Mac Miller Reveals Tracklist For "Blue Slide Park," Due November 8th

UPDATE #2: The Pittsburgh kid announces the tracklist for his Rostrum Records debut.

After announcing his album title Blue Slide Park earlier this week, Mac Miller is divulging where the name came from. In an interview with, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native explained that the name was taken from a playground/park in his city where locals hung out.

“It’s a spot that we hung out at as little kids. But then we came back when we got older and drank and smoked there. It was the hangout spot. So it’s just a spot for a lot of people’s first memories,” he said. “I remember parties there, running from the cops, just a lot of stuff that I’ve done. Everything from when I was like 6 years old to memories of last night.”

The rapper formerly known as Easy Mac is currently recording the album at ID Labs with E. Dan and Big Jerm, though it has no release date. “I have a lot of songs done because I record at a rapid pace. If I wanted to I could be like, ‘Okay, I’m done,’ and then take the songs that I have. But it’s kind of hard for me to put a halt on things when I want to continue to push myself to make better music.”

Head over to Complex to read more on his loyal fan base, not wanting to work with a major label at the moment, looking goofy and more. 

[July 7]

UPDATE: Mac Miller has revealed the cover art for his upcoming Rostrum Records debut, Blue Slide Park, releasing November 8th.

[September 17]

UPDATE: The tracklist has been revealed for Blue Slide Park, releasing November 8th.

01. English Lane
02. Blue Slide Park
03. Party On Fifth Ave
04. PA Nights
05. Frick Park Market
06. Smile Back
07. Under The Weather
08. Of The Soul
09. My Team
10. Up All Night
11. Loitering Album Only
12. Hole In My Pocket
13. Diamonds & Gold
14. Missed Calls
15. Man In The Hat
16. One Last Thing

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  • Chaz Moore

    the hate on this website is obnoxious.

  • Anonymous

    We are all forgetting one of the best rappers ever KiD CuDi!!

  • Ozzy Salas

    I'm so bananas I'm showin up to your open casket to fill it full of explosive gasses and close it back with a lit match in it while I sit back and just hope it catches Blow you to fragments Laugh roll you and smoke the ashes ~ Slim Shady

  • Cameron

    Alright, you don't have to like Mac Miller but all you saying Lil Wayne is better: OF COURSE HE IS BETTER! How can you compare a fuckin 31 year old to a 19 year old? This will be his FIRST album, so just give the kid a chance.

    • Derek Sparks

      Mac is WAY better than Wayne. Wayne cant spit worth shit, he's outdated, and young money is garbage. ALL of them, including Drake and Nicki. That's right, I'm not hating, it's the fuckin truth, come at me bro.

    • igetpu$$y

      mac just aint good, period. only think he got are his old school type of beats, nd ppl that hate on wayne are fuckin dumb... yea this skateboardin shit nd singin is fuckin gay.. but if u listen to tha carter 2 then ALL that shit when he dominated hiphop on all those features nd mixtapes up until carter 3... nd yeah tht album was MAD commercial but 1mil ina week.. after leaking too.... come on now

  • Sean O'Loughlin

    My list is pretty good and I'll tell you why in the description Top 5 MCs/Rappers of All-Time 1: Jay-Z Why? Because no one in the history of Hip Hop has ever had the longevity and relevance that he has in the game. And not only that but, he really is an incredible, amazing rapper. No one is as smooth or potent as he is, no one has the wittiness or swagger he has. And he makes excellent analogies. Especially with numbers. I remember listening to "Primetime" on the deluxe edition of Watch the Throne and thinking this dude is a motherfucking mathematician. Lmfao. He has two undisputed landmark, classic albums in the genre, Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint. Three if you ask me if you add The Black Album. Dude is 41, 'bout to turn 42, and still strongly relevant in the game. Every release, left and right, it's a number 1 album. Most #1 albums than any other solo artist in history. 13 Grammys... Oh, and did I mention he makes half a billion a year? 2: 2Pac Revolutionary, rebellious, harsh, but soft. Eternally dope. In reality, he is a martyr up there with Bob Marley and in my book, even Che Guervara. Dude, was truly a poet. People say oh, Biggie was a better lyricist, which I believe is partly true, but that's one of the things I love about this dude. He wasn't about metaphors or analogies. He was a true poet. I mean just listen to that Rose That Grew From Concrete album. Sick. Two landmark classics: All Eyes on Me and definitely, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. Although, there was one thing about 2Pac that made him go down to #2, dude was a seriously conflicted guy. I mean, damn. R.I.P. 3: The Notorious B.I.G. As far as lyricism, he probably has it over 2Pac. But 2Pac has more charisma and had more albums to show off how well he was. That's another reason why I put Hov before these two, 'cause he had alot of time to prove himself. I mean looking back, these guys definitely proved themselves. It's just they didn't have enough time to do the type of things guys like Jay and Em did. Still amazing, though. I mean punchlines, swagger, album presentation. Dude was dope. Guy was 24 when he died, and released only two albums and both of them are undisputed, landmark, CLASSIC albums. Also eternally dope. R.I.P. 4: Eminem Okay... This guy is not just dope for a white guy... He's dope, PERIOD. Syllables, metaphors, energy, freestyles, sick. And I just had to put him in the top five, I mean after all, he is the best-selling artist of the past decade. 86 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD WORLDWIDE! Best-selling rapper of all-time. Classic album: The Marshall Mathers LP. I mean, cmon, "Stan", "The Way I Am", "Bitch Please II", "The Real Slim Shady". Classic album. Fastest-selling solo album of all-time. He deserves to get these numbers and awards. 5: Nas He is a true lyricist. Illmatic is in top 5 greatest hip hop albums of all-time. But there is one catch... He also was too conflicted for me. Probably even more than 2Pac was. He switched it up too many times for me. I mean it's cool to switch it up a little bit, but damn. I mean, this guy went from releasing, like that real boom bap ish, to saying "Hip Hop Is Dead". SMH... Well, that's my list and my opinions.

  • fuck YMCMB

    Anyone who ever said Drake is better than Mac Miller should be shot in the face. Atleast Mac raps. Drake's always singing. and P.S. African American's are more racist than white people these days. Yelawolf is garbage too sounds like a little yappy dog on the mic.

    • thekidabovemeisdumb

      Drake USED to be the lyrical man that got him into the game... now he just kinda talks lazy over songs like being signed to YM makes it so you don't have to try your hardest every second of every song. Mac Millers releases lately compared to Drake's newest releases is a landslide in my opinion.. Mac miller is releasing some nice nice stuff while Drake is on his w/e shit.. Just cause your on a popular record label with a rapper who is considered to be one of the best by some people.. doesn't mean you don't have to always be on your A game.. I think Drake has potential to be better then Miller at all times but he isn't performing with that potential. You might not like Mac's topics or flow but don't be blind man open your eyes and just absorb hip hop.

    • tha kid above me is a retard

      u fuckin dumb dude... drake LYRICALLY is way better than mac will ever be, dudes got bars..mac rhymes like 1 syllable words nd fans are like 15 yr olds.. mac that frodo ass nigga cant spit, completely overrated, only gota break cuz of BIG JERM cuz wiz blew up....smh dumbass

  • Ozzy Salas

    mac miller sucks!!! he probably starts to orgasm every time he hears his, and Eminem's name in the same sentence.

  • phillyboi

    yo u cant make a top 10 of all time, the game has been so different, if u wana do it it gota go like dis..... TOP 5 ALL TIME: pac, big, jay-z, em, nas PIONEERS & ORIGINATORS OF THE GAME: rakim, krs one, kool g, chuck d 90s (im prob forgetin sumone theres so mmany): big l, common, cube, andre3000, jadakiss, method, the chef, mos def, black thought, rza, gza, dmx 2000s: joe budden, kanye, the game, T.I., lupe, wayne up nd coming: kendrick lamar, j cole, big k.r.i.t., drake, wale (hate all tha fuck u want, i tell it like it iz)

  • Dee

    Mac Miller is going to have to impress me to get me on his boat. I honestly think he's overatted. Swear to god if anyone should be get the least of Mac Miller's attention is Cory Gunz. By far the most underatted person in hip hop. The most lyrical dude that can actually hold a match to Eminem, Nas, & Whoever else you think is the best. Yall compare Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, even Lil Wayne to the best in the game. The best new people in the game are (In no order) Cory Gunz (Better than everyone lyrically) Kendric Lamar (Excuse me if i spelled his name wrong) J. Cole Yelawolf Nipsey Hussle (Even if he aint put shit out in forever) B.o.B. Diggy Simmons (I guess, Diggy's on a Mac Miller level right now until he impresses me)

    • WADUP215

      mac miller - overrated true, but saying cory gunz lyrically can hold it wit nas & em is retarded.. and u forgot about, los & big k.r.i.t yela, nipsey and diggy shuldnt be on that list..and cory gunzs voice is mad annoying

  • Anonymous

    He aint that bad He aint that great. He is decent party music and id rather my girl listen to him than lil wayne or drake

  • Tom

    I'm gay and I hate the likes of Mac Miller, Drake, Big Sean or whoever is popular now. Give me some sexy Nasir Jones especially on his illmatic cover. I jerk off to it 42 times a day.

  • fdfd

    i honestly think people hate on mac and wayne to fit in, and be apart of what everyone else thinks. be your own person people.

    • Nope

      I hate them because they suck. And one of mt friends liked Wayne and I had to convince him that he sucks. Now he hates Wayne too. L!O!

  • Corey Steir

    FIRE BEATZ FOR THE SUPER LOW TAKE A QUICK LISTEN IM DEAD SERIOUS Any artist who leases a beat and records a fire track not only gets 1 FREE lease..i'll also upload the track to my soundclick page(FREE PROMO) also..send mp3's to EVERY 1ST OF THE MONTH CAN BE YOUR TURN TO WIN AN EXCLUSIVE BEAT OF YOUR CHOICE

  • arel

    @Truth is here Does my list suck? 1 rakim 2 Nas 3 tupac 4 big l 5 biggie 6 Gza 7 chuck d 8 krs 1 9 jay z 10 ice cube No, I thought not... The kid is alright. Interested to see what he can do

    • P.I.M.P.

      u gota be sum racist nigga for not putin EM in ya top10....realtalk, ima nigga nd no doubt he top5......lyrically a beast-storytellin,punchlines,energy,his flow, freestylin... and records sold....80sumthin mil this decade...come on now u racist bitchass nig

    • Defizit

      I'm 25 years old, I have no hate whatsoever towards the kid. He's young and making it independently which is dope. At the same time though, I'm not feeling his music at all. He has that same lazy, sing-song type of flow on every song, and the subject matter just isn't there. I can see how his music would appeal to the suburban high school kids/early college crowd but I need that grown man rap nowadays. I'm sure the cover means a lot to him but that's a bad look, it looks like an Anticon cover.


      actually, yeah, your list sucks. it's all opinions, but anybody who doesn't have kool g rap in their top 10, doesn't know what they're talking about when it comes to rap. i don't think there's ANYONE in the 25-30 age bracket that's listening to mac miller records. that's fine. the kids eat shit with a smile. but the older heads got exposed to some real shit in their day, and aren't as easily impressed. this kid fucking blows, literally 1000's of rappers i'd rather listen to. i'd prefer silence, to mac miller, but that's me. carry on ariel. if you're over 25, kill yourself.

    • Anonymous

      No Eminem so yes


    CORNIEST rapper of all time. WORST white rapper to ever be taken seriously. he also looks like he has a hint of down syndrome, serious mouth breather. if you're a mac miller fan, you don't know SHIT about hip hop, and your top emcees probably all fucking SUCK! if you're looking forward to this album's release, i look forward to you dying. faggot bloggers and hipster try hards. hip hop is dead. preem worked with this kid. anything for a check.

    • Jequinnson Fisher

      What do you even listen to? I know music unlike Lil Wayne fans who can't spell so test your hypothesises before you post some hating ass comments on a dude who's doing more than you. Wiz already made Pittsburgh look bad so be glad Mac Miller is'nt a lame sellout.

    • RealTruth

      kool g rap is not even the best to do mafioso

  • Anonymous

    He's the best.Period.

  • eminem

    mack miller's aight. Fuck that cover tho'

  • Anonymous

    what a clown, i guess they just let any random retard be a rapper these days

  • Vincent "Waka Flocka" Graham

    Wack Miller is a Fack Miller

  • Anonymous

    Its all black i love us

  • chunker

    this kid look mad gay!!

  • Matthew Lewis

    i respect mac miller for the path he is taking but i personally dont like his style and some of his subject matter. hes just boring. btw im african american and caucasian. not a racist. not hating

  • feedbak

    Ok It might sound meaningless but album covers make a difference to me. See i loved the first 4 Nas Album covers, Wu Tang Album Covers, Early Cash Money & No Limit album covers, and seems now the album covers are just some random artwork, with people trying to be overly hipster.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ these comments: Your comment is truly not smart, it makes no sense. You're saying we can downgrade our artistic levels in hip hop simply because people have seen you on the web? Horrible Logic.

    • LOL @ these comments

      An album cover can be just a name or a picture. Back in the beginning album covers needed to be more graphic because you had no real idea of who the person was or what they looked like unless that person was on TV or you went to a show. So if you're truly smart, you can see that today you don't need to have an ultra artistic album cover because most people already have seen you due to the web.

  • GrownSimba

    Not Surprised By The Cover It Suits Him & If The Album's Good Then The Cover Shouldn't Matter Because Mac Miller Do Make Good Music Even Though It's Not The Traditional Type Of Music People Listen To ,Or Like . Follow Me @Grown_Simba23 #Nodaysoff

    • WTF?@

      Are you serious right now? Have you listened to any Mac miller or do you just listen to 30 seconds then skip? He talks about so many different subjects that main stream doesn't talk about.. Your a joke kid, go listen to some of his songs then get on here and talk.

    • zach

      whats the difference between what mac miller talks about and other mainstream artist talk about?

  • Anonymous

    Drake >>>>> Wack piller

  • anonymous

    i think mac wack as fuck n gay but i aint gonna hate on any one who like him. atleast he got respect for the game and does shit wit premo

  • LOL @ these comments

    If you don't believe me, go to Nah Right! Go to Unkut! Go to AllHipHop! Read those comments then come back here! You'll see the difference!

  • cam_dz

    its funny you hate on real ppl but u guys want to think individuals talking about "trapping" and being a "MOB boss" is going hard u dont realize that the White man wants u to think thats cool so he can keep you down... i am not black actually mexican listen to hip hop my WHOLE life.... and african americans these days would make pac roll around in his grave... i feel sorry for u guys... just cuz mac is white u cant respect him.... just reverse racism and u cant figure out why white ppl dont respect u back... this might be why... just athought from an educated person.. lol

    • Vincent "Waka Flocka" Graham

      If you suck Miller dick why don't you just say that instantly.

    • Anonymous

      Goddamn, you're annoying. "LOL! LOL!"

    • LOL @ these comments

      No need to go there! It's obvious it's a young guy trying to play by the rules but doesn't know the game! Mexicans ain't respected on the east but are on the west. What they need to realize is they are the modern day slaves, and should band with the Blacks before they feel sorry for them! The Caucasians are making new laws and building specific jails for these people!

    • L-Boogie

      Lol, nobody respects Mexicans either idiot.

    • LOL @ these comments

      Newsflash! Most of these comments come from Caucasians! You need more education because they have you fooled! LOL! LOL!

  • The Problem

    Easily the worst hip hop album cover I've ever seen. Maybe worst ever.

  • cam_dz

    man fuck all you p*ssies who cares what u say mac is ten times better then most of the fake rappers out there... how about u guys go listen to the CARTER4 and tell me how great wanye is so i know how stupid you are then sit here and talk shit about a good rapper

  • Sourheadband420

    Is it just me, or does Mac Miller look like he has down syndrome? Not a fan of mac, but he is 1000xs better than that homo Rostrum put out earlier this year. Hope mac dont hook up with someones old ho and fall in love like Wiz did they up there simpin in pittsburgh and when Amber done went through wiz loot she gone which is bout 2 years max.

  • based landlord

    not a Mac Miller fan at ALL...but i appreciate the route this guy is going. dude could have put out a huge club banger by now with the buzz he has, but he's doing songs with Primo and shouting out Outkast in his interviews. I'm feeling that cover too...i was expecting it to just be a picture of Mac looking ugly and goofy as hell standing in front of some place from his hometown trying to look gangster. at least it's kind of artistic and pleasant to the eyes he's not a bad rapper, but I just can't stand the way he changes his voice when he raps (just sounds like a basic white guy trying to use a rapper voice), and he bites Wiz's flow way too often and obviously.

  • koth561

    Homosexuality anyone? If rappers could be hobbits, Mac Miller would be a prime example.

  • PorkyAss

    This kid is so over rated, the cover is bland just like his music, not hating, it's just the truth.

    • fsdgfsdgf

      stupid people with there stupid comments, fucking blogging faggots, lowlife dick licking dusches, don't know anything about rapping, Mac Miller blowin' up man! he still a youngin' and you gotta' appreciate what he's doing. Mac ain't no sellout and obviously he's better than rappers nowadays

    • PorkyAss

      Woah Nate, how old are you, 10? I love the way you seem to know everything about me just from one statement, you're calling someone who apparently listens to Immortal Technique a faggot even though you are clearly heavily in love with this soft, corny white dude, if you honestly think that this is good Hip Hop then I suggest tha iit is infact you who needs a life.

    • Anonymous

      Immortal Technique's life has more meaning and a stronger movement than this douchbag you fucking cunt. Don't ever put Immortals name in the same sentence as a commoner...

    • Nate

      your opinion does not make it the truth. it just makes u bitter faggot that's afraid of something different than your little, "Immortal Technique." Get a life faggot.

  • jamiet

    not really into that soft corny shit myself but some are

  • Frankie

    The blonde woman in the video is pretty fine. Sexy voice. Ya kno

  • Anonymous

    look at all those triangles let the illuminati comments commence!

  • homo

    this dude is such a homo, i hope he gets knocked the fuck out.

  • Jamie Madroxx

    Fuck Race, all about music. And the cover is different, better than weezy's dumb ass child covers.

  • Anonymous

    mac miller is the definition of WACK

  • bmoc

    Some of you have to calm down. Kinda pumped about this album..the cover is kinda gay..Mac is a fool sometimes, who gives a shit. If you like the music, get the album. Dont have to come on here talkin shit about race.

  • Anonymous

    if you watch that video above and still dont think this kid is corny and pathetic then you are hopeless whys this dude always rolling with them big black dudes? are they his bodyguards?

  • Anony

    Im black and I HATE Mac Miller because he's white and the fact that he makes great music. CMON our slave masters arent suppose to be better than us. This is what we've been working on for years. And as a black man I molest teens and Mac Miller makes me horny. Black PRIDE- RAPE, MURDER, STEAL, DO DRUGS! YEH!

  • Jack Merridew

    mac miller is a clown and this cover is just as his music : ugly as fuck

  • Anonymous

    well thats a gay album cover if i ever saw one


    BLUE SLIDE PARK, CANT WAIT. we just some maafucking kids ;)

  • Daniel Gregory

    Stop hating on him you fucktards!! Just cus he's white you assume he's whack? I swear sometimes blacks are the most racist people. Especially in hip hop.

    • LOL @ these comments

      Hey Daniel! Most of those comments come from your people! Who's really racist? LOL!

    • Kara

      So wait a minute, just because I don't like Wack Miller. I am a hater. I think his music is corny as fuck. Yes, I a am black, but it has nothing to do with his race. His music bores me, he has no depth,and he changes his voice when he rapping. I happen to like Chris Webbie and Eminem (White!!!). Girl Please! And blacks the MOST racist LoL. Good One.

    • Nathan Urzua

      you should play in traffic

  • hitler

    This mofucka sucks anyways his white jewish faggitty ass should of meet hitler

  • M.u. Tha Don


  • wack

    White suburb kid here and iam stating facts when i say this kid fucking blows cock and is a complete corn ball. Fuck him and his whole style, dude just reeks of wackness

    • Anonymous

      also a known fact white suburban kids like Weezy, Gucci, Nikki, Waka, OF, Lil B, Black Eyed Peas, Soulja Boi, every rapper and group that makes a stupid ass dance song. see where i'm going with this?

    • Anonymous

      You probably still suck on your mother's titties. Fuckboy.

  • Easy Mac


  • Oral Surgeon

    Mac is a rare case. He's the archetypal, mouth-breather. It's no wonder he offers his raps to anyone within an ear shot. He physically cannot close his mouth. Notice every photo, Mac looks like a special needs student gasping for breath. Maybe he can afford to have it corrected, and he can fade away to a nice cozy desk job in silence. I've seen many a mouth breathers with the "Oops I crapped my pants and froze" look, and Mac's profile will be going in my office portfolio. Poor kid.

  • Anonymous

    only a jewish white kid would name his album after a fucking slide

    • EddieMurrrrphy

      jews are pussyholes dog, you get the fuck out of here anonymous black cunt

    • Grape Ape

      Im a fucking gorilla and I agree with the original statement. Jews been keeping me in a got damn cage my entire fucking life....No, its not cute when your stupid shitkids immitate me on the other side of the glass either.

    • Anonymous

      i shouldnt have wrote that i feel bad now

    • @ Anonymous

      Only a fuckin pussyhole would hate on someone due to race or religion. Grow up fool... and I'm black.

    • B@nksy

      Its about more then a fucking slide its symbolic for his time with his friends before he blew up. How is staying true too who you are and what you were about and that coming out through an album not real hiphop? At least it has meaning and its not a generic name..."its not about black and white cus we ruined I hope we see the light before its ruined" - Tupac.

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