Saigon Teams With Bowery Mission House To Provide Blankets For Homeless

The Yardfather recently lent a helping hand to his New York community.

Brooklyn, New York emcee Saigon has recently been volunteering at Manhattan's Bowery Mission, to ensure that the homeless are warm this cold winter. On the horizon of releasing his highly-anticipated studio debut, The Greatest Story Never Told on Suburban Noize Records, Just Blaze's longtime protege distributed blankets at the mission where fellow Hip Hop acts like KRS-One have previously been involved.

“Me and some friends of mine, the Ahuja's that own a garment manufacturing company, took to the very cold streets of New York City over these past couple of nights to hand out warm blankets to help the homeless stay warm,” commented Saigon in a label press release. “We covered Port Authority, Penn Station and the Bowery Mission Homeless shelter handing out over a hundred blankets. I did it because I had a little down time after finishing up my album and my friends, the Aluhja's, had some extra blankets so we decided to go hand them out to the homeless. If we can prevent one person from freezing to death out there on the streets, that makes everything worth it. I wish more Hip Hop artists would step up and help give something back to their communities. If everyone used the power they have to lend a helping hand, hopefully it would inspire others to do the same.”

Video from the event can be seen below:

The Greatest Story Never Told is planned for February 15, 2011 release.

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  • SB

    Props to Sai...this shows his true NY spirit. Can't wait for the album release, gonna blast it through my car speakers! Pre-ordered my shit already, ya'll should do the same! Here's the link

  • nano

    this is what real nigga doo is a full time job being a real nigga

  • SKI & Critical

    dats wassup...props to Sai Giddy! Keep doing ya thing man! Congrats on finally getting to release dat album...oh yeah that "CLAP" song with Faith Evans is off da hockey stick my dude!

  • Charles ExSavior

    Great news, big props to Sai!

  • Papa Don

    thats real nigga shit only thing i didnt like is when the guy was like who's saigon in the background cause it gonna leave room for bloggers to say some slick shit but overall it's positivity at it's finest

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