Jay-Z Beats Out Beyonce For Money Earned This Year

Forbes reports that Jay-Z earned more money than his superstar wife for the first time since they married in 2008.

During the past 12 months, Forbes reports, Jay-Z pulled in $37 million--$2 million more than wife Beyonce Knowles. This is the first time Jay has earned more than his wife since they married back in 2008.

While Jay's 40/40 Club, his stake in the New Jersey Nets, and his bestselling book Decoded all contributed to his earnings this past year, it's his 10-year, $150 million deal with Live Nation that has been the most lucrative. Beyonce's deals with Nintendo, L'Oreal, as well her own clothing line House of Dereon, are huge factors in her $35 million earnings in the previous 12 months.

Both artists earned substantially less than they did last year ($63 million and $87 million respectively) due to the fact that both did a smaller amount of touring this year. The pair did not release any albums since the last Forbes cycle, but are expected to later on in the year.

Interestingly enough, Forbes reports, neither made as much as Justin Bieber, who raked in $53 million this year. A full breakdown, is available at the Forbes blog.


  • I know you

    Why comment on ignorance? We as the public are just guessing, let it out "B+J" crew!! Stay anonymous,

  • Anonymous

    We treat this rap shit just like handling weight, what they want we give it to em, what they abandon we take - rap game, crack game (hova)

  • Anonymous

    musical artistry and business should be mixing but it aint have nothing in common seems the easy digestable shit wins thats the mainstream formular

  • Anonymous

    This shows that illuminati money is good!!! BUT AT WHAT COST? LMFAO I SHOULDN'T LAUGH BECAUSE ITS NOT FUNNY IT REALLY IS SAD.

    • Anonymous

      @for anonymous: Bitch ya mom told me. I have my sources and I dont have to prove shit to a ignorant nigga like you muthafucka! Like i said if you dont believe me look the shit up for yaself and you will find the truth muthafucka. Not only that but in their music and personal endeavors they let you knwo who they worship so you dont have to do that much research, but you and other ignorant niggas like you dont have what it takes to do that you just take shit for face value and run with it. So to I say just like I told them other two idiots GO WATCH YA MOTHER WHILE SHE IS NAKED AND MASTURBATE TO HER BECAUSE THATS ABOUT ALL YOU IGNORANT NIGGAS IS GOOD FOR. BITCH!!!

    • for anonymous

      so books told you jay z and beyonce sold their soul to the illuminati?? what kind of dumb fucken retard are you?? go read something that will make you productive, learn a skill, get laid!! stupid ass people nowadays think they know wsup with the illuminati. they got you blindfolded my young friend, its not jay z who we should be blaming, ill let you figure out who the fingers should be pointed at.. maybe when you grow up youll see the real world and how jay z aint got shit to do with anything other than hes a good business man.

    • Anonymous

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    • guerilla jones

      um of course "illuminati" money is good stupid,like fam said read a little it helps.

    • udumb

      u dumb. read a book, and stop getting info from youtube. sucka

  • broke brooklyn nikka

    yo jay lemme hold 10bucks for some weed cuz

    • laughin

      Now that was comical!!!! YOu are too funny!!!!! Forreal though!!! Mmmm!!!

    • laughin

      AHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAHHAHAHAH!!!! You're too funny!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!OOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!! I should of read this a long time ago!!! This was a good laugh!!!!

  • white milk

    LoL.. B wear the pants in the relationship. i knew B was pulling in more dough than him..... not like he pullin in scraps tho so truly its a moot point

  • Louis Creativity Guthrie

    its a man's world

  • adofiaof

    A man is suppose to make more money than the wife, so when they argue and the man knows hes going to lose he can say " who pays the bills around here" and he automatically wins... feel me

  • Anonymous

    People are jealous as fuck when they talk about Justin Bieber, that guy probably made more money in one year than your whole family in five generations.

    • laughin

      In my austin powers voice with his finger in the corner of his mouth!! Mwaaaa!! Mmwwwaaaaa!!!!!! Please stop! Everybody has their own opinion, weather right or wrong, Some have talent and songs that are in the right place at the right time, some have the right people in their lives, others have to struggle. WE can't all be known by the world...we're stars in our own little corner of the world. We may not make as much money as they do, but we're still stars!! If you don't know it, you should!!!!! "Baby I'm a star", in my Prince voice!!!

    • wolfman

      Gotta get on the boat. Gonna go create some hit-making babies. I'm goin Joe Jackson on em!

    • Anonymous

      all for sing baby baby baby baby his parents hit the fucking lottery with him

  • The_truth

    I wonder if they have a joint account..... must be something crazy

  • cold 187

    What do you actually do with all that money ?

  • LJbigbang

    I'd like to beat her out too.

  • Anonymous

    good for jay-z, showing the world who wear da pants in that house

  • Poetic Assasin

    lol@ sneakin Justin Bieber "interestingly enough" no one worried about him... Much respect to Hov and Beyonce, love how they continue to do them.

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