the fact that it’s “therapeutic” and “introspective.”

“There’s pros and cons of everything. This is the way that I began rapping, that I began writing. It was always very therapeutic, it was always very introspective, it was always very personal. And that was more so for me, not even the fans. So it was like a real blessing that fans were able to appreciate that and gravitate towards that and accept that and expect that from me. It worked out in my favor. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not gimmicky. It’s not some regular rap bullshit that a nigga’s doing because he sees he’s having success in that field or in that lane. I think it’s all very genuine and it’s all very sincere, and I think the fans are able to tell that.”

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