Kanye West Working With LMFAO On New Project

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper has already put in studio time with the party monsters.

Kanye West is entering the “Party Rock” zone with his upcoming project with duo LMFAO. The Louis Vuitton Don recently flew Redfoo, GoonRock and Audiobot to Paris for three days after he heard the group’s track “Champagne Showers.”

“I was playing ‘Champagne Showers’ and he said that ‘That was one of his biggest moments and best times at a club EVER,’” Redfoo told Ryan Seacrest. “He was like ‘I need to understand what is going on with that.’”

The project’s details are currently unknown, though Redfoo confirmed that he put in studio time with Yeezy. “He’s working on some stuff,” he added. “He flew me, GoonRock, and Audiobot out to Paris for about 3 days. It was amazing.”

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  • jayjayjj50

    Kanye has been working with artist outside his genre since forever. This is the same guy that has worked with justin beiber, katy perry, adam levine, asian rap group, asian pop group, kings of leon, and bon ivor. It should be clear by now that Kanye is willing to work with any artist willing to work with him. This should be of no shock.

  • Anonymous

    They're gonna be on Watch the throne! lmao

  • LastWordMobster

    http://www.datpiff.com/LAST-WORD-CLIQUE-Old-School-Feel-New-School-Chill-mixtape.242218.html Ill Hip Hop^^^^^ ummm LMFAO....cmon Ye, I know you can do better than this bull check out some real!

  • Anonymous

    odd future sumwhere pissin dey pants full of rage

  • Anonymous

    Kanye takes the piss! he sometimes talks about how music is going downhill but then he makes music with LMFAO!!??? So instead of making a classic with CRS he proves once again that he is a boastful hypocrite in the closet

  • Anonymous

    Before My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy dropped, it was reported that Kanye was working with Soulja Boy. Did you hear some Soulja Boy on MBDTF? or prouctions from Soulja Boy? I didn't. So: don't worry. and by the way: "That’s why I never goddamn dance track, gotta hurt That’s why I rather spit something that gotta perch" - So Appalled.

  • NJ

    Let's hope anything that comes of this stays well away from any future Kanye project. Those retards are a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is a homosexual. He might fuck females, to keep attention at bay. But this nigga sleeps with men. No doubt about it. Fonsworth Bently is on his paid staff. He likes working with gay artists, because he loves gay people. How did this guy go from producing shit like "never change", to wanting to work with bisexual party boys like LMAO? industry seems like a scary place. kangay destroyed the youth.

  • Anonymous

    dont know who lmfao is but they look like some kooky fuckers, no way they put out any decent tunes

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