Illinois Attorney General Criticizes Snoop Dogg-Endorsed "Blast" Drink

Lisa Madigan joins the growing number of those concerned that a campaign featuring Snoop Dogg targets kids.

Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan has added herself to the list of those concerned that Pabst Brewing Co.'s malt beverage, called "Blast by Colt 45," targets children.

Madigan points to the colorful packaging, fruit flavors, and an ad campaign featuring Snoop Dogg as evidence that the drink is being marketed towards children.

“A product like this only serves to glamorize alcohol abuse and promote binge drinking, threatening the safety of those consuming it,” said Madigan, according to

Other attorneys general have echoed these concerns, including those in Arizona, California, Maine and Massachusetts.

"Blast" has a 12-percent alcohol content. Concerns about the beverage, and Snoop's endorsement of it, were previously raised by alcohol industry watchdog The Marin Institute.


  • Robb Thomas

    the whole reason people are against this shit is as stupid as the reason people were against Four Loko. Which, in my opinion, is stupid as shit: Some dumb-asses were mixing Tequila, Whiskey, Vodka, and THEN had Four Lokos on top a that.. and they wanna blame Four Loko. Meanwhile Tilt, Sparx, ect., which are the same thing, are still legal... smh.

    • Jadakiss88

      Four Loko isn't illegal. The only problem I have with this complaint is. "Madigan points to the colorful packaging, fruit flavors, and an ad campaign featuring Snoop Dogg as evidence that the drink is being marketed towards children." 1st isn't the parents job to make sure their underage child understands that its not a soft drink or a fruit drink. Budlights are bright blue, Four Loko's are colorful, sparx, hell they even sell a drink promoting codeine use. HOWEVER, snoop being on the advertisments has more to do with a snoop and less to do with the kids. Nobody made a fuss when Snoop made a song with those cats from Nickelodeon or Pepsi. So I guess pimping and smoking weed is ok as long as kids don't drink beverages out of colorful cans.

  • dj

    Another thing, the fact that an attorney general, which is the head of the department of justice, is even talking about this is a waste of media time. We're being force fed so much garbage from the news networks. We as the people of the united states should change this dramatically. Make sure we keep this freedom of speech and not let these people in power take away our freedoms.

  • dj

    The fact this lady is campaigning against a alcoholic drink that cant be sold to kids anyway is ridiculous. There are way too many important issues for an attorney general to make a big deal about a drink. She's probably only targeting the drink because snoop endorses it. This is another stupid attempt to make an artist a bad guy just to try and censor our speech. Her point is irrelevant and unimportant compared to bigger issues that an attorney general should be focussed on. This is what I hate about my country that idiot officials make big deals out of issues that don't matter and don't focus on issues that actually matter. I guess a large amount of people do the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    4 Loko looked just like this so I don't know what you are talking about?? Legal drinkers buy these same drinks daily!!!

  • Anonymous

    They have a point with the advertising towards kids. This ain't an adult drink by far. Lil kids will think this is the shit cuz it's flashy with different flavors and buy it. Alcohol causing mass histeria as always SMH. Long story short legalize weed.

  • wtf

    and weed is still illegal...........

  • problemz/problema

    I defend Hip-Hop every chance I can because it is always being attacked but in this case there is truth to it.Snoop has a history of promoting liquor.He has done St Ides Ads,Hennessy Ads and one of his biggest songs ever was Gin And Juice,a song he did when he was 23..Who was his target audience then? you think snoops audience today is people over 40? when college campuses have parties I can guarantee you Elton john or some sh*t won't be blasting...But in that playlist you're more than likely to hear Snoop..just saying..Stop acting like Snoop isn't about his paper..That's all he cares about...his bread...

  • webbo trill

    If this was Charlie Sheen endorsing it, it would be harmless, quite funny, and would make everyone want to buy it. Fuck illinois before you talk about Snoop why don't yall answer me this? why the fuck do our state taxes keep going up? everybody in this state a drunk already because you oppress the people, kiss my black ass do ya thang snoop you aint harming no kids.

  • ehj


    • anotheruser

      word, shit is stupid. the same logic can be applied to pretty much anything.. blame marlboro's influence cause the mascot is a fucking camel, kids love animals and cartoons. blame BK cause the letters are cute and simple.. easy for kids to point out. blame Toys R Us cause it turns everyone into mindless consumers who are superficial later on in life!! hahaha.

  • Joshua Williams

    1. per marketing standards (the flavor, the color, etc.), the brand is aimed towards kids. 2. that does not mean just because snoop endorsed it, the campaign to remove it should focus on him. Snoop is an ICON, and his fans are all of ages. Snoop definitely has bundles of fans over the age of 21. c'mon.. its fucking snoop dog. if the company really wanted to target underage drinkers, they would have used wiz khalifa, or wocka flocka, or travis porter. 3. at the end of the day, let these niggas make they money. it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure their kids dont drink. and if not parents, then the store owners. if not the store owners, the the police. tell these other niggas to do they job.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn'T Exist swear apple needs to remove this spell corrector until it learns how to spell

    • Beezlebud

      It's the responsibility of every individual with the global community for what they put out their because the community influences children, otherwise Celeb endorsements would exist I swear this shits basic n you kids can't grasp it once again educational instutes failed

  • bet

    how does snoop endorsing something make it for kids that nigga like 40

  • nate

    lol im drinking that drink now, its the shit! 12% alcohol

  • Anonymous

    Celebrities help sell to the public and most of Snoop's fans don't even listen th hip-hop anymore.... Kids in this generation don't buy his album so why would they know buy something that he endorsed???? This doesn't make any since t me because Snoop Endorsed all these products for years even when he was young and never got payed for it.... So now that he is getting payed he is wrong??? These are the same people that got 4 Loko taken off the shelf!!

    • webbo trill

      my manz you right. I don't see bombay or tanq paying this nigga for gin and juice and everybody love that song, now he getting paid for promoting a little drink they call him wrong. They're fucking wrong they can't even run their states properly.



  • Angel

    So a colorful packaging, fruit flavors, and an ad campaign featuring Snoop Dogg are for kids?? Give me a break.

    • Beezlebud

      lol @ kurtang another keyboard tough guy who feels safe behind his monitor talkin shit, it's the COMMUNITY who raises all children nit jus the parents since the community is responsible for influencing them By your reasoning we should blame your parents for doin a shitty job raisin an Internet tough guy like you who brings nothing worthwhile into this world but ignorance and idiocy now run along wit your 45 IQ

    • KurtAngles

      Beezlebud suck a muthafucking dick!! If these kids are stupid enough to drink alcohol then fuck em!! Blame the Moms and Dads for doing a shitty parenting job.

    • Anonymous

      Snoop is 40 years old and the drink is alcohol so kids ca't pick it anyway. 4 Loko was a hell of a drink!!!!!

    • beezlebud

      if you knew even the tiniest thing about marketing you would already know that the answer to that is YES its the same thing they did with cigarettes, brightly coloured packaging attracts the eye to view it, celeb endorsement encourages kids to think its cool and fruit flavouring gives the illusion your not drinking as much as you are or something as serious as spirits their 100% correct in their perceptions that this is aimed at encouraging young people to buy it only a fool would think otherwise

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