Big Sean Talks "My Last," Inventing Hashtag Rap

The Detroit emcee explains originally not wanting to record "My Last," and the style everyone seems to be biting.

Despite including it on his debut album Finally Famous, G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean says he didn't originally want to record the song "My Last."

"At first, I didn't even want to do the song," said Sean in an interview with Billboard. The song's producer, No I.D., convinced him otherwise. "[No I.D.] said, 'Do you want to be a mixtape rapper forever, or do you want to make a song that people can really live to?'"

Sean also touched on "hashtag rap," a style which involves removing the "like" or "as" from a similie in a punchline - a style (very) heavily favored by Toronto emcee Drake.

"People always ask me, 'Are you mad that everybody took that style or that you didn't get the credit due?' " Sean says. "But I feel like that just goes to show me how far I can go in the rap game. I ain't even put an album out yet and I already made history."

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