Former Bad Boy Records Star G-Dep Confesses To 1993 Murder

The "Let's Get It" star comes forward on his own to admit to a Harlem robbery/murder from 17 years ago, reportedly due to his conscience.

In the late 1990s, Harlem, New York emcee G-Dep was one of the more well-known second generation rappers on Bad Boy Records. After an appearance on Gang Starr's Moment of Truth album, the patiently-waiting Bad Boy Records artist found success with Diddy and Black Rob on the song "Let's Get It." He would release one album on Bad Boy, 2001's Child of the Ghetto, to limited commercial response.

The New York Post has confirmed that this week, G-Dep admitted that he committed a 1993 robbery and murder in Harlem. The 36 year-old rapper reportedly walked into New York's 25th Precinct and announced his guilt to what police authorities had called a "cold case."

The reports say G-Dep was bothered by his conscience in the matter.

After his confession, G-Dep was booked on murder charges and is being held without bail. The paper reports that G-Dep has been arrested more than 25 times since 2003. The Post also has a breakdown of what G-Dep confessed to, and his attorney's comments on the pending case.

Earlier this year, Media Gasface released a short documentary on G-Dep, called "Night Nurse." The work was the fourth episode of their "New York Minute" series, and can be seen below:

104 - Night Nurse from ARTE New York Minute on Vimeo.



  • Life Accordin' to Dutch


  • Natty

    I wonder if and when puff let him out of his contract ??? It would be really fucked up to find out puffy held him in a contract for like ten years and made it so he couldnt make moves , i remember after lets get it , i was looking forward for another G-dep joint , and was shocked a dude with such a big hit only got one bite at the apple , i didnt even see him on features after , same with craig mack "flava in your ear" i had not yet realized how puffy did artists dirty. Anyway i would confess to a priest , cuz if my conscience was bothering me i couldnt do jack shit about it in a cell , shit id give back to the community , send money to the family put the victim kid through college through anonymous donation. But a life sentance is worse than death , may as well take the strap and end it.

  • Dub

    I'd like to think he's doin this for the reasons he's sayin, but I think its how the ppl above me were sayin. Nigga gon get 25 yrs of free food and roomin. Last I heard, he was fucked up in the streets, hungry and homeless and shit. I know I be seein homeless ppl piss in the street, stealin from the corner store, cussin at police, anything to have somewhere to sleep at night. Them NY Decembers ain't no joke, can't be no fun out there homeless. Trust, if he was still on with the rappin, he'd of taken this shit to the grave.

  • The-Influence

    Takes a real man to do that. I respect that.. not the murder or robbery though. Some of you fools are saying, 'but he just ended his life...' etc.... No.. He ended someone else's life in '93. G-Dep isn't ending his own life, he's accepting the consequences for his actions.

    • 25x

      @III Didn't you read the story? He's been arrested 25 TIMES in the last 7 years. He's not exactly living the good life outside bars

    • James Lane

      I'll second what The-Influence said. A real man will step up & own what he did, not make excuses & try to get away with it. Remember, conscience is a gift from God. G-Dep listened to his. If he has to spend the rest of his life behind bars for murder, then he knows he deserves no less. Finally, a man willing to step up & accept responsibility for his crime. I'm sure it wasn't easy but is what it is. Do what ya gotta do!

    • Ill

      How can you say it takes a real man to confess something like take. HE GOING GET LIFE IN PRISON. People say you get free meals, bed, and all that dumb shit but the fact of the matter is that his FREEDOM is GONE. NO more pussy. NO more spending money, NO more living the good life popping bottles and fucking bitches. Enjoy ya life in prison, G-dep you dumb mothafucka

    • goldentrophy

      This man hear speaks wisdom.

  • Gucci Mane Is A Bad Boy

    Haha, this guy sucks. He admit to murder. What a punk ass. Gucci Mane will murk this nigga up. Bad Boy Records where fine without him. Biggie, Puffy, Ma$e better than 2pac, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. It's Gucci Time!

  • Atl2Trill

    He's taking responsibility for his actions. Too bad his career is washed up and he's irrelevant now. G Dep just another nigga caught up in the bell of the beast.

  • Wolfman

    Free meals in the Pen for 25 to life. Dude wasn't right if he confessed to AUTHORITIES anyways. Maybe he's better off where he feels free from his guilt. But me, what a joke. I'll never allow someone else to decide if ANYTHING I've done in my life is wrong or right. We're all going to same place in the end, Suckas!

  • Almar

    This Guy Goes From Being On a Classic album Like Gang Starr's "Moment Of Truth and Regardless of what many would say, this dude had talent, On Diddys album "The Saga Continues" This dude had good flows on numerous tracks, Who really Knows What made him confess, whether it be his conscience or drugs.

  • Anonymous

    that's a real lose/lose situation. on one hand your conscience is eatin you up daily so for some kind of peace you want to confess but when you confess something like that that's the end of your life. you wont see daylight again for good long time. and the fact he was makin it with the music makes it worse, means you have nothing to turn to.

  • Big D

    yo fuck Diddy he always fucking artist up on his label G-Dep sucked anyways that harlem shacking homo thug i FUCKED G-Dep back in the days

  • murdock

    wow he just told on himself to go to jail for life.shit was 20 years ago

  • Anonymous

    Dep on the crack, 36 yr old washed up rapper. He had skills, prolly still does but confess to a priest or a friend not the fucking police.

    • Ghostface

      only a dumbass young nigga would say dont turn urself into the police. its the right thing to do. you have to take responsibility for ur actions if u truly want to be forgiven.

    • you crazy

      damn u stupid, a priest can't say nuttin to the police that someone confesses but he'll tell you God won't forgive you until you confess to the police

    • Almar

      Im Pretty sure a priest would turn his ass in if he confessed to something like that.

  • Sensaye252

    Sometimes the mind can be the darkest prison. He obviously felt he needed to confess, and he did. I respect his courage. On a side note, G-Dep was a dope MC.

  • Anonymous

    damn homie snitched on himself

  • TdotFrog

    Anyone watch that movie, "The Town", in it, one of the dudes says the realest thing. He goes, "the saddest part about jail, is people pretending they want to get out". Shit, G-dep couldn't hang on the outside, his 25 arrests since 2003, proves that. Dude prolly doesn't want to struggle anymore, he'll get 3 meals a day, and a bed, a roof, and more than anything else, NOW he has a excuse for failing. Sad as Fuck.

    • Carlos Russalis

      Yo Tdot that's real talk right there son...

    • Anthony

      you're absolutely right, my moms late husband of 2 years has been in and out of jail for years. and just recently he requested for his p.o. to lock him back up rather than be homeless on the streets. "3 hots and a cot" is always better than on the cold-recession streets

    • Tony just spoke the truth sir

  • Anonymous

    i aint never heard much from this dude so i youtubed him n his shit is real and he is tight!!!!! sad story

  • Anonymous

    is this really true? Or is he coming out with a new album?

  • HM

    I hear that somebody mad this niguh do that or that crack he been smoking. He said or another rapper said he has a problem with drugs. Thats sad another black man gone to the system. We need help government our people are suffering bad out here. If we don't save our youth from turn down the wrong path like him then it will never get better for nobody but the other class.

  • Chris Thomas

    Heartbreaking story all around...fascinating video too.

  • DuckKING

    Yet another dumb-ass rapper going to jail. Damn shame.

  • DJJJ

    I think there is more to this story. There is no way he just came forward without somebody making him.

  • STFU

    Rapper actually has a conscience and feels bad about summin he did?? I cant be reading this right, lol Gotta respect a man ready to pay for his actions tho, real talk I couldnt bring myself to face no life sentence like that, Whether you confessed or not we're talking New York Murder attatched to a kidnapping, you goin in forever lil homie, I think I'd of just went to church more or summin

  • Topsey

    Wow. What a shame. People will say they would never turn themselves in in that situation but none of us have ever murdered anybody so I really dont know how he was feeling. I think he did the right thing. Lets hope God forgives him and looks after him.

  • Frankie

    well that was dumb. welcome to the bootyhouse G-Dep, they gonna have you grabbing your ankles and biting pillows. LMAO

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