DJ Premier Reveals Production For Busta Rhymes, Immortal Technique

Primo checks in from the lab to give fans an update on his current projects.

DJ Premier is keeping busy in the studio. The legendary producer revealed that he was in the lab for the last two nights finishing up four albums, in addition to mixing two songs for Busta Rhymes’ upcoming LP and working on cuts for Verbal Threat’s Kool Sphere and Immortal Technique

“Another 2 nights in the lab finishin 4 LP's and mixing 2 @BusaBusss joints! Workin on Kool Sphere of Verbal Threat and Immortal Technique,” he wrote.

Another 2 nights in the lab finishin 4 LP's and mixing 2 @BusaBusss joints! Workin on Kool Sphere of Verbal Threat and Immortal Techniqueless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Though it is unclear where his production for Busta will end up, the Brooklyn, New York native is currently working on his upcoming album E.L.E. 2, the sequel to his 1998 release. Primo previously revealed that he submitted eight records for the project, but that Busa Buss passed on them. He later stated that he ended up with one song that would close out the LP, which will be narrated by comedian Chris Rock.

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  • Scorned

    Warning to all women and men!!!! Busta has HERPES which he has spread to several of his sex partners!! He is scum of the earth and a lying loser. He is Washed Up and Burned so many people!!! Karma is catching up Trevor! You probably have H.I.V. also by now with your reckless digusting ass!!! Stay Away from this evil, lowlife, infected with HERPES bastard!!!!

  • Jeffrey Dama

    Kool Sphere and Premier, will that be another Reality Check part 2? That Verbal Threat Reality Check video is my favorite, but the damn CD never came out wtf! Bussa Buss will probably be pretty sick, would like to hear that go down. I haven't heard much from Immortal but I'm szure that will be sick too. Now all we need is Nas to wake up!

  • ben

    premier and immortal tech. fuck yea

  • Shame

    Dopeness, can't wait for all those albums bouta come out, Hoping Tech uses his regular voice for his next work. Ever since 2006 and up he's been using an emphasis on his voice, making a deeper sounding style, i prefer his old style.

    • Sam Wartenbee

      Yeah, I thought his new style was kinda gimmicky until I read an interview where he said that his voice developed the raspy quality as a result from touring. Makes sense to me.

  • sTICKuPkID


  • Pream Team

    Primo hasn't lost a step,his recent tracks like 25th Hour, Fastlane, Welcome to G-Dom, Blaq Poet's last album, all has banging production. People like Nas, Jay, Busta are all paranoid on record sales so they can keep up their stature as bankable artists. Premier doesn't sweat that, he doesn't follow trends, he sets them, and his style is that boombap shit that's timeless. So why change to "adapt to the times", when real artists are always going to come to him for that classic shit. And although I think Nas is one of the best to ever do it, ever since he stopped fucking with Premier, the quality of his CD's has declined. Peace to Gangstarr and Primo the top 3 producer in hip-hop

    • Anonymous

      @ NY I feel you.Almost all Premo's beats are dope, but they sound too similar to each other.Premier is also more of a beatmaker, while RZA is a producer.Also RZA experiments more with his production, but Premo was the more consistent man throughout the years.RZA had the best run a hip-hop producer ever had from '93 to about '97.If you take Premo's best 10 instrumentals and RZA's best 10 and compare them, I think RZA will come out as the winner.Premier made more dope beats though and he always knew how to make good catchy songs, with his scratches and all.No matter who you like better, I think it's safe to say that they are on everybody's Top 5 list.

    • NY

      @Articulate1 I wouldn't say great producer ever, I do think he's top 3 but his problem is that a lot of his beats sound so similar that's why i have to go with RZA, 36 Chambers just had a much different sound at the time thanks to RZA's raw beats. Produced classics such as 36 Chambers, Tical, Liquid Swords, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Wu-Tang Forver. Tical was made in about a week because of a flooded basement wiped out all of the work done and it had a deadline to be turned in. Wu-Tang Forever first album to incorporate strings in the beats of songs which became very popular to use after.

    • Articulate1

      Pream Team knows what he is talking about...Real heads dont want a legend to downgrade his sound just to "fit in" with the current bullshit trendy wackness. Nas and Jay need to pull their heads out their asses and fuck with the all time G.O.A.T. producer! 25th Hour and Fastlane are the two hottest joints of 2011 so far!

    • Anonymous

      ever hear of the Joell Ortiz enormously slept on Project Boy, to say he has lost a step you must be trippin. He has alot of insaine tracks out there, where the mc even did not really hold his own!

  • Da Watcha

    See what im saying..Premo lost it many times I've read that he submitted beats to so and so and shit never make the album...8 tracks submitted to Bussa and HE PASSED!!!!!!! Nas and Jay don't fuck with him no more...STEP yo shit up Preem!!!!! Can't live off the 90s pass DUN!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ever heard of Joell Ortiz enormously slep on Project Boy. He's just not working with the best mc's

    • G($)

      Best beat of the year goes to Premier's 25th Hour. I kindly but strongly disagree. @ Above^^^^^^Adult Swim's shit is harrrrd as a bitch. I thought it was just me, but they have GREAT taste in beats.

    • Anonymous

      @ Da Watcha - ever watch Adult Swim? Nothing but 90s sounding beats being played on there. Who you think likes/keeps buying 90s sounding hip hop? The people with money, white people. If theres a market, then pursue and continue staying true to yourself. Premier making Lex Luger beats would be the dumbest move in the world.

    • Anonymous

      DJ Premier does not need to step his game up... it's been up and it will never come down. The only reason people pass on his beats is because his sound isn't selling right now.

  • cardan

    all i need is the NYG'Z ALBUM WHAT UP PANCHI.

  • gangstarrpremier

    ELE 2 ? hope its dope busta rhymes last couple albums have been trash . his last album was his worst ever , maybe one of the worst rap albums ive heard ever . we need that old busta rhymes back . Premier been working with alot of rappers lately heard he did a few songs for MC Eiht for his new album too .

    • Lsn22s

      B.O.M.B. was a really weak album, like 2 decent tracks if any at all imho...But the Big Bang album was pretty good, at least I thought so anyway, there were a couple tracks i would skip but mostly good stuff on there, different for Busta but not bad, shame he left Aftermath after that album, if he would have kept up his edge he could still be making money over there, but i guess it was never meant to be... Anyway, hope Busta's next CD goes EXTRA HEAVY to make up for the "bullshit" album, Premo beats would be a good start..

    • Anonymous

      They are in the experimental phase right now. Every artist does that and I bet it's something fun for them to do.As far as I'm concerned I stick to the 90's hip-hop.If I have that, I'm good.

    • Anonymous

      Its all do to with ego shit.Like snoop dogg making that techno dance track, they just want to hear their tracks in the clubs and stay relevant. Its also because those niggas are getting older and so that sorta makes them feel younger i dont know some crazy old nigga shit like that.

  • Anonymous

    Tech needs to step his flow game the fuck up, he got one of the worst flows I've ever heard.

  • brooknambeastin

    Kool Sphere and Premier is going to be sick, love the Reality Check video they did for Verbal Threat. Primo is a busy man!

  • Ama Hussla

    that's nuthin new, premo stated that he's done 2 tracks for busta's next lp a few months ago, plus there's a video of them being in the studio making their collabo official.. one track is called "return of the boom bap 2012".. the IT/premo collabo has been revealed a long time ago as well, the song's called "fuck the industry".. hhdx is pretty with the news huh.. btw premier is also workin with masta ace, including scorin ace's documentary.. can't wait to hear it

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha damn Preemo and Immortal Techinque?? Deadly fucking combo right there. Can't wait!

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