Since it’s inception in the late 70’s, hip hop has surpassed critical scrutiny and other odds on its way to shattering stereotypes and breaking new ground artistically and economically.

D4L can now lay claim to being hip hop’s latest record breakers. The group made Sound Scan history this week, with a new one week high for digital down load sales for their break out hit, Laffy Taffy.

Sales hit 175,000 for the week, trumping previous record holder Kanye West, whose Jamie Foxx featured Gold Digger sold 80,500 last September.

Laffy Taffy currently sits at 512,000 digital downloads in the 12 weeks it’s been on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs chart.

The group is also ushering in the latest hip hop trend, known as “snap” music. For those not up on the genre, snap uses “very simplistic beats and finger snaps” ( and also has an accompanying dance.

Some even hail the sound as the next big thing out of ATL.

“The freshest movement going on right now is the finger-snap movement,” Mr. Collipark told “We’re getting that regional sound back with these finger-snap records. Atlanta is commercialized now with Jon getting so big, Ying Yang Twins getting so big. It’s like with anything — once the mainstream gets a hold of it, the value goes down. Now we’re having a whole new movement with the snap music.”