DMX To Remain Incarcerated Until December 16 Hearing

UPDATE #3: DMX is denied bond again, and will remain behind bars through next week.

After expressing hopes of “staying under the radar” before a show in Scottsdale, Arizona last week, DMX found himself arrested in Maricopa County for the sixth time. Fox affiliate, KSAX, reports that officers arrested DMX—real name Earl Simmons—at his home after he failed to check in with his probation officer.

“I know if I was to get caught driving without a license or something, it would be on the news instantly and I would be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” X said last week. “I say I’ve been given a lot of unfair treatment. But I’m not gonna let that dictate where I go or what I do. If I like a place, I’m gonna stay there.”

DMX had his court appearance late Thursday night, since X was already on probation for aggravated assault, it’s unclear how the latest arrest will impact him.

(November 19)

UPDATE: The New York Daily News has confirmed that DMX's probation violation last week was due to possession of Oxycontin without prescription and alleged cocaine possession. The Yonkers, New York veteran emcee had long battled addiction. He will be back in court tomorrow as a result of the violation. (November 23)

UPDATE #2: Today's hearing resulted with a judge ordering DMX to remain incarcerated until his next hearing, December 9. HipHopDX will keep you updated. (November 24)

UPDATE #3: It's been announced that DMX's hearing has been delayed to December 16. In the meantime, the rapper has been denied bond.


  • Anonymous

    crazyy shitt Duce Rivas -F*ck The World [Official Video]

  • Steven Ireland

    im assuming DMX is never getting out of prison?

  • nasistheillest

    hahah nice D... that broad talking from the street level def wants to give him sum suckie suckie

  • Hey

    Hey I was X's biggest fan and bought every album he ever had but it really has been down hill musically since The Great Depression b.s. in 2001. I love X's music still but I have to admit I've gotten tired of watching him kill his talent and ruin his life. It's like you won't hear any music from him anymore but you'll hear about what laws he broke and drugs he's using. It's just really really bad. I feel for him but I feel even more for his family. His wife divorced him and what about the kids now? I hope they are ok. To me, it's just sad no matter how famous or how big of star you become if you do drugs it can all come tumbling down. It's a lesson for all his fans. Don't do that shit because what ever you have (your loved ones, a good job, money in the bank, etc..) it will vanish and leave you stuck in jail and your life in ruins. I feel for X. I want the old X back pronto to set the record straight. That guy was awesome. I want the guy who killed every verse and where people would check out a song even if it wasn't X's but he was only featured to hear him kill it at the end.

  • Anonymous

    fuck the police !! .......anybody? na you new rap fans only heard about getting money and having funn right..

  • Joe Goddard

    They need to leave this nigga alone for real! I never go to jail but when I got arrested in Miami I saw him in TGK, and he looked like shit! They always arrest him on some petty shit and rape him with charges!

    • Anonymous

      this might come as a wild idea but how about telling X to stop fucking himself over instead of blaming the ones who are just doing their jobs.

  • Anonymous

    the future of hip-hop is here, Western Empire is on the rise peep game

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  • kennyken

    man we're tired of seeing you like this boss thug, but are you tired yet?



  • Trib Stax

    Does'nt need jail needs rehab, Why don't they see this he has a drug problem!! He said it live on Mtv he has a Crack problem always has!!!

  • Anonymous

    hardest ever. god bless dmx straight outta YO! 914 reppin. love dmx no homo wish him the best but they really got him stuck in the system......

  • hiphop don


  • kennyken

    @ the person who replied to my post. yes, the guy is frustrated with his own career perhaps and his own life and said some things about jigga that he could've left to himself. but i'm speaking on his personal battle with drug addiction. dude needs help and needs to get away from rap and shit for a minute.

  • Brizz

    DX should moderate these comment section better now when you can post under anonymous. People get a laugh by trying to provoke with stupid ignorant posts. pz.

  • Anonymous

    stupid moron,i even wonder how you manage to type.Fuck

  • Jeffrey Burgess

    man x is my dude...god bless him in his struggles n shit...i know wat it's like to fight addictions...shit ain't easy...i beat it...and im young as fuck...fact dude shoulda already learned his lessons but i aint bout to hate...x was one of the first rappers i got put onto as a young kid and he was one the biggest reasons i got into hip hop...i mean...after flesh of my flesh i wasn't feelin his shit much but those first 2 albums r forever classics...god bless dude and his family and i hope that dude finally figures his shit out...

  • Anonymous

    Whjats the difference between a nigger and an ape? most apes arent in jail

  • FuckDMX

    Man, I would be glad if this nigga was dead. He was nothing but a bitch. Hope they get Drake or that faggot Kid Cudi too. VINNIE PAZ IS REAL HIP HOP. FUCK EMINEM, JAY-Z, NAS AND 2PAC.

    • Joe Goddard

      Hey now slow down, slow down! Trust me I love Jedi Mind Tricks, mostly violent by design! But why hate on other rappers to permote ur guy? And no I don't ryde mainstream dick, but Drake is talented like it or not.(I really don't!)But this is Hip-hop and if you wanna hate you should rap and back it up not rely on other peoples skill's! Just a thought!

    • black snav

      who the fuck is vinnie? some fucking guido? paz, like peace? so he's a mudblood? fuck this guy. i bet he's just rapping about how hard he is and how tough his streets are. nigga, what block you from? fuck your block.

    • sicoyall


    • ItAin'tDead

      I agree shout out to JMT but you can't tell me eminem ain't lyrically sick

    • dmize-one

      so much hate over the computer screen?? i bet x would whoop that ass silly if you tried saying that to him in person..

  • Porch Monkey

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  • Porch Monkey

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  • Anonymous

    Niggers should be thankful for slavery. if it wasnt for the white man bringing them to america they would still be spear chucking and running from lions instead of being millionaire and president. you're welcome niggers

  • Bryant Carter

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  • Rick James

    Cocaine... is a hell of a drug

  • M.U.


  • Hernan Alvarez

    man i used 2 look up to him so much since the first time i heard him now his music dont sound the same his lyrics arent there anymore.seems like hes more interested in getting locked up n pissin off the law with his idiotic decisions.his albums were the shit now all this so call new material sounds like a man just tryin 2 make a dollar off a track

    • nasistheillest

      To the guys dissing the illuminati guy, you should actually look into it because X definitely is against them, why do you think he got so religious all of a sudden? Also, I believe Pac was an avid researcher and "killuminati" type guy and he did plenty of things with his life, so don't bash someone because their views seem radical to what Fox News has on TV for you.

    • sicoyall


    • Anonymous

      How is this guy ranting about illuminati dare calling someone else an idiot?

    • LJbigbang

      "fuck you" is a retard who won't ever get anywhere in life coz he'll think he's being held back by the Illuminati. Seriously, you're a moron.

    • fuck you

      oi you fuckin idiot hes being thrown away cause hes speaking against the illuminati you retard why fuckin diss him reserch into him if you used to like him so much you would no what is going on with him but? like these blogging losers you only believe the media fuck the media and fuck satan

  • Nico 3

    I don't doubt kicking a drug habit is hard, but clearly he's lost. The movies. Music. Gone. If he's not careful, his kids will be too. Enough of this Dark Man X alter ego bullshit. Fight for your life, or join Eric Roberts on Celebrity Rehab and call it a life.

  • kennyken

    i wish i could say give him a chance but can't say that, he's given chance after chance and it's clearly a deep rooted problem within x. he had a hard childhood as well. x needs to escape the rap game. come back after about 5 years. he needs to escape man, i truly feel for the brother after watching his documentary.

    • dude?

      dude he is dizzing jay-z and speaking against the illuminati then is being thrown in jail deep rooted? um DUH!! people like you dont seem to udnerstand the truth of what is going on FUCK ILLUMINATI

  • kennyken

    an addiction is very complicated, to some people who don't understand. while you think it's the drug, it's just as much as yourself, and you need to find what's in you that makes you go back to wsnting to live like that. it's complicated boss thug.

  • kennyken

    oh and fuck FOX. they enjoy bringing bullshit like this. let's talk about you fucking genocide republicans.

    • Anonymous

      Only good nigger is a dead nigger or a nigger in jail. even black people dont like niggers

    • Good Vibrator

      Yeah what the dick head above me said: The Amistad had more black people on it than white people,so for you to say the slaves were not in charge of the ship..means your reasoning is flawed...lmao..dick head

    • Anonymous

      FOX news employes more black people than MSNBC,NBC,CBA & ABC combined, so your theory has no reasoning.

    • Chargrin

      What you believe is wrong... countless other news channels have intervied x, "kid". It's common knowledge that fox only maintains an interest in black people when it's negative. There is no credit due to fox here. YOU need to grow up.

    • Anonymous

      Umm I believe it was FOX news that were the only ones that gave X a chance to explain his side of the story. grow up kid

  • kennyken

    man he was an addict since he was a child. i saw his documentary last night. i truly have sympathy for the brother. but he does need to get clean before it's too late.

  • J-o Rodriguez

    illumanati gonna kill this nigga

  • J-o Rodriguez

    fuck illumanati!!

  • 2pac

    For a guy thats a coke head he doesn't seem to be messed up this is a set up

  • VJ|DJ unKnown

    FANS.... IF ANYONE WANTS TO WRITE TO X; I CAN GET HIM THE LETTERS. SUPPORT, SUPPORT OVER THE HOLIDAYS... I'M OUT HERE IN AZ... I WILL DELIVER IN PERSON. Just honored to be his DJ for such a classic artist! Get them to me. All, videos posted at DJ unKnown PO BOX 772 Phoenix, AZ 85142

  • You Know

    Saw D's first show outta his last sentence. Clearly he still got it. Its just bad for the game to one of the best constantly in n out of prison

  • VJ|DJ unKnown

    Peep out footage of DMX!!! Mad energy!!! I was the official DJ for his show in AZ! VERY FEW LIKE DMX! CLASSIC MUSIC NAH MEAN! PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FELLOW BROTHER! ***************************************** ***************************************** AZ is bugged out!!! They were waiting my man. They saw were getting some paper and that was the problem! That interview on TV before the show I bet. To much lime light! I have the live footage from the show! DMX is mad cool. AZ has it in for my man... They tried to get me too. Its true on the real! Come to AZ on vacation leave as a felon! The cops pull you over and take bloods tests on wil. Mad crazy! The state law says if you run a light and don't take class being resident or not; you return to AZ and you are charged with a criminal offense. Just always have attorney in your corner pocket. Keep the prayer out for my dude! The system is real! VJ|DJ unKnown 520.940.6844 @ djunknownNY

  • Anonymous

    fox news are fucking cunts. You'll NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, see faux news cover a story about a black man doing good or affecting change for the better. It's always stereotypical negativity used to mock black people and play to their conservative christians' racism. "Only black man fox love is in jail or a dead one". Look at these skunks acting like they actually give a damn about rap music. fucking cunts.

    • Anonymous

      Fox are the not the only news outlet to let him speak. Why df did u just make that up? Either way it's nothing new... fox has a well know history people need not elaborate on. Just a month ago they pulled a article reading "obama loves gangster rap" because they realized how idiotic and blatantly racial it was especially since obama mentioned countless other artists' he has on his ipod who aren't even rappers. faux news.

    • Anonymous

      Grow up, Fox news are the only ones who gave him the chance to explain his side of the story and let him have his say. You wouldnt know what the hell you're talking about simply because you believe the retoric being spit at you by the other clearly biased news outlets.

  • cmon man

    i cant belive i feel so bad for someone i dont kno but x is so real in his music its just so sad and dissapointing cuz hes 1 of the best and realest rappers alive.

  • Thank you remix

    I was gonna kill a couple rappers but they did it to themselves; I was gonna do it with the flow, but they did it with their...oxycotin.

  • Desu-Ops

    God damn. You'd think spending more time in jail than recording some shit would teach this nigga to get his shit in gear. I guess not, because he we go again. I know the dude's got a problem, but he needs to fix that crack problem, otherwise that shit's gonna really kill him. It's like The Boondocks up in here man: "In today's news, rapper DMX has been arrested." "Again?" "Again."

  • roscoe

    you guys are exactly the weak minded people i was talking about. ive done it all and i still keep it real, with no addiction so fuck u losers just looking for excuses for why u suck at life. dont blame the drugz, they dont put the crack pipe up to ur mouth and smoke it, u do!

    • sicoyall


  • The Watcher


  • Brizz

    Man this was fucked up news, i was really hoping for an album..damn dmx always been one of my fav mc´s, tragic fucking thing this..PZ.

  • Trib Stax

    DMX can't leave the drugs alone. Wasted talent. He has to leave people, places, and things alone. Wasted talent!!! Lets Pray!

  • the.watcher

    As someone who has had problems with drugs in the past, I'm calling X a weak ass motherfucker. I went cold-turkey in one night after deciding that enough's enough, never looked back and been sober for 6 years.

    • hater_deluxe

      i have never read so much bullshit in my life...someone even said cigarettes arent addictive...i guess nicotine is a myth. but whatever, dmx obviously has some deep rooted issues that he alleviates with drugs. plain and simple. for all yall who aren't aware, dmx has been incarcerated for the greater part of his life, even as a child. when you have behavioral and emotional problems, that are misdiagnosed, you end up getting into trouble. they need to treat him for sickness, he is a mentally unstable drug addict.

    • the.watcher

      @Wow First up: weed is not a drug, let's get clear with that shit up front. As for me: speed, cocaine, x, acid, lsd, shrooms and meth. Now: Meth and Cocaine are addictive, some claim physically so, although I have never experienced this in 4 years of abuse. As for the other drugs - purely psychological with no physical withdraw symptoms. Cigarettes are not addictive, again, no physical symptoms, only psychological. As for being "hard on X", bullshit. How many chances this guy gonna get? I was supportive for a long time, but this dude cannot overpower HIMSELF? How many times he gonna keep fuckin up? Dude promised to go straight and a day later they bust him with Coke - that's dishonesty (to himself as well all the fans), and @WOW, my dude - don't talk about shit you don't know.

    • martin

      being addicted to drugs is no joke. way to talk shit about people that have an addiction that gets you physically and mentally sick.

    • roscoe

      you guys are exactly the weak minded people i was talking about. ive done it all and i still keep it real, with no addiction so fuck u losers just looking for excuses for why u suck at life. dont blame the drugz, they dont put the crack pipe up to ur mouth and smoke it, u do!!!

    • wow

      First off, it's to obvious that the watcher has absolutely no experience with a a real addiction. There are 2 different types of addiction, a mental addiction, and a physical addiction. Hate to tell ya, but heroine isnt the only drug that comes with a physical addiction. My guess is the only thing you've ever been addicted to is cigarettes and weed. Trust me if you do cocaine and oxycontin(which isn't anything but refined heroine), you will not be able to just shake it off like Hey I dont need those things! Faggots talk bullshit like they know something. Keep ur head up X do you get the fuck out and come back to music- we miss you.

    • G

      @ the.watcher Nicotine. It's pretty damn physical lol. But niggas who say they can't give up weed are bullshittin. There is no nicotine in weed. X is weaker and can't kick the habit as fast as some, but damn. Is it really necessary to get so angry at a man who has reached rock bottom?

    • the.watcher

      LOL at everyone calling me an asshole, let me break break something to y'all: ADDICTION ISN'T REAL, except Heroin - that shit is physical, but everything else is in you head. Anyone that can't kick that shit is just a weak pussy too scared to face his life sober. Fuck all y'all babysitting a grown man, X needs to get his life together. @Roscoe - Word up my dude!

    • roscoe

      the. watcher i co sign that shit my nigga. i did the same shit. i was addicted to drugs to until i realized that the addiction is all in my head. addiction is for weak minded people

    • Anonymous

      the watcher's a prick. how you gonna talk down on someone because they cant kick a bad habit as fast as you? asshole

    • tony b

      well everyone isnt like you.Just because you quit over night doesent mean we all can.We all have issues some last forever some dont.

    • the truth

      you talkin shit, cold turkey in one night? My view on it is its a damn shame and he needs help he makes shit music now, but the great depression was a sick album.

  • chris

    "No more gettin high drinkin 40's till i get lookin tight slick again fake niggaz get back on my balls again" SLIPPIN


    This Nigger havent been hot in 10 yrs. Throw his black ass in jail and let him get bum fucked all night long....X marks the spot on his Asshole.......

  • thekabsin

    What is this Illuminati shit? HAHAHAHA, yes there is a group of white men that have meetings where they get together and discuss arresting DMX amidst an orgy. DMX has problems, with drugs first and foremost. We all know that. The guy is caught in the shitty cycle of the justice system. Most of us know how it works. Luckily when I have been in trouble I have had enough self control to stop using while in the spotlight. DMX needs help, but if the threat of jail can not stop you from using I don't know what can. I don't know how jail works, I have never been but I have heard that you can get drugs there. I would like to think that jail gave X some time to clean out his system and stop the cravings but could he have been getting high in jail? Dude just has problems and needs help and is not going to get it by having his freedom taken from him.

  • Anonymous

    could careless bout this nigga's legal troubles right now. let me know when the music comin out

  • Anonymous

    @J-Ro....shut your ignorant paranoid ass up! Illuminati aint got shit to do with it...DMX is just a stupid dumb muthafucker

  • J-o Rodriguez

    wow for all u stupid fuks,illumanati is fukin up this guys image and keepin him locked up cuz there afraid dmx is gonna expose dem,tryna makem look gay why u think they makin em wear a fukin pink shirt while he locked up?, r u serious?fuck illumanati,fuck jay z!thats it,niggaz need to sit down and learn a little sumthin,killumanati biatch!!/_\

  • Whoreson

    X need to hang it the fuck up!! Hes a fuckin feind B! That nigga is not even a working crackhead he just a straight up fiend!!

    • Anonymous

      ignorant fuck, you dont know real hip hop cause if you do, you appreciate dmx, he's has a list of real songs. Arrested because he didnt check in with his probation officer, c'mon that rough. there are fcukin this man to the fullest extent, he shouldnt even ahve a lawyer waste of money. Illuminati

  • Anonymous

    Alexis Vance... not Wallace

  • Anonymous

    DMX arrested huh? Look all I gotta say is this: DMX, thank you for appearing on Fox News. That way I got to see Alexis Wallace. She's hot! Naw, on the real. I think T.I. is tryin' to break your criminal record. Y'all both been locked up half your lives it ain't gangsta no more... Just stupid.

  • Anonymous

    they should just leave dmx the fuck alone all this shit will come back to haunt us one day

  • jburnz

    reporter intro- "it was all good just a week ago"

  • Desu-Ops

    "Today, DMX got arrested." "Again?" "Again."

  • jay

    somewhere jayz laughin his ass off he didnt need to respond jay knew hed end up etherin himself

  • jay

    lmao at everyone here sayin fuck the cops n its the laws fault .. how about dmx n t.i r fuckin retarded n never learn shitttt.. i been in jail plenty of times n everytime they say im not goin bak im layin low then do some dumb shit n get locked again.. its not the cops fault or the laws fault ITS THEIR OWN DAMN FAULTS!!

  • billy

    Com'on son... how they gonna have X in the Pink spandex undershirt

  • I AM


  • disissomebullshit

    you gotta understand illuminati won't leave this guy alone , disagree and call me a consiparcy nut , do what the fuck you want , but that's my opinion

    • Ahmed Chouhaiber

      cosign Anonymous 100%

    • Anonymous

      this is wat pac was talking about when he said Killuminati. Black people always blaming their problems on shit they can't even prove exists. Get your shit together. Deal with real issues, like poverty and disease... kill that other nonsense you have no control over. you wont get anywhere blaiming all your problems on some "illuminati". kill that bullshit and take responsibility for your own god damn life.

    • u r somebullshit

      i like x, but come back to reality.. this isnt a conspiracy..hes got a reputaion for felony drugs and hes in the system conspiracy needed, its jus the bullshit war on drugs

    • edubb1977

      You are right because X was apart of that shit but they kicked him out of a certain sub division of the illuminati for smoking crack. They know X know a lil something so they keep him locked up. Real talk look it up.

  • dayummm CJ

    Damn DMX, get some help bro. I hate seeing you like this. You and T.I. can't stay outta simple trouble like this. BTW, that blond anchor lady was pretty fucking hot. The old man look like he didn't even know who the fuck X was.

  • Anonymous

    Alright listen up. I got the new 'Lloyd Banks' album on my blog, so all those G-Unit groupies that blog here go get it if you don't already have it.Peace. Holla at Ya' Boy. If link goes down leave a comment so I can re-up.

  • lav2k

    Damn. Hip-Hop police runnin rampant. They won't leave a nigga alone. Sad state this country is heading.

  • ikeatl

    This fool need to move

  • Edi Kajmolli

    They need to leave this fuckin man alone already. The cops just got a serious hard on for him. Get of X dick already. So what he didnt check in one time like wtf

    • Anonymous

      heres a wild idea that most of you might not have heard of before... DONT FUCK UP AND THE POLICE WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE!!!

    • STFU

      Go put a shirt on you sucked up DJ Kalid lookin faggot.

    • William

      Is it okay for sex offenders to not check in just "one time"? I don't know if you've ever been on probation.. But it's not that hard to check in. Just show up. Do what the justice system asks you and you stay out of jail. It seems this dude likes (jail) it to me.

  • Tyrone

    When he was screaming f*ck Jay-z last week he thought it was all good. Now his a*s is back in the clink. He needs to clean up his life and stay on the straight and narrow.

    • J,rock

      to your reply dont do nothn stupid then the cops will leave you alone that was the dumbest statement i ever heard in my life sean bell? did he do anything to make the cops mess with him did oscar grant do anything wrong? did mumia do anything wrong? did rodney king do anything wrong? NO!!! that was an opinion and like my mommy told me opinions are like assholes they have no meaning but anyway if X did do drugs were'nt they suppose to throw him in rehab? like they did lady gaga or eminem when he was on pills its like when someone like x does somthing wrong people like you are quick to put dirt on his name like fox news you sir are a follower to what ever the T.V tells you and dont look at the big picture yes i do belive that X had them drugs on him but to throw him in the slammer for missing his P.O is just outrageus i was on probation for weed charges and i missed my P.O all i got was a warning and im only 17 years of age son open your eyes and close ya mouth for a change you probly kiss'd bushes ass when he said 9/11 was by iraq but im out peace


    its over for this dude

  • Commender

    This is like a punchline. Get your life straight.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    i love how its always fox news clips about this guy. as soon as an emcee fucks up fox news is prepped and ready to be all over it. exploiting and wagging their finger the hardest for everyone to see. fuck fake ass coward ass fox faggot news

  • EddieMurrrphy

    stupid man, just stupid. wow seriously though, this is getting really retarded

  • _1Nicole_

    God damn not again?WTF is wrong with you!!PFFF

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