Funkmaster Flex Arrested For Assaulting & Threatening A Woman

One of Rap's most famous deejays was arrested at his home this morning, before being released on bail.

Hot 97's legendary deejay and evening radio host Funkmaster Flex has been arrested, reports The Hip Hop personality, and former Loud/RCA Records artist was reportedly taken in from his home by Westchester, New York police officers after a 40-year-old woman alleges that he shoved her, attempted to break her cell phone and threatened bodily harm.

Funkmaster Flex has been released on $500 bail, and is awaiting a court date.

#IFWT (Pic) Funk Flex Mug Shot “Man I never thought I’d be posting this” -Funk Flex 1 hour ago via TweetMeme

Flex acknowledged the incident by posting his mugshots on his blog—InFlexWeTrust. After the tongue-in-cheek tweet stating, “Man I never thought I would be posting this…” Flex posted a similar message stating he was “arrested for allegedly breaking a woman’s phone & having a suspended license.”

#IFWT Funk Flex Arrested for Allegedly breaking a womans phone & having a suspended license.. 2 hours ago via TweetMeme

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