Jeezy Talks Recording "Thug Motivation 103" & Taking Time Off

The Snowman explains why he's been missing from the game.

Young Jeezy stopped by Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 radio show on Thursday to premiere his new single “Shake Life” and gave a few details on the process of recording his upcoming album Thug Motivation 103.

Jeezy said he first began to record in Miami but got too distracted by the celebrity scene. “It took a long time to get the direction I was going, but when I got in the zone everything locked up,” he said, explaining that he also needed a break in between projects.

“I had to go back and recollect because it got to a point where I was so far away from what I know and what was helping me articulate my music,” Jeezy said. “I’m on tour with [Lil] Wayne, so that’s that rapstar superstar life--and I love it by the way--but then I had to go back home just to see what was really real, so I could take that from the streets and spread the word.”

He also confirmed that “Shake Life” is the first official single from the album, despite the fact that “Ballin’” debuted a few months earlier. Fans hoping for classic Jeezy might be in luck, “I didn’t want to get influenced by the label and what was going on, or what type of records people making, I make records for my people, I make records for the struggle.”

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  • Nico 3

    When a label completely shelves you it has everything to do with your motivation. They know when your shit just isn't on point. Jeezy has had success, so it's not impossible to come back. You just have to want to.

  • Anonymous

    video on world starr from this interview where they asked him about his beef with rick ross! its pretty funny how khaled tried to say theres no beef when there clearly is,

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    No one lookin for TM103. This shit never comin out. This nigga Jeezy aint even hot no more. Fuck this nigga, his career was finished by Rozay. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    as long as he got JAY Z , FREDDIE GIBBS AND LOSO ON FEATURED we got no problems :)

  • Big deal (rapper)

    how can knobody like jeezy is retarted an i think him beefin wit ross so called beef is the reason def jam is delaying his shit everything dis nigga dun put out is the shit

  • Prewoz

    As long as hip hop has been around there has been rappers that aren't as lyrical. Jeezy is the truth. Everyone knows he could not win a fucking rap battle to Em, or Jay, or have the game for that matter. That is not what makes him dope.

  • On That Rah Rah

    To the dumb ass dickhead below me.....He is an MC, He makes music for trappers....for the streets...What do MC's do? they rap about what they know....I sell pills and smoke bud and im frm NY but I live in Vegas now....THATS EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK I RAP ABOUT...cuz thats what the fuck I kno....Jeezy is one of the REALEST MC's ever......dickhead!!!!!

  • asher1985

    hmmm jeezy sounds like he is singing a different tune then a year ago when he said he locked himself in a house with shawty redd for months on end and had the album completed. i think def jam lost faith in him. obviously he did something that pissed somebody off. not to mention he could not get a top 20 hit

  • Anonymous

    i dont give a shit if he's true he just isn't a mc. he is one of the reasons why rap suck nowadays. dude only talk about selling coke

    • Anonymous

      and your favourite rapper probably only talks about smoking weed, fucking bitches, or getting money and cars

  • LIFE Accordin' To Dutch

    Jeezy latest mixtape is all i hear in my city so he doin somethin right...FLEXINNN'..and i just dont get nigz who dont like Jeezy..must be a LAME thing

  • willy

    Jeezy is one of the few non lyrical rappers that can hold his own with just about anybody....THAT IS TRUE, CAUSE OF WHO HE IS. FUCK A FAKE NIGGA FROM THE BURBS CLAIMING TO BE A BIGGEST BOSS. HA HA HA HA HA AND HIS BEST MATE DJ ARAB. 2 FAT JOKES WHO I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE GONE.

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy is one of the few non lyrical rappers that can hold his own with just about anybody. He has times when his verses are awful yes, but he also has show-stealing verses. Jeezy makes dope street music so fuck off! Beats and Hooks are bonkers and the Verses match the vibe most the time. Besides Freddie Gibbs got the rhymes skills.

  • Anonymous

    who cares you can't rhyme for shit

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