Uncle Murda Sheds Light On Showdown with 50 Cent

Murda discusses a showdown with 50 Cent earlier in his career.

As Uncle Murda began making a name for himself in Hip Hop, he also took shots at other names. During a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, Uncle Murda described how he felt during a showdown with one of those names he took shots at, 50 Cent. He explained how this showdown could have gotten heated but that he and 50 have since become acquaintances. 

"When I was on the come up, I used to be saying things about 50 in my music. 50 was aware of that," he noted. Still, despite speaking ill of 50, he managed to get a meeting with Violator management at their offices, where he went in carefully. 

"Now, mind you, when I'm going up there, I'm going up there strapped," he noted. "I'm not trying to get set up or caught in no situations. I know I done said all this shit about [50 Cent]. So, who comes strolling in the conference room? 50." 

When 50 asked him if he wanted a record deal, he responded with a rejection. 

"I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm looking for a record deal. Not from you, though.' He said, 'What? Word? What's up? Why? Niggas ain't feelin' G-Unit?'" 

It turns out, 50 was not offended by the disses, admitting that he did the same thing earlier in his career, alluding to "How to Rob." 

"He was like, 'It ain't personal, though. I did the same thing.'" 

For more on this conversation about Uncle Murda, check the video below. 


  • Rum

    maaan I use to respect NY but niggas is garbage just like deez new niggas and dis is no disrespect to NY cause I'm a south nigga and most of all deez new niggas is garbage. What up to SAIGON for dropping a banger.

  • haah

    uncle murda is a career loser. niggas can say 50 fell off all they want, he hit the jackpot and is in control of the money. these NY mixtape niggas who been out 10 years and still aint done shit, got no other way of being noticed without a niggas name in their mouth. uncle murda is a g, showing up to a meeting strapped. im sure 50 felt the pressure. its not like 50 rolls with niggas that will legally pop u or anything. 50 musta had a good laugh when this ashy nigga left his office. im sure he regrets not signing uncle murda, he left about 12 dollars on the table and fif is all about the money. uncle murda is one of the wackest entities in the history of rap.

  • KayGee

    Uncle Murda is a joke.. So what he can take guns and be tough with them. He tried to steal the Bekay name and boy got verbally trounced bu the original Bekay. No one wants Murda on their label. He isnt anything special.


    never heard of him but that was a good damn move by not going with the unit


      shit thats what i was gone say. like i said i fucks with that 2004 on back NY music but this shit today is trash no better then south but they want tell it

    • trooth

      ^^^ becuz he's trash..only Ny niggas would like this dude...that just shows u how bad NYC music is nowadays

    • joe6packofwinecoolers

      how have you never heard of him?

  • jj

    he should of took the deal.

  • Influencer

    How the fuck do you reject a record deal from one of the biggest names in not only hip-hop but in music today JUST because you want to "look hard"? Dude's clearly not the brightest color in the crayon box. Money should come before everything at that point. 50 Cent even said he didn't take it personally, what more do you want? Good luck finding a deal ANYWHERE not "Uncle Murda".

  • Real Talk

    If this really did happen, he should of took the deal lol It's over now boy. 50 cent $$>

  • Anonymous

    who cares for uncle fake and 50 yen

  • haha

    haha dude talking about how hard he is wearing a RED yankees hat? wtf red yankees hat wrong color dude

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8r8377zGew We Killin It - Barton Block

  • Jose Vasquez

    What was the point of talking about it if it didn't go down?

  • Kendall Walters

    probably caused him to never have a decent career.. good job

  • vbnm

    Fuck the mainstreem real hip hop fans always support the underdog...This is the real reason why the genre is dying out for sure!!

  • Nothing Personal, Just the Truth

    No one cares about Uncle Murda. No one cares about this "story."

  • LostProduct

    Holla at me FIF some sick beats http://soundcloud.com/black-ice-1

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