Waka Flocka Flame & Gucci Mane To Release "Ferrari Boys" June 21

UPDATE: Waka Flocka says that the Brick Squad's two stars' collaborative album will release in less than two months.

Brick Squad 1017's found Gucci Mane and most successful protege, Waka Flocka Flame have announced plans of a collaborative album. While the pair did not appear on each other's 2010 albums, The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted and  Flockaveli respectively, they have announced an upcoming full-length, The Ferrari Boys.

Billboard.com reported the upcoming album today, in preparation for Gucci Mane's March 22 retail mixtape, Mr. Zone 6. "The songs are so clever, the beats are so slammin', and the lyrics are just so aggressive," Gucci told Billboard. There's so much energy that we bring to the studio. Nobody's gonna be able to top this album that me and Waka are coming out with."

Earlier this month, Young Money's Jae Millz revealed that Brick Squad and YM have a collaborative mixtape in the works.

(March 17)

UPDATE: Waka Flocka Flame announced via Twitter today, that Ferrari Boys will release June 21, following a promotional mixtape.

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  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I just clicked on this to straight up hate.... Both of these idiots make the worse and dumbest music out there, and now they're going to combine their non-talent having asses into one album... Why must we be subject to more wack music... Actually why is this even news... They need to post shit about actual artists with real talent, not these cloewns....

  • L-Boogie

    Everytime I see Nas's face, I get a boner.

  • worstrappers

    man these two clowns are the worst rappers ever along with nicki minaj . just plain lame and wackness . shoot yourself if you buy this garbage please

  • Hahaha

    It's got my vote for worst album ever n I don't even need to hear that garbage!

  • Atl2Trill

    This is gonna be a hilarious album. They should be named the cutlass boys instead cuz they're ghetto as hell.

  • Roe

    Serious beats for Serious artists @ soseriousproductions.com

  • Coroner's Offices

    So.. 2 of rap's biggest fuckin retards get on an album together? Lex Luger, your ass better be working overtime on this shit, otherwise file this in the bargain bin 2 seconds after release.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Lil B IS Rap. Tupac was a pussy that rapped about fake ass shit and Biggie was a fatass who's probably getting roasted in hell for a feast as we speak. Lil B is BasedGod! Immortal Technique and Aesop Rock are like the New Boyz compared to Lil B! 1 Mill.+ for the "I'm Gay" album. Its gonna be a CLASSIC. Best music since The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson & Outkast put together. SwagSwag!

    • AT

      who d hell is dis dumb,wel i dnt blame yur ass,is yo mama i blame 4 givin burth 2 retard like u,now u need 2 pray 4 4givness becos u just insulted GOD above,and i think u gay 4 respectin a clown like lil b,u dumb ass,BIGGIE PAC MJ,no oda act wil match deir acts in now way

    • Atl2Trill

      You lost ur gotdamn mind and a major fag for being a Lil B fan. Lol at Biggie being roasted in hell as a feast.

  • L-Boogie

    LOL!I'd rather hear an album from Big Bird and Elmo rapping abc's than these wack ass duck and goose niggas.

  • Big Gooch


  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane are jus two of the BEST LYRICISTS out there right now! They can totally beat KRS-One, Talib Kweli, all of Slaughterhouse and Eminem in a rap battle. Its all thanks to BasedGod Lil B! He IS the REINCARNATION of TUPAC! Matterfact Tupac was shit when he was out! He rapped about unrealistic issues! LIL B IS RAP!

  • jacken_88

    ROFLMMFAO @ the existence of this project LOL

  • Anonymous

    still can't understand why would you people listen to them , their IQ is so low they will trip on it

  • khordkutta

    I PREDICT A CLASSIC!!!................P.O.S.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Gucci Mane the best rapper of all-time is at it again. Gucci Mane proves that he's the best rapper with the words of wisdom and lyrical content that faggots like Eminem, Nas and Immortal Technique wished they had. Here's the traclist revealed... 1. Gucci Mane is God 2. Pray to Gucci feat. Justin Bieber 3. Gucci Hood feat. OJ Da Juiceman 4. Gucci Party feat. Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj 5. Gucci Smoke feat. Shawty Lo 6. Gucci Swagg feat. Soulja Boy 7. Gucci Underground feat. Canibus, Vinnie Paz, and Ill Bill 8. Gucci Pwns Eminem feat. ICP 9. Gucci murked Nas feat. Justin Bieber 10. Gucci Dance feat. D4L 11. Gucci Exorcist feat. Odd Future 12. Lupe Fiasco can't skateboard feat. Hopsin 13. Gucci Legend feat. Eazy-E, Biggie and Lil Kim

  • Anonymous

    Ferrari Boys??? more like "Daewoo Boys"

  • hellrazor

    LOL! lord of the rings books would be a stretch. maybe "cat and the hat"...even that book has words that are too big and complex for these 2

  • Anonymous

    Forget ferrari boys...Id actually pay to hear an audio book read by these two dudes. Like one of the lord of the rings books or some shit.

  • Holland

    Another sad day for Hip Hop

    • The MG

      @ O, I can name a sh*tload of rap duos better than these fools.

    • hellrazor

      @holland it is gonna be a sad sad sad day for hip-hop and the nigga who commented below you probably has no idea what hip-hop is SUPPOSED to sound like.

    • O

      Fuck are you talking about ? This is one of the hardest hitting Duos IN Hip Hop. And aren't you the same dudes that say "this isn't Hip Hop?" . LOL, make up your mind!!! Real heads have been waiting for this to happen for a LONG time. These dudes compliment each other perfectly over beats.

  • Anonymous

    they can own a ferrari and call their album that but they still dont know shit about cars or how to drive them

    • The MG

      O, how do you know HE was the one driving it though? It could've been the woman driving it and he knocked her out of the driver's seat.

    • Cage

      ^^^ Hey O, calm yo dickridin ass down.. They're both trash, that's a fact. no need to bark on folks just cause you bump that shit....

    • O

      Fuck are you talking about? Gucci just got arrested for PUSHING A BITCH OUT A MOVING CAR. That means he is obviously a great driver.

  • FlakkaFlameNigga

    NIGGA THIS GON BE THE HARDST SHIT EVA. MY NIGGA GUCCI AND ME GON TAKE A BIG SHIT ON ERA OTHA NIGGA IN DA GAME RIT NOW. BRIK SQAD NIGGA. YOU NIGGAS CANT FUCK WITH THE GOAT WAKA AND MY NIGGA GUCCI. FUCK A NIGGA. Track List 1. Fuck u Niggaz ft. Lil Wayne 2. Gay ass nigga ft. Lil B 3. I took a big shit ft. OJ Da Juiceman 4. I smoke Weed ft. Wiz Kalifa 5. Niggaz in da south ft. Triple C's 6. Hard in da paint Remix ft. Shaq 7. Best Rappers Alive ft. Birdman, P. Diddy 8. For my hoodrats ft. Drake, Nikki Minaj 9. How'd i get a deal ft. Soulja Boy, Roscoe Dash 10. Locked up with my C.O. ft. Rick Ross 11. Brick Squad Killas ft. Waka's Mom 12. Nigga I'm broke ft. Young Berg & Thugnificant from the Boondocks COP THIS SHIT NIGGA

    • SoGucci

      oh shit my nigga.... this had me laughing. kudos

    • Anonymous

      That track with Wiz Kalifa might be a stretch...With that song title Wiz might have to actually rap about something.

    • bballslim42

      Shaq and Thugnificent wouldn't be caught dead on this mixtape. Sadly all those other artists are probably hoping for a guest spot with these clowns.

    • Anonymous

      tracks 3, 10, and 12 LMAO!!!

    • Drake

      Haha, FLOCKA FLAMES! Backdraft, uh, no homo, uh, pause. Dont let these haters get you down, graaavity. They just mad that we stay getting stupid rich and taking they hoes, Amber Rose...Uh, yeah...Drizzy in this like Im still trying to win this, finals. Lets take these haters back to Degrassi high and show em how its really done homie. For My Hoodrats bout to be the anthem for 2011 to 20311, Star Trek....Shout out my uncle, Spock. Take Care, Fragile Drake

    • FlackaFlameNigga

      Bro if you thought that was a serious post you are taking hip-hop a little too serious.

    • Anonymous

      You didn't list anyone worth listening to...helluva try though. Gucci and Waka are garbage. Pure and simple. That's not hate nigga, that's truth. No one who really appreciates hip hop and rap is putting that date on their calendar. That whole track list is a bunch of washed, up pop-y "artists" who appeal to the mainstream listener with cute rhymes that really don't make any sense when you listen to them. Just because one word rhymes with another, doesn't mean those words go together

  • Brooks

    Hoorah. Two retards on one collaboratively fucking terrible album. It's like vomit on top of feces.

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    two wrongs dont make a right

  • hellrazor

    i can only imagine gucci mane's definition of "clever".


    gucci MR. ZONE6 album sound like its gone be hot cant wait

  • CR7

    probs cos they share a ferrari

  • Anonymous

    very original! Didn't we have the bugatti boyz with diddy and Ross!!!1 I hope ferrari is gonna sew them because of the name ferrari. wack ass rapppers

  • hunkE

    Young Buck feat. Wordsworth, Royce Da 5'9" & Lil' Wayne - Lost My Mind [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/y ] Royce Da 5'9" feat. Large Pro & AZ - The Come Up [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/royce-da-59-feat-large-pro-az ] Asheru feat. 7L & Esoteric - Just Think [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/just-think-feat-7l-esoteric ] 2Pac feat. Warren G & Method Man - Moments In Time [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/moments-in-time-feat-warren-g ] Praverb the Wyse - 1Mic [hunkEmix] [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/praverb-the-wyse-1mic ] T.I. feat. UGK - Money On The Dresser [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/t-i-feat-ugk-money-on-the ]

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    Wow, really creative with the name, even less creative then Buggati Boyz. With that being said, ferrari boys is even more lame. If it weren't for Lex lugers production on Flockaveli I wouldn't even listen to that record. Lex makes Wakas attempts at emceeing tolerable and fun because all the stupid shit he says gets lost in the beats and then I only remember the hooks and the occasional funny line. Without the hype and the beats that shit would be sitting on a computer in a flop house somewhere in atlanta.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Nothings gonna top this album ehh? Kanye & Jay-Z - That's My Bitch & H.A.M. > Flocka & Gucci's careers

  • hellrazor

    nate dogg (someone with talent) just passed away and these 2 mentally paralyzed cunts are converging to release an album. a sign of the apocalypse.

    • Anonymous

      Did the dude above me jus drop a Rebecca Black refrence?! haha

    • hellrazor

      @dave, thanks for the comment. if i could find a stronger word, i'd use it. how do you quantify the magnitude of the talentlessness of these 2? @rip7, them 2 niggaz is garbage. they might as well feature rebecca black on that pathetic excuse of an album.

    • rip7

      yes sir I agree the two worst thing's that's in Hip Hop right about now 1 u can't understand what the fuck he's saying flow sound like shit then u have an wantabe gangbanger promoting garbage about killin wow Hip Hop as gone down to a new level with this bullshit here smfh..

    • Dave

      I respect your comment because you used the word 'cunts' in it. It's an underused word and there should be more of it!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Why not a "Threesome" album: Gucci, Waka & OJ.

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