DJ Drama Lists His Top Five Southern Rappers

Mr. Thanksgiving includes some standard Southern staples and adds a few new names to the mix.

DJ Drama has co-signed artists like T.I. and Gucci Mane by including them in his Gangsta Grillz series, but at the moment, he considers five Southern rappers a cut above the rest. The Atlanta, Georgia DJ recently spoke to DJ Absolut about his top five Southern MCs, listing a few obvious choices and putting in a few that are bubbling under.

"I gotta put [Rick] Ross in there, I gotta put [Lil] Wayne in there," said Drama. "I still rep with the home team. My man Tip about to come home and crush ‘em. Shout to my man Jeezy, he’s doing his thing. And I gotta put 2 Chainz in there. He’s really smashing the A and on honorary mention, shout out to the homie Future, too."

As for the newer artists, Drama explained that their presence is heavy in Atlanta. "My guy 2 Chainz, my guy Future, they got a lot of presence in the A, both with two heavy mixtapes in the streets," he continued. You can play at least five or six songs off of each of those and everything. I definitely salute those guys."

For an added bonus, he gave a shout out to a few acts staying on the grind. "Shout to Travis Porter, doing their thing. Roscoe Dash is killin’ them hooks. He gave me a smash with ‘Oh My’ and everything, it’s going crazy," he stated.

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  • uzipolo-king of decatur

    i really have to say dj drama is right...and before we get started with the comments i know that i will get after this i want to list the real for titty boi..2 this man paid dues..more than most these niggas yall are suggesting as your own top five and the top five that dj drama personally picked..titty boi use to carry luda luggage from show to show studied the craft to be an artist and a business man under ludas wing..then had a good group with playa circle, then him as a solo artist and drama is right he is blowing up the spot right now here in atl///hell they play his shit in the DAYTIME on PREMIUM radio channels the mixtape game he got that on lets talk about mr astronought himself..FUTURE..welp if you dont have his DIRTY SPRITE CD..then stop reading this immediatley folks..that cd ALONE you can play in any club in america and get the crowd on its feet..the shit goes came out last year and they STILL PLAY HIS SONGS off his tape.. future really is the shit in the and belive that dont believe me? ask your wives... but dj drama is right future and titty boi show excellence in what real atl niggas suppose to dowhich is gohard..which is what waka did 2 years ago.. now lets talk about yall picks..which i am still shaking my head on... j cole-come on are you serious he is overarted big gritts, big dirt or WHOEVER this nigga name is-very very very overated..i know 30 niggas that can take him out now the other artist-WELP they were already out, so if they aint shinning now they werent shinning back then eithier on a good note the three amigos yc rocko and future will be at birthday bash in atl this year..its a problem...says uzipolo king of decatur

  • JJ

    Ludacris! T.I. Chamillionaire Andre 3000 Young Jeezy

  • canadianchronic

    Am I the only one who find it sad that Drama is bragging about his artists having 5 or 6 good songs out of a full mixtape? shouldn't artists strive for more than that?

  • CEOJace

    Since they the best im compelled to do the worst southern rappers. 5.Lil Flip 4. Lil B 3. Soulja Boy 2.Gucci Mane 1. Waka Flocka Flame- worst rapper ever

  • Jesus

    or Chamillionaire instead of K.R.I.T i couldnt decide

  • Jesus

    hm well to get this shit straight. ima go ahead and give my unbiased list on rappers from the south that usually have me buggin 1.Andre 3000 2.T.I.P 3.Bun B 4.K.R.I.T 5.Big Boi

  • Mark Meijer

    Bun B Chamillionaire Young Buck Young Jeezy T.I.

  • Grimes

    K.R.I.T. Bun Cole Andre Scarface No Order

  • flackaflamenigga

    This nigga left me off his list imma bust this nigga head showty. i goes hard in da paint nigga. front porch broad day nigga. Brick squad nigga.

    • WakaKiller

      More like bitch squad, eventhough you really aint waka You a bitch just for supportin that bitch. Waka and Gucci are the biggest bitches in hip hop and the reason why its on life support. Fuck you if you dont like my opinion

  • Anon

    Jay Electronica and J. Cole do not represent the South, and thus cannot be mentioned among southern rappers if you are talking about the best southern rappers. Sure, Jay Electronica was born in the South, but he doesn't rep it, his music doesn't even sound like its from the south. Stop puttin them on the lists if they don't rep it.


      why cause they not on a track yellin i from the dirty south thats the good thing about the south homie we got a plenty of styles do killer mike sound like he from the A?

  • Jace

    5.Andre 3000 4.Z-Ro 3.Lil KeKe 2.Bun B/UGK 1. Scarface Just saying

  • unclesam

    At the moment: Big KRIT, J. Cole, Curren$y, Pusha T, Jay Electronica. Honorable mentions: Dee-1, Rozay, Trademark & Young Roddy, Luda, Devin the Dude, Bun B, Andre 3000 (well, only because he doesn't actually DO anything), Big Boi, Fiend, Yelawolf.

    • anonymous

      j cole and jay electronica are not from the south. jay was born there, but doesn't rep it, he hates being from the south.

  • tzabi

    Biggie, 2pac and every true rap and hiphop head is going crazy when cat's be repecting Officer rick ross. I know he's retired and shit but still, how can you be "true" when you used to be on the other side of the line. I can only imagen biggie and pack siting in heaven and going banans. I grew up on true old skool 89-90 rap, so going from fuck da police to excepting an x-cop is hard for a cat like me.

  • rbgwarrior

    1. Stic.Man 2. Phonte 3. J-Cole 4. Jay Electronica 5. Dee-1 *All Time: 1. Cee-Lo 2. Andre 3000 3. Bun B 4. D.O.C 5. Ludcris My humble opinion.....

  • dl1212

    This nigga corny...he is NOT from ATL he is from Philly..Now who are your favorite Philly rappers, DJ Dickhead, uh I mean Drama???? What a ballrider...


    there they go again with that luda shit why niggaz be sleeping on killer mike i dont no he can number one easy 1.wayne 2.killer mike 3.big boi 4.T.I 5.rick ross homie makin good music top five any order with so many other on deck J.COLE, an so on gucci make partys musci we talking about rapping

  • Anonymous

    Best rapper in the south is Luda and rick ross, ti fell because he keeps doing the same shit and talking about it. Luda cds or average is but his flow is a monster. Ross cds bang with a nice flow

  • Anonymous

    Did this nigga just really put gucci on his list

  • Anonymous

    Fuck dj mama that nigga is a lame off top

  • Anonymous

    and stop putting cee lo on your list he doesnt ever rap anymore he sings

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    See you drama know where its at. Most niggas recognize Ross is a bawse in this game now. the only ones that don't are haters or Young Jeezy fans. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dj Drama must not have heard of Z-ro, trae, big krit chamillionaire, young buck, bun b,

  • Anonymous

    Stop putting andre 3000 on yalls list dude doesnt ever rap anymore hasnt since about 2007

  • Anonymous

    Z-ro chamillionaire Ti Luda Rick ross

  • G

    I gotta agree with guy dont you have andre 3 thou in drama is a fuckin nutt always ridin these atl nigggaz dick when he really from philly....nobody even fuck wit yu up here playa...he jus named the top 5 comercially succesful rappers

  • Anonymous

    1.andre 3000 2.jay electronica 3.scarface 4.luda 5.cee-lo/or big boi Idk how any one could mention dudes like wayne, ti, yelawolf, jeezy, or especailly gucci. They're like 16 year old high school girls favorite southern rappers. I'll admit waynes better than those dudes but prob like top 10.

  • verbalking

    And Dont Forget Honorable Mention: Ceelo(He Could Be #2 - #5 easily), Wayne, Killer Mike, T.I.P, Jeezy, KRIT, Devin the Dude, CyhI Tha Prince, Yelawolf

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    1. Andre 3000 2. Scarface 3. Ludacris 4. Bun B 5. Lord Infamous others: Big Boi, Chamillionaire, T.I., Lil´Wayne, Juvenile, Project Pat, even Rick Ross (C.O.but he can rap any beat) newest: Yelawolf, KRIT, Curren$y, Jay Electronica, V Slash

  • verbalking

    People Need To Stop Brownnosin' 1. Andre 3000 2. Bun B 3. Scarface 4. Jay Electronica 5. Luda

  • Sean Cody Mahoney

    No Krit. He's lame.


    Good list, it obviously isn't a all-time list or it would read like this. 1. Scarface 2. TIP 3. Lil Wayne 4. Jeezy 5. Playa Fly But he got 3 out of 5, no need to hate the guys opinion

  • Eriko

    where is KRIT? Bun B? Ludacris? Chamillionaire? this just proves that lists are pointless.

  • Camaro

    I respect Tip but even before he went back he was starting to slide. Hooks wasn't on point and his beat selection was questionable. If you're going to talk about top five, how about a nigga like KRIT? Gucci has his lane but he should never be in anybodys top five.

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