Jay-Z Confirms "Annie" Remake With Willow and Will Smith

After teaming up with Will Smith for "Fela!" and Willow's "Whip My Hair" Jay-Z confirms his partnership with Overbrook Films.

After last week’s news of Jay-Z and Will Smith teaming up for an “Annie” remake, Jay-Z confirmed the news via a brief written statement.

“The Overbrook Entertainment family and I have a unified vision,” Jay stated. “We've already produced a Tony Award winning play and we're developing a true superstar in WIllow. This venture into film development and production is a perfect next step with teams that are accomplished, creative, and innovative.”

The “Annie” remake would be at least the third time the pair has worked together, after both men were listed as producers of the Tony Award-winning musical, “Fela!” Smith’s daughter, Willow, is also signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint. Willow’s platinum-selling single, “Whip My Hair” has been on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 singles chart for 13 weeks, peaking at the number 11 spot. Willow would be the second Smith sibling to appear in a major motion picture release. Her brother, Jaden Smith, appeared in 2010’s “The Karate Kid,” which brought in $19 million of gross sales during its opening weekend before eventually crossing the $100 million threshold.

“The time is right to bring back ‘Annie’ to the big screen,” said Colombia Pictures President, Doug Belgrad via written statement. “Of course, we’re true believers in Willow’s talent and believe she will be perfect in this role. Combining Willow with the Overbrook team that re-imagined ‘Karate Kid’ and the spectacular Jay-Z makes this a dream project. A decade ago, Jay-Z proved that the power of the underlying Broadway property remains, by showing how these songs could be reinterpreted for a new generation with ‘Hard Knock Life.’”


  • dee

    i guess u haters dont know thats its will smiths idea not jayz omg..u cant have and idea without a hating bashing it grow up

  • Dr. Malachi

    HAHAHAHA Tupac used to fuck wit Jada Pinket Smith Jay-Z now fucks wit her Jay Has fuck will smiths girl and tupacs girl And he fucked nas's old girl hahahahah Jigga's that Nigga

  • Antonio Broussard

    mmmm something to think about



  • Anonymous

    Yo, diz shit iz gettin funny..they fuckin remaking every white child movie or white movie, and putting will smith kidz in it, whats next fuckin singin in the rain featuring Will Smiths older son and shit...lol...instead of singin, itz makin it rain on these hoes..Will Smith son gon play a up incoming rapper who falls in love with a girl who stripz but singz and dances..lol...dont be surprised..lol

  • TonySincere

    Willow was in I Am Legend, so this wouldnt be her first movie

  • Mandy Sandy

    yeah u niggaz betta watch out. jay-z! noz wut he'z doin. willow smith gon b a bigga star than all of cum money combined. a 10 yr old girl bein a huge star? we haven't seen dat shit since mj. quit hatin u faggotz. smdh. RNGMB BITCH!

  • Anonymous

    some of you lil dumb fuck probably dont know shit about the movie annie,why jay z cant remake it shit if they got the bread they can do whatever.it kills me how some of you keep commenting about his age,i bet some of your favorite rappers wish they have that kind of longevity and make that kind of paper.and please dont come with that illuminati shit until you look that shit up and get a clear understanding of what it really is

  • jdsfskld

    I know that she is Jay-Z artist but WTF does this have to do with him.

  • dfsdfs

    WTF. JAY-Z RUINS EVERYTHING. Dude is trash and you know it. Yup..he's had many albums...hes just a whore.

  • WAR

    And this is the latest victim card that white people all across America are pulling and losing their fucking minds about. I read this on CNN last week. They flipped out on this about as much as they did on the black viking. Sick of these simple-minded fucks.

    • blaklex

      It's funny how they would flip out considering these facts: 1) Cowboy and Indian movies (white men casted as so called indians) 2) Old movies depicting Moses and the Bible (white people casted as moses, pharoahs, queens, slaves, whatever) 3)

    • Anonymous

      The Viking is a religious God in Norse mythology and as such should of adhered to the imagary described by the religion how do you think Muslims would react if someone made a flick on Islam and cast ALLAH as a white man or Mohammad bein played by Brad Pitt

    • Anonymous

      I bet you wouldn't be taking that stance if it was an iconic black figure being remade as WHITE fuck outta here wit your double standard ass

    • truth

      So long as you're not mad when they cast a white Shaft.

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    Jay-Z's legacy is immpecable. We all know he is well past his rapping prime and thats fine (The guys almost 42). He droped 15 albums counting collabs (3 of wich are universally recognized as classics) in 15 short years. His sales are only rivaled by 2pac and Eminem. He's the wealthiest rapper to ever live. He has nothing to prove. Im sure all of his contributions to music from this point on are purely recreational as they should be. Right now all eyes are on his protege's like Kanye West, J. Cole, and Willow. Keep making power moves Hov. I hope they mix "It's the Hard Knock Life" w/ Jay-Z's version in the film. That would be dope!!!

    • jerz30000

      Whaoooo there you hatin' ass nigga. YOU'RE dellusional. 50 and LL have sold no where near. Type in "highest selling rappers" in google right now and see what pops up. Em, Pac, then Jay. Get your facts straight clown. Everything else you said was too fuckin stupid to comment on, smh. Lol no wonder you're anonymous.

    • Anonymous

      wow your dellusional LL has sold more 50 cent has sold more his legacy is impeccable is laughable He destroyed Def Jam whilst he was president He's alienated nearly every friend he came up with due to bein a selfish fuck Beanie Dame DMX Jaz O He got bodied by Nas ducked LL Cool J, got bodied by Pac, ducked DMX, Mos Def, Beanie, Game, Joe Budden, Canibus, 50 cent, Jaz O He's a confirmed biter He's spent his entire career talking some of the dumbest shit imaginable

  • Alex Avram-Rusu

    if anyone had the rights to do a remake after annie, that would be jay-z ;)

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous, How do you know he's alienated nearly all of his friends? Do you truly believe everything you read? Look at where Beans and DMX are right now? There comes a time in a MAN's life when he has to decide if he's going to keep himself associated with people who have no self motivation. All of the names you dropped are rappers who ain't doin sh*t in the game. They ain't contributing nothing but license plates and tax dollars. You sound like a hater!

  • Anonymous

    It's nice to see two of most influential and inspirational (in my eyes) dudes collaborate on something. Okay, so it's nothing new. Who cares? I want to see more from Will and Jay in the future these guys could really learn a lot from each other.

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    Never seen the original maybe this won't be so bad

  • boston kid

    They already ruined Karate Kid. now they gonna ruin Annie. come up with somethin original..biters...sharks

  • Truth

    So remaking movies makes you a "genius" now? If the bar was any lower, it'd be underground.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.kiddupstairs.com/2011/01/new-xo-single-produced-by-kidd-upstairs.html A track you can bump

  • kennyken

    oh brother. jigga just gets annoying to me. but oh well, get your paper. but i wish people would get money from quality and not quantity because it's just bs after bs now. make a great album again without thinking you are the ruler of the world. damn!

  • white america

    lit another cig trying to forgive i miss her but i dont miss her bullshit

  • L-Boogie

    I guess it's safe to say that Jay-z is overrated as an MC now, he's a great business man though. Nas is the G.O.A.T!!! Esco Let's Go!!! P.S. SupperGucci is a Dickriding Faggot!

  • yung 617

    Jay z is a fukkn genius he always finds a new way 2 eat

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z = genious...

  • Rival X Jordan

    Boo!! Don't mess with a classic!

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