No Limit Records Announces Its Three New Acts Under Romeo's Lead

"No Limit Forever" introduces Miss Chee, Oak Tree and Kay-I as the legendary label tries to make a comeback with Master P's son at the big desk.

Throughout the late 1990s, New Orleans, Louisiana's New Limit Records gave mainstream Hip Hop hits from the likes of Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Snoop Dogg and Mia X. While the label has been quiet in recent years, the original founder, Master P, announced last month that his son, Romeo would take over.

With Romeo and Silkk as the two lone artists left at No Limit from a decade ago, the 21 year-old announced three signings to launch the "No Limit Forever" period of the company. According to, the trio of acts includes emcee Miss Chee, an Atlanta rapper named Oak Tree, and a Jamaican artist/producer named Kay-I.

In a statement, Romeo said the following, "It doesn't matter who got now, we got next. I learned from the best... the streets is ours. I decided to sign these artists because they are the cream of the crop, reminds me of classic No Limit emcees Mia X, Mystical, and Mac. No Limit Forever... we play to win."


  • doubt it

    He might have learned from the best, but for those of you who don't know, he's been trying to get his label Gutter Music I think it was, off the ground for years, and has signed many artists. It never went anywhere. Just because the label name is going to be different, doesn't mean he will do any better. Romeo hasn't made a successful song himself in many many years. And none of those artists named I've ever heard of. So to come out and act like their starting a movement is nonsense. Be serious with yourself for a minute, half of the developed artists aren't selling right now. What makes anyone thing unknown artists have a chance to sell?

  • Anonymous

    idkkkk check this out dont miss out its hottt

  • Jg

    Yeah I'd like to see Romeo do well as CEO, bring that hot No Limit sound

    • to

      @yoyoyo, dats y most black people like ur dumb self always stay broke cuz dey keep hating....never got anything positive 2 say towards dey own kind and always wanna hate...d kid is rich while ur ass probably will end up behind a Mcdonalds counter

    • Kalin Maurice Leonard

      yo yo yo can people be ever be anything but gone with all that

    • yo yo yo

      theres no such thing as hot no limit sound... just a bunch of ignorant ass foolsss

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    Lets c how this turns out...Right now the biggest hip hop record label in the game is young/cash money.

    • Hmm

      With that being said, No Limit isn't going to make any sort of huge comeback. Cash Money managed to stay somewhat relevant throughout the decade, so Young Money wasn't a comeback. They never left.

    • Hmm

      And before that it was Aftermath, before that Roc-A-Fella, before that No Limit, before that Death Row... Times are always changing and I think people are already getting burnt out on this wack Young Money train. Cory Gunz will be the first to jump off that sinking ship, hopefully.

  • Anonymous

    i think rom is right he did learn from the best maybe a new movment in process?

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    good luck... i like to see people succeed in any new project

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