Capone Calls Out Prodigy Following Snitching Allegations, Prodigy Responds

UPDATE: Prodigy reacts to Capone's upset recent comments after there were reports of him testifying against Havoc's brother in "My Infamous Life."

Queens rapper Capone had a few choice words for fellow rapper Prodigy after being called out as a snitch in Prodigy’s new book titled “My Infamous Life.”

In a video exclusive with Forbez DVD Capone addressed the snitch allegations and alludes to there being much more in store for Prodigy.

“I’m talkin’ to you Pussy P…You talkin’ about nigga’s crowns is so soft my nigga. Fuck is wrong with you? Look where I’m at. What you want me to do, walk around this bitch? I ain’t got to prove to you I’m from QB or [that] my nigga’s hold me down in my hood nigga,” Capone explained in the video. “Let me tell you something man, niggas don’t rat on my side my nigga…We got a lot of things in store for you. This is just the beginning, act one.”

According to Prodigy, Capone once testified in court against Havoc’s brother Killer Black. He referred back to the incident in an excerpt in “My Infamous Life” and spoke briefly about Capone in a recent interview with Complex magazine.

“People were upset, but that was just one of those things that just never came out. It just never happened. I can’t tell you why,” said Prodigy when asked why the news on Capone hadn’t come out sooner. “I didn’t even want to believe it. None of us wanted to believe it, but that’s what really happened though. We like Capone, and he just did that.”

Although the trial happened quite a while ago Prodigy has worked with C-N-N (Capone and Noreaga) on numerous occasions, a point Noreaga made sure to make clear in an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

“If that was the case then why is it seven Mobb Deep and Capone and Noreaga records that exist,” asked Noreaga during the interview. “If a dude snitch on my man I ain’t hanging with him.”

Prodigy has yet to respond to the remarks made in Capone’s video. 

Capone Goes In On Prodigy For Calling Him A Snitch! (Act I)

(April 25)

UPDATE: After Capone's statements were made, Prodigy called into Funkmaster Flex's HOT 97 New York radio show last night (April 25). The Mobb Deep co-founder reacted to the Capone-N-Noreaga co-founder's sentiments. "I feel that [Capone] is probably upset because the truth of the matter came out now, as far as what happened with Havoc's brother and the whole case thing. It's sad that it went down the way that it went down. We didn't ask 'Pone to do that; we didn't have nothin' to do with that decision-making," said P. "He has to take that up with hisself at the end of the no way, shape or form was I trying to be disrespectful or to target him or ruin somebody's career. That wasn't my intentions at all. My intentions was just to tell the story how it went down and how it is."

Prodigy went on to call C-N-N "friends" and point to the two groups' rich musical history within Queensbridge. ripped the full audio from the interview.

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  • Me Fools

    You ignorant fools deserve to be in prison or better yet dead. All the he snitched no he snitched. All you clowns are need to grow up and stop destroying lives with your retarded asses. Talk all that big snit until the law get's you then you act like the bitches you are.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    All these rap niggers are snitches! The only true gangsta rapper in the game is Lil B! He keeps it real and is recognized by the Black Panther community and accepted by the Elite of the Nation. He has ressurected rap and killed all thes faggots yall call rappers such as Nas, Prodigy, Rakim and all those fart fucks!

  • a


  • keep my name outta ya mouth

    I dont know why people think pone didnt snitch, i know dude just got out and the police use that shit to they advantage cuz they know you dont wanna go back, and what does prodigy got to gain nothing, dudes just being real and stating his facts, he shoulda went face to face with it tho.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ knows the code of the streets

  • Amsterdamned

    Everyone knows Mobb Deep are the most realistic sounding, studio gangsters.. love for the the music but dudes lack real back bone.. Pac knew

  • $auce

    in the book P wrote capone may have been trying to "throw the cops off" and that's probably what the case was I doubt pone would snitch. He shot a cop for christ sake

  • born

    B@nsky you and any nigga who thinks having another dude stick his ass and nuts in your face is funny,are prolly the same fags sending Mr see-men your e harmony profile,yellow brick road sucked too stan!

  • Big Log

    Yo! man for someone who dont believe in snitching Prodigy sure run his mouth a lot, and call flex,s on hot 97, sure sound like he is scared and dont want any problem, nigga need to understand once you start popping shit about niggas, man you will run into the motherfucker later or sooner, and prodigy should shut to fuckup he a punk

  • REAL LiFe

    It's as simple as this, if you can't do the time then don't do the crime. Its a million things you can be in this world, so why settle for a lowlife thug? That's just stupid! It's not a beautiful life style - its ugly - regardless of how its glamorize rap or on movies and tv.... I caught a drug case at 16 - young and dumb - went in for questioning BUT didn't give any info regardless cause I knew what game I was playing and what time it was. The cops will try 2 cut deals and make it sound fly to you - BUT no deal in the world could clear the conscience of a man that live by a code - so I knew better at 16... Going thru that situation I learned that I could never trust another man to fill my shoes - let alone trust him with my life. After I did that little bit of time, came home - got my record expunged & left that life alone. If you're a criminal and lie on someone or tell on someone else then your a snitch its as simple as that. Don't even bring law abiding citizens into this because they are smart enough not to live a low life. And if what P say is true - Capone is a snitch - quit taking up 4 a man that don't even know ya'll. Peace.

  • born

    Em had an un released song calling a black chick that dumped him the n word,and don't forget em taking bruno's ass in his face

    • B@nksy

      Eminem used to get the shit beat out of him everyday. He was the only white boy. his best friend proof (r.i.p) was black so dont try to imply he is racist gtf.

    • B@nksy

      I know he made a diss song towards a black girl and he said all black girls are wack and ect, but he never called her the N word so stops spreading lies fool. He has apologized for it on numerous occasions and he talks about it on his song yellow brick road (you should listen too it). And he was in on the bruno thing, he did that to prove he wasn't homophobic. and it was funny.

  • Mor

    Didn't Capone Testify against Lil Kim? He did! Him and Cease and couple of other folks testified against Kim.

  • B@nksy

    who actually bought and read a prodigy book lol? This wasn't a story until Capone responded too it now its getting attention he should of just ignored it. I hope Capone didn't snitch for the sake of his career.Wait what am I saying? Officer William Roberts is in the game, its 2011 keeping it real doesn't matter in HipHop anymore.

  • insanemacbeth

    as has been mentioned in other posts, if there was really a 'problem', why would PRODIGY/ MOBB DEEP make choonz with CAPONE, then? that doesn't make sense....and something's amiss, here!



  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck


    prodigy is a snitch for putting that in the book should have handled that shit face to face instead of trying to fuck up his career dry snitching in the book.SNITCH

    • B@nksy

      lol your saying Podigy is a snitch for calling out a snitch in his book? I agree Prodigy should of talked too Nor about it face too face but hes not a snitch for putting it in his book. If he wouldn't have snitched in the first place none of this would have happened. (not saying he did cus me or you dont know for sure what happened). I dont get the sense he tried to "fuck up his career" cus he has no reason to he doesn't gain anything out of doing that.

  • twoholla

    DAWG...FUCK CAPONE...he was NEVER the tightest or clever-est or charismatic on the mic but I rode with dude & bought his 2 solo joints. I've come to realize that the only thing he is good for is for making NORE sound better & go harder on the mic...4 example...that last War Report put out by Raekwon's H2O Imprint was bannanas...the rugged NY beats & NORE alwayz sounds more focused, more sharp...when he's with I've read he's a snitch...if it's true...DAMN...that's the last straw...I'm getting rid of ALL my Capone CD' freakin' DOUCHEBAG DELUXE SNITCH FUCK

  • Anonymous

    Man, these were some stupid motherfuckers. Luckily they got rich off of rap cause no doubt both of these idiots would be dead by now? How you shoot at somebody, then turn around and do songs wit 'em? Or better yet, how do you let somebody shoot at you then you turn around and do a song with them? I'm telling you these "highed up" gangsters are full of shit sometimes. And this is coming from a person that likes songs from both artists. But I tell you, it's funny pointing this shit out to people just so I can see their reaction when they find out their favorite gangsters are just as lost and confused as the drunk bums in the alley.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think capone snitch cus there no way they would do songs together n videos if he snitch... so P shut up n do music

  • badnewzxl

    Prodigy is a bitch! remember in "Piggy Bank" when 50 told Jada he'd "do your lil ass like Jay did Mobb Deep" then Mobb Deep signed to G-Unit? remember how Tru Life and all these other grimey ass niggas in NY just beat Prodigy up and take his jewelry all the time? Now this nigga talkin about Capone snitchin? WHEN? I barely remember a time when Capone was out of jail; if the nigga snitch, the streets would have caught up to him....

    • Anonymous

      Tru life didnt robb P dumbass they wasn't in the room plus 50 the bitch offering them a deal before they sign that shit was squashed so shut the fuck up hating you sound like a fucking wigga ol stalking gay ass bitch why you stalking P? Groupie get a life

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ up in this bitch

  • Nico 3

    Seriously... If Capone was making legitimate money he wouldn't be wasting time talking like this. He'd be too busy to care. Regardless of whether Prodigy's accounts are all true, he's making money off of it. Capone should just shrug it off, especially if it happened a long time ago.

  • Sensaye25

    Why is everyone actin' like its only NY rappers that beef? Southern rappers are always beefin' too. Everytime I turn around Lil' Flappy has beef with Young Trappy, and Lil' Murderboi has static with Skippy the IceKream Mane, and Young Moneyboy has drama Big Gooch. Its not a regional thing...unfortunately, it's just a black thing. More specifically, a hood thing. Niggas just don't know what to do with themselves if they ain't beefin'.

    • r

      lol sensaye funny with those names

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yo anon, you know those names were fake and meant to be funny jokes and parodies right? i couldnt tell.

    • Anonymous

      lol and u wonder why people are clueless that they beefin look at those fuckin names lmaooo i wouldnt play a Skippy the IceKream mane song if u had a fuckin gun to my head

  • born

    Rap and rappers are fucking lame,fake,wackness! Ross was a c.o. but niggas ignore it cuz he's hot right now! Rappers is snitching(cease,capone,t.I.? 50,etc) its ignored Em says nigger,its ignored cuz he's selling records Mr cee,gets sucked off by a dude,its ignored cuz he works for hot 97 Wayne kisses baby in the face,its ignored cuz he selling Kanye wears woman's clothes and stay doing Homo shit,and its all good cuz he's selling! Everything that these rap niggas claim to be against or stand for means nothing when it comes to making money! That's why I listen to hiphop,rap is for suckers!

    • mophead

      I agree with everything you said up til this point ..."That's why I listen to hiphop,rap is for suckers!" Hip Hop is the culture rap is what rappers do dj'n is what dj's do see the connection

    • Anonymous

      lmao when has em ever said the n word? literally everyone of those things listed was huuge news when it dropped u people are dumb.

    • cosign

      Dont forget eminem putting a man blow up doll on his penis on the Up in Smoke dvd. Yes em is a racist and a homo. Rap now accepts all kinds of bad things.

    • Ron Nizamov

      very well said! totally agree

  • @itsaljunior

    If Capone did on dude its understable cuz wasn't he just released from prison for some shit he did back in the day? Dude didn't want to go back and the po put the full court press on his ass to make him snitch. That's what I believed what happened. Dude had to have snithched cuz that's what guilty ppl do when they are guilty talk and it makes him look bad. I can't wait to c the drama unfold @iysaljunior follow me

  • problemz/problema

    If you are a square and you witness a crime and you report it you are not a snitch.If you are a supposed street dude who supposedly puts in work and you testify on the prosecutions side to aid the government in convicting someone then you are snitching.Plain and simple.The theory that he said nothing incriminating on the stand so it isn't snitching is BS.You are still aiding the government as a witness on their case in seeking a conviction.Once you take the stand for the government you are a snitch...Capone did this also when he testified against Lil Kim in her perjury case and so did Lil cease...but if a crime is committed against a friend or family member I would most definitely aid in the apprehension of the criminal..but if we in the streets together and one of us gets hemmed up and they offer me cheese to get out of a charge or violation then I'm keeping my mouth shut cause that's the right thing to a man and have some morals...

  • F. Rap

    It all stems back to cam'ron lookin like a f'n retard on 60 minutes -R.Pgh

  • Anonymous

    the past is the past grow up norega and move the fuck on

  • RichFromNY

    I don't get it...why jump up in a video saying that dumb shit...just do it or keep your mouth if something happens to P who do you think they're going to look at??? stop making yourselves an easy target to fuck with...

  • Anonymous

    lol. prodigy coming home starting shit. i thought y'all new york niggaz started realising you need to work 2gether. watch how many other rappers get involved with before its all said and done.

  • 204son

  • Anonymous

    Both of them niggas is whack nowadays.


    thats why NY rap is whAT is now wack azz beef (50cent)fuck that beef shit thats shit is played out that man (capone)when he see him (p)in the streets aint shit gone happend i bump that old ny shit not 80's but late 90' early 2000's when they was on top making good music so this is no diss


    I thought that P said he testified just to throw the heat off of Killa B???

  • BGG

    2 irrelevant ass niggas

  • O

    Rapping under the name "Capone" is dry snitching. So is naming your EP "The Ellsworth Bumpy EP". #DrySnitching

  • Anonymous

    niggas defendin weak ass capone? CNN weak as fuck and capone is 95% of the reason for that. fuck that nigga gettin ON the witness stand is being a snitch period. if the situation was dead i would be MIA not tellin da judge shit.

  • Enlightened

    For the niggas talkin about "I don't know, Capone is a real nigga" Are y'all fuckin serious? What does being a real nigga have to do with testifying on the stand. Ever heard of Sammy the Bull? Alpo? Them niggas caught more bodies than the DC Sniper and they got on the stand and testified. The so-called realest nigga in the world can snitch to save himself from life behind bars

    • Jose Vasquez

      True, fuckers are afraid to testify even if not doing so benefits no one. The word testify for them is glued to the term "snitch," homies want to say "shit I tell truth my nigga" until it gets serious.

    • Christopher English

      True story fam...

  • Pussy p

    Mobb deep where hot before they signed with G unit I got no love for them anymore

  • Wolfman

    Any of ya'll who wanna investigate, you can find more info about this in Capone's songs. Find a song called "Faith in these Streets" of Pain, Time and Glory. Can't find it on YouTube, but he talks about being indicted and allegations of being a snitch.

    • ghost in it

      true he says he was forced to take the stand but all he heard was a shot gettin let off and he bounced outta there he didnt see who fired the shot or ne thing like that capone is a real street dude look at his rap sheet prodigy gon have a real problem when they run into each other

  • The Truth

    A lot of these wannabe thugs these days who act tough on the streets carry guns sell drugs fight and do all type of crimes turn on their own people when they put in a corner and they not loyal to themselves or others. I believe that if you want to do crimes and you know that what you are doing is wrong and if you get caught you can be in big trouble and you ready for that then you know how to handle it. If you know that you really a wannabe thug trying to impress others but know deep inside you buns or just not built for prison then just stay in your lane be a law o biding citizen and behave. Those who call police and report others for seeing them do crimes and get paid for it should pay a price as well that is not right but a lot of vicious people doing real evil things in the world so that all depends I think karma will get you no matter what and what you do in this world you will pay for it for sure even if you do not believe in God or whatever just think that the world our earth goes round and round 360 degrees its science fools so grow up stop doing crimes and all you telling on people Snitching remember Karma for everyone....Sing that song by Whitney Houston "Its not right but is ok, Im gonna make it anyway" FRUITS

  • Anonymous

    these dudes is pushing 40 and still getting into childish shit..smh

    • boaderline

      I still see 70 year old men doing this shit, i guess thug life is forever really!

    • yourmomsballs



    I'm not sure what the story is here. However, the word snitch continues to be used wrong in Hip-Hop and in general. You can only snitch if for example the two of us commit a crime the cops catch me and I tell them you did it with me possibly to get time off or take the heat off of me. If you do that your a snitch. If you see a crime and report it... THAT IS NOT A SNITCH

    • R.Pgh

      ahh the 'snitch' debate. It never gets old. That word is misused more than anything in hip hop. The way most rap fans look at it, if the Manson family lives next door to you and you know they're slaughtering innocent people for the fun of it, you can't tell the police or else your a snitch. It all stems back to Cam'ron looking like a f'n retard on 60 Minutes.

    • CT ALL DAY

      Dude you have it all twisted. If I see you get your head bashed in and I tell the cops I saw who did it, how is that a snitch? I'm reporting a crime. If you got caught and want to cut your time by giving up information, that's a snitch. You cats are funny...

    • Ace.^ro

      bro i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you but.........if you wanna be technical, runnin and tellin on somebody is snitchin now if i get caught doin some shit and i can get half the sentence by honestly telling them what another person did??? best believe that is not "snitching"..........its all about how proactive you are with your information fella. If backed into a corner, a good bit of these people who condemn all that "snitching" shit will sing like a canary.

  • I beat up gay people


  • Josue Silva

    I really don't know what to believe... P put out better music than nore and capone, so i'ma side with the homie P

  • Powerphi

    I work in the legal profession, and I can say without exaggeration that 75% of criminal defendants cooperate in one way or another, commonly telling on their enemies. This snitch nonsense is just that - nonsense.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Why is he so mad? Nobody even knows who he is.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Unfortunately for Pone, this was lingering word in hip hop for a minute. I happened to bump into a forum where a dude from their hood made mention of Pone snitching just randomly. Now a lot of times niggas might look at it as "hating" but 1. what did dude have to prove and 2. it's a lot of street/hood stuff that gets exaggerated 3. it's a lot of stuff that's known but not stresed by the streets/hood and is taking as a given but it's no big deal. When I first listened to the account P told regarding this, I just simply remembered and said "uh oh"...LOL!!! P didn't call him a snitch, he just said in a nutshell 'well damn... why did he do that and it threw everyone off'. He mentioned that Pone was young. He mentioned that it was a long time ago. He also has NO reason to lie. He did records with him and Noreaga still... just as he should have. That means he didn't hold it against him. But for whatever reason, he testified regarding Hav's brother and P's friend. Why would it be a need to lie on P's behalf? Sorry, Pone. But you should just be mad with yourself. Apparently no one took up issue with you about it over these years, so no need to get mad about it now. Tough break, nigga.

    • remember this shit

      "killa black no man can fill ya shoes now whats bad news it couldn't get much worse" that shit was from years ago, sounds like pone was snitching and P just let alotta cats know about in his bookt tellin it how it is.

  • Booker T.

    Here's a part of P's book about Capone--

  • Jose Vasquez

    "Rap snitches, tellin all their business Sit in the court and be they own star witness Do you see the perpetrator, yeah I'm right here Fuck around and get the whole label sent up for years"-MF Doom. One a lighter note, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! "Listen man you a fucking faggot, but at the end of the day I ain't gonna call you all that." and the fucking Exorcist music!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  • edubb1977

    W.W.E. Nigga style!!!!!! I once had respect for Capone because I thought he was an up and coming mc. But that was 49 seconds of bullshit!!! My question about the whole thing is if he did snitch why did Prodigy do all them songs with CNN? Oh well just another reason for big brother to shut hip-hop down!!!

  • @itsaljunior


  • QB Armstrong

    Capone = snitch. Right or wrong, that's for someone else to decide. Obviously dude is VERY sensitive to this because he even has a song about it on his first solo album. I'm sure ya'll can f

  • otis

    god please don't let this be another nigga moment

  • youngz

    Nigga looking real greazey, ready for war, man dude made a statement and your triping and look all guilty up in that bitch

  • Anonymous

    No worry capone we know that prodigy is fafe as hell and is talking to much bullshit. Maybe its time that prodigy will get his ass kicked by some real G's


    These niggas still act like they in High School. No wonder Jay dont respond t these "real street niggaz" like Mobb, Joe Budden, or Beanie...these niggaz are backwards!

    • QB

      Jay responded to Mobb more than once and the coward took another cheap shot at Prodigy when he was in jail saying " i put Prodigy in his place on that summer jam screen " on put on for my city remix and on A Star is Born on the Blue Print 3 he mentions them again...get your facts straight dick face...he always responds to the Mobb...there's other songs also like the takeover and some freestyles...and Jay aint no real street dude first off so who gives a fuck if he responds or not...he wears probably do to backwards ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      joe buddens in his prime cant touch mobb deep in thier prime... next...

    • Anonymous

      A nerd who raps better than the street niggas above combined.

    • Cage

      Lol he called joe budden a street nigga... joey is a nerd that can rap...

    • chronwell

      U probly right

  • Anonymous

    P watch out caphone is going to find a way to tell

  • Anonymous

    capone did snitch he knos nore knows we all kno u got real niggas snitching & caphone you are one of them u still real!!


    Two washed up has beens try to diss each other in 2011. Those faggots were relevant 10-15 years ago. LMAO!!!

  • Ziploc

    He went WWE on P but at no time did I hear him refute the alligation..Sooooooo...before you get all Thundercat on Prodigy,clear it up first..because if someone throws the transcripts on the net..there you go...lookin salty..and lookin like about some good music instead of using this shit to get a buzz my nigga?

  • Sensaye252

    It kills me how these rap niggas always talk about things like 'loyalty' and 'honor' and all that shit. Man, ain't no loyalty and honor in the hood. Its survival of the fittest like P said in '95. If a nigga gotta throw you under the bus to save his own life, he's going to. Why is anyone surprised?

  • Ryan Davis

    hahaah what a faggot capone is. hahah do i gotta walk around? then he doesnt show anything hahah

  • chubbs860

    haha capone mad salty cuz he did snitch what acts he got in store to snitch on p and put em in jail

  • Dreadrock

    “If that was the case then why is it seven Mobb Deep and Capone and Noreaga records that exist,” asked Noreaga during the interview.

  • Nico 3

    I guess if Prodigy is found dead we know who the prime suspect is.

    • Anonymous

      Same thing I was thinking...He did a vid saying he doesnt snitch but basically snitched on himself if anything happens to Prodigy. He mustve smoked himself retarded.

  • Al-B

    This is either true or not true and easily proven one way or another. Nigga post the trial transcripts. Both of them should have lawyers who can get or have access to that paperwork!

  • Enlightened

    AAAAAAAAAAAAhh ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa! That's 49 of the funniest seconds I ever saw in my life. This nigga is trippin! Nigga why it take Act 1, Act 2, "more in store" and all this shit. It ain't no way Prodigy would make up some shit that's public record. I know his feelings hurt about niggas knowing that after all these years, but give up with this dumb shit. Don't play yourself Capone. Just come back with hot music and ignore it. Just like the Mr. Cee situation (it's plenty of gay niggas), it's plenty niggas who snitch everyday now and nothin happens to them. Just let it go man you're about to look stupid trying to go at P over telling the truth.

    • QB

      Word Pone its Black from 41st ave....everyone in the bridge knows you snitched...let it were like 17 no one still made some crack...Killer B killed himself cause of you..thats for you to live with, no need to be angry with P..he said he still consider's you a friend...we know he's pussy but he makes good music and thats what you need to do who cares if you bust your the end of the day no one cares let his book make some another song together thats crack and no one will care....Rick Ross was a co and is still getting his money...grow up....if it aint true tell him to prove it and since he can get the proof i would advise u to just leave it alone

    • EddieMurrrphy

      good comment

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