DMX Released From Prison Earlier Today

UPDATE #2: DMX is back on the streets after a lengthy stay in prison.

DMX is currently behind bars serving a yearlong sentence for violating the terms of his probation by using drugs. But the gruff rapper, born Earl Simmons, will be back on the streets by the end of the summer.

According to court records, Dark Man X will be released from prison under supervised watch on July 1st. His supervision will end on August 12th, while his maximum end date in prison ends on August 25th.

X headed back to prison on December 16th after pleading guilty to violating his probation. At the time, the judge speculated that he had “an undiagnosed mental condition” and possibly suffered from bi-polar disorder. He was admitted to the Flamenco Mental Health Unit at the facility.

This marks DMX’s 13th incarceration. He was arrested in Maricopa County, Arizona in November 2010 for violating probation stemming from an incident involving attempted aggravated assault by throwing a food tray at a jail guard, as well as theft by using a fake name to dodge a $7,500 hospital bill.

[May 26]

UPDATE: DMX will be released from prison two weeks later than expected. According to court documents, X will be placed under supervised watch on July 13th, with the watch expiring on August 13th. The maximum time for him to spend in jail is limited to August 25th.

[June 20]

UPDATE #2: According to AHH, DMX was released from Arizona state prison earlier today after a seven-month stay. His first stop is a visit to his probation officer and a shopping trip. "Our goal is to keep DMX on the right track, and get him back to work,” said a source close to the rapper. He is reportedly fielding offers for movies, TV and music projects.

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  • Saraisa ruiz

    All this is BULLSHYYYYYT, DMX got arressted because the secret society wants to destroy his image and plot a murder like they did to 2Pac n Biggie, Michael Jackson, Amy winhouse watever cus they didnt want to obey their stupidity n triangle bullshyt, he's only talkin down on them and they come up with this rape shyt n molestation shyt n animal cruelty and the stupid society believes it only cus the fact of who or where is comin from, its all made up he didn't do all that open your eyes WE WILL HAVE FAKE PROPHECYS which we already do, havent you ppl noticed every celebrity dying has a bad rep b4 it happens they destroy their image then them, listen to the voice of the ppl not the industries.

    • Anonymous

      All what you are saying is 100% true... All we can do is support him and pray for him... Those who expose the truth about the industry are the brave one's to speak up about what is really going on. And its true everyone of them after receive bad press and later destroyed in someway...People should open their eyes and see that this isn't a joke. God bless and protect DMX


    you have the ability to accomplish anything you want there is haters everywhere we go just keep your head up stay focus. we go back long time when i was inthe movie beat street i felt that there was alot off ppl against me, for no reason. they made me strong and this will make you stronger. I appreciate you letting me be in where da hood at look for me on facebook bambubeatstreet

  • Anonymous

    i doubt he's gonna be able to stay clean. i think the only person he was able to maintain for so long was bcos of his ex wife(or soon to be). now that she's gone, i don't see how he'll do it. but i hope i'm wrong.

  • Nico 3

    Anonymous - You'd probably lick the rim of a toilet if it had crack on it. Did your mother teach you that? She taught you everything else I bet.

    • bryant rogers

      yes, taught me how to make it possible and be the man i am today

  • Anonymous

    real niggas are coming back into the rap game...shit is beautiful

  • Chairman

    In a related story, the price of crack soared in Phoenix after an unidentified consumer bought out the entire existing inventory...

  • Its about

    damn time that X is outta there. he needs to stay the hell away from AZ from here on out...they fucking hate him there. Anyway, he's free, and he's motivated. Cant for new music, tv, and movies!! his career is not over you peons!! just like mystikal! heros are remembered, but legends never die!!

  • x

    call him a crack head but he accomplished more shit in 10 years then most of yall niggaz will if you had 9 lives.

  • Casey Anthony is Winning

    Its a wrap for crackman X and I was a huge fan back in the day. No respect for glass dicksuckers yerd!

    • Anonymous


  • Nico 3

    Sadly, there's nothing out there for him. He's worse off than Charlie Sheen who just got a job.

  • anon

    DMX needs to stay away from Arizona he should stay in NY

  • southsideboy

    welcome back X :)

  • Jason

    The fucking hospitals should go to jail for charging that BS. petty fucking stupid crime for jail cmon America!!!!

  • ken

    why bother, this nigga is institutionalize he belongs in jail, he is crack head he can't function among normal people. i bet he will go back to jail in less than a week.


    dudes a crack head but yall pray that gucci goes back to jail just saying keep it 100

  • kerby

    DMX is the one of the best rapper of the game ... So we need him .

  • Common Sense

    Dear DMX, Don't fuck up this time. Do movies, shows and make albums until you have enough to buy a giant ass house. Once you have it, You can smoke ur crack inside and have a whole collection of guns. Your friend, Common Sense

    • Dominic ImaBeast Herrera

      i agree, except for the crack part, just buy prostitutes or something, come on man, it aint fair so many garbage rappers are making money and you aint, come on dude, get right.

  • jae

    thas aight hell be back in later on tonite lmao jk nah im glad the dog is out i hope he says out hes a good dude he ant done living his life ya heard

  • Whoreson

    I hope he dont come home and start smokin crack again! But I used to be in the crack dealing prefession and I know that from every 1 that gets clean there are hundreds more that get high. and he seems like hes hooked but I could be wrong...


    Hopefully we can get a DMX and a T.I. album then DMX, T.I., and Chris Brown go on the Road to Redemption tour.

    • Anonymous

      then they get fucked up on drugs beat up some women, load up on illegal firearms before impersonating cops and going on a crazy high speed car chase

  • Anonymous

    who wants to bet he still in jail? remember when steven horowitz told us gucci was out of jail and he wasnt? or when he told us the harry potter kid was gonna become a rapper?

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    What X needs are REAL people in his corner that are not afraid to tell his crazy ass no..LOL....He is most likely surrounding by plenty Yes sir type niggaz that do WHATEVER he says to get some $$$.

    • Mr. Broward County

      Say WORD, sun... I saw this cat at Studio A in Miami back in 2007. He showed up three hours late, and was fucked up, surrounded by a posse of male groupies. As long as the money and the drugs are flowing, they'll enable Darkman X right to his grave. I wish X the best, but he's got to want it for himself.

    • Anonymous

      swizz beatz for example...but i really hope he takes his life in the right direction this time now that he's got a second , third, fourth chance lol, and keep jay-z name out his mouth, like its jay fault he in jail and on crack, but yeah good luck to X tho...

  • Anonymous

    this nigga's career is OVER ! he used to be dope when he started but after and Then There Was X he just lost himself into some drug habits and shit and the funniest thing is this nigga wanted to be a priest who has ever wanted a crackhead as a preacher ?!! black people are fucked up big time !!

  • Domenick Nati

    DMX to focus on family and career after prison release. On July 13, 2011 Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, will be released from Arizona State Prison as a free man. X is serving the remainder of a six month prison sentence for a parole violation. It’s been four years since DMX has released an album but he plans to release his ninth and newest album this summer. “Things will be different this time.” says the 40 year old rapper. The main difference will be his focus. Along with music, DMX will also be directing his attention on his “domestic dreams”, like uniting his 10 children and creating a relationship with his mother. Another new twist is his interest in his own reality TV show with fiance, Yadira Borrego. The working title of the show is “X-tended Family”. The show is only conceptual thus far, but it promises to show a side to DMX that the world has never seen... the softer side. “He is an amazing father and man”, says Borrego, “the media has ever shown who he really is.” The couple has two children together and have plans to get married in the near future. About Yadira Borrego Yadira Borrego was born in La Habana, Cuba in May of 1985. By the age of seventeen she had landed jobs in magazines, music videos and fashion. She is the former Ms. Florida 2003 and Ms. Miami 2010. She has participated in over one hundred fashion shows and is currently the co-owner of her own modeling agency; Sinsational Attractions, LLC. For media inquires contact Domenick Nati at

  • jesterdxxl

    D needs to sit down with Tech & get some real talk out clear his mind an they Ryde or Die with Strange!

  • jae

    dmx-real hip hop artist, yo x when u get out homie get out of az they keep messesing with u go to a quiet home in nj with lotta land and run wild az ant for u homie much luv, just 1 bark from dmx will kill any wack verse any wack rapper ever made lol

  • problemz/problema

    X need to get the fuck outta Arizona...Go somewhere tranquil,get your mind right then hit the studio...whenever someone is released from jail after a bid first thing they tell you is don't try to play catch up cause that's exactly when you get caught up...X is a legend and them drugs fucked him up bad but we all have our pitfalls but he should be strong enough mentally by now to leave that shit alone..go to a therapist,rehab,psychologist...something my dude cause you gonna end up on that list of celebrities who went before their time.....

  • Jesus

    out at summers end. in by falls start

  • slapyobitchass

    Fuck what happened to the Dog? This guy used to be one of the illest niggas in the game and now look at him. Out next month then hell hit the crack pipe and be right back in in 6 months.

  • Anonymous

    If you don't know what is going on by now you guys are morons. They are setting him up! 13 times in prison come on people if you are familar with x's work you will know that he is very a intelligent and strong person. Why would he keep commiting stupid little offenses when his freedom is at risk and he know he being watched. Think about it all these little charges can't be proved either way. they said he used drugs can they prove that or can they just say it and we take there word for it. X has been speaking out on certain things for years now and he has become a target. Fu*king wake up please. When he come out they will kill him you watch real talk. They have done this many times before.....

    • dmize-one

      im a big x fan, and i dont know about the whole them tryin to set him up thing, but this last arrest at least was legit... x answered the door to his crib all fucked up, and since hes on probation they had the right to come in and search the place.. dude had a bottle of OCs sittin right out on the table when they walked in (no prescription).. so i want x to get better, and start droppin fire ass tracks again, but he did fuck up this last time..

  • DMX

    I'm getting out soon guys. Thanks for the support.

    • datswassup

      wen u get out hit the studio..get at swizz to make u the raw shit not the pussy he been puttin up...yo state of mind now allows u to take out that pain we heard on yo first two albums... too many pussy ass rappers out right now...they wana convince us they sound street with faggot ass voices..e.g souljah boy, young jeezy,waka floka whoever that is.....hip hop write now needs u to drop one or two albums...make them hard...feature sticky fingaz

  • Clubber Lang

    If you read this comment....then you are a FAGGOT!!

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck did you guys have to put that picture? there's a bunch of other better pics of him.. .. shits fucked up.

  • TJAY 848


  • ItsTheTruth

    I know I'ma catch heat for this one, but ima say it. DMX is one of the best to ever do it. Yes, top 5 dead or alive. Of course, it's my opinion, and my personal preference. IDK about you guys, but I prefer REAL music. That come's from a person's heart, a person's soul. Not music that comes from the motivation from money (JAY-Z). With that said, my top 5 is as follows: (No Particular order) 1. 2pac 2. Eminem 3. DMX 4. Nas 5. Joe Budden A lot of people think of DMX's mainstream radio stuff like 'Party up'. But his first 2 albums is why he's one of the best ever. Reall underrated. 'Let Me Fly', 'The Convo', and 'Slippin' are some of the realest songs ever. He just started falling off and doing drugs and so people just never bothered to mention his name when they talk about the greats. And I got Joe Budden up there cuz his mood muzik series is honestly too real for most people cuz most people are brainwashed and want that watered down, club poppy shit. IDC what anyobody says, Joe Budden is one of the REALEST to do it. Wish you well X, stay up

    • Cage

      ^^ Barked on him

    • Raekwon

      puttin joey on that list just made your opinion on hip hop invalid. only gay nerds and bloggers fuck with that nigga.

    • Anonymous

      i respect your list and all that but i don't like how ppl act like nas has only made music from his heart. his 2nd album was pop as hell and he tried the clothing line too. niggaz forget that he tried to go the pop route too after illmatic. the only prob was he didn't have the swag to make it work. nas is an all time great rapper but he's just as fake as all these other dudes.

    • dmize-one

      dawgy, i feel you about x being one of the best to ever do it (to me personally).. i like him for the same reasons, about you being able to FEEL the realness of his music.. i just hope he gets back on it...

  • Purple Haze Motherfucka

    Man, I damn near have outgrown Hip Hop waiting for this motherfucker to get right and drop an album. I'm all about Hendrix and plucking the strings now.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    ...And DMX to be put back in Prison by beginning of Fall.

  • Anonymous

    DMX better keep his ass out of jail bcuz some of us are still waiting for those two albums he was supposed to drop

  • Anonymous

    X.... one of the hardest rappers ever.. was better than jigga at one point.. then he wrapped his big purple lips around that crack pipe... x, you was the rap king, now look at ya; your just a rap FIEND!!!!

  • dmize-one

    and i agree, that picture of x is bogus as fuck.. if they are gonna put up the worst pic of an artist they can find, do it for everybody... not just pick and choose who to fuck with.. #propaganda

  • dmize-one

    x is in my top5... im hopin he stays off the drugs and gets his ish together.. when hes on point theres no arguing the fact that hes one of the best....

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    My how the mighty has fallen. I wish him well on the road to recovery.

  • Jonny J

    ...And then this moron will be right back in within a couple of weeks.

  • chunker

    i know man about the pic, dx r fucking scumbags. who's side are they on. putting a pic like that up out of all the x pics they have. no wonder the guy gets a hard time.

    • Rockbottom're saying that DMX gets a hard time BECAUSE of his mugshots? That's like saying the same thing for Lindsay Lohan. They get the mugshots because they don't know how to stay the fuck out of trouble. Rock bottom is six feet deep for some people.

  • hellrazor

    i hope X manages to put his life back together. these people couldnt get another picture? for real, that's a fucked up pic.

  • loco he was a great artist in his time...

  • dontgiveafuck.

    well, this is not a big deal, since he is going right back in this mothafucka two weeks later

  • Anonymous

    dmx is da man.. one of the best so many bitches commenting here not talking about girls you damn bitches lol leave rap alone

  • Anonymous

    most niggas is sell outs anyway.these niggas talk all this real nigga this real nigga that shit but they sell dope to there own people to get rich,degrade women,kill what looks just like them,lead are youth down the wrong path with judgmental,hatefilled music before they get a chance to let the mind grow.those are the real sellouts.niggas having kids dont want to take care of them so tax payers have to.if thats what people consider a real nigga then i dont ever want to be one.

    • Anonymous

      and by u using "nigga" excessively doesn't make you seem any more contributing, right? #justsayin

  • Nico 3

    I didn't know The Exorcist was being remade. Oh wait, that's DMX. Dude looks broken down.

  • jon

    They better put him on suicide watch after release

  • Anonymous

    this website gets wacker everytime i come back to it.if it aint ass kissing certain artists or depicting people in a negative light just to get some one to view its all this shit talking then let me get a interview.i can guarantee you that this website is owned by a cracker but set up by some bitch nigga.i bet you

    • B.Dot

      This is a article about him getting out of jail so the picture is appropriate for what is being written.

  • Anonymous

    dmx is a prime example of what you could be negative or positive given the situation.he was on the top and know hes on the bottom but i pray the lord shows him his way so he can get back on his feet or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    i feel you on the picture tip.motherfuckers in this world thrive on negative shit but they believe in god and not judging.if i was x i wouldnt give nare one of the websites,magazines or news channels a interview without seeing a check fuck em.

  • Matt Parker

    "D to the M to the X last I heard y'all niggas was having sex with the same sex"

  • Hannya

    Like yall couldnt find a different picture of X to use. Thats fucked up.

    • Face it

      Sucks to recognize, but Simmons' story is the story of two different individuals. That picture is the dude in the article. If this article was about Hip Hop, I could see your point. He hasn't been the dude on the rap mag cover in a long time. I don't think HHDX should be promoting his behavior by posting images as if he's still sitting on top of the world when the world is really sitting on top of him. That picture reflects that reality.

    • Anonymous

      Propaganda is a motherfucker ain't it.

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