G-Dep Seeks Support From Fans In Murder Case

Arrested after turning himself in for a murder that occurred 17 years ago, Harlem rapper G-Dep asks that fans and former acquaintances send in words of support for his trial.

As one-time Bad Boy Records artist G-Dep awaits legal action for the 1993 robbery and murder of John Henkel, the rapper’s deejay/producer DJ M-80 has asked individuals familiar with the Harlem emcee to send in messages of “positive character” that can be used to aide his case come trial time.

“To those whom have had any contact with Trevell ‘G. Dep’ Coleman; relatives, friends, neighbors, music industry representatives and artists, we ask that you consider writing a letter describing his positive character.”

He continued, “Typed letters can be emailed to Dj_M-80@live.com - fans we also need your support! This would be a vital and positive influence on his case. Thank You.”

G-Dep, who earlier this year checked into rehab for drug addiction, will be held in Manhattan’s Detention Center until a final verdict is made.

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