Royce Da 5'9 Speaks On Bad Meets Evil, Defends Southern Emcees

One quarter of the slaughter and one half of Bad Meets Evil, Royce explains why he and Eminem are "trying to make being lyrical cool again." He also touches on their new EP and defends southern emcees.

After Slaughterhouse's Shady Records deal announcement, a Bad Meets Evil reunion quickly became a topic of interest. This allowed Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" to take their renewed friendship and partnership to the lab to craft Hell: The Sequel, an EP that will jumpstart the Shady/Slaughter situation. During a recent interview with Peter Parker, Royce spoke on this and more.

“The project is done," he noted. “We’re just trying to keep Hip Hop moving forward, man. We’re trying to make being lyrical cool again.”

When Parker says Hip Hop went through a non lyrical phase with southern Rap acts ruling the mainstream media, Royce clarified that an entire region should not be judged by the work of a few acts.

“For the record, there’s a lot of very lyrical southern cats. It’s not a regional thing. It’s just [that] bad rap is bad rap.  There’s bad rap in every region.” 

For more from the interview, check below. 

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  • patrik

  • slaughter

    VVVVV listen to his word play, flow, and vocabulary... royce is better than any member of wutang without a doubt, not even an opinionated question. If Royce does what he does now, back 15 years ago he would be known as goat. Did you get your ideas from someone else? you brainwashed fuck. I wanna shoot you. #ok bye

  • Anonymous

    Royce and lyrical? Thanks for the joke of the century. What's lyrical about writing corny random ass punchlines on a track without a context?

    • fuck you

      I know where you are coming from. You are one dumb ass nigger but I see you. Here it is, Royce is a lyrical god, wordplay, syllables, and flow, yes he indeed has the crown. Why do you not think this? Because you probably listen to some shitty ass underground music, and yea, they spit real talk, but it isnt good or catchy. Your just mad Royce is better than your favorite rapper. Your favorite rapper probably suffers from lack of hustle, therefor has to complain about mainstream music... therefore instilling thoughts into your head because you are a brain washed fuck. #OK BYE

  • squid

    If they want lyrical get GZA to spit a verse and give em a grimy beat from either RZA or Muggs.

  • kom

    for the last time its not the artist its the fan support real shit then the label will have no choice...but people complain to much so lets let real music fade away so we can listen to waka in peace...dumb niggas

  • QiD Ent

    Check this out!!! Newest outta Houston Texas

  • Blade

    South Park Coalition, they started shit man, look em up.

  • Money Emp

    Let's Not forget who started this $outhern sh!t 2Live Crew,Ghetto boys,Raheem the Vigilante,Terrorist,S.P.C,Poison Clan,(J.T. Money,Gucci,U_i)The Convicts (Big Mike & Lord 3-2)Big Mello,UGK,Tela,Ball & MJG,3-6 Mafia,Outkast...

  • Jose Vasquez

    Southern MCs are underrated, but I still gotta go with the Midwest first, and then North n East. And I'm from Cali. The only mainstream lyricists in the West I truly know are Crooked I and Murs. I'm sure there's more though.

  • pewpew

    I farted, and you had to smell it :)

  • melbboi

    Currently the best real hip hop is produced by detroit hands down...Elzhi is the best mc alive hands down..and blackmilk is dope as southern rappers..only andre big boi bun b z-ro jay elec and trae tha truth got my the rest..Detroit Hip Hopis the ReaLesT

    • Anonymous

      what about currensy bob

    • Ryan MacQueston

      MURS turned wack a long time ago

    • Anonymous

      Besides Little Brother(Now dissolved) and some of the decent rappers mentioned (Jay E), the South has had an overall rulling majority of bullshit that has other states and even nations copying their style for money. Elzhi is admittedly the most lyrical and consise emcee (currently), but about 16 years ago that was not the case, you had Nas, AZ, CL Smooth etc. All of whom influenced/paved the way for alot of other dudes out of state. Back then West Coast music also had great influence on music as a whole, the rappers weren't lyricists but they werent garbage either and the beats that they had were nothing short of enjoyabe thanks to producers like Battlecat, Dre and Quick. Now you have Murs, Madlib and his Oxnard guys(Oh No, M.e.d. etc) doing major things within the real hip hop community. Whereas people like Tyga are heavily influenced by the label hes signed to even Pac Div tend to drift off abit for income.

    • Philip Carpenter-Powell

      I fucks wit slum village, but I wouldn't say Elzhi is "hands down" the best mc, he's definitely good and everybody got they own opinion, but he's not hands down. As far as your opinion on southern rappers, I can tell you don't really know who the south has looking at your list the south has a lot of great rappers. More than you named.

  • steeeee

    chamillionaire is lyrical beast from htown.....chamillitary

    • cadell

      me personal i like lyrical artis, but people, theres room for different artis , people put hiphop in a box,u dont see county or r&b artis fighting over regions music growns rock music grew thats why it different types R%b grew,anybody 25 and older ask ur parents what they was listen growing up i bet u it wasnt no rap and there thought are probbly rap sucks, but al green is great r&b and soul. shit change u got more option



    • cadellhall55

      ok was yall feeling master p and nolimit back in the 90s, cause after p and cashmoney that when the south started making trash.

  • Anonymous

    Royce da 59 IQ = Em's Affirmative Action program fuck a Laughterhouse

    • Mu

      I ain't big on putting my two cents in that much, but damn B... How is ur comment related to this post, or the dude's comment... like, at all? #allthatthough?

    • Anonymous

      This reply is mad laughable. I can't believe people are against skilled emcees finally getting the shine they deserve. Craziness.

    • B

      Affirmative actions is not needed when the devil allows a even playing field. Then he always out shined. That's why trick knowledge is in place, false history, and false information is distributed so ignorant fools like you can believe your false sense of superiority. When i pull up in my Benz and with a pocket full of money in reality i was set up to fail and you feel real stupid because I put to rest you false reality of superiority. In other words whats your excuse when the doors wide open for you weakling. A few of us escape the barriers put in place but majority fall victim to the system put in place to keep some at a certain level in society. You just a lame who believe your own hype cave boy. In other words, off your self


    its wack rappers every were yes even were you from most of the south shit thats on the radio is club music that wack NY rap just dont get no airplay just youtube say what you want but the game is in the south to stay no its no new talent coming from ny ruff ryders,roc days long are gone an its sad to say but its tru jay got three more albums in him yall good

  • El Negro

    K-Rino, Scarface, Bun-B, Pimp C, Andre 3k, Quan, Pusha-T, Malice, Rick Ross, TI, Cee-Lo, Ludacris, Eightball, MJG, Lord Infamous, Yellawolf, Jay Electronica, The mixtape Weezy, Juvenile, Killa Mike, Timbala, Neptunes, Mannie Fresh, 9th Wonder, J-Cole, Dj Premier, etc....I'd say the South had alot of good influences on the game. It doesn't matter where you're from like Royce said wack niggas are everywhere. The majority of the wack niggas are coming out of the South but that's because the South has the most rappers and the most people as far as region goes. Texas is bigger than the whole fucking East Coast alone! :O

  • Anonymous

    Southern MCs may be worse lyricists but they make better music, release more consistent music, and sell more records. There are a lot amazing northern MC's that can't create a half decent album.

    • cadellhall

      do anybody remember when outkast got booed at 94 source awards, well the bible says whos last will be first,but to each is own

  • O

    LOL , Souther MC's don't need Royce to defend them, or co-sign them, or even talk about them, with his ignorant ass. SMH. Motherfuckers always act like they are living in Australia circa 1995 when they talk about "Southern Rappers".

    • Malik

      Exactly. I have my own biases to certain regions, but the only people that think southern rappers are wack are people who don't know shit about hip hop.

  • Zack Stevens

    Just wanted to say that I am a Gay man & proud!

  • Anonymous


  • nibs

    Haha I never wanted to start a discussion on who is dope in detroit. I know there are mad talented rappers and mad pieces of shit. I was just insinuating Royce and Em are whack in my opinion.

    • WTF?

      I'm very familiar with Immortal Technique (Dance With The Devil and Revolutionary Vol 2, anyone?), and I understand where you're coming from now. I'm not even a huge Eminem fan like for reasons beyond what you stated, but I recognize the talent and give credit where it's due is all.

    • nibs

      "they push pop music like a religion/ anorexic celebrity-driven financial fantasy fiction" - immortal technique haha no I just can't these rappers that aren't saying anything. I'll agree that they're exceptional lyricists...compared to the rest of the game. but when you have no originality in your complex lyrics? no thanks. that's more royce than em. I just hate eminem's constant rape jokes and whiny ass 14 year old voice. go listen to immortal tech for a minute

    • WTF?

      "Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it?" Hov When I hear statements such as the worthless one you made regarding Em And Royce, whether it's your opinion or not, it shows that true lyricism and skill definitely can't be appreciated by everyone and that you probably don't deserve your ability to hear. Just my opinion though.

  • Anonymous

    Phonte and Big Pooh can't even front!

  • nibs

    he speaks the truth, there is a lot of garbage comin out of detroit lately haha

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