Lupe Fiasco Clarifies Obama Statement In Clip From "The O'Reilly Factor"

UPDATE #3: Lupe engages Bill O'Reilly in a debate about the occupation of Afghanistan, and says he was not trying to simply undermine President Obama.

No stranger to controversy, FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly recently weighed in on Lupe Fiasco’s comments regarding President Obama as “the biggest terrorist.” After the Chicago, Illinois rapper declined to appear on “The O’Reilly Factor,” the show’s host lashed out at Lu, branding him a “pinhead.”

“Mr. Fiasco has been invited on ‘The Factor’ but has declined, possibly because he could not possibly defend that remark, which makes him a pinhead,” he said during his “Pinheads & Patriots” segment. “Now the reason I say I wish I was named Lupe Fiasco, wouldn't it be great, ‘The Fiasco Factor?’ I mean, it would be tremendous.”

Lu responded to his claims, stating that he would "NEVER turn down the opp to push billys buttons!"

Lupe previously defended his comments, explaining that he had “nothing to clarify. “It's funky because everybody's pulling soundbites from this one interview that we did, but they don't talk about anything else from the interview. [...] So it's really about, 'What do people want to listen to?' It's not what I want to talk about, cause I want to talk about all types of shit... there wasn't the same reaction about me having a book club... about me trying to promote literacy in a country with 50 million functioning illiterates walking around, because we have a failed and flawed education system."

Whoa! I got invited to the O'reilly factor and turned it down??? Thats news to me...would NEVER turn down the opp to push billys buttons!less than a minute ago via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

[June 15]

UPDATE: According to The LupEND Blog, Lupe will be taping an interview for "The O'Reilly Factor" today, with the episode airing next week. HipHopDX will keep you updated.

[June 16]

UPDATE #2: In anticipation of the interview airing tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX News, Lupe Fiasco attempts to explain to Bill O’Reilly why he made his controversial comments calling President Obama “the biggest terrorist.” An advance clip from the show sees the FOX pundit trying to understand what Lu meant.

“To put it into context, I was asked about a song I did called ‘Words I Never Said,’ which addresses the war on terrorism,” says Lupe. “So the statement that I made, which was ‘I believe that the biggest terrorist is Obama and the United States of America and its foreign policy,’ that was what the whole context of everything was. And there’s really just an expression of me trying to understand, critically, the society.”

Lupe’s full appearance is below.

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  • Lloyd Da Jewbag Blankfein

    Jewbag bankers are the cancer of the planet. I'd love to meet Lupe and explain how the system works. He's correct on virtually everything. I do NOT agree at all with his stance on refusing to vote. That is absolutely fruitless and idiotic, but he is a very intelligent young black man, to say the least. He may be the only rapper out today besides Immortal Technique to serve as a role model to American kids of all backgrounds.

  • XFactor

    Ok the score is this: Bill O'reilly 1 Other people 1 (Jon Stewart)

  • Anonymous jbird says fuck a lupe, he has no idea what he is talkin about just like bill o reilly now get jbird all up in that ass before obama kills us all

  • Fiasco Factor

    The only people who know why we are in this war are the key people in the white house...Think about this of course Fox News is gonna make it look like Bill won. I mean it is his show. I wanna see the whole debate minus the edits.

  • Fiasco Factor

    Lupe didn't look like a asshole, idiot or etc. He stated his opinion. I mean lets be real our gov will only let you know what they want you to know. If you honestly believe our gov is "Noble" and wont mislead you than you need to wake up.

  • billy bucks

    How can you guys give props for Lupe going on this show. He looked like an asshole. I'm a Lupe fan, but he got butt fucked on TV. If you don't know what you're talking about stay the fuck off the show.

    • Common Sense

      The only person that looked like an ahole on that show is the known ahole Bill and he never disproved Lupe's point that he wasn't just talking about Obama but the foreign policy from him him and other presidents in the past. It's so funny to see this racist idiot get played by a fellow young smart black man that is more than twenty years his junior LOL. If you didn't understand some of this because it's over your head have someone explain it to you.

  • Hiphopdxstaff

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  • Anonymous

    Well, if you look at Lupe's Twitter profile, he said that they edited out several things: "Did they edit out the part about the US military manuals that teach you how to be a terrorist?" "Yes. No mention regarding military manuals. Oh really...come on billy...well read em for your self America" So it may not be fair to judge him poorly if they edited out all of the points that he made to try to make him look bad...

    • billy bucks

      we're fighting a war. Should we be handing out cupcakes? You need to realize that this world is harsh. The countries that want us blown off the face of the earth are GANGSTER...if things ran the way YOU think they should, we'd ALL be living in caves eating rat too. We ARE noble compared to the rest of the world. We'll fuck you up if we have to, and we'll help you out if you need it...Where else do YOU want to live? MOVE if you think there's a better country!!

  • tha real Gangsta

    fuck fox news and bill o'reilly dumb ass and fuck oboma uncle tom ass nigga too!!!!lupe won that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Show Must Go On

    ...and another thing, whether you agree with Lupe or not, you HAVE to give him props for going on the O'Reilly Factor. O'Reilly can potentially cause his guests to commit media suicide due to lack of information and, of course, O'Reilly's methods in interviewing. So for Lupe going on the show, props holmes. Two completely different cultures duking it out on national television.

    • Javi

      Totally agree, O'Reilly continuously brings people he feels he can man handle on his show. He always interrupts, and always bends the situation to his benefit. I think Lupe could of handled himself a little bit more professional but I think over all he did a good job in defending himself, and his views. Lupe is a coo ass nigga, cause if you think about it not too many people would of remained calm like he did. Over all I think this whole thing is stupid..instead of arguing about it they could do something about it

  • Ado Cob

    Jon Stewart - 1 Lupe Fiasco - 1 Fox "News" - 0

    • Anonymous

      Biased. Lupe is way too simple-minded about all those things. I'm a Lupe fan and the truth is, he got fucked up.

    • Anonymous

      Jon Stewart held it down when he was on there a few weeks ago though.

    • emiles

      o'reilly is one of the more intelligent people on fox, I dont agree with all his points but if you actually watch his show (especially in recent years where he has backed off from the headstrong character he used to be) you'll see that,

  • The Show Must Go On

    I'm glad this finally went down. Though O'Reilly had his moments of talking over Lupe, though Lupe had his moments of being unclear of his Obama statement, overall great interview. What is irritating though is the editing that Fox did on this interview. I hope the full interview comes out soon.




  • X

    First and foremost, I'm a fan of Lupe. As far as with the interview...Edited (Very Likely) or not...Lupe's arguments were not as sharp at all. For all the previous posters stating "facts" in Lupe's defense...He didn't use of any the "facts" to support his claim or probably doesn't know to begin with...To be honest, why go on Bill O'Reily and not Bill Maher? He has a better chance of not being made a fool out of (Which O'Reily intended & succeeded) While Lupe did excerise his right to Freedom of Speech... the delivery has to be executed to the fullest. Especially in politics. Effort = B/B-

  • Brik

    Here is the thing, Lupe is an intellegent person, he knows his history and his current events. However, as with a lot of young people we let our passions get ahead of our intellegence, when we feel strongly about an issue. Things are rarely as cut and dry as they seem, and when you speak you got to think first about what you say and when, because there will be the Bill O'Reilly's out there who are also intellegent, that will use that passion either against you or for their personal or proffessional gain, or whatever agenda they may have.

  • joe5286

    wish Lupe used O'Reilly's platform to talk about 9/11 truth. Lupe knows that 911 was an inside job, but he acted like the War on Terror was legitimate in this segment

    • r

      ino, he couldve jumped in easily when o'reilly said about 9/11 but he just let it pass by. fuck that shitt

  • Mack

    First things first, If you want to agree you will or if you dont you wont. The one thing I keep seeing as a trend when reviewing comments is Lupes "showing". So he didn't rep himself well/didnt show well? That's the general feeling i'm getting. Well I thought the purpose was for lupe to come on the show and defend or clarify his statements. Which I seen him do or atleast try to over O'reilly's usual, "i'll talk louder than you and get my point across so I can never seem wrong" antic. Newsflash people..... He clarified his statement and the lack of the media putting things in context. So how do you say he mis-represents himself? The one thing that bothers me is never whats said by the media or artists but the Lack of intelligence I find when reading all the comments of people who respond. think about what your saying and why, becuase no-one gives a shit what you or I say, and no-one REALLY gives a shit when we sound dumb as rock, when we do respond. Simply clarified why O'reilly was pointing out Lupe's fans like we have the intelligence of a third grader. STEP YOUR COMPREHENSION GAME UP PEOPLE/bloggers

  • Anonymous

    Black people should not publicly criticize each other. This is why black people are the world's jesters.

    • vaser

      Your part right look how the media portray's us especial through music, like real backward images's.Black entertainment such as a dumbed down rapper served as a role model all colourful and blinging but hasn't used an intelligent word, that is a jester!

    • retarded

      is what you are

  • Hmmm....stick to rap kid.

    I'm surprised, O'Reilly was very rational and sound in his arguments and Lupe looked like an idiot. It's obvious from what he said that his opinion of calling Obama a terrorist was not an intelligent, thought out opinion and he didn't even do the research on his arguments before going up against a professional (the reasons for the afghanistan war).

    • Hmmm...stick to flipping burgers kid

      you obviously didnt watch. and there's this little thing called editing.

  • Shaun

    listen guys...i think Bill o'reily was right here, but why you guys saying shit about Lupe now like honestly. He has an opinion, everyone has an opinion and this show is just a target range where opinions get shot down. The whole fox news organization is like that honestly, if you have an opinion stick by it. Thats one of the best things abot this country, as for me thinking Obama's a terrorist, depends how you look at it because i'm sure there's people in other countries that see us as a bunch of terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    Look wars are always started by bitter parties for stupid brash reasons in this case for oil plus Lupe is sounding super bias. Both al qaeda and the american government cannot be trusted. One party wants to effectively take over the world (Dont lie to yourself they do) and one wants to be a tyrant and push people around expecting al qaeda and other political opponents in general not to fight back.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe shut your trap and produce an good album, otherwise I can't respect you this is drama started up by some one (you lupe) who knows your album was shit...sorry the truth hurts lupe.

    • Anonymous

      p.s I actually agree with his point....Iam just saying he needs to asses how much of a child he portrays himself as at times.

  • r

    O'Reilly is a controlled puppet doing his job of pushing the mainstream government stories. His show is a joke. Lupe i hate to say it but in this clip at least u didnt put up the best showing. Lupe's intentions are good but i dont think he knows enough. Need to get someone like KRS-ONE or Prodigy on the show, they know the real deal.

  • John Mullins

    Ive always been of fan of Lupe's music and thought of him as being a pretty smart person. He still is, but he didn't make such a good showing here. He didn't do a good job of backing up what he was saying with facts and spent most of the time defending his comments and responding to Bill, rather than explaining. Bill controlled that whole discussion

    • ollie

      he didn't really explain himself but what he needed to do was engage with what o'reilly was saying. for example o'reilly says 'obama is not a terrorist. he is doing what he thinks is right....' lupe needed to say 'and terrorists don't believe what they are doing is right?' lupe just had an agenda on a sheet and he rushed it

  • worldstarhiphop



    man fuck foxnews an this clown

  • melo

    how do people not consider the U.S. foriegn policy as terrorism. with out evidence we invaded afganistan. when the afgan government asked for proof we started bombing... in iraq we attacked with out provication... the campaign was called shock and awe... that sound pretty terorizing to me. now we're bombing in lybia. let's be real the world one on playground rules big kids push the little kids

  • lmaoooo

    yo lupe sell some records and stfu

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is a guy who wasn't able to handle the politics going on with Atlantic Records. This guy shouldn't be allowed to talk about real things. Funny how all his fans are hailing him as the next messiah, while he's basically just another rapper who's using this rebel thing as his gimmick and image, trying to sell records to you. People who are using music as a form of education have missed it. It's really funny how he's going to make all of you think you're smart when you're listening to him just because he says some big words.

    • Anonymous

      1. your ridiculous comparison of being an artist on a record label and being the leader of the world is nothing more than a lame cheap shot. they have zero relation to eachother. youre just taking shots. 2. i couldnt disagree more with lupe but he at least he knows what he's talking about. the only reason you say its a gimmick is because its his profession to rap and he's in the business of selling record. by that logic u could say everybody in the industry with an outspoken opinion is a gimmick. at least lupe makes the effort to talk about it and does so in a way that's intelligent.. even if u dont agree with his views.

  • Salman Sheikh

    Read your governments budget and see exactly how much they spend on military aid. Also check the Israel fund, America gave $3Bn last year and this year, and has over $240 million in stockpiles in Israel.

  • Opinion Matters

    Lupe well-done for keeping your composure, while arguing the most idiot TV show host on earth. O’Reilly himself doesn’t even know how to talk politically or politely, how can a fool like O’Reilly asks someone else whether he has a higher education or not. What a “Pinhead”? Bill O’Reilly believes that OBAMA was a mistake to be even a President of the United States and now pretending that he is siding with the President. What a joke. These fools who are making senseless comments, first listen carefully and observe the whole debate the way is going then reach your conclusion.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe won because he proved the Dems and the Repubs are all on the same side.

  • Eddy.

    Like someone said below, get KRS or Chuck D on there and see if O Reilly can patronise them.

  • NJ

    Yes because i'm sure people who watch Fox are intellecual and possess many PHDs etc. Why are American's so stupid? Why do people like O'Reilly have such an influence on our country? He's a single minded, racist, homophobic hill billy. Don't just think whatever Lupe says kids, don't think what anybody says you should, think for yourselves.

  • theTruth

    When Bill O'Reily is defending a know you said something stupid. Obama is not a terrorist, and what Lupe said was stupid and wrong. And Lupe claims he dont like politics..

    • Anonymous

      Do you even understand satire? Wouldn't you fucking believe Lupe would use this? Of course Obama ain't a terrorist because he's a puppet, but he's willingness to overlook the atrocious shit cause through the occupation in Iraq, Afgan and his side bombings in other countries makes him accountable.

    • Eddy.

      Obama is a glorified terrorist, his actions (Killing Bin Laden) will only lead to the deaths of thousands more innocent Americans, but then of course we will all blame Islam again.

  • emiles

    there was no winner or loser here, they barely had time to have a legitimate debate. Lupe Fiasco is basically saying if you're going to blame the Afghanistan government (which we took down) for allowing terrorism then we are just as guilty since our foreign policies have allowed governments like Afghanistan to do what they do, in all reality no one cared what was happening over there until they hurt us. O'Reilly is stating the Presidents job isn't to be superman and save for world form corruption but merely keep the people safe (and that may require getting ones hands dirty). This was really a idealistic dispute and it really makes you think. I know people have a lot of pre-conceived notion about O'Reilly but in recent times hes cooled down and after seeing him have a civil debate with John Stewart I've earned a respect for him, that doesn't mean I agree with him though.

    • Your Opinion Matters

      I surely welcome your comment here by observing both sides, unlike these selfish idiots who don’t get it half of the debate. Although, O'Reilly is narrow mind “pinhead” who doesn’t consider what he says most of the time… He is typical stereotype Racist, so is FOX NEWS and all their Staff. I called it FAKE NEWS… But well-done Mate for being balanced audience..!!

  • Ya Boy D


  • Truth

    I knew Lu was gonna fuck. I was really rooting for him but he's arrogant and thinks he's smarter than he actually is... smh

  • Anonymous

    'Technical Error': NATO admits killing babies

    • Alexander Foes

      EVERYONE DECIDE FOR YOURSELF: Websters Definition of Terrorism: "the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion " In my eyes: Lupe is right. Obama is a terrorist. To finish off with a quote: Assassination has never changed the history of the world. -Benjamin Disraeli

  • Anonymous

    Kill for Peace! (smh) "Humanitarian Aid" sure has changed from my days. I thought it involved dropping food, not bombs?? and NATO is saving them from being killed by Gadaffi?? So....if these aren't "hostilities....not "acts of war" I guess that makes us_terrorists? Suppose we will make our own list? Nothing to investigate. This isn't a war according to White House lawyers. This must be lies. According to Obama there are no hostilities in Libya hence he doesn't need congressional approval. How could these civilians have been killed, since Obama said this isn't a war? So the building just collapsed. Gawd how I regret voting for that man. NATO has lost the air war in Libya. Now,it is beginning to lose the propaganda war too. NATO/US=North American Terrorists Organization U.S froze - $30BILLION of Libyan funds U.K froze - $45BILLION of Libyan funds NATO - Dropping bombs on Libyan civilians to protect them YOU DO THE MATH! THIS IS PURE EVIL @ WORK!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    NATO/US=North American Terrorists Organization Anyone who still supports 'humanitarian bombing'in this not a 'war' should experience personally having a bomb dropped on Your head and see if its still ok with you. Peace and Flowers to the brave and loyal Libyans I for one am sorry our leaders are controlled by the greed crazed oil/banksters/military elite. They know no shame

  • Anonymous

    Yep, and bombs are not hostile as long as they are Obama's. Why doesn't Capitol Hill call Cynthia McKinney and get her opinion? Cynthia McKinney is in Tripoli and has somewhat of a different view about what is actually happening on the ground... Oh, in case you are concerned about what is happening here at home too... Obama has given his stamp of approval for GMOs...are you glowing yet?

  • FuckYou

    Fuck Bill O'Rielly but he's damn right on this one. Lupe is a fuckin idiot and there is no defending him calling Obama a terrorist. The presidents job is to protect the country, and while the war has been mishandled, comparing the USA to religious fanatics who suicide bomb crowds of innocent people daily and people who are proud to commit such acts as 9/11 is just asinine

    • 2nPac

      You watch too much fuckin' BET...nobody's forced to live a certain lifestyle and if you think that is so, you are a fucking ignorant sheep. I grew up in the hood and was told my whole life, "you ain't going anywhere" yet that didn't stop me from going to a university. You're in control of where you end up. People are products of their environment, but the strong make it out on their own. We're all terrorists to a certain degree. How are you going to shun your own government yet fail to mention any critical words for the other side?

    • neverkopout

      you see sir this is where I disagree with you first of all one man terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.So Obama is for a you a freedom fighter. However what lupe is trying to say is this Obama and every other president before him is a terrorist because of their foreign policy. Their foreign policy is so creul and soo wicked that only way these people decide to fight back is to become terrorist. Now that goverment in Afghanistan that orielly is talking about the american government funded that Afghanistan government with weapons in 1991 ( I believe) to defeat the russian those same weapons are the weapons bin landen used to arm his organisation so american government send your troops to be killed by weapons they made. My question to you is this how would react to china coming to america making deals that destroyed uour well being because that is what america does with its foreign policy to other country

    • Alexander Foes

      How is he right on this one? Lupe's words were taken out of context. Obama is the biggest terrorist right now. We are not in the past, we are talking about right now. Also, Have you read the military killing manuals....they are very similar to terrorist manuals, except without suicide bombing. It is no longer the presidents job to protect the country as you have seen: The American Dream is no longer existent, people are homeless, starving, people are forced to live a subversive life of drugs and violence in the ghettos that their own government placed them in and failed to protect them. You watch way too much Fox News. Go fuck a bunch of republicans, except save Michelle Bachmann for me, because she is a fine ass fucking bitch. Websters Definition of Terrorism: "the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion "

    • Anonymous

      Terrorists =/= Muslims or Religious Extremists. That in itself is asinine.

  • Anonymous

    'Technical Error': NATO admits killing babies It's our new job in the world: bombing brown people. You got some brown people in your country? Tell 'em to watch the fuck out, or we'll goddamn bomb them! And it's just as well we are, because we're not very good at anything else. Can't build a decent car anymore. Can't make a TV set, a cell phone, or a VCR. Got no steel industry left. No textiles. Can't educate our young people. Can't get health care to our old people. But we can bomb the shit outta your country, all right.

  • Anonymous

    'Technical Error': NATO admits killing babies It's our new job in the world: bombing brown people. You got some brown people in your country? Tell 'em to watch the fuck out, or we'll goddamn bomb them! And it's just as well we are, because we're not very good at anything else. Can't build a decent car anymore. Can't make a TV set, a cell phone, or a VCR. Got no steel industry left. No textiles. Can't educate our young people. Can't get health care to our old people. But we can bomb the shit outta your country, all right.

  • Rambling Fools

    Lupe and O'Rielly really can't say shit substantial other than what's been reported. Neither one has hard evidence to back their ideas of what happened in Afghanistan or Iraq during the Bush administration. But they both sure as hell jump at a chance to blame the brother.

  • Rambling Fools

    Uhh Mr. Orielly what does "fallacious" mean? Shut the fuck up ass, I know what it means.

  • DV

    Also, since when is O'wiley pro-Obama? Its all bullshit, hes just being an opportunist and taking another shot at hiphop and "those rappers" (you know what he really wants to say).

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Put KRS ONE or Chuck D on his show and see how well that goes. Probably wouldn't even air it.

  • DV

    Going on O'Wiley show with his built in like minded audience, and like minded employer (Sly Fox media), is like bringing a plastic knife to a gun fight. You would have to be thoroughly entrinched in the particular subject to even stand a chance against O'wiley.And if you did so happen to son him on his own show that shit would get edited so much that you would still come out as the loser of the debate/ interview. Nas been told you about Sly Fox. The presidential race coverage by Fox should've opened your eyes. I dont totally agree with Lupe but I see where hes coming from. Obama just staying in pocket. The office/position of the president of the united states is just a figure head. The president is not in control of shit. It doenst matter who is in that spot, its all part of a script. This shit is all planned. America fell for the okey-doke.

  • Anonymous

    I like Obama. Hasn't done shit to hurt me or this country. Can't say the same for the Republicans.

    • 2nPac

      He hasn't hurt YOU but has he helped you? And yes, he has done a lot to hurt this country. He's pretty much a black Bush. It's funny how Republicans hate him yet many of the policies he extended and are for are similar to Bush's. Shows you the stupidity of the American public. They are sheep that mindlessly follow LABELS, party lines, constituencies, etc. No, follow the fucking policies. Fuck the left and right, Democrat and Republican. Nobodies going to have a perfect plan so for people to be strongly for or against a group is ridiculous. BTW: I was completely pro-Obama before his election. Bought a shirt with his silhouette on it and even went to Joe Biden's rally here in town. But he only hasn't done a damn thing he promised. Fuck change...we got another 4 years of Bush policies.

    • prolupe

      now thats the mindset that is wrong with people in general , all you care about is what is happening with you. He hasnt hurt you YET .. but once your toes get stepped on you fucking hate obama. selfishness is a ugly thing.

  • Dont Hate Articulate

    Lupe has some points but the word terrorist is a little overstated these days. I mean realistically I could label the GOP as terrorists because all they do is use fear to control the masses. Find a different word lupe and maybe you'd have a stronger argument. O'Reilly couldn't differentiate the War in Afghanistan and the hunt for Bin Laden. It was all part of the same operation in retaliation. Much love to the soldiers.

  • Jason Pennells

    There were SOOO many edits. Its basically what I expected, there was no REAL discussion or debate here. Anyone who came into this unsure of what they believe would find themselves even more confused.

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    The election of Obama..minus the politics..means more to this next generation of Black children than you can changes there perspective on life that a pre-Obama generation will never be able to comprehend.They will dream harder and in some cases work harder to achieve there implants an idea that you can do anything...some of you niggas be hung up on being revolutionary to the point of being delirious.that movie is being played out everyday on your tv..Dummies..Wake up..come back to the real voting is the dumbest thing you can Lupe loses again with that idiotic shit..

  • jae

    he wasent trying to undermind him? he called him a terriost lol sumtimes i think rappers should stay outta this type of talk half of em dont kno wat the hel their talking bout lol

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    LUPE statement was a bullshit statement..end of the story..u cant back it up..and i voted for Obama and i dont give a fuck about anybody(black or not) trying to make me feel bad about it..they sound dumassfuc to me..and i pay attention to politics..u inherit this bitch on two wheels running off the side of the cliff and see how easy it is to get this bitch back on solid ground..DUMMIES..somebody got the (most ppl are sheep) comment right..on top of that he black..if your not black..please hold ur fuckin comment..most of his enemies are rich white dudes who's families have been in power for centuries..he comes from nothing..instant conflict..he tried to give u pussies healthcare..u all lamed out..we lose..helped save the car industry..these other muhfuckas tried to get rid of the entire American car industry..and ppl voted them back in..then they came for the unions..the reason why u even get paid what you get paid..then white folks started thinking"fuc i vote for these dudes for again".."thats right i hated that nigga bein in a dummie"..FACT IS MOST AMERICANS ARE STUPID...THIS MAN EVEN FUCKIN KILLED BIN LADEN-THE WHITE MANS WORST ENEMY AND HE STILL HATED..FUCOUTTAHERE...YALL GO BE LAME OVER THERE IN THE CORNER WITH THEM OTHER LAMES..CONSPIRACIES ASIDE..I FUCS WITH DUDE AND IF U DONT..U JUST ANOTHA STUPID NIGGA..WHO U RIDIN WITH..THEM OTHER NIGGAS..FUCOUTTAHERE

    • Anonymous

      Dutch you usually say some wild shit but you dead right this time.

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch's Mom

      Nigga shut your ass up with that Black vs Whitey shit. I need you to go around the corna to the supermarket, get me some doritos, hotsauce, phillie blunts and a 40 oz then come home and do your chores lazy muthafucka! If you so up on Obama, ask him for a damn job you broke ass bitch, using all the cocoa butter lotion for who knows what, and eating up all the damn honey nut cheerios and chicken, you and your goat-mouth bastard. Hurry up!

  • Anonymous

    and at 4:20 haha

  • Anonymous

    Bill edited the tape look at the change at 1:50

  • WOW

    Lupe is an idiot. If you actually are able to make Bill appear intelligent than you truly are a buffoon.

  • ILL

    Why do these rappers or anybody black that have something to say feel as though it would be a good ideal to go on fox news and express their views. That platform is not for us fox news has let us know plenty of times how bias they are. Lupe just looked like a dick head talking to him

  • Cognac

    It's not like Obama can just get up one day and say "You know what? End of this!" and send all the troops home. That would create a huge power vacuum in Afghanistan that India, Iran, Pakistan and China would all try to fill all at once and could create a conflict that makes the Afghanistan War look like Disney World. Also, the US is in Afghanistan at the request of the Afghan Government. Our country would look like straight pussies if we packed up and left suddenly. Every militant organization in the world would just do whatever the hell they wanted if we made a bitch move like that.

    • Anonymous

      What did you read to come up with this conclusion? Afgan has been in a civil war prior to us even going there. The Us is NOT the world police. This vacuum arguement holds no water. As far, as Obama not being able to fix the mess in a short time well that's partially true because Obama isn't trying to clean the mess but he's trying to perpetrate corporatist/globalist ideologies. Sit down and learn your facts, both you guys!

    • LOl

      Do you expect people to listen to logic and reason. Self-serving conspiracy theories simply believe America wants to kill everyone but America is not inherently evil they have their shortcomings just as every other nation.

  • CodeRed

    A lot of you are puppets just reciting talking points, whether it's to the left or the right. The thing is, the US AND the Taliban are both wrong in the Afghanistan War. The Taliban knowingly hid Bin Laden and are still knowingly working with Al Qaeda. That makes them legitimate targets. Also, they are killing and will continue to kill Afghan citizens. At the same time, the US' actions are causing the deaths of Afghan citizens. There are no good guys in war, but I don't agree with Lupe or o'Reilly

  • pienman

    indeed, he played the game indeed! the white man thinks he "knows" everything...let the man talk, they both tried to over talk each other... glad he had that podium to speak on

  • Nomedication

    Follow @Nomedication for that uncut point of view!!!!!!!!

  • @smh and dumbass jeff Lowy

    Just because your conformist asses werent checking Bush doesn't mean me or others weren't either. However like Bush, Obama is a puppet and it's kind of sad because as a person of color we thought he would say "Fuck that," to all the atrocities committed by the US government, but not only does he not oppose them he endorses these atrocious moves, Your argument is bullshit/

    • DV

      Not defending Obama BUT the last guy who said "Fuck That" got his top popped in Dallas. That nigga just staying in pocket like Tom Brady.

  • treatingyourlife

    O'reilly is a corporate paid hooligan perpetrating oligarchical values. He is not objective. Lupe's usage of Obama's name is probably more in reference to the administration and clearly his willingness to be puppeteered is enough to dub him as a terrorist. Stop hugging Obama's nuts! You dont know shit

  • Duke

    how are we supposed to know if Lupe backed up his statement or not? first off OReilly has bashed Obama from day 1. now he defends him because a MUSICIAN said something about politics in which Bill is an "expert" on so he wanted to try to make him look stupid. second OReilly also likes to cut off every guest he's ever had and not let them get their point across or thought out. third he records his show, it isn't live, so he has an editing team that does what he or the network wants the show to look like.

    • Nomedication

      wht you said is totally correct!!! i bet a half of the comments on this post were made by ppl who dont even follow politics or news networks!! Lupe did his thing!! 90% of the rappers in the game now couldn't even keep up with Bill O'Reilly and his games. FOLLOW @Nomedication

    • NoMedication

      wht you said is totally correct!!! i bet a half of the comments on this post were made by ppl who dont even follow politics or news networks!! Lupe did his thing!! 90% of the rappers in the game now couldn't even up with Bill O'Reilly and his games. FOLLOW @Nomedication

  • based4ever

    Bill O'Reilly fucked your bitch

  • da1

    I'm a big fan of lupe but I must say that I'm a little dissappointed. I thought he would of had more to say then we are terrorist because we go in other countries looking for culprits that had planned attacks on us. He really came off looking like Mos Def or somebody like that in this interview.

  • NRG

    I agree with what Lupe has to say and his political views...I just dont agree with his approach. With that being said, I think Lupe knows exactly what he's doing. Making rational and logical statements doesn't get you on National have to be outlandish and say the most outrageous things to get people's attention. Hes just playing the game.

  • Alan Singleton

    SMH Lupe Fell into the trap, O'Reilly always had a thing against rappers, he basically bought Lupe on to make him look ignorant as hell & he succeded, it was actually weird seeing O'Reilly DEFEND Obama for once, & Lupe's one of my Fav rappers, but just stick to rapping homie, ur not a political expert, so don't try to be

    • Nomedication

      uR Fn stupid because lupe is one of the few Emcee's hip hop has who can make a bold statement and go on a tv and discuss his point of view!!!! jay-z wouldn't do it!! He is part of the problem!! He promoted obama when he was running for president. Hip hop's early roots created a place to express yourself about politics. 2PAC, NWA, FURIOUS FIVE. DONT BRING DWN THE POWER HIP HOP HAS/ AND THE POWER IT STILL POSSES!

    • Nomedication

      uR Fn stupid because lupe is one of the few Emcee's hip hop has who can make a bold statement and go on a tv and discuss his point of view!!!! jay-z wouldn't do it!! He is part of the problem!! He promoted obama when he was running for president. Hip hop's early roots created a place to express yourself about politics. 2PAC, NWA, FURIOUS FIVE. DONT BRING DWN THE POWER HIP HOP HAS/ AND THE POWER IT CAN STILL POSSES!

    • Anonymous

      oreilly isnt a political expert at all. He has an advantage of an editing team in information feed.

    • JD4

      Lupes whole point to the interview was to say that anyone should be able to make political statements and that you dont have to bea genius about it to make a point. Hes pretty well informed and he and O'Reilly had a decent debate. You could tell that lupe was getting frustrated cause O'Reilly wouldnt let him explain exactly what he meant. He said the terrorist thing more figuratively than anything.

  • Asa

    Most people hate Lupe because you guys are on Obama's nuts. Learn your history, understand foreign policy, question why in the world a noble peace prize winner has bombed more countries than whack ass Bush ever did?

    • sdfsd

      people will always be on obamas nuts cus their lambo is blue and their president is black. that is the idiotic logic they have!

  • Mike

    Lupe, did good. I can't stand O'Reilly. For years now, he's rolled with them same propaganda's, always navigating the conversation away from the main point to make someone look stupid. Lupe did good by coming back to the point and wrapping up his statement, when O'Reilly started to try and over power him with them same propaganda's.

  • 7sixes

    Bill o'reilly is a huge douche...and those of you saying Lupe is an idiot need to get their high school diploma cus they probably didnt understand half of the words that came outta lu's mouth

  • Ned

    Bill MURDERED Lupe on the grand stage. Lupe was talking in circles, saying a whole lot of nothing. Bill laughed at him and insulted his fan base, had him stuttering like an idiot. O'Reilly snatched Lupe's heart out of his chest and swallowed it. Bill Called Lupe by his government name with a smirk, vicious. Lupe's father is a white guy that works on Fox News. His name's Bill.

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    This argument clarified nothing, Lupe's thinking is pretty irrational. Oh well, whatever I just like the music lol

  • Mane

    Lupe, let Obama handle O'Rielly, you go back to the studio and find some better beats.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Holy shit, this nigga is stupid

    • Anonymous

      please swallow Budden's cum and move on to the next. damn you are a foggot. dont say the N word either you're mexican not black.


    And they edited the shit out of this.

  • four

    Funny how O'Reilly wouldn't let Lupe speak. Doesn't seem like a very good debate when you're talking over the other guy the whole time. The debate isn't about who can be louder and more boisterous, but on the subject of terrorism. What Lupe is saying, that Obama and every other president is a terrorist is in fact true. If you go to any dictionary and connect the dots to every war, every attack, every threat made by not just American presidents, but by just about every other political power, you'll realize it. Hiding behind the anger you have of Al-Qaeda doesn't change the fact that the term "terrorist" can be coined the other way too.

    • @anon

      Since the US has had its war on Terror, terrorism has increased. Get your facts straight! war on terror is a bullshit front GE making money producing arms, Oil companies making money while promoting scarcity, Blackwater making money with its million dollar contracts, people are getting paid to "rebuild countries" Ever time there is a "war" there is money to be made. Stop being a dumb nigga and believe they are "fighting for your freedoms"

    • four

      No, I'm not saying anything like that. I'm not even saying there is a complete fix for it. But there is in fact terrorism just about EVERYWHERE. Is it always as radical as Al-Qaeda? No.

    • Anonymous

      So what should we do drop bombs on the White House? We'll hate on the new guy just the same.


    THIS SHIT went EXACTLY the way we ALL knew it would. NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lupe you've wasted your time. Keep the message in the music and let the rest work its way out. I'm done.

  • ........

    a wise man told me dont argue with fools cause people from a distance cant tell who is who...

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Lupe is fucking stupid.

  • phadiga

    This lil man is becoming a fool...Hope he passed tru some college though cus he's reasoning is straight bull...

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe it, they're both saying dumb shit, even Lupe, who I've been a fan of for a while. They need to get Brother Ali on there to say what's right.

  • theone05

    This nicca just trying to get publicity for a sh*tty album he just released, you see he dropped a plug for one of his songs in the article, and anyone who knows the political system knows that the president is really just a representative for the country and that the president has very little control over what happens meaning laws that get passed

    • emiles dummy

      hey emiles u dummy, this shiznit isnt nothing but publicity for his album it sucks anyway so he needs all the help he can get, did u watch the beginning of the interview, u need to realize how to listen to everything even if it isnt focused on what the main topic this dumbass

    • emiles

      wow...a lot wrong with this, but anyway if you watched the interview you'd realize Lupe was talking about America's foreign policy and used Obama as an apostrophe for that. bill basically said we can't fight all the root causes of terrorism, lupe is saying we should at least negate ours.

  • Michael Thompson

    Hey everyone making comments...your opinion isn't RIGHT. THAT'S WHY IT'S AN OPINION! NOT A FACT! SO STOP YOUR FUCKIN ARGUMENTS!

  • Jeff Lowy

    In 2010 more people killed by bullets in CHI than in Iraq. Where's Lupe the activist here? Fuck his book club! Stop the violence in your own community first! Lupe - check w/Rhymefest. He'll game you up bro!

    • fuckyoumean

      Are you a fucking idiot do you even understand the relationship of imperialism and domestic policy and how the globalization caused by it affects people in the chicago? do you even understand what I am asking you?

    • Anonymous

      And what does killed by bullets even mean. what about rockets/bombs and other weapons of war.

    • Anonymous

      You must mean Americans killed in Iraq? Or you mean people from Iraq killed by American soldiers? Don't think you got the right info.

  • 100

    It's really simple Lupe. You sound a little ignorant for a rapper your age because you actually believe Obama is operating in a free world. Tupac, Nas and even Jay Z understand this. They all chose to deal with it intelligently. If you end up dead or in jail then I know you actually tried to do something.

    • Fuck You Mean?

      Oreilly is a corporate paid hooligan perpetrating oligarchical values. He is not objective. Lupe's usage of obama's name is probably more in reference to the administration and clearly his willingness to be puppeteered is enough to dub him as a terrorist. Stop hugging Obama's nuts!

    • emiles

      haha "he knows things normal people dont know" what lupe and o'reilly are is objective. they dont go out and read one source and base their beliefs on it as many commenters/bloggers do. you'll see how readily people will just say o'reilly is a dumb republican or lupe is an ignorant rapper. everything said by both sides is true and thats what makes it interesting. o'reilly is saying we as a country can't be a superhero and destroy all the causes of terrorism, lupe is saying at the very least we should negate ours (the stuff that you dont hear or see about on tv).

    • Anonymous

      Lupe did more than watch a few videos u idiot..he actually reads books u couldn't comprehend..he's smarter than most people think..he knows things normal people don't..btw part of his interview was edited out because he was right

    • Jeff Lowy

      AMEN! Lupe watched a couple episodes of Democracy Now and all of the sudden he's an expert on American foreign policy. I agree that Obama can't fix the economy in two years but can't grasp why he can't turn the military industrial complex on it's head then take a few years off study up and try again. In the mean time focus on uplifting your own community!

  • Grizzle

    Lupe is about to take huge L on this one. C'mon son, you're not even qualified to talk about this shit.

    • emiles

      and o'reilly is? do you think the pundits on television have any sort of vast knowledge we as people don't have? one of the best political pundits on television is John Stewart, and he's a comedian! what these individuals have is objectivity, personality, and cameramen.

  • Seriuosly SMH

    Man only if Bush was checked like people do Obama we probably wouldn't be in this mess today. Bush should of been black:)

    • @smh and dumbass jeff

      Just because your conformist self wasnt checking bush doesn't mean me or others weren't. However like Bush, Obama is a puppet and it's kind of sad because as a person of color we thought he would say "Fuck that," to all the atrocities committed by the US government, but not only does he not oppose them he endorses these atrocious moves, Your argument is bullshit/

    • IDK

      well, yea, Bush did fuck everything up....but we elected Obama so that he can fix all of that mess Bush has started!!! maybe he cant do all of that in under 4 years, but he should at least made a small improvement in the US!!! in other words, the US is on the ground with its face planted on the ground, and Obama cant get the US back to its feet, but he could AT LEAST put the US back on its knees!!! but instead, with Obama as President, gas prices were at its highest and the U.S. military are now dealing with this whole Libya bullshit and the unemployment rate is still higher than usual. so honestly, Obama is somewhat no different than Bush

    • emiles

      bush had entire documentaries made on how bad of a president he was, he got plenty of criticism. we're living in an era where if you're famous the media is going to pick on you until the public hates you. see lebron james, tiger woods, congressman weiner, and now lupe fiasco (he seems to be holding his own though)

    • Anonymous

      yeah good point. But the reason why he is being analyzed so hard is because he is the first black president, and people are interested in him. And being a rap site, they talk about every instance where an artist talks about him which is at least once by every artist in the industry. But back to the point, YEAH, it's pathetic people are getting discouraged by Obama's inability to miraculous solve disasters that Bush created.

    • Mdot

      dumbest shit ive ever heard

    • Jeff Lowy

      Nailed it!

  • American_Sheeple

    I will address some points: 1. Rap does has its politically side, you are only aware to mainstream hipPOP to know about it. Here are some political rap artists: Lupe Fiasco, KRS One, Common sense,Dead prez,imortal technique,2pac... 2.Prior to the enactment of the civil rights act of 1964, the democrats were conservative and republicans were liberals. due to it passing the conservatives could NOT accept it's inception and switched political parties: republicans became conservative and democrats became liberals. 3.The propagandised news sources in the USA is plentiful: fox,msnbc,cnn...All used to brainwash the american sheeple to think a certain way and not question it. 4. And the last, Lupe Fiasco comment related to Obama being a terrorist is fitting; occupying countries not for the sake of liberating the people but for setting up your own puppet regimes,taking control of their valuable sources and causing the genocide of its people is terrorism. Thank You.

    • Anonymous

      finally someone who is smart. I thought Hiphop wasfor the politically moved but this forum kills that idea completely

  • oro

    Wtf!! they Humiliated lupe! talk about midia manipulation USA open your eyes, u are fucking the whole world up

    • oro

      you are right, but the usa does it big!!! you guys took this corrupt sick game to a whole new level!

    • emiles

      not true, just because there are some evils perpetrated by the U.S. doesn't mean we are suddenly the worst villains out there. the u.s. is not even 300 years old, the root causes of much of the worlds woes goes back that far. we may be doing bad, but lets not be naive enough to assume every major country in the world isn't.

    • NOPE

      Not me. I'm not part of the 1%. If I had the power I would have everyone in congress knocked off.

  • Seriuosly SMH

    Wow the Republicans got you motherfuckers jumping rope. Who you going to vote for, Romney? Especially you jobless motherfuckers who's letting that shit slide trying to change the world overnight.

  • Sensaye252

    Bill O'Reilly and al the good ole' boys have been slandering Obama's name and disrespecting him in a way I've never seen before with any other President. Now they wanna get on Lupe's case 'cause he has an opinion on Obama? Since when do republicans care about black people's opinion anyway? Only when they can turn this into way to get people NOT to like Obama. What they're doing is using Lupe against his own people. Publicizing his comments on Obama so that black people and people in the Hip-Hop world will either A.) Embrace Lupe's opinion and therefore not vote for Obama. or B.) Embrace Bill O'Reilly's opinion and actually start listening to that fuckin' prick. Hip-Hop has to stop lending itself as a tool for these sneaky cocksuckers. Where the rappers that can really talk politics when you need 'em?

    • Jeff Lowy

      Lupe spoke out against "his own people" himself. He allowed himself to get played. Don't forget dude is trying to sell an album.... As for Fox... Cmon son. It doesn't matter who is president. They don't care. They are protecting their corporate buddies. Lupe is saying more about Americas ties to the military industrial complex. You can't speak out against Fox's advertisers....

    • Preach

      ^What he said.

  • boring

    why would you even justify this station with an interview its not even news station its just a mouth piece for the republican party

  • Seriuosly SMH

    You people really think Obama just threw his campaign promises out the door just because, fuck it he was bored? He doesn't have the power you THINK he has. I hate to break it to you but he doesn't. I'm surprised he's pulled off some of the stuff he has.

  • Independent Demopublican Green Party

    Everybody has an opinion, nobody has an answer

  • Aaron

    Hmm...ive always hated Lupe and his music blows. I dont listen to rap music to hear them talk about politics or nething like that and if your smart you'll realize the ones that do rap about politics, do it because their careers are in the tank! #warRepublicansBackinoffice!!

    • iddle

      aaron, congrats on getting son'd. Lupe made a dumb statement but so did you. He is one of the illest on the mic, Food and Liquor is a Classic, and the Cool is a Masterpiece. His mixtapes are just as good....

    • Jason Pennells

      well I'll be sure to let Nas, Tupac, Public Enemy, Krs ONE, and Ice Cube know that you think their careers are in the tanks

    • Sensaye252

      I agree that Lupe doesn't know enough about politics to be making a statement like that. Just like you don't know enough about Hip-Hop to make a statement like that. You both should shut the fuck up and stick to what you do best. Which in Lupe's case is being a dope MC, and in your case is being a dumb cocksucker. Fuck all these politicians.

  • Really

    LOL! You cats thought Obama in 2 years was going to: 1. End all wars 2. Put 4 million people back to work 3. Pass Universal healthcare 4. Raise taxes on the rich and powerful Man yawl on that dope for real! Did you expect him to cure cancer too? Next you're going to say he wasn't born here...oh wait.

    • Please

      ^Guy above still believes in Santa Claus.

    • Anonymous

      since you asked...yes. obama did promise all of those things...when you select a leader you select them with the idea that theyll do what they say theyre gonna do. he did the exact opposite of everything you listed. if he cant get it done then he should stand up and say "this cant be done" instead of folding and following along with the original plan.

    • Really

      ^ Exactly my point. They think he's their daddy.

    • Anonymous

      Obama never claimed to end all of the wars. People injected their own hopes on him.

  • Colt

    Bill is going to end Lupe's career tonight. Say what you will about O'Reilly, he's a pit bull, and his searing eyes can make man turn into child. Lupe doesn't even have the courage to take his sunglasses off, he's probably intoxicated. Or he's just scared of Bill. Probably both. Classless idiot, self righteous bastard. Lupe is a fake and his fans deserve to know it, he can't skate, he's not the apple eating anime nerd you think he is. He's a vicious ego maniac. It's going to be an execution folks!

    • Anonymous

      I agree to an extent. Lupe is not what people make him out to be. In fact, he is far less. All this wanna-be political stuff is his gimmick. Lupe, you couldn't even handle the politics on the label who are signed to, don't even talk about the real shit.

    • Jason Pennells

      "Lupe doesn't even have the courage to take his sunglasses off, he's probably intoxicated." -wow man do yu hear yurself? You sound like my grandma. You are calling lupe vicious and assuming that he is drunk just cuz he's a rapper from the ghetto. yu wouldnt be saying those things if was just some random rich politician on the show. You are no fan of hip hop in my mind, GTFOutta here.

    • Sensaye252

      Anybody can look like a 'pitbull' in their own forum. If Bill went outside of his realm talkin' all that neo-racist political backtalk, someone would slap him in his mouth. Bill O'Reilly is THE biggest ego-maniac in the world and a narrow-minded prick. I'd go on there and ether his punk ass. Eqiupped with my 11th grade education and THE TRUTH.

  • Muney

    Lupe will look stupid!!!!!!!

    • Aaron

      Yessir...Lupe is gonna go on there and act like he knows what hes talking about, in turn, making himself look foolish.

  • jr_rider23

    I know this may be crazy, but O'Reilly is more so defending the title of president and Obama just so happens to be in office. I don't think anyone fox news or any other conservative network actually thinks that liberal politicians have an secret agenda to cause terror and do what's worst for society and the same go for conservatives. It's just politics are a dirty game and exaggerations and limited information gets used to persuade voters. In the end it's hard to argue that the citizens in the US have more opportunity than those of every other country, and we do more charity work than the rest of the world. Sorry I won't jump on the bandwagon where it's not cool to rep the red white and blue.

  • Too Late

    Everything you "Americans" enjoy, consume, and are protected from is through some act of "terrorism" or exploitation. Don't try to use Obama as a scapegoat now.


  • Blah Blah Blah

    Obama 2012. Who the fuck else am I going to vote for? Palin, Romney? Fuck outta' here.

    • Anonymous

      The terrorists do care about their own people? Ahahahhahaha, shit. I guess that's way they're killing their own people who share the same religious beliefs on a daily basis.

    • Anonymous

      you can always vote for Ron Paul :P

    • Anonymous

      "...if the terrorists cared about they own people they wouldn't be messing with the US in the first place. " The "terrorists" do care about their own people that's why they are fighting back. I wish black people had the same mind set.

    • 106

      Obama a failure? We would be in a depression if he wasn't president. Sure he bombed a few innocent targets but if the terrorists cared about they own people they wouldn't be messing with the US in the first place. Terrorists dress in plain clothes so how can we know for sure who is who? Republican plan was let the market correct itself and sit on the sidelines and lower taxes. Which adds up to the depression cause it the government wasn't spending money we would be all out of work by now. Obama 2012 fuck Lupe and his peace for all bullshit.

    • Ado Cob

      it's sad that you have to pick the lesser of two evils. bush tax cuts, bush war policy, failing to close gitmo, not standing tough against lobbyists, not fighting republicans to stop them from cutting medicare and medicaid, the list goes on and on. dude is a failure. sure, less of a failure than any of the republicans, but that's a pathetic mindstate to be in.

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    That video was ridiculous, cuts off before it becomes a debate

    • What's Good

      What, you think the rest is going to be any different? The only thing "controversial" about this whole thing is that a black man is calling Obama a terrorist. The Tea Party and Republicans have said worse and they say it EVERYDAY!

  • Kids

    Obama use to say the same shit Lupe except he actually did the work of becoming President. What's harder than that?

  • Anonymous

    people killed us on 9/11?!?!... holy shit... we're fucking zombies? i knew it...guess i'll open up a brains shop

  • QB

    Meh. O'Reilly is just gonna talk over him incessantly, cut him off, and not give Lupe a chance to say anything.. just like all his interviews with people his disagrees with.

  • Music?

    One things for sure, nobody's talking about Lupe's music. controversy only last so long, ask 50.

  • inspirmentalist

    love lupe fiasco's music and can empathize with him on his opinions and statements but i don't agree with him calling obama a terrorist. for someone who didn't even vote in the 2008 election, he shouldn't have a right to say anything or call anybody anything.

    • Anonymous

      You can have an opinion without voting...Ive never voted and have no plans to do so myself...And there are millions of others that do the same cause they see how messed up our two party system has become. Look at the stats of how many people actually vote and how many eligible voters there are in America. A majority understands that our system is completely flawed but the dumb minority keeps participating in the corrupt system.

    • Balls

      Exactly. Opinions are like assholes...everybody's got one. Most people aren't gonna bend over and show you their dirty shit-smeared ass though. If you're gonna shown that ass on TV, shave ya balls, take a shower.

    • Chad

      So, only voting gives him the "right" to critique the American government? i think not my friend. What Lupe is doing isn't against the law, he is simply voicing his opinion. Something we all do on a daily basis.

  • DO and stop crying

    It would be nice if you people actually LISTEN to Obama's words and supported his agenda. Then maybe JUST maybe he could make good on his campaign promises. Or do you think this is a Monarchy and he's actually KING Obama? What bills is Obama blocking? Anyone know?

    • Anonymous

      Im railing about common sense....What are you talking about? The Iraq war is still going on even with Iraqs political leaders asking us to get out. Gtmo is not closing anytime soon. Obama handed out more money on top of tarp to the banks. Stop looking at the man and look at the actions.

    • Anonymous

      Iraq wasn't extended smart guy. What deadline did Obama miss? When did he or Bush say we would have ZERO presence there? GITMO is still being litigated but don't take my word for it. Was that bail out under the TARP funding? You damn right Obama didn't ruin shit so what the fuck are you railing about?

    • Anonymous

      /\ Wow you really are an idiot...The Iraq war is still going on. Afghanistan is still going on....Gtmo is still open and running...Obama passed an additional bailout for the banks...The bombing in Pakistan started when Obama took office. Obama didnt ruin shit...Obama continued what was already in place by past presidents. Get your head outta your ass and start to read more.

    • Shut Up

      You're asking me if I pay attention, after you wrote that garbage? Really? Extended what war? Iraq wasn't extended. And Afghanistan he said he would "finish" during his campaign. Lybia was a response by the UN which the US is apart of. A response that at least half this country and Lybians wanted him to do even sooner! Dropping bombs on Pakistan, when did that ever stop? Bush Tax cuts were extended because the House held unemployment benefits hostage if they weren't. You know those tax cuts for the wealthy that dumb asses out there think is going to get them a job. Giving money to banks? When dude. I know Bush set them up NICE with TARP or do think Obama did that too? How about Universal Healthcare? Nope! Republicans fucked that up too because it "socialism". Well guess what, cops, firemen, food inspection, roads, social security for your old ass is SOCIALISM too! Fuck outta' here with this Obama ruined my life bullshit.

    • ?

      Do you pay attention to anything other than what Obama says? Hes extended the wars, started a new war, dropping bombs in Pakistan, extended the Bush tax cuts and the patriot act...More inner city schools than ever have been closed, gave out more money to the banks....This could go on and on but I guess none of that really matters? What campaign promises has he went thru with exactly?

  • Anonymous

    When is O'Rielly going to interview Common? He's not. Hard to talk over the truth.

  • Lupe is a Fuckin' Pinhead

    Dudes like Lupe think they are the smartest motherfuckers in the world just because they can string some fucking words together. I never thought I would agree with Bill Oreilly. Fuckin' sellout! Some black folks wouldn't be satisfied if the most liberal African-American-catering person on the planet were elected President. I see all you motherfuckers. You would be out of the job if you didn't have somebody in that spot to hate.

    • Anonymous

      They can outsmart the average citizen forever because the average citizen is JUST THAT FUCKING DUMB.

    • Karma

      Lupe is speaking from a position of ignorance, as do many others, but he looks the part of a fool even more talking about an process that he admits he's too arrogant to participate (in). Dude, dont tell me Chevy is better than Ford if you've never driven either. Lupe libeled the President and he's getting it back. That's instant karma. This shit is a lot bigger than one man with a pen living in the White House. Presidents don't go grey overnight for nothing.

    • Anonymous

      It's dudes like Lupe who is letting it be known that those arrogant fucks runing the country can't out smart the Average citizen(poor white and blacks) foever!

  • Righteous as fuck yup damn right

    Everybody on this blog site is fucking dumb, ignorant, brainwashed, easily molded, and un-analytical. Cant you see that O'reilly is defending Obama to justify this war? HE VOTED FOR MCCAIN! Why the fuck is he even defending obama now? And then you got the nerve to call Lupe an idiot? most of you didnt even pay attention to his words because most of you still bashin 'em for sayin "obama is a terrorist". shit, ITS TRUE! Mothafucka bout to send troops right back overseas. Libya isnt even our war yet we intervene like the superheroes of the planet, like we dont have our own issues, like we solved poverty, and illiteracy, and prejudice and discrimination. Yall cant tell Lupe shit

    • Righteous as fuck yup damn right

      This is what im sayin: O'reilly hopped on obamas nuts just to prove lupe wrong. If lupe would have said obama is the greatest president to grace these 50 states, o'reilly woulda been obama-bashin like he has for years. Another point im trying to prove is that everybody blames this underlying govt for obamas decisions calling him a puppet. He is making conscience decisions but everybody is willing to blame the people behind him. everybody needs to wake up and realize the capitalist mind is an independent mind. It doesnt need someone else to operate it.

    • Anonymous

      Instead of settling for the lesser of evils why dont people just demand for more choices?

    • Whatevea Homie

      OK he makes decisions and? I can make a stupid blanket statement like that too see. Are you saying he operates in a vacumm, no congressional legislation? No rules?

    • Righteous as fuck yup damn right

      Its obvious who doesnt watch the news. "The truth of the matter is America is not under a dictatorship because it does do heinous things to maintain power" - isnt that what a dictatorship is? "Naw, you just one those people trying to go against Obama because you think it makes you look intellectual in your thinking" - uh no, thats how i fuckin feel. i aint one uh these pretentious wannabees and you a damn fool if you think obama isnt aware of what he's doing. Im sick of people actin like he's a fuckin puppet, like he doesnt make some decisions for america

    • Whateva Homie

      Naw, you just one those people trying to go against Obama because you think it makes you look intellectual in your thinking. The truth of the matter is America is not under a dictatorship because it does do heinous things to maintain power. But nobody wants to admit it. Obama didn't start shit and won't end it either. But who would you rather have, Sarah Palin?

    • High Road

      Nobody thinks Oreilly is defending anything but his own interests, but Goddamn if he ain't on the right side of this one. If you let a guy like Oreilly get on the high road over you, then that means you were pretty low to begin with or just plain stupid.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Bill O'Reilly the 911 propaganda criminal, Plays dumb after selling ten years of lies

  • Uh Huh

    I guess I will miss this interview, haven't watched Fox news since Katrina.

  • Anonymous

    America's been doing this shit from the jump. We all know the ugly side of this country. We do, but to lump it all on Obama? That's what's pissing people off. How long has all those old bags been sitting up in Washington, Dems and Repubs BEFORE anyone even knew who Obama was, fucking shit up? Blaming Obama is a stupid trend.

    • Sigh

      ^He didn't say anything on how he would improve things? WUT? Say anything to win an argument. Fuck it why not. Let me try, Uh Obama is an alien.

    • Anonymous

      Its not a trend...its an obvious observation that Obama is no different from past presidents. Dude never said shit in the runup to the election on how he would actually improve things. But yall dumb muh fuckas ate up those slogans they were pushing.

  • Anonymous

    Forget Lupe, O'Reilly is not going to let you speak another word. LOL! The whole interview is going to be Lupe saying , but...but...I...I...Wait...But.. Goodnight folks.

  • Anonymous

    now i told u... i told u Lupe... they gon chop and screw your career up... your a political artist and your gettin on Fox and your getting smacked up by Bill? Muhammad Ali would never lose a debate against Bill. Tupac would never lose against Bill. Malcolm woulda ended his career. Martin would make him look like a bully. This is just facts. you wanna be a leader you gotta be able to check these guys. thats the easy part! I'll wait until tonite but I gotta see your aggressiveness I hope but also clarity to a blind man that cant see

  • Neazy

    I love Lupe, he's one of my favorite artists. But Lupe is a music guy, and artists say things to entertain people. He was just trying to draw attention to the fact that the US government destroys less fortunate peoples' lives in other countries, and by doing that we create terrorism because those people want to retaliate. Is Obama actually a terrorist who's intentionally doing evil things? No, and that's not what Lupe meant. But of course Bill is gonna attack him like that's exactly what he meant because he doesn't get it.

    • Neazy

      @DeepShit How is what he said ignorant? Is it because Obama isn't literally a terrorist? If that's what you think, then you're the ignorant one for not understanding the true meaning of his words.

    • Deep Shit

      @Neazy, "what Lupe meant?" Dude stepped off into politics from a position of ignorance; he writes his own beats...but he communicates ideas for a living nonetheless. He said what he meant, and whether or not he has the balls to stand by his words and not turn politician himself is all that remains to be seen. Sometimes you gotta educate yourself before you jump knee deep in shit.

    • T.

      About the most well thought out comment I've read thus far

  • Jan

    O'Reily about to hang Lupe's head like a Buck. When these rappers gonna learn, Billy Ocean will ICE a rapper live and end them on TV. Food and Liquor, rhymes with Stupid Nigger. And I'm black, brothas gotta learn. Lupe lost.

    • El Negro

      Lupe lost what? His music will live on years after he's dead. Bill like other people have mentioned on this threat just talks over people and rudely interrupts then before they make a point and says outlandish things. Also this video was just a clip! We don't know who won or not and it's all a matter of opinion and perception.

    • Anonymous

      Are you one of these stupid "niggers" just speak up for yourself brother!

    • Anonymous

      Don't call people "nigger" dude. End that noise, ESPECIALLY if you're black like you say you are.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is a good thing that people are finally listening to this debate. Ever since 9/11 nobody has stopped to ask why 9/11 even happened. They always just accepted the "Muslims hate our freedom/way of life and are uncivlized people" argument. If you didnt know we've been meddling in the middle east for decades and fucking shit up the whole time. When you kill so many civilians of course youre going to create more than a few "terrorists" that want you out of their region.

  • Jay

    I cant wait for tonight. I wounder will O'Reilly let Lupe speak or just interrupt every second he gets to make him look like an idiot. You know the typical fox style of interviewing.

  • ox

    Was it O Reiley that said Billy Clinton was the first black president? Now Obama is the first Jewish president..In other words, the Zionist's are saying we this man. It's very clever and deceptive to put a black face on the button which you want pushed

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    Bill is pure dirty shitty dickhead. He ALWAYS over talks his guest and NEVER allows ANYBODY to explain themselves without him interrupting and dissecting every word one uses. He refuses to listen!! Bill is a fucking DICKHEAD!!!

    • Anonymous

      He is notorious for that, but you've only seen a minute long clip of the show, wait to comment after you see the whole segment tonight homie.

  • Anonymous

    uhhhh..... i kinda wanted to watch more

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    Can't believe how you guys can quickly hate on Lupe & praise O'Reiliy.. i bet you if you look up O'Reiliy's other videos he'd be bashing Obama twoo haha oh well

    • Inspekta

      Lupe walked into this shit. People get tired of folks like him, representing a culture (like it or not), just running off at the mouth with bullshit. People pump these types' heads up all the time, talkin 'bout they dropping science, when most of time they are making no sense at all. Tell him to put his own name on the ballot.

  • American_Sheeple

    for my typo on point 2: the conservatives could NOT accept its inception...

  • American_Sheeple

    I will address some points: 1. Rap does has its politically side, you are only aware to mainstream hipPOP to know about it. Here are some political rap artists: Lupe Fiasco, KRS One, Common sense,Dead prez,imortal technique,2pac... 2.Prior to the enactment of the civil rights act of 1964, the democrats were conservative and republicans were liberals. due to it passing the conservatives could accept it's inception and switched political parties: republicans became conservative and democrats became liberals. 3.The propagandised news sources in the USA is plentiful: fox,msnbc,cnn...All used to brainwash the american sheeple to think a certain way and not question it. 4. And the last, Lupe Fiasco comment related to Obama being a terrorist is fitting; occupying countries not for the sake of liberating the people but for setting up your own puppet regimes,taking control of their valuable sources and causing the genocide of its people is terrorism. Thank You.

  • Anonymous

    I don't like O´Reilly but he's way smarter than Lupe, that's for sure. Kid doesn't know how to back up the things he says (for the sake of saying something controversy that is going to create attention).

  • Hoofy Velou

    Nice going, Lupe, you dumbass. Like BOR needs more viewers, and like your soon-to-be-former fans even want to approach his channel.

  • DL Dub

    Reading alot of the comments here, I dont think most of yall are getting it. Lupe didnt get asked onto the show so he can argue with O'Reilly. It's quite the contrary, O'Reilly is the biggest Obama basher followed closely by Aaron McGruder and Lupe, so I'm pretty sure these 2 are going to be in agreeance most of the show. Alot of yall re going to be surprised when Lupe becomes O'Reilly's favorite rapper because he got a famous "nigga" to hate with him on the most powerful black man on the planet.

  • skeetmanJones

    Lupe is gona get dick slapped by O'Reilly.. Lupe aint no fucking politician, hes gona get embarassed

  • cuntsniffer

  • Nico 3

    I don't think O' Reilly hates Hip Hop. He likes the controversy hip hop brings, and the chance to challenge people who say dumb shit thinking nobody will call them on it.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe didn't get the whole point of the education system, I am (or should I say was) a really big fan of him and always thought he was intelligent etc. but he talked so much shit in the last months that I can't take him or the shit he says seriously anymore. That is something the biggest groupie should be able to admit. He said shit for the sake of being against the 'system', supported by his lazy fans who couldn't make a living for themselves and think they're the most intelligent and wisest person on the planet when they heard him talk.

  • 4real

    Exclusive & LIVE interview from prison with former Harlem drug kingpin Guy Fisher, who was Nicky Barnes right-hand man….Tune in @ @ 8 p.m. Eastern TODAY in 30 mins!!!! Backdrop: Guy Thomas Fisher (born 1947) is a convicted racketeer who was once part of The Council, a notorious African-American crime organization that controlled the heroin trade in Harlem from 1972-1983. He became the first black man to own and operate the Apollo Theater in Harlem when he purchased it in 1977.[1] Fisher is currently serving a life sentence at the United States Penitentiary(USP) Allenwood, which is located within the Federal Correctional Complex(FCC) Allenwood, Pennsylvania.

  • rideonemjixxer

    Foxnews is very biased. doesnt mean its not the truth, its just their perception of it. as for Lupe, he tend to say some pretty outlandish shit, but hes an artist and makes great music so i dont take his comments too seriously. and bill is right, he couldnt defend it well, im sure. oh well. keep making great music Lupe!

  • Garrett Perkins

    Lupe can say what he wants. Oreilly is the guy that likes no Hip Hop artist. Education in America has fallen. It's up to use as the American people to help get are kids on the right track. Not the President of the Untied States. Are country is better with out the news trying to tell us lies. Fox News is full of them. Fox went against Common, really one of the most positive people on the planet and through his music. Wake up People wake up.

  • 420westcoast

    haha, look at all these smart and righteous people saying "fuck fox news' yada yada yada. you guys just can't handle the truth so you bash it haha. stop hatin "haterz" lol.

  • Guest We Killin It - Barton Block

  • Anthony Lundy

    Not an O'reilly fan I think lupe's music is great but on this subject he is wrong if obama is a the biggest terorrist the what is the president of yemen,libya or iraq. I mean the whole republican debate was about tearing down everyhing obama has done in the last 3 years. They all support the paul ryan budget plan which would cut welfare,medicaid,and medicare all which obama supports and is fighting for and all are needed most by poor and middle class people. Mean while all republicans support a tax cut for people making 250,000-infiniti that includes jay-z,lil wayne and also lupe.Now the system is not perfect by far but it much better than some other countries that would kill you dead just for thinking about going against them. Those are terrorist.

    • Anthony Lundy

      From what I recall he called obama by name thats why he is on the show in the first place. Second we all can complain about the government or the police or anything else thats not perfect.But if it was not for the government or the police where would we be everybody thats on the police force is not bad just like all politician are not corrupt just like every black person is not a gang member thug and so on.Its easy to complain we you do nothing if he has a problem with the govenment he should offer ways he would fix it from the ground up instead of saying its all wrong and throwing his hands up.

    • ummm

      Obama has killed more people in Libya in the past few months than Gaddafi. Anyways, he wasn't directly calling Obama a terrorist, he was talking about the entire US government which includes former presidents, it's just like their actions fall back on the leader (aka Obama)just like Osama bin Laden got all the blame for Al Qaeda's actions just because he was the leader.

  • arryboi

    fuck what anybody says about lupe. that dude knows what he's talking about and the difference between him and the rest of them shitty 'rappers' is that he is passionate about what he says. fuck anyone who tries to deny that.

  • Almar

    This is gonna be a catastrophe, O'Reilly is the biggest douche in "Journalism", he's gonna try and dissect every little thing that Lupe says and get the last word. Get em Lupe.

  • Ganjarelli

    I Gotta go with Lupe on this one. We will have the same demonstration we always get in these instances. It's called the "switcheroo", and it's the same, bland dish we've been eating for years. First things first - Know that whoever you vote for, you will still get the same GAME PLAN, regardless of race of political affiliation. Democratic or Republican, this person is who I like to call "The Puppet". This is the fall person. The one that everybody will blame when shit goes bad - ala George W. Bush. There are plenty of people who say "Fuck Bush!" and "We Love Obama!", when the truth is that they're using the same playbook. The playbook was written by the dozen or so richest motherfuckers on the planet (whom I will not refer to as Illuminati, cause that's something else altogether). The goal is simple. By continuing to support a Capitalist regime, they will continue to make money. Unless pesky, peace loving folks interfere with the business of war. Unless politicians funnel billions into our education system instead of the M.I.C. (Military Industrial Complex). Unless new avenues of renewable energy are sought out rather than rapidly diminishing fossil fuels. We are basically playing Monopoly with a single $500, against the banks millions, and only people like Oprah & Jay-Z even get the $500 dollar bill. For the rest of us it's like the the $5 dollar bill. Sorry for the shitty, monopoly comparison, getting a little off track here... Long story short - were being brainwashed! THINGS ARE SIMPLE! Why do billions go towards military while schools and programs close up shop? Because the plan is to build great fighters, not an educated society. Why have I heard of water powered cars and permanent magnet motors for over ten years now (probably longer) and still our reliance on coal and oil is stronger than ever? Cause they ain't done milking every dollar they can out of the under-educated in general populace. If I give up on selling weed, I wouldn't do it while I was still sittin on a half-pound, would I? Once again, a simple answer..... HELL NO! Gonna stop now, enough of my input. I expect to hear O'Reilly call Lupe unpatriotic, or a terrorist himself no doubt, just for opposing a system that is AT IT'S CORE very corrupt. We will see the Switcheroo at it's finest, as a sound arguement will be scoffed at, ridiculed for it's RADICAL nature, and rebuked, USUALLY by a single proclamation uttered OVER & OVER, due to lack of having a real intelligent response. I can see Bill already. "YOU are the terrorist buddy, YOU! YOU! YOU! For your radical, terrorist ideals!" LMAO. This is just my opinion, of course, and I think Bill O'Reilly is a complete fuck-up, as well as an all-around, brown-nosing pundit, republican faggot, and I expect that his arguement towards Lupe will be about as sound as my biased description of his character. Way to go Lupe! I admire your courage, but undoubtably going on the O'reilly Factor is like having a debate with a thirteen year-old; convinced of their own superiority and advanced knowledge, they will never admit to being wrong or that your point may have some validity, and will resort to the same, tired rhetoric we've all heard from FOX news before.

    • jr_rider 23

      Actually if you look at how the US budget is getting broken up, the military is getting funded on the lower end. Where just about half of the budget is going is health care. Maybe some of that money should go to education instead so then people can get the education to get a good job and buy their own health care. Also it shouldn't be the governments job to aid the poor. We as a community should be doing that already. The government should be going over more important matters that churches, non profit organization, or just us in the community can't comprehend.

    • Anonymous

      "Unless new avenues of renewable energy are sought out rather than rapidly diminishing fossil fuels." I'm 90% certain that you drive a car that requires oil. If you don't, then your mama does.

    • Anonymous's about time someone intelligent got on the site and said something.

  • Christian

    Yes. This is going to be interesting. Only thing is that I know Lupe knows a lot a things that he could potentially smash O'Reilly on, but it seems that Lupe is all that good of a debater. He's like me, knowing a lot of things, but when it comes down to it, I'm much better at producing valid points in music and through writing. During interviews I think Lupe chokes up a bit and doesn't know what to say. Hope Lupe can embarrass O'Reilly on his own show though. He just has to have patience and not start screaming back once O'Reilly starts getting aggravated.

  • Assassin221

    Not gonna lie, 90% chance this motherfucker embarasses himself because if you can't remember the words to a basic Tribe song or sound smart in friendly interviews, how are you going to deliver clear and logical arguments on enemy territory? Especially about comments that didn't make sense in the first place. It'll be funny to have Bill be the one defending Obama though.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully he will just laugh and say "You Mad!"

    • MalcolmLittle

      LMFAO Man you a damn fool for that fam! I gotta go watch that clip right damn now after that!

  • Ramiro

    Come on man, Lupe aint even political. He says things that have been said before, by a lot of other emcees, but he just happens to be the one more known.

  • Jose Vasquez

    To tell the truth, if Bill starts yelling, all you have to do is sit back and chill, that's the win. Can't wait to see this shit.

  • Doug Nichols

    They are going to tape it today so that they have enough time to cut it up and keep it from looking like Bill-O getting schooled by a hip hop kid.


    they are playing this fool foxnews do everything for tv ratings fuck foxnews lupe an bill lupe wwill not get a chance to do shit or say shit

  • r

    Lupe speaks truth, I hope he goes in prepared and embarasses this guy and dont let O'Reilly shout over him

  • Anonymous

    its not even the interuptions that'll get Lupe but its the statements like "Everyone knows..."Only the crazies in the far left say..." Along with misstatements and misleading conservative run polls... you just stepped in it Lu. hope you got a extra pair of boots

  • Anonymous

    Lupe can't hang... Bill is gonna talk over him and Lupe aint got that Tupac persona you need to get your point across... Pac was reading a book called 'How to Win An Arguement Every Time' I hope Lupe takes cues.

  • Simon Magus

    Fuck O'REILLY and lupe for his help of the Romney campaign

  • Nico 3

    Why would O' Reilly lie about LF declining to come on the show? If anything, he wants the ratings, and likely would invite any debater because he'd be on his home turf anyway. At least these rappers are smart enough to realize that if they go on TV trying to explain themselves to someone like Bill O' Reilly, they stand to be embarassed big time. Much easier to just bitch about it on Twitter.

    • Anonymous

      Twitter shouldn't be chosen over going on O'Reily Factor no matter how much O'Reily yells at his guests. It shows the courage and integrity of the guest on the show (as long as they ain't lying and they can back their shit up).

    • Doug Nichols

      O'Reilly lies repeatedly about getting people on his show. There have been numerous times where he has come on the air and said that so-and-so is scared to show up when the reality was they never actually bothered to ask.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Bill O’Reilly will answer for his 11 SEP 01 protection racket.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Bill O'Reilly.

  • Anonymous

    as tyler the creator greatly put it...Fuck Bill O'Reilly

  • itchTHEscratch

    Fuck Bill O'Reilly Snoop Dogg gettin' him:

  • NY

    Bill O'Reily is the biggest piece of shit, all he does is complain about other people and if they don't go on his show then he insults them. Jon Stewart killed him in a debate like scenario then they edit the show to make it seem like O'Reily is smarter than he really is. the ironic thing is that O'Reily brought Stewart on to complain saying that the Daily Show takes things out of context to make it seem like other people are dumb but then they edited O'Reily show to make him seem better (practice what you preach you ignorant fuck). As you can tell I have a lot of hatred towards Fox "News" but it's justified with their racist remarks, trying to scare American people so they get more viewers which means more money. On Fox "News" if they don't like then they'll attack you without trying to understand their thinking behind it, but then again they are some of the laziest journalists in the world.

  • Espi

    I'm curious to see how Lupe would do on the O'Reily Factor. I think he will get chewed up to be honest. I'm sure he would do better then Waka Flaka in a voting both, but dude is not a politician. Lupe has some balls to say that, but there's a better way to go about stating how you feel. Now his statement will forever negatively overshadow the positive things he is trying to do such as his book club and promoting a better education system in America. For Real Talk 100, I mean no disrespect but what's your point? The fact that the Grand Old Party Republicans were once a legitimately conservative, free enterprise loving, thought bearing concious of the future party? Or the fact that they are now attention loving, no fact bearing, capitalists without limits, using Jesus to promote their shit party? Things have changed my man.

    • thekidflames

      Let me start by saying I'm a huge fan of Lupe, but this cat is like Nas in this regard. He's too smart for his own good and can't keep his thoughts in order. Too much overflow, so he ends up shooting off at the mouth and getting criticized by the media. Somehow, though, part of me believes that's the point.

  • Anonymous

    Why don't they invite immortal technique? haha

  • Real Talk 100

    Federal laws aimed at discrimination by government actors are expressly within Congress’s authority under the Fourteenth Amendment. The Democrats opposed these civil rights laws not because of any questions about Congress’s authority to enact them—they couldn’t care less about the Constitution—but because they wanted to keep discriminating. The 1964 Civil Rights Act was again supported overwhelmingly by Republicans and less so by Democrats. As with the 1957 and 1960 civil rights acts, it was Republicans who passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act by huge majorities, with a distinctly smaller majority of Democrats supporting it. In the Senate, for example, 82 percent of Republicans voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, compared with only 66 percent of Democrats. In the House, 80 percent of Republicans supported the ’64 bill, compared with only 63 percent of Democrats. The only reason Democratic majorities were beginning to support civil rights for blacks was that by 1964—thanks to Republican voting rights acts—more blacks were voting. Democrats couldn’t keep winning elections in some parts of the country by appealing to the racist mob. As Democratic senator Carter Glass of Virginia had explained years earlier, “Discrimination! Why that is exactly what we propose,” saying the Democrats sought to “remove every negro voter who can be gotten rid of, legally, without materially impairing the numerical strength of the white electorate.” The Democrats’ position on civil rights depended on where the votes were. Of course, there were some serious civil rights champions among Democrats in the twentieth century—we’ve been hearing endless panegyrics to them our entire lives. Once the Democrats got involved, civil rights became just another racket with another mob. Unlike previous civil rights laws, the 1964 Civil Rights Act included provisions aimed at purely private actors, raising the hackles of some constitutional purists, notably Barry Goldwater, the Republicans’ 1964 presidential nominee. Goldwater, like the rest of his party, had supported every single civil rights bill until the 1964 act. But he broke with the vast majority of his fellow Republicans to oppose the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Like many other conservatives opposed to a living, growing, breathing Constitution, Goldwater actually opposed only two of the seven major provisions of the bill—those regulating privately owned housing and public accommodations. But there were other provisions he would have made tougher. For example, Goldwater wanted to make it mandatory that federal funds be withheld from programs practicing discrimination, rather than discretionary, as President Kennedy had requested. Goldwater was a vehement foe of segregation. He was a founder of the NAACP in Arizona, donating the equivalent of several thousand dollars to the organization’s efforts to integrate the public schools. When he was head of the Arizona National Guard, he had integrated the state Guard before Harry Truman announced he was integrating the U.S. military. As the Washington Post said, Goldwater “ended racial segregation in his family department stores, and he was instrumental in ending it in Phoenix schools and restaurants and in the Arizona National Guard.” But he was also a believer in limited government. It was, after all, racist Democratic politicians in the South using the force of the government to violate private property rights by enforcing the Jim Crow laws in the first place. As Sowell points out, it wasn’t the private bus companies demanding that blacks sit in the back of the bus, it was the government.

    • Real Talk 100

      Richard Nixon implemented affirminative action. @NY no I do not remember all the racist Southern Democrats becoming Republicans, because that's a myth. Every segregationist who ever served in the Senate was a Democrat and remained a Democrat except one. Even Strom Thurmond—the only one who later became a Republican—remained a Democrat for eighteen years after running for president as a Dixiecrat. There’s a reason they were not called the “Dixiecans.” Democratic senators Ernest Hollings, Richard Russell, and Sam Ervin all voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and all remained Democrats for the rest of their lives. Al Gore’s father, Albert Gore, voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act; both he and his son remained lifelong Democrats. J. William Fulbright voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act; he remained a Democrat and became the political mentor to Bill Clinton. Senator Robert “Sheets” Byrd voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act; he remained a senior statesman in the Democratic Party until his dying day. A curious sleight of hand is required to hide from the children the fact that all the segregationists in the Senate were Democrats. In history books, such as Robert A. Caro’s biography of Lyndon Johnson, the segregationists are not called “Democrats.” They’re called “Southerners.” Except it wasn’t just “Southerners” voting against civil rights. Not every senator who opposed black civil rights was a Southerner, but every one was a Democrat. In addition to the Southern Democrats who voted against putting the 1957 civil rights bill on the Senate calendar, for example, there were five Democrats from nowhere near the South: Democratic senator Wayne Morse of Oregon—a favorite target of Senator Joe McCarthy—Democratic senator Warren Magnuson of Washington, Democratic senator James Murray of Montana, Democratic senator Mike Mansfield of Montana, and Democratic senator Joseph O’Mahoney of Wyoming. According to Caro, the Western Democrats traded their votes on civil rights for a dam authorization on the Idaho-Oregon border. That’s how dear black civil rights were to liberals—they traded them away for a dam.

    • Assassin221

      Well I enjoy reading a little lesser-known history since I don't have time to look the shit up myself.

    • NY

      Are you forgetting that those Democrats were southern democrats and after the Civil Rights Movement those people became republicans because they would rather see minorities oppressed then have benefits for themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Nice copy and paste homie. Too bad no one will read this since you fail at trying to educate people.

    • Espi

      Wow that was insightful. So your point is?

  • Real Talk 100

    "The Senate vote on the 1960 Civil Rights Act was 71–18. Once again, every single vote against a civil rights bill came from a Democrat, including legendary liberal, hero of Watergate, Sam Ervin.17 Representative George McGovern voted “present.” He would also be the Democrats’ candidate for president in 1972.18 The vote of the Tennessee delegation in the House was typical: The two Republicans from Tennessee voted for the 1960 civil rights bill, the six Democrats from the state voted against."

    • P

      Also the right for black people to vote republicans was down for it people dont understand that the republicans have made a impact in a lot of shit pertaining to slavery,rights to vote(Civil Rights) They re all the same tho just Politics WWE No different

  • Real Talk 100

    Exposing the lies that our socialist public school system has brainwashed us with: "It was Republicans who overwhelmingly introduced, promoted, and passed every civil rights act from the end of the Civil War right up to and including the 1964 Civil Rights Act. President Eisenhower pushed the Civil Rights Act of 1957, written by Attorney General Herbert Brownell, guaranteeing black voting rights, to be enforced by the U.S. Department of Justice. During the endless deliberation on Eisenhower’s civil rights bill, Senator Lyndon Johnson warned his fellow segregationist Democrats, “Be ready to take up the goddamned nigra bill again.” Senator Sam Ervin, another liberal luminary—instrumental in the destruction of anti-communist Republicans Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon—told his fellow segregationists, “I’m on your side, not theirs,” and advised them to face up to the fact that “we’ve got to give the goddamned niggers something. Eisenhower implemented the 1948 executive order President Truman had issued—but then ignored—desegregating the military. Also unlike Truman, Eisenhower hired blacks for prominent positions in his administration, such as assistant secretary of Labor (J. Ernest Wilkens), chairman of the U.S. Board of Parole (Scovel Richardson), UN delegate from the United States (Charles Mahoney), administrative officer on White House staff (Fredrick Morrow), minister to Romania (Clifton R. Wharton), and members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (George M. Johnson and J. Ernest Wilkens)."

  • Sensaye252

    The only time I ever saw a rapper go on a political news show and get the best of the host was when Shyne ethered my man Bill Maher on "Politically Incorrect" about 10 years ago. Oh, and Rza had a respectable showing on some CNN show one time. It'd be nice to see Lupe go on there and rep though.


    man fuck bill and foxnews an if you down with them fuck you to

  • KKK


    • reallynow

      do you honestly think that the color of anyones skin has an immediate effect on how they act? this world is still sick

    • P

      Thats Bcuz White People have Barbaric Sick And Twisted Ways Hands Down The Race That caused the most trouble in the world and white people fucked over so many races, and majority who knows this are paranoid becuz they know they got one coming to u for all the fucked up shit ur ancestors did ohhh... Thats Why Ur paranoid I understand now ANd Ur paranoia shows with the statement u typed

    • cjrocker

      bahahahaha comment of the day

  • Anonymous

    Was George Bush a democrat or Obama and Bush almost on the same team, how much different do they operate from each other. Obama had to be selected before he was elected into government, so why all the fans, he ain't no Moses or Christ!!!

    • Chicken tastes nicer when its cooked

      @ Anan... : Thankgod there are others out there! _____________________________________ People need to realize there is no such thing as free will. Well actually they don't because we as a species need this current system... Everyone works for 5/7ths of their life (mon - fri). Does everyone enjoy work ? hope so because that is all there is to life... In the current system , WE ( ordinary people) are all consumers , we 'work'to buy food,clothes ,homes , other 'necessities' , with all profit being used to better the system and create further 'cash' which forms a paradox. Thus we exchange our 'work' for 'living'. Think about it , from the day you were born , you were programmed ; the television you watch, the books you read , the clothes you wear , the music you listen to, who you vote for - Its all been VERY carefully thought about to ensure you have a passion to work and continue to be a consumer . What happens to those who drift off this path ? Branded : bludgers, Bums ,Useless , Lazy and so forth ( think about the negative contention with these words , why is it so ?) If you are still reading and are pondering why ? then think about this: - According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. -The average American consumes about fifty-three times more goods and services than someone from China. -The United States contains 5 percent of the world's population but accounts for 22 percent of fossil fuel consumption, 24 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, and 33 percent of paper and plastic use. -A child born in the United States will create thirteen times as much ecological damage over the course of his or her lifetime than a child born in Brazil. What I am trying to get at is : WE LIVE IN A FINITE ENVIRONMENT. Yes there is sustainability but research the population increase over the past century and you will see why we need this system... The only way to end world hunger/poverty/war. Is to eliminate the need for resources. Though our current system is fucked ( we let innocent die , have war , and literally have an army of pawns) its better than the alternate. ________________________________________ Well thats the end of my rant for the day , as a wise man once said , "Its all good , Its all right. Fuck all day, Fuck all nite"

    • NY

      The fact is Obama is a great speaker and makes it seem like he's only talking to you even though he's speaking to everyone. He also pushed for a lot of things in his presidential race but majority of those things didn't happen, the tax cuts for the rich which he said he would not renew but he did, some very questionable decisions with the war (said they would be out by now). Obama basically continued all of the policies of Bush which we already knew failed, if he didn't run on Change he wouldn't have been selected over Hillary Clinton but like every politician he lied, the democrats got nothing done when they had majority in the house, senate and had a democrat for president and to me that is the biggest problem they got arrogant and fucked up.

  • nesta

    Did Nobody Read This? Lupe Said He Wasn't Even Invited. U Know Fox News Makes Shit Up Right?

  • Mr. Wow

    Bill is not a bad guy. Yes, he says thing we don't want to hear but it doesn't mean he's wrong. Rappers lie to us 24/7, pump violent images into our heads and we don't say shit to them. Bill is very educated and is a fair man to me. I watch his show all the time and yes we see thing differently most the time but facts are facts and if you want to hear some true facts bill is that guy.

    • NY

      Also I forgot to put about the sexual harassment lawsuit which was settled out of court which means he did it, then he talks badly about Akon saying he degrades women in his videos but he has a history of sexual harassment, am I the only one who finds this wrong?

    • NY

      Music is not news it's not meant to be taken literally, it's about creativity what ever you want to make. News is reporting facts not opinions which Fox "News" only does, other stations do but to a lesser degree. O'Reily grew up rich so what does he know what the average person wants or their perspective.

    • Anonymous

      bill oreilly is the same guy who said he was shocked when he went to a black owned restaurant and was shocked that people were civil and articulate and werent fighting eachother. That says enough about his education.

    • Camaro

      Mr. Wow, u surely must be some 16-year-old kid from somewhere in Utah, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc. Bill is a fair that states facts? Yes, my little white, sheltered friend, your name fits you perfectly..... WOW.

    • Jose Vasquez

      Bill lacks consistency when talking about spitting facts all the time. He just lied about Lupe not wanting to go the O'Reilly Factor...

  • yourtimeisalmostdone

    Lupe is expressing how he feels so let him be...and the rest of you drones will soon realize the truth about Amerikkka. It has a huge karmic debt to pay for not taking care of indigenous people they have harmed all over this planet, mainly the Indians and specifically African-Americans...too late for reparations too so keep that change...the sun is burning up those who lack the necessary ingredient to survive..thats why you see all of these multi-racial people over the past 10 years..melanin is needed so they won't perish under Ra(sun)...the time is near for truth to invade the lies that have been a part of this brainwashed state most are in...wake up

    • Real Talk 100

      @yourtimeisalmostdone . The white people will be fine, they solved this problem years ago, they call it sun tan lotion. Ya you've gone a little bat shit talkin your Hitler-like eugenics and apolocalpyic theories about how all the white folks are going to be ethinically cleansed by this mythical vengeful God the liberals call "global warming". But just so you know, ive seen alot of "white" people (paritularly the snow bunny variety) preparing for this unlikely scenario by taking their goggles to Hollywood Tans and turning themselves orange in tanning beds.

    • Yup

      Yeah...I feel you to a degree, but people are more brainwashed all over the world, not just in America.

  • Lol

    Here's what I don't get. How come everyone is hating on Lupe for merely stating his opinion. I also don't get why Bill O'Reilly is calling him a pinhead for not wanting to go on another show and clarify his opinions. I ALSO don't get why Bill O'Reilly even gives a fuck because I remember him slandering Obama and calling all sorts of things that correspond with the label "Terrorist". That would be the first time ever, as far as I know, that Bill O'Reilly would have someone come onto his show with a similar opinion to him.

  • Chicken tastes nicer when its cooked

    Directed @ Ignorant Americans: First off I have to apologize to the educated individuals who reside in the 'land of the free' for specifically targeting one demographic . __________________________________________ Lets begin with the definition of the word terrorism. Ter·ror·ism (noun /ˈterəˌrizəm)  The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Hmmm wait so those kids who arm them selves with IED's ( improvised explosive devices) to 'defend' their families sure dont fit that ..... __________________________________________ Now lets address , Lupe. Why is Lupe: "Stupid ass lupe" -JG3 So lupe is stupid for questioning foreign policy which oppresses the weak and condemning the non-action a position which was created to 'serve the people' ? The president is a public servant, never forget that. As Niccolo Machiavelli said , " It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles." __________________________________________ Fuck this , live and let live , hope this rant opened the eyes of one clown. Peace. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." -Aristotle

    • Real Talk 100

      December 21, 1787 Federalist 25 Alexander Hamilton "If, to obviate this consequence, it should be resolved to extend the prohibition to the RAISING of armies in time of peace, the United States would then exhibit the most extraordinary spectacle which the world has yet seen, that of a nation incapacitated by its Constitution to prepare for defense, before it was actually invaded. As the ceremony of a formal denunciation of war has of late fallen into disuse, the presence of an enemy within our territories must be waited for, as the legal warrant to the government to begin its levies of men for the protection of the State. We must receive the blow, before we could even prepare to return it. All that kind of policy by which nations anticipate distant danger, and meet the gathering storm, must be abstained from, as contrary to the genuine maxims of a free government. We must expose our property and liberty to the mercy of foreign invaders, and invite them by our weakness to seize the naked and defenseless prey, because we are afraid that rulers, created by our choice, dependent on our will, might endanger that liberty, by an abuse of the means necessary to its preservation."

    • Yup

      I guess some of those suicide bombers need to be reprogrammed with a little Aristole philosophy then, huh?

  • Real Talk 100

    Also it is not the policy of the United States to attack civilians. If a school was bombed in Libya, I have not heard about it, but it was not purposeful. Also if you recall, the Americans are only supporting the French and the British in Libya. Also if you recall, it was the communist Quadafi who sent his military including air craft to machine gun protesters.

    • Omar Osgood

      Do you really expect anyone to listen to what you are saying if you believe that "Quadafi" is a Communist.

  • Interesting...

    I don't like o'Reily, but I do enjoy his debates with people from time to time (as long as he lets them speak). If this is true about Lupe turning down this shot at the show, then Lupe is as ignorant as those functioning illiterates that he had mentioned before. If your going to throw a heavy, heavy statement such as Obama being the biggest terrorist, then you better be ready to be held accountable for it by people...

  • ccc

    i can't believe these comments! you guys actually think that Obama is chilling at the white house sipping champagne? Homeboy is trying to survive in that hasrsh white environment and also do the best he can. when he tried to help libya oust gaddaffi, people complained. when he has now pulled out, people are still complaining! WTF DO YOU GUYS WANT FROM A NIGGA???

  • Anonymous

    Real terrorism is when British intelligence agencie's go into a country and pay terrorist cells(al- Qaeda) large sum amount's of money in a plot to kill presidents of developing countries

  • JG3

    When freedom of speech goes wrong...Lupe put his foot in his mouth and O'Reilly called him out. Like someone else already stated, as much as I don't like or support O'Reilly...he's right on this one. Stupid ass Lupe...

  • Real Talk 100

    Lupe's pompous pampered ass like alot of yall, got no idea what real terrorism is. This is the REALITY that the rest of the world has to deal with: Real terrorism is a mother and her daughter shopping in the Iraqi market and getting killed by a suicide bomber. Real terrorism is going to a hotel or to your mosque or to your home and a gang of dudes comes through the back door with machine guns. Real terrorism is getting your head sawed off on camera for being journalist. Real terrorism is when your mayors, your judges, and your policemen are getting killed left and right (Mexico), your new army recruits in training get bombed (Pakistan), and your kids can't go to school because the Taliban laced it with barbwire and land mines (Afghanistan).

    • You are a dumb@ss

      Real terrorism is going to work at the World Trade Center then looking out the window to see a plane coming right at you. Killing you and thousands of innocent people. The fact is we wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for that. Talk to someone who can give you some real facts about how it is over there. I got plenty of friends and family over there who tell me how it really is and not this conspiracy ignorance that the rest of you talk about.

    • Real Talk 100

      your facts are off homie, most Muslims have been killed in Iraq by other Muslims. Did you forget the suicide bombers attacking the Shiite holy places, and the market places daily? Did you forget about Zarqawi and AQI? Sunni militias armed by Libya? Al Sadr and other Shiite militias armed by Iran? Militants from Syria? The reason you have less violence today versus a few years ago was because of the Sunni Awakening and the Shitte government turning against al Sadr. In the void left open by American incompetance and the void closed by General Patreaus troop surge 1) The Sunnis found out they did not like Al Queda style governance, and 2) they realized they'd rather have America as their big bro than Iran. And the (Shiite) Iraqi government realized it was screwed with a civil war and the Americans leaving so it had to stand up agasint the rise of al Sadr and the other Shiite militias.

    • dumb@ss

      Also, real terrorism is when your disabled children go to school only for it to be bombed by the US (Libya). Real terrorism is when children as young as 11 are handcuffed by US soldiers and shot dead in the middle of the streets. The fact is, you don't know what real terrorism is either. Of course Lupe is speaking out, he is a Muslim and the US have killed more than 1 million Muslims in the past 8 years over in Iraq.

  • Assassin221

    As much as I hate Bill O'Reilly, what I hate even more is when he's right. This may be one of those cases.

  • pico presi

    He's right this time tho.. Lupe is that dude that says shit just to say shit. Obama is the biggest terrorist, come on son. He enjoys taking contrarian/devil advocate positions to court attention to his so called political self righteousness. But when asked to back it up he sounds like "Sincere" from Belly. Bwahahahahaha. lol. Now let me put on my internet vest to duck the Lu Stans sure to hit me up with a "go fuck you mother!" hahahah

    • Anonymous

      That sums up Lupe Fiasco and his behaviour on the media pretty much. I've heard 5th graders who got their point across in a much more credible way.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha Sincere from Belly LMAO good one.

    • Real Talk 100

      Obama is not a terrorist. He is a European-style Social Democrat, he is ideologically opposed to the American Republic set up in our Constitution. But he is not a terrorist.

  • Real Talk 100

    OReilly is the man. Yall hate him cuz he's RIGHT.

    • r

      O'Reilly is an ignorant asshole who won't let any1 speak and if they do get a word in he'll try and discredit them in ridiculous ways and uses made up facts. Any1 who backs this guy must be just as dumb.

    • BrownJack

      @RealTalk is an idiot Damn y'all quick to jump on a nigga. All he was saying was since his school had Ronald Reagan and Ann Coulter on the wall, they weren't socialist teachers and left wing brainwashers.

    • I meant at Not an Idiot

      Well apparently I'm the idiot here for mixing up the names haha. But my point was valid. Damn this public school coffee...

    • RealTalk is an idiot

      Well wtf do you expect being in an AMERICAN public school? Your gonna have fucking posters of presidents and such. Maybe your parents should have been smarter by putting you in a private school or home studies. If you say they couldn't afford it, then STFU, at least you had an opportunity with free education as opposed to other countries who lack free education. Damn people take shit for granted sometimes...

    • Not An Idiot

      @RealTalk100 I went to a public school where teachers had posters of Ronald Reagan and Ann Coulter on the walls and got abstinence only sex-ed, so you can spare me the "socialist teachers are brainwashing all our kids" talk

    • Real Talk 100

      Why do they let Waka Floka fans on here?

    • Anonymous

      why are eminem fans allowed on this site

    • Real Talk 100

      @Not an idiot: No you hate OReilly because his ideas and viewpoints conflict with the Marxist brainwashing we all got in our government run public schools by our socialist public school teachers in their greedy socialist teachers unions.

    • Not An Idiot

      No, we hate him because he's a race-baiting, ignorant asshole who would rather cut the microphone of his guests than allow for an opposing viewpoint to be presented

    • Jack Reed

      Agree 100%

  • Ace Kannon

    I hope B'O'R gets shot in the face by a minority. his fucking cracker ass needs to be hung from a tree

    • kay

      I think lupe is not coming out directly on his reasons. And i think it is because his muslim that he feels obama is the biggest racist. If you would ask me, i would say the system IS, not just obama. The U.S go and cause trouble where ever they go, but they make the world they are the ones solving the problem there. They go where they have something to gain, and the live the place in more mess than they met it.

    • Real Talk 100

      Shoot people in the face and lynch OReilly. Ace do you belong to the KKK?

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