Raekwon Confirms Album Tracklisting, Describes Working With Nas

The Chef says he and Nas have gotten past their misunderstandings, and have collaborated on a track that's "vintage Rae and Nas."

This past weekend, the tracklisting for Raekwon's Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang was finally revealed, boasting seventeen tracks and almost as many features. One notable guest appearance comes from fellow New Yorker Nas, who will appear on the song "Rich And Black."

Raekwon recently confirmed that the tracklisting was correct, give or take a few issues with sequencing, and also described his experience working with Nas.

"It definitely sounds like vintage Rae and Nas again," Rae told XXL magazine. Upon releasing his critically acclaimed Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II in 2009, the veteran emcee expressed his disappointment that Nas did not feature on the album, stating that he felt some rappers were too "busy in their own minds." However, the two seem to have gotten past the misunderstanding.

"I [saw] Nas [over]seas," Rae explained on how they linked up. "We had a show together and we talked about a lot of things. We went from A to Z [about] how we felt about things, what was going on at the time, and by the grace of God we was able to get this thing happening again. That was definitely one of the surprise things that I wanted to alert the fans with, just to let them know that my brother came up to air for me and I know though his busy schedule,  guess, in the back of his mind he was like, 'Yo, I gotta come up for Rae.'"

Nas will join Lloyd Banks, Rick Ross, Black Thought and many more on Wu-Tang vs. Shaolin, which drops on Mar. 8.


  • OX

    I hope Rae gets back on point with this one. I've been a Wu fan since day one and to be honest neither Apollo kids or OBFCL2 were any where near hot as OBFCL1 or Supreme Clientele. I'm so sick of so called Wu fans praising they last two albums like they classic and shit. Rae flow is lazy and Ghost strays off subject too much. I wish niggaz would go back to the way they use to rhyme.

  • Anonymous

    i wear what i want son

  • Scottie Minor

    first off i'm not racist.... you white guys are so happy that you are finally accepted in the rap world... u got eminem.. now you think yor black... you think u can put up an arguement with me cause u got one (white rapper)... and we got like a 100,000,000 strong... eminem got all u white boys pumped up... lets say the have a big nationwide event ... soldout arena... all the best lyricist... eminem would get crushed.. (nas would crush him) ... (styles p would crush him)..... (jay z would crush him).... (wayne would crush him)..... (kiss would crush him).... (cassidy would crush him).... (lupe would crush him).....thats because eminem really doesn't have anything to rap about... he raps about killing hiz mom and his girl... man we can't relate to that charles mansion type shitt i can keep going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... oh yeah .... i'm not racist ... u got some cool azz white boys out there ... i just think some try toooooooooo hard to fit in .... a lot of you say something about eminem having the most record sales ... do your research people.... did you kno 90 percent of eminem record sales are brought by white people..... you roll through any hood or any housing project ... dem niggazz a bumpin no eminem .... i just had a talk wit this coo azzz white dude on facebook last night about thiz shit....... so i'm not racist.... please dont wear a doo rag and baggy jeans

    • Rick

      and I banged your mom! dude seriously go away.

    • wolfman

      I think some white dude fucked your bitch...

    • John Smith

      Dude ur obiviously fucking retarded. Ems lyrics are so much more complex than any of those emcess you listed (except nas). Give me a break he actually writes his own shit unlike wayne he completetly blows he hasnt dropped anything hot since like 2007. Not to mention his freestyles. The only one on your list that is better than em is Nas because he also wrote all of his raps and maybe made the best album hip hop has ever seen in illmatic. Cass alls he talks about is how is a hustler. Great freestyle, albums are subpar at best. Styles P and Jada were hot when the lox was doing its thing but have kinda of fallen off in my view. But give me a break ems could outfreetyle any of them. Thats what makes him so unique that he is that he talks about killing his mom and all the violence that are involved in his lyrics. All of those guys such as Nas and Jay all respect him. The only reason why Jay got as big as he is, is because of the death of pac and big. If they were alive when he came out he would have been just another rapper not coming at Jayz skills he is def top 10. Dude know your facts before you just go on with some bullshit rant that makes no fucking sense. Your ignorant dickfuck. By the way you prolly are racist since you mentioned about 3 times that your not so you most likely are you wast of life.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I wonder if there is some sort of concept since the album is titled Shaolin vs Wu Tang

  • donteffwidme

    this shit gonna be bananas!

  • Anonymous

    only 11 comments on Rae? judging by butter knives, this is gonna be fire.

  • hellrazor

    this is something i'm gonna listen to. not fuckin drake influenced by winnie the pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is real hip-hop.

    • De Vaughn

      Lol. Real talk razor! It was bad enough dude was kissing broads on stage, at least we still got vintage MC's!

  • kennyken

    i gotta tell you, i'm not very impressed with gfk's last drop, but this cat rae keeps coming with that spark and i'm looking for this boss thug. all of them together always seem to be better to me anyway

    • Rick

      OBFCL2 was over hyped IMO. It made people want to like it. That CD hasnt been in my rotation in over 6 months. They tried to hard to capture that OLD WU sound. Yeah a few tracks were bangin' but I skipped alot of tracks. But I'll put Apollo Kids over "2" anyday. ..GFK has a ggod ear for beats. That track "Together" from AK is fucking NUTS...and "Stay" off of Ghostdeni is a banger. yeah Ghostsdeni wasnt for everyone but thats probably one of my favorite GFK CD's...you can play that CD when youre riding with your girl without having her bitch ...hahahaha!

    • khordkutta

      Cut dude some slack, I think... i understand what he is sayin, compare apollo kids to ob4cl2... apollo kids is dope but in comparison to ob4cl2... I could be wrong, if I am... dude put the pipe down!!! LOL

    • De Vaughn

      Not feeling Apollo Kids? Are you serious?

    • Ddot DOuble

      Not impressed with Apollo Kids?!! You're fuckin' nuts.


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  • People Who Pay Attention To Scottie Minor Dumb As Hell

    Some good hiphop on the way.

  • Rival X Jordan

    hell yeah can't to hear that shit.

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