Jae Millz Reveals His Young Money Debut Is Inspired By Seizures

Millzy explains how the two seizures that he had in his sleep are the driving force behind his forthcoming debut.

New York City native Jae Millz has been waiting years to release his debut album, but his drive is stronger than ever. The Young Money Records rapper explained that after having two seizures in his sleep last year, he was inspired to name his album Nothing is Promised  after what he gleaned from his experiences.

“The title come from [me] having two seizures in the previous year,” he told BBC Radio 1’s Tim Westwood. “I had them in my sleep. It’s like you wake up and you don’t know what happened. I had them from stress or low blood sugar and pressure.”

Though his intended major label debut Back to the Future got scrapped, Millz feels like he’s starting to see the bigger picture. “From that, I just figure that it’s bigger than the whole Back to the Future concept and battles and music,” he continued. “Nothing is promised. I feel like I might possibly have another seizure and I might not make it through, knock on wood. So I’ma get everything out on this album, Nothing is Promised.”

His pending release comes after several failed major label deals, which he claims was a blessing in disguise. “I had Back to the Future. I had the ‘No, No, No’ and ‘My Swag,’ ” he said. “I just felt like from Warner Bros. to the SRC deal and the whole Universal deal, Back to the Future, you’re trying it with three different labels and it don’t work. Try something else. That’s a sign from God."

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  • Anonymous

    "how do you respond to jae millz talkin about who made the xxl freshman list" Freddie Gibbs - "Who?"

  • Anonymous

    i swear 90percent of the people that comment on stuff on hhdx whether it be a song or an article are fuckin haters. Like seriously. And it always brings up the age old internet question: If you dont like the artist, then why click on the article/song? I understand freedom of speech but dont you realize that no matter what kind of comments you make on stuff, as long as there are comments then they will continue to keep making posts about that artist/label. A lot of you talk about hating young money but then when you look at songs posted by MF Doom, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Prodigy, or any other "true hip hop" artist then the comment section is lookin real empty, but as soon as you see 50cent or anything young money related, the comment section is in the hundreds!!! and then yall wonder why hip hop is in the state that it is. Yall spend more time hating on what you dont like than actually supporting what you do!

  • Anonymous

    I imagine Id have seizures to if I fell asleep in the studio while the other young money characters were recording their songs.

  • hellrazor

    the seizures must have been caused by signing to young money

  • older god rap

    Must the longest rapper in history to wait on a debute

  • west

    all yall bitchez hatin n shit, but the problem iz you will never have a major album release in your fucking life faggotz

  • Young $ Doodie

    Ahaha, well he will blend right in then, everything Wayne raps sounds like a little retarded kid trying to speak his furst wuds.

  • The Illest

    Man y'all are some cold mfs!!!LOL!

  • Anonymous

    'Jae Millz Reveals His Young Money Debut Is Inspired By Seizures' Shit will probably sound like it too.

  • Anonymous

    Millz used to be vicious way back!

  • Anonymous

    i guess that means this album is going to be extra wack if he was inspired by seizures

    • James

      "First of all, jae millz has always been dope" LMFAO

    • kay

      Why do you guys have to always be negative about everything? First of all, jae millz has always been dope, and he is not going to change now. Why do you think it took him this long to get his own shine on? Because he is on young money dont mean he has to rap like the rest of the artists on the label. http://kaysrapzone.blogspot.com/

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