50 Cent And Ja Rule Exchange Post-Sentencing Words On Twitter

An old feud refreshes with a concerned 50 Cent mocking Ja Rule on Twitter, and Ja threatening to smack the G-Unit General, again.

For a nearly a decade, Queens rappers 50 Cent and Ja Rule have been in conflict. The beef that's reportedly involved shootings, stabbings and dozens of disses in songs continued today, when 50 Cent urged prisoners to keep his nemesis protected during a court-ordered two-year sentence that made news this morning.

The exchange is recapped in the following:

Damn da homie jah rule gotta do 2 years. Tell him I said don't worry I got him when he come home. Lolless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Yo word to my mother if anybody knock jah out and f**k him in jail its gonna be on. Lolless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

I don't wish jail on nobody stay strong you little punk. Lolless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Whether sarcastic or not, Ja Rule, still free, did not appreciate the well-wishes from an artist who many Rap historians credit with ending his commercial viability.

@50cent Nigga u PUSSY shut up before I smack u in yo mouth again lol!! The nerve of some niggas!!!less than a minute ago via TwitBird

Yo boo boo chill out before I tell twitter nation your Lil secret lmfao #dildofif!!!less than a minute ago via TwitBird


  • taylormade

    look at KING ODUDUWA. He's got fifties dick up his butt. spending so much time defending him. 50 CENT bit Ja's style, tried to run with it, and fell on his face. LMAO. i hear he's comin out with a EUROPEAN DANCE CLUB inspired album. ahahahahaha. SICK IDEA FIF. you know how to ruin careers, especially your own. TGOD BITCH! bitch nigga!

  • taylormade

    i gurantee 50 doesn't even hit gold with his next release. that's gonna hurt when he realizes he's dunzo in the rap game.

    • taylormade

      Nah Fif's a bitch! He was talkin about ruining Ja's career.. 50 ruined his own career! that's why his new album has been shelved for how long? and his last album went what... maybe gold? NOBODY FEELS 50 ANYMORE. dudes a JOKE.

  • bad boy

    who care ? i know about 5o cent / jah rule in past, same spot i was grow up in queens , then but i don't know what's news ?

  • Ranndy

    LOL...Twitter beef is so stupid. What gay person started this beefing on twitter?? C'MON SON!! www.bigcedbeatz.com

  • Anonymous

    The two of them been monsters, why the bickering!!! 50 need to get at game and bring back that dope music!!

  • Liquid

    Using LOL on their twitter this beef made me cry of laughter!! hilarious

  • mgf

    I met Ja in Atlantic City on memorial day weekend. Played some 2-5 NLH with him. He was a real nice and funny dude in real life. I hope things work out for him.

    • King Oduduwa

      You know what?? That's sincere and real talk. It's messed up when anybody has to go to jail. I feel you, but musically, Ja is weak and so are his twitters' reply to 50. Ja is a bitch azz for even saying, he has a secret. WTF !!! Is this high school. No wonder you got smoked Ja. U SUCCCKK!!!!

  • rich

    @Daniel: that shit suck that 1 song isnt touchin half of 50 shit... hope he have a nice time gettin his shit raped

  • white milk

    50 is the epitome of the bitchassness.. y'all niggas up top got too much energy... l m a o check this out, great impression of you n1ggas.. or just start at the 2:55 mark. lil scrappy do that shyt perfect. hype ass idiots.. lmao

    • King Oduduwa

      your milk is sour. you are in the wrong genre. go listen to soft rock. chumps like you find your way on these sites, just to talk mess, you CANNOT say in anybody's face. get a life.

  • Daniel

    For everyone who says that Ja sucks and can't rap but this song is better than anything 50 cent will ever make http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N-ktdaQdu8

  • Tebone

    50 cent is fucking Chelsea Handler. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. SMH dam 50 I no your last few albums havve been trash but you can do better than that cmon son!

    • King Oduduwa

      And how about you?? Who you phucking?? The neighborhood slut. Get a life. Stop sweating 50. He got more money than you.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmXTYu5Qvq0 FUK JA!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, nothing says gangster like exchanging 3rd-grade level insults on twitter followed by "lmao!!!" Is this really what hip-hop has devolved into? SMH

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    this nigga 50 tryin to stay relevant after Game and the Boss destroyed his career. BISD was straight garbage and then his nigga banks flopped. Haha. Ross & the Game done bodied these niggas, so now 50 on twitter tryin to diss Ja cuz he know his career is over. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Chris Carter shut the fuck up about numbers, but of the numbers you throw up you lame ass nigga is from another era when niggas could actually sell records. Curtis & BISD didn't do shit so fuck you. Oh yeah and they didn't get as good as reviews as Teflon Don. The boss has spoken. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • King Oduduwa

      You are weak. You didn't end no one's career. You from MIA, Carol City??? Please. You don't like it. You talk like a rich uppity black man. Dem boys in Mia, you know, them Mi-Niggas, don't talk like you do Ross. Stop faking. Dem real Mi-Niggas is in Liberty city, Wynwood, Overtown, Opa Locka. Carol City?? Okay, you guys got Scott's park, but that's about it. Stop fronting BAWSE...You are lame. Fronting like you hardcore Miami. Fatso......lol

    • Christopher Carter

      50 Cent WW Sales=40 Million Networth=$400 Million The Game WW Sales=10 Million Net Worth=$17 Million Rick Ross Sales WW =2.5 Million Net Worth=$25 Million Enough Said...

  • kennyken

    fifty is a hater no one can deny that. an annoying hater.

  • Anonymous

    50 a funny dude no one can deny that.....

  • Anonymous

    fuck these 2 clowns acting like little children. beefing on the internet so childish. grow the fuck up!

  • Vincent Salamatino

    Ya'll got it all twisted. It's crazy this is all happening tho it takes us back to when shit was really popping. But I aint gonna lie I'm from North Philly and when Ja first came out he was hot. Even Between me and You was fire that had a sound that was different at the time. You too hard to admit that? Then check yo self. And just because Ja Rule starting to make some Gay ass music and couldn't rhyme great don't mean he wasn't a real dude in the streets. Fiddy and Ja really had street wars before they got signed. Fiddy stabbed Ja because Ja got over on him in a fair fight that's fact. And why do I feel like Ja Rule is going to Jail for momentum to make a comeback. Oh well I hope he does theyre life our entertainment.

  • Datnickle

    50 Cent is NOT a snitch..... But guess who is?? ME!

  • Datnickle

    50 Cent is NOT a snitch..... But I am!!!!!!!!!

  • FEMS


  • Anonymous

    damn 50 destroyed his career now ja rule going to jail. that sucks man. i love 50. i feel bad for ja rule to. he GOT BEEET! tired of bullshit hiphop you cant relate to? bentleys fake diamonds and fake gangsters? then check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg hes keepin it real

  • EM'z the gr8test

    Seriously you all need help 1st off people judge rappers off of a few things; lyrics, swagg,validity/realness/ Now ross aint got none of those i will give hime lyrics as his best contribution but they aint gr8. he aint real was a CO thts a fact. JA makes r&b rap which is not bad he shudnt call himself gangsta thats all 50 is valid in the streets even niggas tht h8 em say tht see bang em smurf for ex. and nigga wayne new ish aint sell either so dnt go off tht fif has sick lyric as well see so disrespectful, "Psycho"ft. Eminem, "The Invitation, "Then Days Went By" all of last album gr8 songs hands down and now he killn remixes. thts real talk and fif aint even in my top five rappers of all time thats just realness fo all the niggaz on here h8in 1.eminem (raps, produce,versatile and kills evry rapper he's on a trak w.) 2.jay 3.pac 4.big 5.ice cube (under rated by most)

  • southside king

    LOL! honestly this shit is funny, 50 cent is commical that nigga got character hes entertaining everyone can admit that and you dont have to like it, 50 CENT IS ENTERTAINING

  • Mike

    50 cent has always loved Ja hes the biggest queer in the game

  • Steven Ireland

    whos Ja Rule?

  • Pat Neeland

    I'm not sayin they're friends or anything, but it doesn't really sound like 50 and Ja are beefing so much as doing some lighthearted shit-talking. Last I checked, beefs don't "Lol".

    • Vincent Salamatino

      Yo homie you just dropped a classic line with beefs don't Lol...........CTFU!!!! that's great and you're right. I thought that to myself when I was reading it that it was light hearted trash talking like 2 basketball players would do during a game.

    • bobsaget

      "Beefs don't LOL" True dat....

  • krime

    LMAO 50's a fool.... Get em FIF!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LOL @ Ja telling the world fif little secret "I know summin out you I didnt let out the bag when you were destroying my career!!!!" STFU @ Both these idiots....

  • Anonymous

    "THE PUNISHMENT IS ALREADY INBEDDED IN THE ACT!"...Though I don't wish inprisonment on anyone, you already know the possiblities of punishment if you get caught in the act!!! This lame Ja-Fool should have been cop'd-a-plea to get this time out the way!!! 2007-case, he caught this case the same night as Weezy up there in NY, Weezy done did his bid n is out ballin' now!!! Even Plaxico Burress caught his case after Ja-Fool but he went right in now hell be home by the Summer! Ja-Fool up there playing Billy-Bad@ss with them Laws now look what it got him, the same time now he would of got if he would have went in 07'-08'! Its damn near 2011 now ... The sad part about this is Ja-Fool had to re-finance his mortgage on his crib n NJ just to pay his bond so his cash-flow ain't long! You never spend more time fighting a case than what the sentence is!...4yrs fighting the case for a 2yr setnece that he could have did 2yrs ago...SMDH

    • Vincent Salamatino

      Dam Homey Truth was told huh>? You made some good points and a fucc load of sense. Cam did go hard at Fif and Cam a funny ass dude who can win people win his personality like Fif did. And Fif does need Ja to remind people of what he conquered. Fat Joe sold like 10,000 albums total so far of the Darkside and it's was suppose to be a series but now he's saying he's just going to put the rest out of mixtapes. I can't stand Fat Joe but I thought his last album was pretty hot. But don't get it twisted Fif still doing his thing. Before I self Destruct was a solid album with a few bangers on there. And the movie that came with the cd was crazy. Plus Fif doing his movie thing big time. And you forgetting how much money he stumbled into off that whole Vitamin Water thing. And Banks is making great music and HFM 2 was a rock solid album that I been playing the shit out of. But look at all the guest on that album Kanye, Fab, Swizzy, Leslie, who you think paid for all them artists? Fif did. Fif gave Banks a huge budget despite having no idea how much he would sell thats love. Was Fif need to do is bring Buck back into the fold. But bottom line is Fifty Cent aint going nowhere that dude got staying power like LL Cool J. We'll be seing Fiddy in sitcomes 15 years from now like dam this nigga still around.

    • Truth B Told

      Whoever Anonymous is need to shut the f*&% up. U sound like a super lame. I mean 4real who sits around and says dumb shit like "who fights a gun case for 4 years just to serve 2. U know how fuckin stupid u sound. It aint like erbody out here gettin the same numbers, u jackass. Wayne, Plaxico, and all them dudes u naming got different sentences and different situations> Wayne was stupid,1st of all 4 even not havin a real soldier wit em to take that charge thats 1st off, 2nd Wayne was in a way better position to take a plea and do that baby time. He had just came off one on the best albums and moments of his so he had a lot to lose by fighting the shit too long. Plaxico was some NFL shit so that 1 explains itself and now wit Ja, hell Ja was tryna make a move when he caught that case, wasn't him and Wayne together because they had just did that single together. So obviously Ja was tryna pop off again and make a move, he wasn't n no position to cop no plea. Shiiit frankly he thought he was on his way back to the top so why would he have went in or copped a plea. The same shit Ja did is the same thing niggas do everyday. Especially if u got a family to feed. The mentality is "catch me if u can" or ima fight this to the end cuz all u thinkin about is stacking some money so u can b str8 when u come home. U out here on these blogs talkin bout shit u dont no nothing bout. Regardless of what these goofy ass rappers and entertainers got yall thinkin, JAIL AINT FUN, muh fuckas try to avoid that bullshit at all cost, whether u gotta go for 6 months or 2 years, niggas aint tryna c the insides of them walls at all and they will avoid that shit at all cost. Then u on her talkin bout he refinanced his home to pay bail and all this otha xtra shit that aint got nothin to do wit da price of tea in china. Evrybody fucked up now, in case u aint heard nigga we n a recession. It aint just Ja, yo dumb ass prolly aint even gotta house to refinance. All u gotta do is pick up a paper and u'd see, hell since u like the internet so much go to mediatakeout.com sometime and u'll c Ja Rule aint the only rapper strapped for cash. I read a story some months back that said even Nicholas Cage was going broke, off that Madoff shit, so why is the lack of money even a issue here. Ja Rule aint fuckin exempt to goin broke; niggas like u need to stop puttin these rappers on pedestals, they just regular niggas, fuck outta here wit all that big willy sounding silly as shit. OH AND BY THE WAY, IF U GOT A REAL PROBLEM WIT THE SENTENCE JA GOT OR THE TIME HE FOUGHT IT, REMIND YOSELF THAT THAT IS NEW YORK................NUFF SAID. And to all u dudes on here that hold on to 50's every word, yall need to stop it. Cuz if u talk about a dude thats been takin losses lately, its definitely 50. He made hisself look like a dickhead the way he handled the Buck shit, Game made him look like a bitch, even tho he a goofy himself, Jada and Styles destroyed him on the mic, Camron was killin him during they beef and woulda won had Jim Jones and Juelz not bitched out on him. Then Ross chew em a new asshole, fuck all the theatrics Ross murdered that boy wit the raps and his last few albums aint did shit. Kanye outsold him when they went head to head and even Interscope lost interest. The truth of the matter is, 50 need Ja, so niggas can b reminded of what he accomplished, cuz otha than that it aint much. He turned the fans against Ja and that was it, Nelly and Eminem still sold just as many and probably mo albums than him. and even my nigg aFat Joe still relevant, hi aint puttin up astronomical numbers bu the still here, and thats saying a lot. 50 aint gone b relevant musically in a few years anyway, his star dimmer than the stage n a stripclub...LOL. 50 the only person I know that constantly get away wit takin shots at people when they facing jailtime. I mean who told this nigga that shit was funny. Somebody need to slap the shit outta 50 4Real. By the way if 50 so gangst why he dont eva go the award shows and confront some of these people that supposed to b scared of him or hiding from em. Thats so no gangsta. The most gangsta thing about 50cent is Yayo. Nothing Else. Yayo's the Gangsta, Banks is the Rapper and Fif is the Executive (read:Lame). Banks 1 of the dopest niggas out and he aint gon neva get the shine he deserved cuz 50 then pissed off so many people and burned so many bridges that, niggas dont buy G-Unit shit just off the principle of not supporting that goofy as nigga 50. Such a shame. Wit all the good music Banks been puttin out lately he should have easily went gold. I wonder why he didnt. CAN ANYBODY SAY 50. IM SORRY CURRRRTTTTIISSSSSSSS....HA HA SHOUTS TO CAM. LOL

  • who gives a damn

    all this bs is irrelevant i hope you niggas is saved and know Jesus while yall break yall necks everyday worrying about Niggas that don't give a damm about yall lol The end is here repent its on and poppin ya diggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ion give a d*%& who got anything negative to say about this comment! lmao

  • ETL

    I don't care for either one of them, and some of ya'll are foolish counting another nigga's money. Ja had the opportunity to go in on 50 twice in "one blood" million niggas remix and Maybach music along with Game and Rozay only Ross threw a dart in there if the Game and Ja would've done the same the track would've been epic like that Hail Mary they (aftermath) did about him, that might have helped all their careers.

    • da1

      Hell naw this dude said one blod "million niggas" remix. Yeah it did seem like a million of them dudes was on that song. I was definately surprised with Ja being at the end of it.

  • vargo05

    You idiots on here are unbelievable. You're all arguing about who's better - Ja or 50, 50 or Fat Boy Ross. WTF, are you kidding me? None of these fuckin' fools are gangsters. Never have been, never will be. Real gangsters don't have to go around announcing that shit. They're smart enough to keep their mouths shut and take care of their business. That alone proves how fake these fuckin clowns are.

  • fenly

    Ja always put out that good music, and i'm a fan of the hardcore underground shit. Ja shit is nice, RnB or not, should have never let that shit faze him. The white boy fan's and the g unit stans of yester year, now 50's biggest hater's. Those two grown men should come to some sort of agreement since they are in there prime really trying to do business, help bring it back to the east side of thing's

  • Brock Lesterd

    We all know the best rappers are white so yall better shut up and recognize u da fools u wannabes welfare collecting pussais!

  • da1

    I find it funny that 7yrs ago alot of you clowns were talking alot of smack about Ja. Now that 50's career aint about nothin now you say Ja's this and Ja's that. If 50 cent some how rehashed a nother Grodt alot of you would be on his genitals again. GTFOH

  • Gucci Mane Kills 50 Cent

    You 50 Cent got his ass murked by Ja Rule and the Game. 50 Cent can't even go gold for any one his albums. No one listens to 50 Cent. We all be bumping Gucci Mane. It's Gucci Time!

    • KingCarter

      No correction, You don't listen to 50 Cent. You took time out of your day to comment on a 50 article but not a Gucci Mane's and if You would take the time out to support Gucci, He would have sold more than 90k

    • Ace

      @ Gucci kills 50 50 got murked by Ja and Game? Are you fuckin retarded? Yo shut the fuck up about shit you dont know about! Who are you to cosign Gucci? That nigga Gucci #1 dont need you to cosign shit! #2 50 and Gucci? WTF!!!!!! Fuckin idiot

    • KingCarter

      50 Cent=40 Million Sold Ja Rule=30 Million Sold The Game=10 Million Sold Enough Said...

    • Christopher Carter

      50 Cent=40 Million Sold Ja Rule=30 Million Sold The Game=10 Million Sold Enough Said...

  • Tha Gho$t

    Hawaii 5-O Vs Ja Rule Showdown #2, I'll bet Any of U, the end result won't be the same this time around.five-O better stick to doin like Master P & Ice Cube and make some Movies his Rap Career isn't lookin good ppl finally seein it for what it was.

  • cb

    2 chumps trying to save their careers.

  • Moses Esan

    I think twitter should ban all rappers from joining.

  • Noni Trix

    Since twitter came up we understood that rappers never did what they said they did in their old songs! Lil kids, grow up!

  • Urban

    Ja Rule >>>> 50 cent....Anyday Anytime Anyplace(even in jail)....50 is so Obsessed with Ja,those twitter posts prove that....

  • Chupps

    I'm glad that they still hate eachother, i hate when niggas end up breaking bread with an old enemy... Fuck that shit. But the twitter beefing needs to stop. It's lame as hell. So called role models doing the same waste bs internet nerds/thugs do everyday behind the safety of a keyboard, trash talk.

  • Head Buster LK killa

    tons of dick riding faggots on here...both these niggas is soft and frail...look at all you fuckin queers wiping nut off your chins...fuckin pathetic...ja this...50 that...little girls..get a fuckin life

    • Propz

      Now here comes this guy to save the day aiming shit at the crowd like he's king shit. So what if people talk on a topic thats what the discussion is here for and then you get on everyones dick here thats alot of wiping to do yourself LK killa go in the streets and shoot sumbody you fucking e-thug. Ja is cool though always made some good tunes until fifty snitched what an inspiration to "gangsta rap" if he snitched straight to the world i bet he would get even more retarded fans.MIO

  • phadiga


  • Anonymous

    50 did ja like ross did 50 lol what goes around comes around 50

    • Heat357

      Before I self destruct sold more than Teflon Don.... And it sold more than Deeper than Rap........... 50 Cent is a Boss... Rick Ross is a cheeseburger...

    • Anonymous

      50 killed ja then turned around and killed himself. had nothing to do with ross or game

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      @chubby Nigga, Ross killed 50 career. What the fuck did Before I self destruct do? shit, that shit flopped almost as bad as banks hunger for more. Rozay beat 50 at his own game. And if rozay didn't do it, Game already fucken destroyed they credibility. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chupps

      Tell me what Officer Ricky did to 50... Seriously, tell me. Ricky hid in the cold part of the oven till shit was ready. All he did was escape, he didn't do shit to fifty.

  • Stylze

    Alright I dont know how many times you dumb ass mothaphucckas gotta hear the story or ur just all blind. 50 cent is a clown, a phony, a fake and all of New York know that thats why he doesnt live there huh? Cuz dont matter where he go he scared for his life in NY i dont give a fuck what yall say Fat Joe will merk his ass, Killa Cam would merk his ass, shit anybody he had beef with would merk his ass lol he's on Ja's dick(no homo) he loves him its pathetic. Its not about no chain wtf u mean Ja cant go by more no he just happened to sell over 30 million records lmfao in the end real recoganizes real thats why every real mothaphuccka is on Ja's side... Another reality check, Murder Inc fell off because of the feds, 50 just hit them well they were on the ground to make it seem like it was him who ruins careers when everytime Ja puts out an album it either goes platnuim or gold never flops homes

    • feradz

      Nigga nobody does numbers like 2003-4 any more. You gotta be black eyed peas or eminem, straight pop white fan base. Ross came in the game late

    • KingCarter

      I'm sorry to tell you but they been sold that Clothing Line and Empire Music has No Artist out selling or even period.

    • NiggaUdumb

      Nigga you dumb, Ja is CEO of Mpire Records, plus he was CEO of Irvingeoffrey clothing line with Irv Gotti. And he owns Starsonpoker.net. Trust me he owns the name Ja Rule too. I aint even on dudes dick nor do I like his music that much but dont talk smack when u aint know the tip. Only thang u said right is dude aint a hustla. Not a street one tho

    • Christopher Carter

      DMX showed You how Pussy He was when He came here to Chicago and them Latin Kings was waiting on Him outside the Airport and Atkins stayed His Ass inside. Irv Gotti made Ja Rule what He always was which was a Pop-star Rapper. DMX treated him then 50 came along. 50 Rapped what He did, just ask Bang Em Smurf who said 50 was that Dude back in the day on the Block and they don't even Fuck with one another. 50 had Cars and Money to show how He used to be and You can tell by the way He hustles the Music Business. Ja was never a Hustler. He never owned a Record Label, or Clothing Line, or His own Movie Production Company, or His own Website, or Hell He don't even own His own Name. Everything that happened to Ja happened for a reason. He and His crew tried to Blackball and Kill 50 literally and What came back to Him was the fact that His career was destroyed. Only thing is, He was killed still breathing. 50 may not have sold what He usually has but His worst sales is Ross best sales. Ross tried to diss Eminem and Em didn't say Shit back. He got nominated for 11 Grammys while Ross got 0. Ross even left an award Show because He lost out to Shady. 50 is over 40 Million sold and worth $400 Million. Ross is at 2.5 Million sold with worth over $25 Million and they both have over 4 Albums. So what did a Man who was a correctional Officer and then lied about it do exactly?

    • Christopher Carter

      Lol, You must be a Maybach Music representetive because the only thing Ross destoyred was a #4 a McDonald's. Ross is Hot but what was His highest selling album? His 2nd one with 750K and throughout His career, He sold over 2 Million records off of 4 LP's. When was Ross ever nominated for a Grammy? When did He ever go Diamond? or when did He ever sign a Major Multi-Hundred Million Dollar deal? Mr. Artkins got what was coming to Him. He tried to rap about Murder, Drugs and Sex when he grew up a Jehovah's Witness and never even went to Jail a day in His life, let alone gotten arrested. Then, Atkins tried to become everyone He wasn't (DMX & Tupac). He rolled around with those Dudes who were about Trouble and hired Supreme for protection. How do You think He got His Chain back after he got robbed? He showed His true colors when He made Pop songs because He Damn sure wasn't no Murderer like He screamed in his Songs.

    • The Real Deal

      hell yea nigga...you must be the streets...your a fuckin gimmick yourself nigga...fuck ja..fuck 50 and fuck you...matchbox ass nigga..

  • thatniggaKilla!

    #dildofif?? Ayo WTF Pause Homie!!! "What would I be without YOOOUUU!!" ITS MURDDAAAAA

  • thatniggaKilla!

    dildofif?? AYO WTF Pause HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WOULD I BE WITH OUT YOUUUU

  • thatniggaKilla!

    #dildofif AYO WTF Pause HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WOULD I BE WITH OUT YOUUUU

  • johny deep

    These niggaz are gang bangin on TWITTER now ??? Wtf ??? C'mon son get the fuck outta here with that bull...

  • the.watching

    This is so sad, a bunch of grown men acting like pansies. Lol

  • Dave S Johnson Sr.

    Really ya'll fans will support anything. I wasn't a Ja fan & damn sure wasn't a 50 fan, but if you can't see that 50 is about as fake as they come you're freakin blind. I could never support a guy that talks as much ish as 50 and has the entire department on the payroll as security. It's like that kid that always talked shit when the adults were around. LMAO, music fell off because the fans fell off. These rappers need to get back to making good music and stay the F..k off these social networks.

  • t

    the 2nd time they met ja actually did whoop 50 up a lil bit for you fools who think you know. the 3rd meeting was the one in the studio and 50 still ran from that situation but anyway its hilarious that they still beefin after all this time has passed, they gon be 80 talkin shit on each other even they kids gon beef! LMAO!!

    • G

      How do you know was your there. Niggas always believe what they read or hear. Ja never whooped 50. Be real Duke!

    • Heat357

      Not Really.... Only Ja Rules people said it was close.... Everyone else said Ja hit 50 then 50 hit Ja in the jaw and sent him to the ground... lol stop lyin...

  • anon

    little has been emcees goin at each other on twitter lololololol.

  • Anonymous

    hahha fiddy funny as hell! who is ja rule?? is he that pac impersonater or dmx one??

    • phadiga

      pussynonymously saying,i know u respect and love jah. He is a better MC! 5.0z ass gotta get some beatin if he stays out without the cops.. We cant be deceived again ninja turtles!!!

  • the biz

    Ja Rule >>>>>>>> 50 cent

  • dontgiveafuck.

    midget motha fucka Ja Rule talks about how he beat the shit outta 50 ???!!!! man get the fuck outta here !! even if i do not got love for curtis everybody know this fuckin miget called jeffrey atkins is 5'2 and cant fight properly without a bunch of motha fucka from the Inc behind him ! i hope this biatch drops the soap in jail !

    • The Real Truth

      Word, as I recall it 50 had Ja shot up 9 times in front of Ja's grandmom's crib, stabbed up in a spot in Atlanta and running to that cops for police protection in fear of 50's future wrath in the streets. It is crazy that Ja forgot all the sh*t fif did to him in the streets.

  • William IV

    Ja Rule really has no comeback, he's going to jail for being a retard, 50 ruined his career, 50 has way more money, 50 is a free man and hasn't been arrested since he got famous, so Ja can only respond with "Ima slap you yo" Ha 50 wins again

    • Anonymous

      50 ruined JA's career as much as Ross' ruined 50's career. In both cases they had both become a couple of cornballs just waiting around for anyone to push them over the top and out of their sagging music career misery.

  • Anonymous

    dumbasses go to jail, rich dumbasses get bail, smart guys buy yachts and sail damn i write as good of rhymes as ja

  • Anonymous

    50 is a gay nigga.... Suge said %60 off rappers are gay... 50 is one

  • james

    They have a hidden friendship with each other and they try so hard to make it a love/hate relationship for the public by constantly fooling them. I knew Fif would comment. Now let's see if 50 Cent will go visit Ja-Rule while he's in jail. Now that will be the biggest shocker of them all.

    • Christopher Carter

      Ja Rule ain't beat Shit! He jumped 50 along with other Murder Inc artist, plus Ja was the one shook when he got robbed and they had to ask Preme to get the Chain back for him.

    • Anonymous

      Man you're definitely right about that.

    • chiefzs

      ahhh ja beat that ass in real life thats why theres beef look it up I think it was a cover story source plus 50's a snitch listen to the end of supreme clientel they call him out before he got big

  • james

    For some strange odd reason, I honestly think that these 2 guys are good friends behind the scenes except for the mere fact that they will never talk about it or let the whole world know about it. They have a hidden friendship with each other and they make it a love/hate relationship. Sorry but I think 50 likes Ja-Rule. Lmao! If 50 didn't like Ja, then why would he comment on him going to prison?

  • Anonymous

    ja can't seem to catch a break. and 50 is so lame now.... damn

  • The truth

    50 is a joke, bashed Ja then took his style and tried running with it, really got you far. last 2 albums are trash. hows banks doin, 45,000 firt week HAHA now thats a funny one.

    • khordkutta

      yall buggin, straight to DVD is that ish, ask steven segal

    • edubb1977

      Yeah fif got that 200 mill dollar movie deal but what did he give up to get it. I think ja has the answer when he talks about that lil secret. I rather be broke and have my manhood intact than be rich and have a swollen butthole. Think about that one Christopher.

    • Christopher Carter

      But 50 signed a $200 Million Movie Deal so how funny is that?

    • Charles ExSavior

      I think a LOT of rappers have movies straight to DVD, simply because box offices don't wanna see 'em flop in a national release.

    • ayYY

      You forgot that 50 even stole and copied Ja-Rule's straight to DVD movie career also...lol...All of 50's movies go straight to DVD just like Ja's movies go straight to DVD...

  • deuces_sk

    Makes me laugh, a couple of dudes who used to be famous fighting like girls over twitter. Wonder why they don't sell records no more...

  • lukeknocks

    How the fuck is 50 gonna get on Ja for makin bubblegum rap then he go right around and do the same shit....smh, both them dudes corny ass hell anyways

    • khordkutta

      damn doit, thats a good idea

    • Doit

      50 and Ja should get in the studio and make a record dissing each other face to face in the booth with each other and saying some foul shit before Ja-Rule goes to prison...That'll probably be the last bit of money they both can make together with each other...

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