Nas Almost Finished Recording "Life Is Good,” Reveals First Single "Nasty”

Esco explained that the album is music "for survivors" and that the single should be arriving shortly.

Nas has revealed that he’s almost finished recording his upcoming album Life is Good. Esco recently spoke with MTV’s Sucker Free to discuss the project, stating that the first single is titled “Nasty” and will be released soon.

“It’s not done. It’s almost there. It feels good. It feels like... I’m letting a lot go on this, and I’m happy that I’m here. I’m just a survivor,” he told DJ Envy. “I look at a lot of us like survivors. This is music for survivors. This is the keep your hope, to change your mind state when you don’t think it’s good. It is, man, no matter what. So when they get a taste of it, they gon’ feel exactly what it’s coming from and they gon’ know what it is. Take it from a man who experienced it.” 

On “Nasty,” he channels his former moniker Nasty Nas but looks ahead. “The first joint is called ‘Nasty.’ That’s what we getting ready to give the world right now,” he continued. “You right on time. We ain’t going backwards, we staying forwards though. They gon’ see what it is.”

He also hinted that he’ll discuss recent events in his life including his divorce from Kelis. “I couldn’t keep it out. Everything’s addressed. It’s all life,” he continued. “But at the end of the day, everything’s a blessing. I’m a learner. I learn from our experiences. We all do. And what I came up with out of all of that, everything I been through, is that it’s good to be here.”

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  • Anonymous

    nas is still a dope mc but looks like most peeps agree that his beats have been wak last three or four albums. the last dope album for me was gods son he should do a project with dj premier.

  • anonymous

    nasir keeps delivering us that good hip hop life is good

  • Caesar Cognac

    I'M The N to the A to the S.I.R/ if i wasn't i must have been Escobar. GOAT

  • Beatz Grymm

    Can't wait for this!

  • Anonymous

    Nas got one of the absolute best unreleased catalouges. Incredible material, search for it on YouTube or type Nas unreleased compilation or something like that into google. Some of these songs rival Illmatic, IWW, Stillmatic and The Lost Tapes.

  • nnamdi

    cant wait for the album to drop! i just hope he comes with a hot beat!!!

  • Anonymous

    All I know is Nas is the only lyrical MC that doesn't make radio-pop music and still sells on a major-label. Just look at how pop Em and Jay have become! Nas just does him.

  • Anonymous

    To me Nas is the GOAT because questional beats selection aside, He has multiple classics and hasn't ever soldout or done radio joints with the exception of his I am. and Nastradamus. and even those albums only had a couple. I respect he has never gone pop and represents the pure essence of hiphop. Bar for Bar Nas has Eminem beat because Em talks a lot of nonsense and you take away Jay-Z's business acumen and Nas is better still. How many Rappers have released 10 full-length old albums???? Like 4.

  • South Africa

    hmmmn, could the album title pose a double meaning, the other referring to him being on G.O.O.D Music....hence "Life is G.O.O.D"?

  • Obi Patrick


  • Anonymous

    Trust me, Nas it at his best when people call him out. You should remember Stillmatic.

  • KRome

    I hope Nas gets on his A game like he's hungry and just slaughters almost every track on this shit

  • KRome

    I already know Nas gonna bring it lyrically.. I just hope this time he really let niggas know that he's that nigga.. and he gets some nice beats

  • Erik Boyd

    i love Nas, but i can't seem to stop thinking that the beats on this project are going to suck as bad as Untitled or worse. and it doesn't help that he cited Drake and Lil Wayne as influences.

    • Anonymous

      Hip Hop Is Dead, The Nigger Tape, Untitled and Distant Relatives have all been dope as fuck, Nas is on a run.

    • Anonymous

      Untitled was a great album, it wasn't a pop album, it's sound wasn't party music or radio cuts. It was something to listen to think about and appreciate. It took a few listens to find the vibe.

    • kennyken

      i don't think that will change nas music. i think its good that he recognizes different styles, that means he's listening and i hope he just gets out of that box he's been in on the last few albums....just go in as nas and be nas....not try to live in the shell that everyone try's to create for him...come out of his own mind with some marvelous shit! man nas, you got folk wanting you to do you on this one bruh!

  • Anonymous

    this new one will be better than the last that whole self-loathing "be a nigger too shit" was kind of wack.. u aint malcom x homie get back to the LYRICS!

    • Anonymous

      co-sign 4Real

    • 4 REAL

      Nas was doin' what he always sets out to do which ways make you think in ways some of you don't consider in todays climate in rap muzik. That's part of the problem, you nigs think somebody preaching when they shed light on political/social matters.

    • Anonymous

      yea of course there were lyrics shithead but he was trying to preach..

    • Anonymous

      There was no lyrics on the untitled album?? ur dont make sense saying that, and who said he was trying be malcolm x?? get outta here!


    im looking forward to this album fa sho . Nasty single should be good . cant wait to hear some new shit . HIP HOP IS ALIVE BECUZ NAS IS STILL IN IT TO WIN IT

  • Nas Man Lover

    Me, Nas, AZ and DJ Premo are engaged!

  • Anonymous

    \he needs to do more promoting but at least hes not being lame like other rappers who release mixtape after mixtape with no album in sight. As for features i'd like to see the game,jay-z,lupe fiasco and someone from wu-tang

  • richard burger

    The few who doubt Nas always look stupid in the end. Nasty Nas is coming!

  • dc burner guy

    so many ppl are gonna feel stupid when this album drops... you will understand why he is better than your fav rapper. stay tuned.

  • KLAS

    I HATE how I cant watch all these MTV videos because I'm in Canada and I'm out of region. BS!

  • NaSty

    I trust NaS with my ears, he has never let me down

  • Right On

    idk man, im indifferent towards this album guess i gotta wait till it comes out

  • Anonymous

    Nas is lucky he dropped some of the best hiphop ever early on in his career, as it has secured him a stable fanbase that will always listen to him, no matter how shitty albums he puts out. He can flow, no doubt, but honestly his beat choices are often abit meh. Half baked fuckin' concepts

    • plentymad

      I agree with this. He's always been a great emcee, but his beats pretty much sucked after Illmatic, except for a few here and there. And he's still in my top 5.

  • WhoaThere

    Nas get all the comments in the world but no album sales, hmmmmmmm.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody said that. It's good thing for Nas and hip hop because a highly lyrical rapper like him (arguably the GOAT) sells so much.

    • Anonymous

      Stillmatic is multi-platinum

    • plentymad

      Album sales do not equal good music.

    • haha

      @WhoaThere: Nigga you can't even spell talking about "left face it". Let's face the facts that Nas has sold 20 million records worldwide. The sells listed above are just US sells. You haters are so funny with your bullshit but yet you click on a post about an artist you state is no longer good...GTFOH!

    • Anonymous

      nas is world known for a reason my nigga he is well established. The unique thing about nas is he brought street underground type rap to the mainstream...... and still does.

    • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

      @Woahthere not good anymore?!?! Man one of my friends says the exact same thing. He says "No Nas is worth listening to unless it's Illmatic. Since Illmatic is his greatest work there's no need to listen to anything else." I disagree. Nas is far from falling off if that's what you're saying. Just because he doesn't put out work every year doesn't mean he's losing skill. It takes skill to make good music but it takes a struggle/surviving the times to make great music. As for sales...look at how much sales have decreased and how hard it is for QUALITY rappers now to go Platinum...let alone Gold. Nas had very decent sales GOH

    • Anonymous

      whoathere-u call that not selling??...

    • WhoaThere

      Yall call the selling, smh Nas ain't been good since idk when I use to like Nas, but lefts face it he's not good anymore

    • Cage

      ^^ Lol... whoathere shootin his mouth off with zero research done... What a fuckin clown....

    • Lol

      Whoathere - typical lil fan...thats a fan of any rapper with a lil in their name.

    • Anonymous

      Illmatic: Platinum It Was Written: 2x Platinum I Am...: 2x Platinum Nastradamus: Platinum Stillmatic: Platinum God's Son: Platinum Street's Disciple: Platinum Hip Hop Is Dead: Gold Untitled: Gold No sales? Get the fuck outta here.

  • kennyken

    this nigga said just a few weeks ago that he just came up with the concept of an album...nas is good at keeping his shit man lol

  • kennyken

    yep...nas is back to being nas. being a man, with a god given talent to talk about everything...not just africa, and being lyrical....nas has a true talent man. i'm waiting for it all...but don't get it twisted, africa is a part of him, he's a complex human man, i can't wait for him to discuss him. with some beats that compliment that flow. yessir...i can feel it.

  • Omecca

    I wonder if the first single Nasty will be produced by Bangaledesh??? Or whatever dude's name is that produced Amilli and 6 foot, 7 foot. With a title called Nasty, I can only imagine Nas is gonna bring the heat on acrazy track just to REMIND people that he's still NAS!!! He definitely sounds focused, happy, and actually open to a new sound and vibe. I think this album (if marketed right) could return him to platinum status. I only hope so b/c I'm tired of hearing Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaq on the radio 24/7!

    • plentymad

      Nicki Minaj is aight.

    • Anonymous

      You're tired of those guys, yet you want their producers on a Nas album? Get the fuck out of here. Why pick a repetitive beat when he could get a track from legends like Premier?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like God Son part 2 !

    • Anonymous

      That's always a good thing. You gotta thank Nas, no matter what he goes trough, he's sending that positive message. Can't wait for it, so glad that he moved on. He realized that he can't copy Illmatic because he's living a complete different life. All these niggas who're trying to recreate their classics from 10-15 years ago and then they're wondering why they can't. Nas = GOAT!

  • Real Talk

    and streets disciple was ehhhhh

  • Real Talk

    After hearing the title, I aint sure if its gona be tight. It sounds like he's going back to the street disciple days. He's on def jam though...

    • Rival X Jordan

      real talk. Get your shit together. Nas is going to go in. Street Disciple was ill kid. and this going to go hard as well.

  • Shamba Menelek

    I know Nas, has to go thru politics, label BS, but judging from the music I produced in this period, and viewing the interview, I can Imagine he has a lot to say.Needless to say I am Impatiently waiting.

  • Anonymous

    dont believe the hype! the earliest dude will be out is Fall...maybe 2012.


    TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE 1.GUCCI MANE(Crazy ad-libs,sick flow,stupid fruity swag,sick lemonade chains,ice cream tatts) 2.NAS(nice flow,nyc swag) 3.JAY-Z(sold coke,had the 99 lexus on lexanis when nikkaz were riding toyotas) 4.EMINEM(killer flow,white trash power) 5.TRICK DADDY(gold grillz,kfc chicken guy like me)

    • havoc

      dawg kill yourself right now gucci shouldnt be in the top million rappers let alone number one . and what the f*#k is a fruity swag ? yall cats now a days will just run with anything

    • Anonymous

      Look at his name, genius. It literally says "burr burr burr". Do you think he wants to be taken seriously?

    • what?

      you literally know nothing. Either that or you are just looking for a reaction.



    • Anonymous

      Keep crying bitches.

    • Anonymous

      One thing Nas has never done though is claim hes retiring after every album to increase his sales though. Jay-z was a crybaby rapper until Pac died and opened the door for him to not look as foolish.

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z loves Nas, is obsessed with him and begged for a feature since the beginning.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Jokers, he doesnt sell out like GAY-Z... TBH jay-z only famous koz he a business man, he aint shit, NAS doesnt have to prove anything hes already ETHERED GAY-Z once, and nearly every album gone platinum, GAY-Z IS LAAMEEEE!!!

    • Anonymous

      "and thats just LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!"

  • Anonymous

    NASty !!!! bringing some that shitt bacck yeeaa boii!!! cant wait for the single !! nas is GOAT!!

  • Anonymous


  • Milan Ray

    although still lyrically more distinctive and selective than any other rapper, its sad to see nas conceptually done

    • Real Talk

      maybe .. I hope not though

    • Refort

      "Conceptually done"?? How is he done when he finds new stuff to talk about on every single album... Nas is the only rapper who does that...No two Nas albums are alike. Buy any 2 albums from 50 Cent or Raekwon or Jay-Z or any other mainstream rapper (Good or Bad) and they're talking about the same old shit every album. Just because the whole album doesn't have a theme like his last two doesn't mean he's done. People have a very short term memory when it comes to Nas and they're always rushing into doubt.. Nas has never let anyone down "Conceptually". He's the most creative MC there is! wtf

  • Anonymous

    NAs is a modern-day Donald Goines. He paints you a different side of life with his musical craftsmanship.He gives you the horror of life from tales of militants, freedom fighters, gangsters, lawyers, bosses, pretty women, egpyt, africa, asia, black,white,latin etc...Like he said he's like, "All races combined in one man!" So his music will always be relevant to what's going on. The problem is that most of us don't wanna deal with our problems. Plus what separated Nas was that alot of people hated on him cus' unlike most rappers he was a pretty you're a fly dude living in the PJ's alot of niggas don't like that.Trust me I know. Then on top of that he's a nerd but he used to selling crack with his younger brother(Jungle) who was wilder than him on some chaos shit so he had to go to war! Nas is clearly the most enigmatic figure in Hip Hop! I always doubted his song choices. He makes music good enough for him to be considered the greatest but the difference between him and Jay-Z is that the "machine" worked with Jay becuase Jay was all about "Money,Cash,Hoes" since the beginning and Nas was always suppossed to be this "verbal assasin!" A man who as a boy was chosen to be the "streets disciple!" People forget Nas was only like 19 when Illmatic was created. Jay-Z was like 23 in Marcy selling crack and rapping like the Fu-schnickens! lol So Jay-z never had the talent Nas had he had the "hustle" Nas never had. Musically Nas is a Don, top 5 dead or alive and one of the richest black men under 40 in America, period, has sold over 20 million records worldwide, has a fan base that will have him rapping in Vegas when he's 60 if he wants to, has as grammy and thru it all seemed to keep it more on the spiritual tip! For him to be number one in the game at one point I never got the sense that he soul his soul like Jay and was a better boss than Pac or Big cus he survived. Hence Life is Good! I'd say he's won in life. My dude Nasty Nas is coming back!

    • braveheart

      "has a fan base that will have him rapping in Vegas when he's 60 if he wants to"...Hilarious! I've probably said this every time I had to explain why he's the best ever! He'll be making songs like he did on his father's album...In the World: From Natchez to New york, Jungle Jay ft. Nas


      Good points my g couldn't have said it any better great read, Remember from Illmatic it was written i am...Nastradamus Nas always leaves us with a puzzle, the most creative emcee of all time. Can't wait until the album drops only hip hop fan recognize.

    • Dylann17

      Great point. 'How you like me know, I go blaow'.

    • Anonymous

      A good read!

    • Bryan Moore

      Could not have said it any better at all. ^

  • A.S.

    "We ain’t going backwards, we staying forwards though. They gon’ see what it is.” Really glad Nas is sticking by this philosophy; he's one of the few artists illustrating growth in hip-hop and the genre's better for it.

  • The MG

    New music from Nas is always a plus. Waiting on that single...

  • Truth

    This is crazy - Nas's looks re-energized and focused and uplifted from the year plus influence with Jr Gong Marley! The title sounds like he's gonna render a lyrical blaze. For the record, all of Nas's solo hits plaques have no guess appearence! Nas is one of the few that can spew substance fire dulo. Can't wait for this album! And hopefully him and Jr Gong wil do a part 2 to their classic! Has anybody heard any of jr Gongs new songs dude is wicked! Its clear that his skills completely elevated working with Nas. In retrospect, Nas has returned with new fire.

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    Should be classic



  • R.C.

    cant wait to hear some new material from Nas. still one of my fave rappers of all time. dont like the "life is good" title but hopefully the music speaks for itself. as far as Nas bein a nerd or a not a street dude, i dont think either is true. Nas is like many kids from urban america, he grew up in an environment surrounded by drugs, violence, negativity etc. but he didnt let it get the best of him. he wrote about his struggles and experiences and made somethin positive out of somethin negative. Nas is a street poet, he been around cats that hustled and he even hustled. plus he read the damn dictionary. he's just a kid from urban america that made somethin out of nothin.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Thank you. I need a Nas album as does the rest of the world.

  • Obi Patrick

    cant wait for this nigga's album for real, I know he'll deliver as promised..

  • Sensaye252

    I can't wait. I hope he's focused and confident in his own creative genius.

  • Googie Googums

    NaS is the greatest rapper of all time. And now, more than ever, he needs to reaffirm his title in this current Hip Hop climate.

    • nazir

      Co-sign. This news has me hoping that the album will be released this year and from what ive been hearing of him on the mobb deep joint,raekwon track,collaborating with common then it looks like its gonna be another 5 mic classic ESCO LETS GOO!!!

  • hellrazor

    cant wait to hear it. i still would've liked to hear lost tapes 2. fuck def jam for not droppin it!!!

  • Dylann17

    I am definitely buying this album. Hope he has some good features on it. ESCO!!

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    YES!!!! Life is indeed good

  • Juan Madridista

    you never know with nas, i will believe when i hear it

  • Juan Madridista

    top 3 dead or alive

  • Jersey Finest Kings


  • Espi

    Nas is always worth listening to regardless of the beat however if the beat is dope, life is that much sweeter.


    the game need a nas album right now hope them beats on point

  • Anonymous

    The greatest lyracist ever. Best lyrics, most diverse/compelling subject matter. And just think. a third of his classic stuff hasn't even been released

  • Anonymous

    20 years in !! dam his name still ringing

  • Simon Wang

    Powerful words from one of the greatest Emcees of all time. It seems like Nas is feeling a bit happier with his life. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to "Life is Good".

  • Safari

    Damn! I just read that Nas has been in the game for 20 years now! This man is a true legend. QB true G!

    • Anonymous

      What's bad about it? Exactly nothing. People who dissed him for that are just mad because they don't got his abilties.

    • Anonymous

      The truth is Nas never used to roll like a gangster.He was a good kid.He minded his business and was able to witness things that happened in the neighbourhood and then transcribe them into lyrics.And that's a fact.

    • @rule

      ^^^^are you really implying that street niggas cant be both street smart & book smart?? so street niggas cant be smart like nas otherwise their a nerd?? dont play yourself jack, its not a good idea to downplay the intelligence of a street cat by calling nas a nerd.

    • Anonymous

      Rule still lives in his mom's basement.

    • Rule

      True G ? nas is not a street cat hes a nerd from the hood

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