Shawty Lo Hints At Signing With 50 Cent And G-Unit

Now that he's a free agent, D4L's Shawty Lo has his eyes set on becoming the latest member of 50 Cent's G-Unit roster.

50 Cent may be adding another artist to his label after moving the G-Unit imprint to EMI last fall and founding G Note Records for his R&B endeavors. In an interview with, Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo said the wheels are in motion for him to move to G-Unit if an agreement can be reached between both sides.

“I sat down with probably about four or five labels,” Shaty Lo said. “The best situation I think I like is I had a meeting with 50 Cent and G-Unit. I left New York, and we had a good six or seven-hour meeting. I think it went well. I’m just waiting on his attorneys to get with my attorneys to make it concrete.”

Shawty Lo made a name for himself as a member of the group D4L. The quartet of rappers saw their stock rise from 2005 through 2006, when their single “Laffy Taffy” reached number one on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart. Shawty Lo, D4L’s co-founder and acting CEO, was signed to a solo deal through Asylum/Warner. But he began fielding offers after parting ways with the label. In addition to himself, Shawty Lo says he oversees a sizeable group of artists.

“I feel like 50 is a hard worker,” Shawty Lo added. “He’s come through so much in the game. I feel like I’m a down South version. I’ve just been working hard...all I need is that machine behind me. Once I get that machine behind me, I don’t think anybody can work as hard as we can.”


  • Anonymous

    I ain't mad at Shawty Lo for working hard to stay legit out of the street-life and feeding his family and friends! Its soo many negative comments when dude trying to do good things, positive thing with this music thing! F*ck who he signs to, F*ck how many records he sells, he making money the right-way! If you got hate for this or negative words for this kill urself immediately!!! So what if 50 give him a deal with G-Unit Records, its a check for Shawty so he and hs people can eat! Yall bloggers always throwing shade on something when it ain't Jay-z, Kanye, Weezy, Nicki related, it like yall mad when you see somebody other than your favorite rapper make powers moves or big money come-up.

  • Anonymous

    The South never bought shawty Lo records so why would they start now???

  • Bankhead Ct.

    LO u know we fux wit ya da long-way potna 50 got that bank, he get that money u get that money take ur grind to da next level dawg! If LO can keep making hit-records the south gonna buy it! 1 thing for sure LO is literally 1 of the realest GANGSTERS turn rappers ever none off u squares can ever question LO's credibility in the streetz of Atlanta!

    • Anonymous

      Gucci Mane killed a guy and Jeezy knew Meech and T.i, went to the feds. THERE ARE PLENTY CERTIFIED NIGGAS. I KNOW SOME IN MY OWN CITY.

  • Anonymous

    50 use to be my boy but he just blew it with this one.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a replacement of young buck...maybe the G-unit is missing young buck and they think its about time to have a replacement. .

  • kennyken

    i don't know about this one. shawty is in his own lane far away from g-unit sound. it's hiphop atlanta, and its all good. but hopefully he doesn't change his sound man.

  • hellrazor

    it's official that 50 does not give a shit who he signs, he wants to make a buck. this is low. devastatingly low. shawty lo can't rap FOR SHIT and D4L is utterly garbage (laffy taffy is one of the worst songs ever recorded in human history). "pathetic" would be an improvement for shawty lo. 50 could sign him if he wants but that nigga aint gonna sell as many as 50K.

  • hellrazor

    it's official that 50 does not give a shit who he signs, he wants to make a buck. this is low. devastatingly low. shawty lo can't rap FOR SHIT and D4L is utterly garbage (laffy taffy is one of the worst songs ever recorded in human history). "pathetic" would be an improvement for shawty lo. y'all wanna know how his wackness is perceived? go to, click on the letter "S", scroll down the letter til you find shawty lo and read his album review. YOU'LL SEE THE RATING HE GOT. period.

  • G-Unit

    Fif don't fuckin sign him! He is one of the wackest mc's ever! DON'T FUCKIN DO IT !!!!!

  • LMAO

    I swear this nigga talks like a 70 year old black man.


    Fif just talkn to shawty lo to make some noise cause rozay signin east coast rappers, its all about competition but it sounds like shawty lo got a lotta connects down south, this could be a good look for G Unit even if it dont look good at this point aint no tellin wat kinda collabs G Unit could make with Lo

  • Jeff S H Lee

    This guy is terrible.

  • D.I.

    this fucker can't even talk. let me guess tho, he probly has a book out? HAHA, jeez learn ENGLISH

  • Anonymous

    Get a wet towel and wipe that shit off your chin. Once you sign to G-Unit their will be plenty of "things" to put on your chin. (Good luck with that shit!!)haha

  • Anonymous

    It's L.O.!!!!!!! No it's a Sharpie drawn mustache & beard!!!! Or maybe its a color pencil. HAHAHAHAHAHA ITS "OFF BRAND". THATS WHAT IT IS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Permanent marker beards are for kids and wack ass drown men that like to look in the mirror and say "I look tough with this". smh

  • Westcoast G

    1. LO has cocaine jaw 2. His beard looks painted on 3. HE'S FUCKING WACK!!! Just my observations....

  • Anonymous

    Who cares 50 and g-unit wack he tryna sign cause rozay making big moves 5-0 career over and g-unot

  • Brandon Epps

    why is this news? i mean lo hasnt been heard from since he dropped whatever that was some centuries ago. moving forward, t.i. was in jail and this fool shawty couldn't make an album? then, you have to look at 50, when has this idiot been relevant in anything? last albums bombed and he went hiding. 50's label is the new KOCH in that you go to 50's label knowing you just signed on to the new graveyard for washed up rappers.

  • Anonymous

    that would be wack.. so many better artist to sign MOBB DEEP should get back wit the unit now P out

  • Anonymous

    nobody is bumping Lo anymore.. this is stupid for both parties.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope 50 signs this "OFF BRAND" clown

  • nuc

    em signs the slaughter and yela.... 50 signss,,,,, yeah haha, nice to see a natural divide.

  • Real Shit!!!!

    B.I.S.D (with 2 DVDs) 110k smh!!!! B. Pumpers SMH2 45K HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Epic Fail!!! Lames are dead!!!! G-Unit sold 155k first week sales all together??? Damn!!!! smh Rozay did 176k after all that C.O./babymama shit. ADD 3K A PIECE FOR SHAWTY LO & YOYO = 161K

    • Anonymous

      real shit is beg for mercy sold way way way more than all officer ricky albums combined not to mention the massacre or grodt and bisd sold more than deeper than rap so wait for 50 5th album to compare with teflon don get a life hater

    • Anonymous

      how many did Get rich or die trying sell again? oh yeah millions more than rozay will ever sell in his career

  • True Sinister

    just another rumor. 50 has talked to many people about signing to g-unit to where it didn't happen from chingy to trick daddy to beanie sigel...this means nothing to me

  • Anonymous

    this guys fucken trash...

  • S.o.Sa

    Fabo was the only one who actually new how to rap out of the group.

  • anon

    he is either baked or has a speech problem

  • young buck

    dam now i really cant get my back taxes paid dis nigga taking my advance

  • Anonymous

    i hope hes lying,

  • Steven Ireland

    Who's Shawty Low??

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