Kurupt Talks "Detox," Says Tupac Named Him "Young Gotti"

Young Gotti gives his take on Dre's latest, in addition to Makaveli and future projects.

In a recent interview with Montreality, west coast veteran Kurupt sat down to discuss a slew of topics, including Dr. Dre's long-delayed Detox and memories of Tupac.

"It was a great experience working with Dr. Dre on the first Chronic, and especially [2001] because I was already established..." said Kurupt of his time working with the legendary producer.

"[Detox] is coming," assured Kurupt. "Dr. Dre is working real hard on it. There's a lot of good records on that album, but he keeps switchin' 'em up. Dr. Dre's a stickler for perfection. He's just trying to make it the best for his fans and everybody else."

Kurupt also shared memories of former Death Row label-mate Tupac. "A lot of people don't know, we knew 'Pac before he got on Death Row. He was a longterm friend...that's why it was such a big thing to us when he did come to us."

"We always used to say, 'Man, if 'Pac was with us, we'd have the ultimate squad,'" explained Young Gotti. "When it did happen, it was a dream come true. I remember 'Pac came to Death Row...one incident in New York, we used to kick it at his house in Atlanta...He gave me the name 'Young Gotti.' That's why I'll never change it."

Kurupt also revealed that he is working on an album with production by Pete Rock.

Watch the interview below:



  • solo

    music has changed I cant stand it I'm 90s lost & still feeling it

  • Money Emp

    @okthen Are U serious Mister mista Scarface iz A "LEGEND" Homie,must be Young?

  • sureshot

    I am DESPERATELY trying to find this song By Kurupt or featuring him, the few things I remember was its called Backdafucup? or something? the mv showed him in a bar/club and hes just constantly rapping like crazy, and I dont think there was even a chorus..i cant find it on Wiki, i cant find it on youtube..can kurupt fans please tell me if I there is this so called song? its a longggg ass name from wut i remember, and the words are stuck together.. -_-

  • Anonymous

    Whether yall believe me or not but I'm listening to Pac rite now while typing!!!...."Hell-razor" Mama raised a hell-razor!

  • John Stachowski

    I still remember when the video fro Tru Master came out. Def. good chemistry there. Be on the lookout for my first single featuring KILLAH PRIEST & TRAI KENNEDI droppin' 4/20 www.killahpriest.com www.soundclick.com/DUS www.soundclick.com/TRAIKENNEDI NJ ALL DAY

  • Rick

    I was just thinking. Kurupt is one of if not the only MC to spit over Premier, Pete Rock, Muggs, 9Th, DJ Quik, Dre.


    i need a doctor is just wack song and video

  • Anonymous

    Dont you dare fuck up them Pete Rock's tracks nigguh! You better come sharp as a blade or its cuytains! Cuytains, ya hear!

  • Anonymous

    Beef with DMX broke this nigga rhymes just like beef with Jay hurt Prodigy. Kurupt use to have a sick ass style, but the confidence is gone. Whatever you do Gotti, dont come with rhymes like you had on that Dj Quick shit! And stop sucking on Tupac dick! He gone man, damn! Just make some quality shit and everything will be everything! You and Daz could've had shit on lock! Work on your barz and come back and get it in! Its too late when you believe it is!

    • thegreatiandi

      Dmx didn't break his ryhmes...the fact that CrokedI wrote most of the hot shit Kurupt ever spit was the issue. When Crock stopped ghost writing...the new " i go in and freestyle an entire album " kurupt emerged. Thats his issue...

  • Tidomann

    Kurupt used be my fav. MC 4 real, especially that I was one of the ignorant cats not wantin' to hear shit other than the West Coast. Yeah cats get old with that rhyming shit but he switched his flow like Snoop. Daz did it too with that shoutin' on records & it beacame wack. On Kurupt's 'Lights' album & the DPG's one the reviews were lukewarm and I thought nah...I ain't down with that but I want to check them out cause I love those cats from Long Beach. DPG 4 L.I.F.E

  • Mr Flamboyant

    "Kurupt also revealed that he is working on an album with production by Pete Rock." What? (rubbing hands together in anticipation)

    • jack johnson

      yeah tha dogg pound have been talking about that album for the past 2 years now but it still hasn't been released. kurupt put out a song produced by pete rock called Yessir, the beat was really sick but unfortunately kurupts lyrics on that were garbage

  • Anonymous

    we can freak it=west coast classic

  • xman

    as long as kurupt doesnt constantly rhyme bitch with bitch, i'll take it

  • vegas702.......

    my top 5/6... spice 1 kurupt 2pac nas brother lynch hung............ scarface

    • ike turner89

      thats an outstanding list. spice 1 and tupac half way decent? is he kidding? scarface and brotha lynch are as lyrical as they come. my top five tupac, ice cube, scarface, e-40, and nas. (but crooked i is comin up fast)

    • Enlightened

      Tight ass list! This okthen cat doesn't know what the fuck HE'S talkin about. I love Pac, but I can actually make a case that him and Spice 1 are at the bottom of that list Brotha Lynch Hung would be bar for bar, flow for flow the tightest on that list to me

    • okthen

      what a wack list. I can tell your a shitty person and I dont know you just by that crappy ass list. Spice 1 and 2 pac the only half way decent emcees on that list.

  • The Truth opw5trewqiut

    I definitely wouldn't mind hearing Kurupt doing an album with Pete Rock....good stuff

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