Big Sean Talks "My Last," Inventing Hashtag Rap

The Detroit emcee explains originally not wanting to record "My Last," and the style everyone seems to be biting.

Despite including it on his debut album Finally Famous, G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean says he didn't originally want to record the song "My Last."

"At first, I didn't even want to do the song," said Sean in an interview with Billboard. The song's producer, No I.D., convinced him otherwise. "[No I.D.] said, 'Do you want to be a mixtape rapper forever, or do you want to make a song that people can really live to?'"

Sean also touched on "hashtag rap," a style which involves removing the "like" or "as" from a similie in a punchline - a style (very) heavily favored by Toronto emcee Drake.

"People always ask me, 'Are you mad that everybody took that style or that you didn't get the credit due?' " Sean says. "But I feel like that just goes to show me how far I can go in the rap game. I ain't even put an album out yet and I already made history."

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  • MC

    cocky mf he just got called out by ludacris. bow down bitch

  • kuku

    ya niggas is tripping. jay did this shit in 96

  • cornilies

    too bad wayne started that style its on all his old mixtapes before anyone knew what a big sean was

  • Christopher Wallace

    Hey guys I think I'm better than this cat. Check out my stuff. :)

  • Shady

    Ummm....To End This Fucking Argument, Drake Actually Credits Big Sean For That Style....So Shut The Fuck Up Fuckfaces Cause Your Taking Shit And Running With It Saying "Oh Big Sean Is Really Saying He Invented Metaphors" You Dumbasses He's Clearly Talking About A Way The Lyrics Are Used... I Swear I'm Starting To Believe This World Is Gonna Come To An End Soon Because All The Crazies Are Coming Outta Nowhere Doing & Saying Stupid Shit...

  • Big Sean

    Yeah guys I'm pretty sure I invented metaphors.

  • Anonymous

    Im surprised no body is talking about how my nig didnt want to do my last. Tons of people think big sean is a mainstream homo because of that song, my nigga likes to do his own style too. And you guys need to hop off his junk, he didnt invent the style but he did make it popular, and he also was the best at using it (yes even better than camron).

    • so

      so what if he did sell out? he makin money fuck u bein jealous cuz ur not. unless u rap for a hobby , u rappin to make a living. aint no underground rappers makin money like mainstream artists do. check everybody u know, they start underground, low key, n then they get big by going commercial. its not selling out , its like graduating . if u dnt like it dnt listen its simple

    • Anonymous

      so he sold out

  • jae

    wel i do hear drake an lil wayne sound like him sometimes, i guess like if u kinda made a style then few ppl use it you start to feel kinda weird ,i rember few years after the wu came out lotta underground rappers tryed ti kinda sound like them,its wat ever long as u keep your own style even if they bite stil keep it dont change it cause thats when u give it to them,wu tryed ti change cause ppl bit from them and they really havent been coming like they use to ayo pause??

  • Ok

    So this is the dude that needs to be slapped for inventing that stupid ass style?

  • Anonymous

    you never hear the pioneers of hip hop talking about they invented styles of rhyming or beats or whatever, they just did it

  • J.T.

    Why is this dude acting like he invented every lyrical accomplishment in hip hop ? I dont like his music but i understand a lot of people do which is fine and good. But somebody tell him to get that arrogance out of his head cause he hasn't proven anything yet.

  • GRKiller

    ... and he sounds like he's just trying to let everyone know he invented that style (which he did not do). What a lame.

  • GRKiller

    He invented rapping and removing "like" or "as" in his punchlines? He invented metaphors? k

  • Michael Lundquist

    For one, no, this guy did not invent hashtag rap. for 2 (co-sign asa) Fuck hashtag rap! It is one of the worst things to happen to hip-hop!

  • asa

    wait wait wait.....Let's not forget the real issue: fuck Hastag rap! name one good lyric that's come out of that bullshit!

    • arsnp

      How about Dont worry about my niggas Thur Good, #Marshall, Bank account got me feeling well, #Fargo Balling until I make a mil a check (Milicic) , #Darko I just give em line, after line, after line, after after line, after line #barcode

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Can't talk about anything else I see, lil nigga. How many times you're going to speak on Drake taking this style you supposedly created? Cause you actually didn't create it. Go sit your wack ass down somewhere and leave the world be. I'm sick of HipHopDX giving your ass free promotion off of it damn near everyday with articles of nothing. Give me some actual reporting and investigating to the Madvillany 2 LP or something. Damn. Stop talking about this bitch ass nigga.

    • Dear HHH

      Marketing and Hip Hop are not synonymous. Let that sink in, idiot.

    • HHH

      Why would they report on a album that not even 20 people will support? What's the inscentive to report on such a album? Who's the bitch nigga? We got a bunch of faggots in this website complaining about the articles all the damn time but none of ya'll actually support artists. Case in point: Nas going from easily selling gold every album to barely selling 100k on his last joint even though he's like the messiah for you internet elitists. Random Axe being hailed as the biggest thing ever and they didn't even CHART on the billboard 200.... BUT Im sure everyone of you bitches D/L the album.. So fuck yall.. Hiphopdx keep posting articles on artists who have fans that actually BUY their records.. And fuck all these other no money, no support no love giving leeches/parasites.

  • Charles ExSavior

    What a fool lol. He was definitely not the first rapper to use this "hashtag rap"... the one who popularized it to my knowledge was Cam'ron, especially on Diplomatic Immunity.

  • Tom

    Haha, I love how the internet hates on Big Sean even though he's literally just a kid trying to live his dreams. He's a pretty clever punchline rapper who raps about what he knows. There are many better than him but there are many, many worse than him. You guys are clowns.

  • Anonymous

    that pic looks like soulja boy, not used to seeing big sean without his hat on all retarded

  • Anonymous

    is there a difference between the supa dupa flow he said he invented and changed the rap game with last week and the hashtag rap which hes now saying he made history with?

  • planking in arizona

    i'm so grateful for understanding the reason and the meaning behind hashtag rap. i promise on everything that if it wasn't for hashtag rap, i don't know what we do as a hip hop community. not conceptual rap, not the rising of southern and west coast rap, no . . . hashtag rap, from the bottom of my heart - i thank you.

  • Ido Benji Efraim

    Dont hate on this, whoever wrote this was ignorant enough to not post the interview where he said it, he didnt mean it in a bad way he said its all love. man the media loves to fuck up things huh?

  • D Tom

    Big Sean..? Please. In my opinion you will always be a mixtape rapper, and i am pretty sure Kanye invented Hashtag Rap. You are retarded... helmets. lol

    • Anonymous

      I agree with HHH. As someone who's read RL Stein and Gabriel Garcia Marquez and enjoyed both, I think most people are too close minded. Everyone compares artists that shouldn't even be compared. "OMG Drake is sooooo much better than J. Cole" "No J. Cole shits on Drake's poppy ass sounding music" That's like comparing The King's Speech to Transformers 3. One is trying to be artistic while the other is intended to entertain. Why can't people just enjoy the music/film/art/etc for what it was intended for?

    • Anonymous

      shout outs to RL stein!

    • @hhh

      no you fucking hhh asshole. Its because if you're use to reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez it's very unlkely that you would pick up an RL stine book. Are you able to grasp that concept?

    • HHH

      ^ Why, because a person can only like one lane of music, right? It's not possible for people to like Raekwon and Big Sean right? Most people have brain capacity and attention span enough to spend their time on more than one type of music.. Don't be a ignorant, narrow minded douche. Finally Famous is a good summer album FOR WHAT IT IS, if you don't like it then cool but get off your high horse, you aint all that.

    • Anonymous

      Dennis you can't be serious, I do not believe that one who listens to raekwon's only built for cuban linx 2 would find big seans album impressive,

    • Dennis Ndiema Ndiech

      Stop it 5.Big Sean is doin it big.this new album is very impressive imo.

    • Anonymous

      no big sean did it

  • Louie

    hashtag rap is gay.... Richard Simmons!

  • e

    What a fucking clown. This cat can't be serious? Really? He's literally saying he invented metaphors?

    • Anonymous

      yeah, i dont think he invented it also. Was just saying that he isn't saying he invented metaphors.

    • Shane

      He didn't invent that either so i dont understand how barely any one realizes how much of an ass he looks like trying to seem humble about being cool with people biting a style he bit too.

    • Anonymous

      i think you don't understand bro. Isn't he saying he came up with the thing drake does all the time. Like "I bought some food from a shop, Burger King" - removing the as/like etc.

  • Anonymous

    this fucker thinks he invented a rap style not using similes? its called a fucking metaphor.

  • whaat

    he didn't invent it

  • SeanP

    Someone tell him that he didn't invent shit.

  • Meh

    It's really not something to be proud of, though...

  • Chester Rivas

    Yeah other rappers have used it before. Nothing is really new nowadays, but how often he used it and how he used it is unique.

  • Anonymous

    He's an idiot if he thinks he created that. I heard early dipset records before anyone even thought of a Big Sean, using that flow. He might have brought it to mainstream attention. But he is definitively not the first person to use it.

  • Anonymous

    shouldn't really be proud of pioneering that. An easy was out when writing.

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