Producer Mike Will Speaks On Producing Meek Mill's "Tupac Back” Beat

Mike Will speaks on production on "Tupac Back,” explains how he linked up with Rick Ross.

While Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back” has garnered remix after remix up until now Mike Will, the producer behind the beat, has yet to speak on the production of the song and how the beat got into the hands of Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

In a recent video interview, the Atlanta producer explained the sound he was aiming for when creating the beat.

“I start off with the drums. Cause I feel like the drums set the whole mood. That really gives the energy that brings everything…That’s that Mike Will bounce. I chose that sound, that dark orchestra sound, because it sounds so dark. It sounds like a scary movie to me,” said Mike Will. “When you’re in the club and you drunk and you just hear ‘dun-dun-dun’ people gonna feel it off the rip.”

Mike Will later went on to reveal that he was able to get the beat to Rick Ross through a mere e-mail.

“As far as the Rick Ross situation goes I already had a buzz going on in Atlanta. Killing the whole mixtape scene. I had a lot of silent wins,” the producer explained. “Me and Spiff we had already been talking. Spiff told me ‘Yo, I know you got that heat.’ Gave me the e-mail address. Boom, shot it to him and immediately he hit it right back. He was like ‘Yo, you got some heat bruh. Bruh, you got some shit.' Song dropped now everybody got a remix.”  

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  • Osiel Salas

    No one cares how the beat was made!!!

  • Anonymous

    the name "Mike Will" sounds almost like "Meek Mill"

  • Anonymous

    the song is hot but we dont need no interview explaining how the beat was made. it wasnt anything irregular or out of the ordinary on that beat. that beat is super simple. ALL of these south beats are, especially stuff that ross is on. i have no idea what a "trap" producer is. yall do know niggas really sell drugs right? and it has nothing to do with music. there is no soundtrack for that. retire the word "trap".


    beat was hot wtf is a trap producer nigga makong club music an thats what we need in the club

  • damn

    i didnt kno carl crawford made beats

  • chipz

    that beat is wack. sounds like lex luger and we all know the main complaint about lex luger beats. Not impressed at all with these trap producers and their redundant, repetitive sounds...

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