DJ Khalil Says Dr. Dre's "Detox" Is Almost Finished

The "Kush" producer explains that Dre's in the final stretch of recording for the LP.

DJ Khalil, who produced Dr. Dre’s single “Kush” featuring Akon and Snoop Dogg, claims that Detox is almost completed. Speaking with, the beatsmith explained that finishing the album is the West Coast veteran’s top priority.

“Dre's album is definitely the most important thing right now, because he is definitely in the final stretch," says Khalil. "He has the record going, but I'm sure he thinks there are pieces missing still. Until he finds those pieces, maybe he's not comfortable putting it out yet."

Though he has trouble describing the sound of the LP, he claims it’s forward-thinking. “It's definitely a West Coast sound -- more futuristic West Coast sound -- at least from what I've turned in," he says. "I don't know what he's keeping, though."

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  • kain

    Hip Hop aint dead…so many out there! Kendrick and his den, Rhymesayers got so many, and … outkast keep putting fire out (even if they don’t seem to have done it together so much)… Damon Dash had that project with the Black Keys, mos always brings hype and… the list goes on! Dre probably has nothing great to say… He was never a lyricist. He swam that gangsta wave with maybe some conscience it it, but nothing really deep or really new! His beats aint that great from what I have heard! His hits all sound the same, kind of like Dieter Bohlen’s. First singles are whack if u ask me…11 years of filing to make it a Dre album!? Don’t measure Hip Hop or even just Rap music to Dr. Dre. Dude is a millionaire and gives a fuck about any of us… I am one of his OG fans from way back when it all started…I have moved on, no need to cry after this dude, many other talented rappers and producers out there, with great sound and definitely more to say…

  • hewzo

    To all those hater hatein on dr dre about his album dropin can go n eat a dick u no fans of dre u only discover dre when eminem came on tha seain so hater no how u are you's are maget sick to ya white shit n punk stay tha fuck away from somethink use don't no nuffthink about

  • Detox-3011

    Almost finished? 10 G*DAMN YEARS. He hasn't been doin sh*t until maybe a year ago and decided to actually release this because he needs some $$$ after not doin shit forever now DRE IS F***ING WITH US.


    Forgot about Dre... uhm I forgot about the Detox album. I heard his next album will take him 25 years to make

  • Anonymous letsjust pretend dr dre died and im his replacement


    this shit aint never gon come out he aint working wit snoop rbx and the doc i mean wat does he do in the studio if khalil and alex da kid making the beats question for H.I.T.T.M.A.N. WAT DOES DRE DO IN THE STUDIO HE DONT WRITE LYRICS WHAT WAS THE PROCESS LIKE FOR 2001 SEEMS LIKE THE GHOST PRODUCER RUMORS ARE TRUE MEL MAN AND SCOTT STORCH PRODUCED 2001

  • Lankh

    fuck Dre, Detox is «almost finished» for 10 years...

  • Duke

    yeah i doubt it's almost done

  • Simple like AC, 123

    "He has the record going, but I'm sure he thinks there are pieces missing still. Until he finds those pieces, maybe he's not comfortable putting it out yet." 10 years to find that "fuckin" pieces? Damn!

  • The MG

    How many times has Detox been "finished" or "almost finished"?

  • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

    Dre is supremely overrated IMO...2001 wasnt even dat good an album

  • jnr

    Heard DETOX was coming out 8yrs ago and i was 22, i'm 30 now and still nothing??? Damn, i will be a grandad by the time DETOX comes out and that's like in 30yrs time.... Wake me up from my rockin chair smoking when it does....

  • Nate Dogg

    Hey Dre! I died while waiting for you call me for Detox recording session. Now I'm chillin with Pac in Afterlife and he still thinks your gay. Oh and How dare you replace me with Akon!!!

  • doyel

    Dr Dre should be way past this by now, your excellency should be doing the producer/mc thing. He should be looking for the most influential and advanced mcs, newjack's and vetz to jump on top of these socalled beats from the socalled greatest producer of all kind. It leaves him with a big responsibility to bring real hip hop culture back to the masses!

  • Felli Fel

    The only way for Detox to become a hit is if Dre get Lex Luger to crank out every song - real motherfucking talk - Lex Luger is the best in the game right now.

  • jeff

    Seriously, its the same shit over and over again. Dre had his time to drop detox years ago. Shame on him for thinking that his star power was strong enough that people would actually wait years for this piece of shit album. Dre, just retire already. No one gives a shit about your wack ass detox!

    • weswes

      well you clicked on the link, you read the article, and you took your time to comment? and you dont care? hahaha... loser

  • RT

    This fucking faggot don't even need to drop an album.. fuck that shit... put out singles like back in the fucking day... nobody gonna listen to 40-50 minutes of mediocre wack shit anyways! and he don't have the magic he used to matter of fact, I'll co-sign myself, real talk

  • Bugzy

    Man, this is all bad for Dre. Every day there is a different story about "detox" i use quotes cause now I'm not even sure this album exits anymore. Everybody and they mama has had something to say about this album except the person responsible for it...DRE. I mean why is Dre so quiet about this supposed monsta album that has been in the works since God knows when. My personal opinion is Detox does not release in 2011 which is only going to piss people off even more cause so much hype and articles have been written about this album and no one really is sure WTF is really going on except Dre.

  • PeoplePlease

    Is Jimmy paying for all these Dre stories? How many in house producers has Dre used? Scott Storch, Khalil, D.O.C., Warren G, DJ Quik.... Dre is seriously overrated, but, hype and history keep people from seeing him for what he really is. His song concept make him sound like a 20 year old trapped in a 50 year olds body. I personally think he his scared to put out an album, as he should be given the sounds thus far and how he has allowed the hype to continue. He best get Lady GaGa and Rihanna to beatbox while U2 sings the hook. Techno pop hop sound coming soon folks.... I'm just sayin'

    • Anonymous

      Dre looking for that white money, the music buying majority. The game has changed so much, that the average mountain climber who plays an electric guitar's, definition of a good hip hop track is the opinion which the masses must follow indefinitely. Dre is just trying to fit into that mold!

  • Anonymous

    Remember Nate is no longer with us.

  • Tommy Stephens

    in other news, the sky is blue

  • DGH

    I wouldn't be surprise if Dre finishes it and then decides to record 50 more songs

  • daddyfatsax

    why the hell are detox's first two singles not even produced by dre. That shit is stupid as fuck

  • Dr Steroids


  • mic.b

    i must say im dissaponted! its not detox unless dre produces the album himself!

  • Joe

    This is the Chinese Democracy of rap albums. Look that up if you don't know what I'm talking about. Fuck Dre btw.

  • bigstack

    Detox blah blah blah

  • James Anthony Gardiner

    what happened to the album bein done end of dec last year?? and then the april release date??

  • slruim

    DX please stop "news" updates on Detox..........

  • Anonymous

    DJ Khalil is my favoritt L.A. producer

  • Anonymous

    "almost" to people = "years" to Dre.....

  • im-sorry-say-ur-a-hoe

    yall know dj khalil doesn't make his own beats right it's made from a collaboration of producers: the runners, cool nd dre justice league he jus pays them and then approves it, that's all he does he's a waste of spot light

  • Anonymous

    wtf you talking asshole. how many people have not said this about detox. Im getting sick of all those producers saying oh detox is finished and watch the trone is finished. just because they produced 1 track on the album. fcuk off

  • Anonymous

    This shit always almost finished.Still looking forward to it though

  • worthless article

    so according to khalil dre is in the home stretch, but he doesn't know what he's keeping. dre's definitely in the home stretch, but he doesn't know what's going to make the album. translation: NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, DRE WILL SCRAP IT AGAIN AND START OVER ONLY TO DROP SOMETHING WEAKER THAN YOU EVER COULDVE IMAGINED AS A LONG TIME DRE FAN. khalil shoulda kept this quote to himself, cuz he's supposed to be on the insides and he really doesn't know what the fucks going on.

  • IDK

    wow....another story about Detox?? in matter of fact, i dont even wanna hear anything about Detox unless it's coming from Dr. Dre himself bcuz only he knows when it's almost done or not and only he knows who's gonna be featured. but either way, im not anticipating on this release. im just laughing at all of these updates on an album that will ever even see the light of day lol

    • Anonymous

      LOL dre dropped 2 videos. was on the cover of XXL. he was ready to unleash the beast. then he got FLAMED by the critics, for dropping WACK material. now he's scared again, hiding behind jimmy iovine like a sucka. dr.dre is a legend, one of the greats, but he couldn't have handled detox much worse. how can that man live with this hanging over his head? dre doesnt know what to do, he's a scared little bitch looking for an exit.

  • DJ Game

    I've been over it since 2004 when I heard Eminem say on Encore that they're going to make Dre do it. 7 years later...

  • Rival X Jordan

    Man Fuck Detox!!! They said Detox was already done and needed to be finalize. I no longer give a shit. Let's get that Nas album or AZ.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    plus the tracks already heard from Detox have nothin special for a decade of work on this mothafucka

  • dontgiveafuck.

    get the fuck outta here it's been 10 years that "Detox is almost finished" !

  • verbs

    Who's on the cronic? I can't see it being any good, unless he comes with a formular that will take the project away from being just another cronic 2001, because we really do not need to hear it again. Why not add AZ on it with Raekwon, nipsey Hussle, Game

    • Anonymous

      hes probably gonna have rick ross, wiz khalifa and tyler the creator on ther cause they are popular right now,

  • Melvin II


  • Anonymous

    WHY BOTHER I ain't believing shit till I can preorder it on amazon

  • Anonymous

    all these guys should stfu about detox coming out or being on detox, detox isnt real, its just a myth, like santa claus


    hes working with all the wrong people i need a doctor was just wack wtf em so mad on the track kush beat was aite nothing special looking sounding wack=detox

  • lol

    Damn, another detox update? seriously?


    The buzz for this album died yrs ago,its just sad now!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    From releases I'm hearing, Dr. Dre can keep that corny shit on the shelf.

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