Tyler, the Creator "Coming For Kanye West's Head"

OFWGFTA frontman zeroes in on his competition

He may have just turned 20 but Tyler, the Creator writes rhymes, makes beats, does album and promo art and comes up with video concepts. The ringleader of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All knows his competition in this game isn't a rapper who just kicks rhymes.

"I'm coming for Kanye West's head because he's my competition, Tyler said during mtvU Woodies pre-show interview. "I'm a big Kanye West fan, and I also compose music and I rap and I direct videos, and I don't want him to think he's the only person that could do that... My competition isn't other upcoming rappers and shit. It's him."

Tyler, aka Wolf Haley will drop his follow-up to Bastard this spring. Goblin is scheduled to drop May 10 on XL Recordings.


  • Anonymous

    It's like Kanye has the number one headband, and Tylers trying to obtain it for himself, on some ol Afro Samurai type shit.


    Check this out homies. Not signs from the east, I'm talkin real old fashion pimp time cooking. Greasy spoons and ish. Man this town was buzzing with excitement back then. Every year fireworks at Martin's stadium. People getting chased home after. The worst part about when people imitate your culture is that they don't even do it right.

  • Anonymous

    its not a fucken diss. hes saying hes coming for kanye at the top. this dude has some nice shit and yonkers deffinetly is a good song and got some deep shit

  • Anonymous

    write a diss or shut the fuck up thats like someone saying, im going to be the richest man in the world and while living on the streets with no job.

  • Nizz

    if these cats play they cards right, they could be on some wu tang cult shit. wu tang had complex muslim faith lyrics though, these dudes are on some shock value shit

  • amp_sample

    Yeezy fans need to stop with all the butt-hurt comments. For starters he basically acknowledged that he hasn't accomplished all that Ye has. He said that's who he's trying to compete with. Someone who's already successful and proven. Not another new rapper who might not be relevant by the end of the year. And as far as having a classic album, just because it was free doesn't mean shit. Bastard was definitely one of the best albums released in 2010 and will prob be talked about for years to come. Goblin is gonna be dope. Also ye called Yonkers "the video of 2011."

  • Pat Neeland

    I'm finding it hilarious that you guys are taking this as seriously as you are. Quit reading only the words and pull some actual meaning before you start crucifying people.

  • m.black

    Stupid Shit. This muthafucka betta be worried about topping College Dropout before he even thinks about callin Ye his competition. But you gotta get signed and sell a mill out the gate as well. OPINIONS of purist don't matter...cuz they don't fuckin BUY the records. Props are only valuable unless you appeal to EVERYONE muthafucka...sorry These new rappers ain't shit...

    • m.black

      My opinion DOESN'T matter and I ain't shit...yet (lol) your right on two notes but in your commment, you failed to explain the significance of this new ain't shit rapper that I judge. The way I see it, I talk down on homie, you talk down on me instead of puttin me up on game of your prospective. You rather take the chance to diss, which serves no purpose to a "ain't shit" nigga. Seems like your not as far from "you ain't shit" either muthafucka. Im jus honest about it.

    • M33K91

      That's a very closed minded and ignorant opinion there , Mr. Black. Even Ye recognizes this guy Tyler the creator, but you (and your oh so important opinion) fail to see the significance of these new "ain't shit" rappers. And with that said my nigga, YOU AIN'T SHIT. :P

  • Anonymous

    if it's tyler vs 'ye... tyler has the energy and raw talent but yeezy has the fans and the legacy. not saying yeezy isn't talented, but he's become watered-down mainly. tyler is still underground so his talent and image and style haven't been touched or changed yet. you feel what i'm saying?

    • Aquze

      Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was FAR from watered down! He spoke on every subect in his life abstractly, figuratively, and all other engish termsly(Duh) Yeah Ye has been influenced by his mainstream appeal, but he's also embraced it, and turned it into a new monster(no pun intended) This shouldn't even be a discussion! Tyler is talking strictly about accomplishments/goals/awards/money/aura


    I listened to one of the group's songs the other day, his name was Earl & the song's name was sweatshirt or some shit like that. It was actually good. Lil nigga got ill wordplay.

  • Jo25

    this devil worshiping hating fuck can't touch yeezy. Who are they kidding? Crazy shit payed for this ad space

    • Pat Neeland

      @waka - word. probably the same kind of dudes who think any big name rapper nowadays is part of the Illuminati, and that means there's no way I'm takin this comment seriously.

    • waka

      damn son they dont worship the devil. get some info before you guys come in here sounded like retards

  • deetoad

    kanye will piss on ur shitty records. u chump

    • @aquze

      "why you backing some dude you will never know against another dude you will never know" why not. so now people can't say "bulls are gonna win the championship" because they don't know them? they can't say "kool g rap is better than waka flocka" based on their skill, simply because they don't know them? fuck outta here with that dumbass logic

    • Aquze

      Tyler is talking strictly about accomplishments/goals/awards/money/aura & why you backing some dude you will never know against another dude you will never know. Subjective comments because you don't know the real background of Tyler, The Creator's music. Get Informed bitch

  • Los Angeles

    Whats up with all these rappers that are devil worshipers???

    • Matt Tompkins

      If he's not he sure wants to look like it with the flipped crosses and shit. OFWGKTA is the rap equivalent of Lady Gaga, doing crazy shit for publicity (whereas they can make a nice track, while Lady Gaga makes painful ear noise)

    • Pat Neeland

      ...SMFH. If you ain't got proof, then kill the bullshit.

  • TempoClash

    I liked Yonkers and the video was wicked... Hes making some of the most interesting music in hip hop right now BUT that isnt saying alot!!! Which is one reason why people have taken notice so fast there is FUCK all else (in hip hop).. but i like OFWGKTA they make good music and I hope they do well

  • white milk

    i dont know him but predict he will blow up along with the rest of his crew jus bc everyone on here seems to dislike him. you guys usually hate the best artists/musicians...

  • RealMofo

    Fuck this dumb retarded satanic tylor homo. So many devil worshipers lately in this rap game. At the end we all know who the real King is. Peace!

  • Erik Quinty

    hopsin does it all...just sayin

  • waka

    all these dudes hating right now are just late to the party. they'll catch on sooner or later...

  • LGS

    Odd Future has NO Future with me. HOT GARBAGE!

  • Frank Rodriguez

    Good job with the OFWGKTA coverage, DX. Don't want them coming after you.

  • Angel De Peña

    These guys fucking sucks, I don't get why they have such a buzz

  • Anonymous

    ... ok you DO all of that but no one said you were GOOD at it. O_O

  • Essex

    I usually don't talk on rappers skills, cause I'm an emcee myself. But THESE DUDES SUCK! and everyone checking for them like they they dope. Sad!


    TYLER YOURE THE BEST!!!!! NOT! Hahaha who the fuck is this dude anyway. never heard of him and probably never will, sounds like another Game(the wannabe MC from Compton), Just name dropn to try and make his name hott, lol

    • anon

      they didnt get famous on the basis of their talent, they got famous because their sound was different and somewhat belligerent in an era where music is getting tired out. there are tons more talented

    • Anonymous

      what the fuck does dj premier have to do with anything???? how does he name drop???? he works with everyone so thats what he talks about, its not dropping names if they are your friends and colleagues

    • Dub_Es

      @REALHIPHOP1984 tyler's nothing at all like the game. and he doesn't even need to name drop, his whole crew got famous on the basis of their talent. they never even got posted on nah right or 2dopeboyz

    • Anonymous

      same with premo as far as name droppin but no one ever gives him shit but me that is im one of the few that feels premo was wrong and if not for his hip hop clout the story would be different. fuck nowadays premo i dig the older ish you know the stuff that sounds like his and not some shit he bought and put his name on r.i.p guru jazzmatazz for life

  • Anonymous

    this dudes music is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    ok tyler ill give you a shot.....now go out there and make dope music...

  • Lima

    Love these dudes, but I hope their sound and themes don't change when they get big. Because they will get big.

  • Frankie

    Wolf Gang - It's the Wolf

  • msquared321

    KANYE time to choke a OFWGKTA member with a fishdick

  • charles manson

    i guess im late, but who the fuck is this?

    • Josiah Perez

      Kanye does know him, he really likes his stuff. In fact he named his vid yonkers best vid of 2011. He's not your average rapper he's...good.

    • cinavenom

      You don't know him now but you will. I am sure you both are the type to wait for someone to blow up before you check them out. Don't worry though this dude is about to be the biggest thing in hip hop so you will know him.

    • George Tune

      Kanye does in fact know of his existence. Kanye himself declared Tyler's video for "Yonkers" the video of 2011. You guys need to tune in...

    • Anonymous

      ..my exact question ??..word to this homie Kanye West knows of your existence the same way he knows about the Sasquatch

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