Big Boi Gives His Daughter Her Own Label As A Sweet 16 Gift

Atlanta rapper Big Boi opts for a more creative gift idea for his daughter Jordan's 16th birthday.

Instead of a new car or a shopping spree rapper Big Boi’s 16-year-old daughter received something a little more valuable from her father following her 16th birthday and that is her very own record label.

Big Boi and his daughter Jordan Patton have formed Purple Kids a label that will feature artists of a much younger age.

“My daughter just turned 16 years old, and you can see it on MTV's [My Super Sweet Sixteen], where they get cars, and things that depreciate and just don't mean nothing," the rapper explained to Billboard. "I wanted to give my child something that she can grow and build and nurture. So I gave her her own label."

Purple Kids is expected to launch in a few weeks and will feature 12-year-old singer Gabbie Rae as its first artist. The young singer has thousands of hits on YouTube and even appeared on The Tyra Show as part of a segment titled “America’s Most Talented Kids.”

On top of working with Jordan on Purple Kids Big Boi is also the head of his own label, Purple Ribbon All-Stars.

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  • ms. annoyed

    Some people are idiots. Obviously, he will run it, she is the figure head, she will learn the business while a teenager (a lot of people work for their parents as kids), go off to school...maybe an ivy league, and have this business under her belt as well as with any other business venture or career she chooses to have. So right now he is developing her showing her the business based on her competency level, she will be a figure head for the company right now...she won't be making any real hard decisions, but will be around when those decisions are made. I'm so annoyed that some of you are so ignorant about simple business and money. You guys probably don't/won't even have 529 plans for your kids.

  • Bowski

    Dope idea especially if she REALLY assumes MOST of the responsibility & take this serious. I know Big Boi will be there helping her through most of the dealings, but can you imagine what her business mind will be like if she maintains this in say 15 years? Genius, lets teach our youth the value of earning an honest dollar.

  • Jesus

    what have we learned with kids and managing talent? really? look at soulja boi and others yo. giving a kid a record label wont do shit. doesnt the bitch gotta take business management too? and shes gonna put on her boyfriend cuz "he just sings so amazing" god Big Boi you used to be Hip Hop. why would you allow your kid to help destroy it

  • dmize-one

    props to big boi for gifting his daughter with something that will hopefully further her life, rather than a car/money/house which will only serve to inflate her sense of self importance.. if only more rich folks gifted along these lines....

  • Anonymous

    Big Boi runs it in the end, good idea bad execution.

  • Anonymous

    I have a few questions. Who is going to sign to a 16 years old girl label? Can she make binding contracts at age 16? Will she need parents co-sign not to mention money for this business? Who really will be calling the shots? Big Boi or his 16 years old daughter? Unless Big Boi have money to blow. This is all only some symbolic bullshit but his heart is in the right place.

  • Anonymous

    Out the norm, but it is hella better than showering a 16 year old with cars and shit, putting in their mind that you don't have to work for shit, it's just given to you. Ya he GAVE her a record label, but if she plays her cards right, it will grow into a healthy foundation. Props Big Boi!

  • Dude

    yeah and if this was a white dude doing the exact same thing all y'all would be crying foul. No 16 yo should get a fucking record label. Big Boi you are a good artist but this was fucking retarded

    • dimze-one

      @dude- this has nothing to do with race... so take that shit outta here.. @anon- just because dude made an ignorant comment, you dont need to make an ignorant comment... this is the reason our country will never truly get past our race issues.. too many closed mind, ignorant folks out there... live and let live yall, quit the petty bullshit

    • Anonymous

      shut up honkey

  • JG3

    I applaud you Big Boi, what a way to give that also gives. I already respected you, now I have much more respect for you.

  • EliRootZ

    Very good look, keep it positive!

  • HeRBaN LyRiX

    Now ya gotta respect that, providing an opportunity for his young daughter to make money & build a business mind instead of just some materialistic ish... 1

  • Not impressed

    What exactly do you get with a label anyway. What defines that. Did he buy office space and just pay to copyright the name. Damn he is a cheap bastard with a short neck.

  • Anonymous

    very unusual sweet 16 gift....but it sure is very creative. u dont hear gifts like that everyday lol

  • Guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • Cage

    Dam, zero posts on this positivity??? Sad. Props, Big Boi for not dumbin out

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